Introducing The Ritchey Comp Buzzard Bar: The Fun Begins!

 Ritchey has been busy over the weekend trying to take your adventures to the next level. Yes! you heard it right. The new Ritchey Comp Buzzard Bar is here and it certainly is worth the mention. It’s perfect for off-road riding, bikepacking, and all-day riding.  What’s New? The Comp Buzzard is not like the typical

Ryan Ross

Cyclist Fighting For Life After Developing A Saddle Sore!

Ryan Busto, 41 years old Canadian was on a cycling trip in the US when he developed a rare flesh-eating infection. The infection set in when he got a saddle sore from cycling. According to sources close to him, he was with Tara Rosenberg, a friend. They were cycling in San Diego, California when Ryan


Strava’s Best Effort Feature Is Now Available For Cyclists!

The Best Efforts feature allows subscribers to compare their biggest climbs, power PRs, rides with the most elevation gain, and even time intervals. You can measure your best power outputs at intervals of 5 seconds to 1 hour. While you can track your fastest cycling time at 5 miles to 180k.  This is not all. The feature

Impulso Rc

Bianchi Impulso RC: A Fusion Race-Winning Gravel Bike!

Bianchi, the UK-based Italian brand has been bringing creativity to the cycling world since 1885. You might think 13 decades of innovation would be enough but let me stop you right there! Bianchi Impulso has blown our witts by introducing their new gravel bike targeting racing! Yes, you heard it right! A race-winning gravel bike!

Zwift Worlds

Discover The Unseen: Coastal Causeway Just Made Zwift Worlds Better

Winter is almost here and you know what that means! Cozy environments followed by spectacular rides, you can go for rides outdoors or tackle some challenges in virtual reality all thanks to Zwift Worlds. Just like the weather is changing, so is the virtual world of Zwift and you are going to love what they


Introducing The Sno-Go Ski Bike: The Perfect MTB For Winter Adventures

Winter is almost upon us and you know what that means… cozy times and crazy adventures. For many cyclists, winter is a hibernation period, but it really doesn’t need to be this way. What if we told you that you could do some really good mountain biking in this winter season, not just any kind

UA E-Bike

Unveiling Qu-Et’s “Unfair Advantage”: Will It Dominate Urban E-Bikes?

These days finding an electric bike can be really hard, every brand is trying to copy each other. Since there is a lack of originality, we needed a fresh change of pace and Qu-Et’s “Unfair Advantage” Electric Bike is giving us that. This is an upcoming project on Indiegogo which every bike enthusiast would love


Lime’s Free Bicycle Rides In Ukraine: A Lifeline for Many

Lime, a well-known bicycle-sharing company, recently made an announcement stating that it will offer free rides for people in Ukraine. This will help countless people get around amidst war. The company has offered free 30-minute rides but there is a limit of five rides per day. Ukrainians can avail of this offer until 31st December

Co Op

Co-op Cycles DRT e3.1 Electric Mountain Bike: A New Era In Trail Riding

The Co-op Cycles has released its newest edition, the DRT e3.1 Electric Mountain Bike which is loaded with amazing innovations. This cutting-edge mountain bike is going to change the way you ride on electric bikes. It is going to change the way you explore trails with features that are specially designed for off-road adventures.  Designed


Riv Up Your Ride With Trek’s Fast Suspension Services

Trek is offering faster services than before. Now is the time to give up testing out the patience of your suspension and enjoying a brand-new Trek all while your bike gets the care that it deserves. You don’t have to be without a bike anymore!  The participating Trek retailers will now get your things back

Forge Bike

Pearson Forge Changing Geometry Games: Could This Be A Road Bike Revolution?

Pearson is one of the world’s oldest cycling companies and it has decided to up the game with its latest innovation- The Pearson Forge. With Forge, Pearson has set out to revolutionize the rules of geometry. It claims to offer a more comfortable ride with an efficient cycling experience. How have they achieved all of


Hydra Classic Hubs Make A Comeback: Industry Nine’s Exclusive For Winters

Hydra Classic Hubs are packed with features that every cycling enthusiast will appreciate. Industry Nine took to its Instagram to announce the comeback of their revolutionary fat bike bubs! The post read:  We’re starting to notice crisp Fall mornings and the excitement a new riding season brings. With that comes the availability of our beloved


Sued Once Again: Rad Power Bikes Continues To Maintain Streak!

