Indoor cycling group

28 Indoor Cycling Mistakes: That You Are Casually Making

The class starts in minutes. You’re new at this type of thing. A crowd assembles at the door. Some of them seem to know each other. Wasn’t this supposed to be a beginner’s class? Why does everyone seem to be talking to each other like they already know what they’re doing? Why does everyone have

Cars on a road

Pam Blalock’s 5 Best Tips to Winter Cycling

A lot of people have asked me how I can ride through a New England winter. Dressing properly for the weather certainly has a great deal to do with my enjoyment of it, but I have to admit that I also really get a kick out of the looks on people’s faces when I ride

Cyclist drinking water

5 Best Tips to Hot Weather Cycling and Summer Cycling

Summer might be over for us, but worry not. Come spring, the heat wave will begin again. Not every part of the country is lucky enough to have proper seasons though. Some parts, such as Texas, are going through a tough time with a lot of humidity and a full-blown heat wave sweeping across the

Cargo flight

Flying With A Bike: Here’s How You Can Pack It!

Flying with a bike is not as difficult as you think. There are just a few things that you have to check before you plan the trip such as the fees, airline policies, and the type of container that you use. You can pack your bike in a bike box too. But whatever you choose

Disabled children cycling

How to Plan A Cycling Training Program For Disabled Children

I teach a bicycle mechanics program to children and teens with developmental and mental disabilities. My knowledge of bicycle mechanics stems first from my love of riding bicycles. I began commuting by bike in college 8 years ago and I have been doing it ever since. While moving around the country I was constantly taking

Remove Rust From Bike

How to Remove Rust From Bike In Easy Steps

Rust is a bicycle enemy! It silently eats away at the parts. Especially in places where you cannot reach. You may notice bubbling paint, and blistering, squeaky noises. This means you have got rust! Now there is no need to panic! We can work together to get that rust off of your bike. Rust Removal

Learn Recovery Ride

What Are Recovery Rides- Benefits, Method, And More

Have you ever heard of a recovery ride? No, it’s not a ride that you take after recovering from an injury. I know it does sound like it. Funny name. A recovery ride is a low-intensity ride that has a duration of 30-90 minutes. It is to warm up your muscles so that the blood

bike shop owner selling bikes

How To Change Owning A Bike Shop Into A Profitable Business

Bike shops are a time-honored business that can thrive in most local markets. Most cycling enthusiasts invest in their bike shops, seeing it as the best way to monetize their passion. However, being enthusiastic about cycling and bikes won’t turn your bike shop into a success story. While knowing about cycling and bike models is

Old couple on tandem

10 Old People Who Will Inspire You To Never Stop Biking

When he was 19, one of my friends biked everywhere. He biked to basketball practice, to class, to nights out, and his part-time job. He even rode the 15 miles to the nearest decent mountain bike trail so he could spend the day going up and down the side of the hill trails all day

Prevent Injury While Cycling

How Can You Prevent Injury While Cycling?

Beginners often sustain injuries when riding bicycles. Injuries, however, can easily be inflicted and treated. Read on to learn about cycling injuries. Cycling is a sport, and just like any other sport, there is always a risk of injury involved when you ride a bicycle. In the United States alone, over 130,000 bicyclists are injured

Ice bikers

How To Do Winter Cycling in Ice and Snow- Icebike Tips

Why do we ride in the winter? I’m frequently asked as I walk into a pub or movie theater, “Aren’t you cold?”. I just smile warmly and say “Nope”. Nearly every day coworkers used to ask if I had taken my bike, thinking “It’s worse weather than yesterday, there’s no way he rode his bike”

How To Ride A Bike Adult Version

How To Ride A Bike As An Adult In Just 9 Steps

Many of us did not get to learn how to ride a bike when we were kids but that does not mean that we cannot get a second chance at that as adults. You would be surprised that many adults did not learn this necessary skill, and it is never too late to start! Through

Ottawa Canada, Terry Fox statue

How to Commute In Winter- Cycling in Ottawa, Canada

Winter cycling offers the opportunity to retain, and even enhance, your cycling skills over the whole year. There are very few days during the winter in which cycling becomes impossible. If you’re able to cross-country ski, then you’re ready to cycle. The secret to successful winter cycling is that you stay warm and dry, maintain

Install New Bike Tires

How To Install New Bike Tires In 10 Easy Steps!

Anyone who has even been on a bicycle is well aware of the fact that once in their life, they will have to change their bike tires for the first time. And you know changing tires can quickly turn into a nightmare if not done properly. You can easily fix a punctured tire, put on

Does Cycling Burn Belly Fat

Does Cycling Burn Belly Fat? 6 Tips To Burn Fat With Cycling

Cycling is a competitive sport with a lot of advantages. Yes, you’ve guessed it right! One of the advantages of cycling is that It Does Burn Belly Fat. Cycling will also shed all those extra pounds (extra fat) that you have stored in your body. But it does take time. When cycling there is not

When To Replace Bike Tires

How Long Do Bike Tires Last

Did you know that bicycle tires have a limited life? Well, now you do. Mountain bike tires last 3,000 to 8,000 miles. While road bike tires can run up to 1,000 to 4,000 miles. On the other hand, racing bike tires have to be replaced now and then, since they can get damaged easily and

Wheel Truing

How To True A Bike Wheel With 2 Different Methods!