FeganScott, a national class action law firm, decided to file a class action lawsuit representing customers against Rad Power Bikes. The lawsuit entails that Rad Power has put its customers at risk by designing faulty e-bikes. Fegan has also made an official statement, stating:  As e-bikes grew in popularity, Rad Power Bikes put profit over

Ultima Long

The Enigmatic Ultima Multipath: A Revolutionary Marvel

Even though Ultima Multipath may not be the first E-bike it is certainly the first electric bike that uses recycled plastic and allow to build the frameset. Using 100 percent European material, this Urban e-bike is accessible to everyone.  Why Is It Special? One of the most outstanding features of this e-bike is that it


New Moot Prototype With 750d WTB Wheels & Tires Adds Fire To The Flame!

WTB has been famous for testing new things occasionally, but is it really a good idea to make such a drastic upgrade in the gravel world? 750d WTB custom wheel rims and Nano Raptor tires! If you thought 700c was huge, well then the 750d is definitely going to blow off your socks! Coming straight


Chris King Components Introduces: “SPLASH” Limited-Edition Kit

If you love bicycles and just anything related to bikes, then you might have heard about the MADE Show. We discussed before that if you have handmade bikes to show off then the perfect venue for that is the MADE Show which is taking place in Portland, Oregon. We loved the first show and can’t


The All New RockShox Vivid: Simply More Than A Coil!

RockShox Vivid has been revived and let me tell you that it’s back for good. With the super plush koi-like sensitivity paired with an air spring that is not only high-volume but also very highly tuneable, you’ll be ready to hit the trails in no time. Could this be another air shock that is just

Ridley Dean Tt Bike Frame

Meet The New Ridley Dean TT Bike Frame: Better Than Before!

As professionals at Ridley embarked on a new journey to redefine their time trial bike, they set themselves up with a new challenging goal. The task? Well, it was clearly to reduce drag and increase the speed because what else do we expect from a top top-notch Aero Time Trial Bike? But as simple as

Super73 Barbie

The New Super73: Take Your Inner Barbie For An Electrifying Ride

Super73 is one of the biggest and most innovative bicycle brands of today, and there are many reasons for that. For all the right reasons, they have been covered in the news and why wouldn’t they be? They have been making strong and attractive machines, but apart from that they also offer customization like none

Montague M E1

Introducing Montague’s M-E1: The World’s First Foldable Electric Bike

They say greatness takes time, and when I see the Montague Corporation at work, I really believe that statement. Even when David Montague (Founder Of Montague Corporation) was hard at work at MIT, he wanted to create a timeless bicycle, and looks like his company has finally done it. Yes, the company has a lot

T Lab

T-Lab X3-S- Is It Really A Sublime Gravel Bike?

Although it has been a little over a year since the bike was first revealed, it takes some time to test and to come up with a verdict. Now, what draws my attention toward the T-Lab X3-S is its suspension system. T-Lab is a famous bike manufacturer that does not need any introduction. I mean,

My Akatora

My Akatora: The Newest Invention From My Boo Is Certainly A Bambooistic Masterpiece

People are getting more and more conscious about their lifestyle choices, they are actually caring about the world more now. Let’s talk about electric bikes, for example, majority of the people are drawn to them because of their amazing environmental benefits. Apart from those benefits, they are also amazing performance-wise. So, I have to introduce


Are Chainless Digital Drive Bicycles The Next Big Revolution In Cycling?

Chainless digital drive bicycles have been the talk of the town for a while now but the invention is nothing new. Although bicycling critics have now started wondering if the chainless digital drive bicycles are a scientific miracle. Whether it is a scientific miracle or not, Chainless Digital Drive Bicycles are nothing new. The idea

Driven Orbit Drive

The Driven Orbit Drive: A Game-Changing Gearbox eBike Motor

We saw a lot of brilliant inventions at Eurobike, Frankfurt but the main attraction for us was the Driven Orbit Drive: An Exemplary Gearbox EBike Motor. Driven is a completely new company, funded by CeramicSpeed, when they introduced the concept of their newest gearbox motor, we were completely in awe. This is an all-in-one gearbox

Zwift Play 1

Zwift x PlayStation: The Crossover We Never Knew We Needed

Technology has come so far right? Nowadays we see miracles all around us, something that we could not even imagine a decade back. If you love using indoor bikes and racing, I have some good news for you. You need to check out Zwift Play, it is the first game controller which is exclusively made

Emove Roadrunne Pro

RoadRunner Pro E-Scooter: A Compact Rocket That Propels Into The Future

VoroMotors is one of the best personal electric scooter companies to date, although they had humble beginnings as a retailer, they have evolved since then. Singapore blacklisted personal electric vehicles and that forced VoroMotors to search capable markets, which landed them in North America and a handful of European Countries.  The company is known for

Dt Swiss

Revolutionary Tubeless Tire Sealents: DT Swiss Dominates The Game

Experts at DT Swiss definitely understand our riding problems. This is why, DT Swiss is offering not one but two tire sealant formulations. One is specifically designed for high-pressure applications while the other is designed keeping in mind your low-pressure application needs.                View this post on Instagram  

Untitled Design

Komoot’s Tour Discovery: Travel On The Tapestry Of Popular Secrets

Komoot’s ride-sharing app is loved among the masses. It’s user-friendly, offers offline maps for the whole region, and there is even a free version available so that you can test out the app before finally buying it. But Komoot has decided to make things even better.  Recently a new feature has been added to the

Icebike Org

Check Out These Smartest 2023 Electric Bikes

Whether it floats your boat or not, electric bikes are the coolest thing to have in 2023. They are multi-purpose bikes that you can use for exercising, trail riding, and even grocery shopping! We are left with no choice but to go with the flow.  These are some of the trendiest tech e-bikes that you

Mercedes Amg E Scooter

Urban Luxury on Wheels: Discover the Mercedes-AMG Electric Scooter

If you are a Mercedes-AMG owner then you already know what the brand can offer to its customers: Luxury and Brilliance, and you can now get the same from their electric scooter which is getting quite popular. Just like any Mercedes car, this scooter is an absolute bliss to ride, and the performance is exemplary

The Triangle Wheeled Bike

Triangular Triumph: The Triangle-Wheeled Bike Shatters Cycling Norms

If you look closely at pedal-powered bicycles then you will notice that their design hasn’t changed that much in more than 150 years. Yes, technology has definitely been involved in the past 200 years, it has allowed us to create better frames, components, and much more, but the concept remains the same. Two round wheels

Pop Cycle Featured Image

Meet The New Pop-Cycle! Are Folding Bikes A Thing Of The Past Already?

The all-new Pop-Cycle has hit the market and we cannot help but wonder that are foldable bikes outdated already? While we keep searching for satisfying answers to this question, read on to find what features this “slideable bike” is offering.  Sliding Design  This is not your average folding bike. The pop-cycle has a sliding design.

Felo M One Cover

FELO Electric M One Mini Bike: The Bike That You Can Take And Fit Everywhere

The Honda Motocompo revolutionized the era of electric mini bikes, it was a remarkable innovation of the 1980s. There were many reasons to love the Motocompo, it had a minimalist design, foldable handlebars, a collapsing fork and let’s not forget about the seat that could just hide in the scooter’s body making it easily portable.

Trek Farley 9 Cover

Trek’s Farley 9: The Ultimate Winter Machine For Cyclists?

You might have tried a lot of fat tire bikes but you have never tried anything like the Trek Farley 9 Winter Edition. With their newest edition to the Farley lineup, Trek has once again proved that they are the masters of innovation when it comes to bicycles. As the name suggests, the Trek Farley

Barney 1

Propain Does It Again! What Could The New MTB Mean For You?

Propain has done it again! Yes! I am talking about its all-new kid’s mountain bike that has just been added to its range of children’s mountain bikes. The 2023 member of the mountain bike kid’s series is surely a delight to look at! Barney! The 16″ single-speed stands tall among other Propain bikes like the


“RX8” New Gravel Race Shoes By Shimano: Go Tropical This Summer!

The gravel shoes by Shimano are the new talk of the town. Although these were just recently updated, Shimano has yet again upped them again with a really neat finish along with a reinvigorated look! The shoes may be a special edition, but their price has not changed at all. Shimano has not gone cheap


Guilty As Charged: Pedestrian Charged Rightly In Killing A 77-Year-Old Cyclist!

49-year-old Aurilo Grey was found guilty of creating circumstances that lead to the death of Celia Ward, A 77-year-old cyclist. The sentence will be handed down on 2nd March while the dispute initially began over the cyclist riding over the pavement, the police are still unable to determine if the pavement was actually a shared-use

Princeton Alton

The Princeton Carbon Alta 3532: A Revolutionary Lightweight Wheelset

The aspect of this bike that appeals to everyday riders is that it is extremely lightweight due to its 1094g tubeless-ready disc brake wheelset. The rim brakes are an additional option to the wide variety of hub and spoke configurations available for lightweight road bike wheelsets. The ideal bracing angle is the result of the

Cannondale Tesoro Neo X

Cannondale Tesoro Neo X: Versatile Goodness Like None Other

Cannondale has introduced its new Tesoro Neo X bike and it costs around $5,500, a considerable price to pay but you get to experience versatility and greatness, unlike anything. This is an Urban Masterpiece, but is it worth all the hassle? Should you give that much cash to Cannondale just to experience their new bike?

Poc Propel 3

POC Propel Aero Sunglasses-Can They Deliver What They Promise?

POC, a Swedish helmet and accessory manufacturer, has expanded its line of avant-garde sunglasses with the release of the Propel model. The Propel, in keeping with the POC canon, is not just massive and brash but also incredibly aerodynamic. Design The Propel is made to sit closer to the rider’s face. It has a wraparound


Rollin’ On The Rocks: A Review Of The Gravel Monster “The Kona Sutra”

There are many different words to introduce The Sutra. It’s practical. It looks great. It’s pretty adaptable, and it’s all set up for the long haul of your dream bike tour. A Brooks seat and matching microfiber bar tape adorn our Kona Cromoly steel frame, which also features integrated shifter/brake levers, standard fenders, and a

Heybike Tyson Cover

Introducing HeyBike Tyson: A Foldable Electric Bike For Everyone

Heybike has unveiled its Tyson foldable electric bike and it looks jaw-dropping! If you want to see it in person then you are in luck because Heybike just announced that they will be bringing the Tyson to CES Las Vegas 2023. The Tyson requires your immediate attention, it offers convenience and portability like none other.

Vertical 5

Take The Plunge: Get Ready To Ride With The 304g Vertical Helium Dropper Post!

Vertical is ecstatic to unveil the world’s lightest dropper post, the 304g Vertical Helium Dropper Post. A groundbreaking new product, the 304g Vertical Helium Dropper Post makes lowering and elevating your Seatpost much simpler and quicker. One of the lightest dropper posts available, the carbon fiber shaft of this post is also quite strong. With

Bright Racing Shocks Skunk

New Bright Racing Shocks Skunk For Trail Bike: Unlock Smooth Riding

Do you want to improve your trail-biking skills? The Bright Racing Shocks 130mm Travel USD Fork should be your only choice. This high-end fork was made specifically for trail bikes, and it improves both your balance and handling on the trail. Your next ride on the trail bike will be the ride of a lifetime.


Unveiling The Three Complete Builds By Chromag, Switching To Full Suspension

For a long time, Chromag manufactured their famous hardtail mountain bikes in British Columbia, Canada. Next, it expanded its product offerings to include apparel and hardware. The concept of developing a totally suspended bike was discussed multiple times when the freeride and downhill communities in and around the Whistler establishment got fully suspended. However, the

Fork 3

All New LightWeight USD Forks By Intend: Classier Than Ever

The Samurai is, of course, an upside-down fork in true Intend fashion. With a claimed weight of 1,405g, the Samurai CC claims to be the World’s Lightest 120mm Travel Fork thanks to its brace-less design, carbon steerer, and simplified dropouts. Here are some updates on the Samurai, which is currently on the market, including information

Bike 2

Scott Revamps The 2023 Edition Of The Scale RC, A Hardtail XC Mountain Bike.

The Scott Scale RC, driven to victory by none other than Nino Schurter, has been a mainstay on the cross-country World Cup and World Champion podiums. Scott has updated their fastest XC hardtail bike, which is not surprising given that the UCI World Championships will be held in Scotland in 2023. The 2023 Scott Scale

Eysing Pf40 Cover

The Eysing PF40: An Electric Moped Like None Other

You might have seen a lot of mopeds in your life but there is nothing like the Eysing PF40. This is a retro-themed electric moped that is married with modern tech, this brings something utterly new to the table, something we haven’t seen before. This is one of the most luxurious mopeds in the market

Commencal Supreme DH V5 Is Finally Here: Ride The Design That Won The World Cup

Commencal spent three years developing the Supreme DH V5, which won the World Cup. Commencal’s new 6-bar linkage, the High Virtual Contact System, has repeatedly shown its incredible capability, most notably under 2022 World Cup winners Amaury Pierron and Camille Balanche. As of the end of the 2022 season, the bike had won no less

Look Frame 1

Look 765 Optimum Endurance Road Bike: Adding Comfort To Your Ride

The New Look 765 Optimum road bike is made to take you on longer rides, no matter the weather. This completely new version of the 765 takes the place of the old ones. It has a new, lighter frame and fork, new geometry, and new standards. With room for 700x34mm tires and endurance geometry (higher

Mythos Elix Stem Black

The New 3D-Printed Titanium Stems By Mythos- Travel In Style

The MYTHOS ELIX stem is the first of its kind, constructed from Scalmalloy® using cutting-edge SLM Additive Manufacturing, a material, and production method usually reserved for the highest levels of the aerospace and motorsport industries. Mythos’ stems, which come in two varieties (the road ELIX and the mountain bike IXO), are created in-house in the

Hovbeta 2 0 Cover

HovBeta 2.0: The Perfect Solution To Your Winter Cycling Woes

Discovering new bike manufacturers can go either way, they could turn out to be amazing and full of surprises or they could just disappoint. We recently discovered a Canadian Bike Brand by the name of HOVSCO and were stunned by their products. HOVSCO takes pride in making exceptional electric bikes and since these type of

Lorax Ti

All New Lorax Ti Gravel Bike By Esker Cycles: Explore The Gravel World

Esker, a relatively new manufacturer of bicycles, is responsible for some outstanding models including the Elkat and Hayduke. They have experience making mountainous terrain and backcountry exploration-specific bikes. Esker Cycles, based in Big Sky Country and known for producing bicycles worthy of their state’s name, has unveiled the Lorax Ti Gravel Bike, a brand-new titanium

Lectric Xp 3 0 Cover 1

The New Lectric XP 3.0 Series: Everything You Have Ever Wanted

Electric Bikes are fascinating inventions that have changed our lives for the better, and since we want the best bikes to make our routine better, we will be discussing Lectric Bikes and their newest XP 3.0 series.  If you have bought electric bikes before, then you probably know about the brand Lectric Bikes, they have

Magura Vyron

Brand New MAGURA VYRON MDS-V3: Is It Worth All The Hype?

With the third evolutionary stage of the VYRON, MAGURA launched a completely new development of the wireless seat post. The new VYRON MDS-V3 is even more user-friendly and reliable thanks to its intuitive operation, lightning-fast response and extension speed, and high level of resilience with IP67 certification. History MAGURA launched a new era of electronically controlled

Cleats 2

Comparing The SH51 With SH56: Are They Really Different?

If you are just being introduced to the word “Cleats” allow us to explain that A bicycle cleat is a tiny, triangular wedge made of metal or plastic that is affixed to the bottom of a cyclist’s shoe. Cycling enthusiasts can clip their feet in and out of their pedals using a spring mechanism. The

Philly Bike Expo 2022

The 2022 Philly Bike Expo: Where Bike Artisans and Activists Came To Meet

Every time the Philly Bike Expo gets renewed, my heart starts racing like never before, and then the speculations start. What will be announced this year, will we experience something new and different this time? I can safely say this time that I was blown out of the park with the 2022 Philly Bike Expo!

Fx 1 Disc 1

Trek Bike’s FX 1 Disc: The Most Adaptable Bike Of The Year

Trek Bikes has been around for almost half a century, and its expertise in bike manufacturing is evident. No matter what type of bike you may need, Trek bikes have a product in store. Its assembly line keeps expanding with more up-to-date products every day and they have just outdone itself with its latest addition,

Reiju E Scooter Cover

Rieju E-City Scooter: The Era Of Sporty Scooters Begins

You might have heard about Rieju, big-shot Spanish Bike Manufacturers that started way back in 1934. They had humble beginnings as they only manufactured bicycle accessories initially but then moved on to producing a bicycle. Fast forward to 2021, they just entered the electric scooter market with the Nuuk, a distinct scooter aimed to please

Denago Feature Image

Denago’s City Model 1 E-Bike Offers Urban Commuting Like None Other

Denago might be a relatively young bike company but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of launching spectacular bikes, take the City Model 1 E-Bike for example. You might have heard about Denago from either your friends or relatives, it is a house bike brand of, an online marketplace where every type of

612 Parts Brakes 1

The 612 Parts Brakes: Can They Be The Braking Solution We Have Been Looking For?

The Bespoked Show was held in London just last weekend and some rather peculiar brakes were displayed there. We are talking about the prototype hydraulic mountain bike brakes developed by a manufacturer called 612 Parts. Although 612 Parts is not that well-known, this industrial-looking brake with 4-pistons was certainly enough to grab attention. While these

Ydx Moro Feature

Yamaha Showcases Its 2023 E-Mountain Bike Lineup: The YDX-MORO 07 and 05

Nearing the end of 2022, Yamaha announced its Electric Mountain Bike Lineup for 2023 and the reveal has got us so excited. The YDX-MORO 07 and 05 will join the company’s full-suspension electric mountain bike range. These bikes will be a powerhouse when they launch, simply because they will be featuring the new PW-X3 center-mounted

Trek Fx Sport 4 2023

Trek Presents Its Own Version Of Cheap Thrills: The 2023 FX Sport 4

In the cycling industry, it has become almost a tradition of introducing superior products every year. Trek has done the same by launching a 2023 version of the famous FX Sport 4. If you are an avid cyclist then there is nothing better that you can ask for, and if you are a beginner then

Elisa Balsamo

Elisa Balsamo All Set To Defend Her Title At The UCI Road World Championships

Elisa Balsamo has performed exceptionally well in the racing season of 2022. Her final victory at the Ceratizit Challenge by La Vuelta marks the end of her first season at Trek-Segafredo. Talking about her victory, The World Champion said: I really wanted to win today, the last day of this incredible season in the rainbow

Alejandro Valverde

Alejandro Valverde Leaves Behind A Legacy At Vuelta A Espana

There were some other special reasons for some people to celebrate at the Vuelta a España apart from Remco Evenepoel’s win. One of which was marking the end of two decades. Spanish rider and champion, Alejandro Valverde, raced his last Vuelta a España on Sunday, 11th September.  The 2022 Vuelta marks the 16th Vuelta a

Matej Mohoric

Matej Mohorič Comes Out To Defend Fred Wright

Primož Roglič is not getting over his crash at Vuelta a España any time soon. The Jumbo-Visma rider recently pointed fingers at Fred Wright (Team Bahrain Victorious) saying that it was Fred who sparked the crash.                View this post on Instagram              

Trek Domane Slr

A Faster Road Machine Is Here: The All New Trek Domane SLR eTap

Trek Bikes is known for taking innovation to the next level, and with their newly launched Domane SLR eTap, they might have taken this step to the next level. How did we come to know of this amazing bike? When Elisa Longo Borghini killed it at the 2022 Paris-Roubaix Femmes. Although there were rumors before

Primoz Rogilic 1

Primoz Rogilic Unhappy With His Vuelta a España Situation

Primoz Rogilic had to take the bench following his crash in Vuelta a España but the rider is not happy with his current situation. His hopes of making a fourth consecutive win at the La Vuelta ciclista a España went down the drain and he is pointing fingers at Fred Wright.           

Julian Alaphilippe

Is Julian Alaphilippe Ready To Defend His Rainbow Jersey?

The 2022 UCI Road World Championship 2022 is all set to start on the 18th of September. It stretches over the week and will end on the 25th of September. This year, Wollongong (Australia) is ready to host the event. With a prime location and perfect weather, Wollongong is all set to cover an exciting

Annemiek Van Vleuten

Annemiek van Vleuten Seals The Day At The Ceratizit Challenge By La Vuelta

Annemiek van Vleuten’s stage 2 victory at the Ceratizit Challenge by La Vuelta was no surprise. The rider flew through the finish line solo, after launching a successful attack on the last climb.  The Women’s WorldTour leader was initially chased by Mavi García (UAE Team ADQ), Elisa Longo Borghini (Trek-Segafredo), Demi Vollering (Team SD Worx),

Wout Van Aert

Wout Van Aert Gears Up For The Upcoming UCI Road World Championships

The team representing Belgium at the upcoming 2022 UCI Road World Championships was announced recently. It included the likes of Wout Van Aert and Remco Evenepoel who will represent Belgium as part of the Men Elite Road Race.               View this post on Instagram