What is meant by truing a bike wheel? I am glad you asked. Well, when there is some wobbling in your wheel spokes, you have to adjust the tension of your spokes. This process is known as truing. It’s important because it helps keep your wheel straight as well as reduce any vibrations.  To true

How To Reinstall Bikes Chain

How To Reinstall Bike Chain At Home!

A bike’s tires and chain are something that will need to be replaced very often. However, if you wait too long to replace a bike’s chain then it could badly affect the bike’s overall life. The drivetrain’s lifespan will be affected and then the cost to replace all of those components could be a lot.

Best Bike Chain Degreaser

9 Best Bike Chain Degreaser For Your Bike!

Chain degreasers are one of the best bets to get off that unwanted grease, oil, and unwanted dust accumulated on your drivetrain. Cleaning the chain is important to keep the bicycle running smoothly. By using chain degreasers, there will be less wear and tear, less loss of power transfer, and more chances of avoiding a

How To Remove Grease From Clothes

How To Remove Bicycle Grease From Clothes In 4 Ways!

Good old grease! No matter how much you rub it, there is no getting it out of your clothes! And if you are new to the whole bicycle maintenance gig, chances are, you forgot to change clothes before you began. Didn’t you? Now who wants to waste a good set of pants or shorts? How

Road Bike Sizing And Fitting

Why Road Bike Sizing and Fitting Matters For All Riders!

Bike sizing and fitting are important if you want a comfortable and pain-free ride. With the right size, you will feel a difference in bike handling. Knowing bike sizing can be quite helpful in selecting the right bike for a comfortable ride. If the right size is chosen, the bike can run faster and will

Applying Bike Chain Lubricant

Do You Really Need A Bike Chain Lube? Let’s Find Out

The bike chain is one of the most useful parts of a bicycle. It grinds hard to transfer our foot power to the rear wheel to get your cycling going. But it is also one of the most ignored parts when it comes to bicycle maintenance. Since it is in constant use, it depreciates quickly. Especially

Cyclist Fixing The Bike Pedal

Should You Grease Bicycle Pedals? Let’s Find Out!

Do you feel like your bike pedals are stiff? Or have you heard any squeaking from the pedals? Yes? Then guess what? Your pedals are in need of some serious greasing! Greasing the pedals is a basic maintenance task but it keeps your bike running smoothly for a while! It also prolongs the life of

Bike Mounted On The Car

Bike Rack Is Wobbling: 8 Top Causes And Fixes

A bike rack is supposed to give your bicycle a trusted foundation. But when it wobbles, it feels like a wild horse that is bucking you off! There can be many reasons like Looseness In The Hitch Receiver, or a Play In The Bike Rack Itself (Journal of Vehicle System Dynamic-2017) why your rack wobbles

Inflate Tubeless Tires

How To Inflate Tubeless Tires In 4 Easy Steps

Since their invention, tubeless tires have been popular because of their durability. Since there is no inner tube, there is less risk of a puncture. The sealant used in tubeless tires is latex. It makes the tires airtight in a way that the tire is sealed with the rim. This liquid sealant can cover even

Restore A Vintage Bike

How To Restore A Vintage Bike In 12 Simple Steps!

Vintage bicycles have been an interesting subject for collectors and bicycle enthusiasts. And rightly so because these bicycles are the forefathers of the bicycles as we know them today. High-wheel bikes, safety bicycles, balloon-tire bicycles, and Vintage bikes from the 19th century (before World War II) have been the center of attention of many collectors. 

Women vs Men Bike

Women vs Men Bikes: 8 Main Differences Explained!

When cycling started to make its way as a means of transport in society, the designs were quite simple. With time, this design was involved. Creators started to add a more “Feminine” touch if I might say. This was because of the ongoing research on the female anatomy. This research proved that women, on average,

Mechanic Installing Replacing A Bike Tire

Swapping 29 Inch Wheels Onto 700c Bikes: Is It Possible?

So you are wondering if you can put 29-inch wheels on your 700c bike? Well, there is some good news in store for you!  YES! you can put 29-inch wheels on a 700c bike. Ask the famous Canadian mountain biker and cyclist Geoff Kabush, who has been a fan of combining the speed and agility

Broken Rusty Bike Chain

6 Reasons Why Bicycle Chains Break And How To Prevent Them

Chain breaks are the most common form of mechanical failure faced by many cyclists. Your chain can break due to many reasons including Wear and Tear, An Impact, or even Improper Maintenance. Chain breaks while you are riding at a high speed can be dangerous. There are many famous cyclists who suffered crashes due to

Mechanic Adjusting Bike Spokes

How To Tighten Bike Spokes – A Complete Tension Adjustment Guide

Have you recently experienced a bit wobbly ride? Does your bicycle also make weird noises when you are riding it? It’s not you, It’s your bicycle. The culprit? Your Bicycle Spokes! Sounds crazy right? Spokes are thin metal rods that connect your wheel hub with the rim. They are also in charge of providing strength

Applying Bike Chain Lubricant

Bike Chain Lube Alternatives: What Else Can You Use?

All cycling enthusiasts know the importance of a well-lubricated bike. It makes your pedaling smooth along with extending the life of your drivetrain. But what if you run out of bike chain lube right when you need it? The probability of that happening is quite high! When that happens, there are some Bike Chain Lube

Cyclist Inflating Bike Tire

13 Easy Fixes For A Bike Tire That Won’t Inflate

One thing all of us cyclists dread is a tire that won’t inflate. It certainly can put a dread on our plans. The most common reason for a tire that won’t inflate is a puncture. There are many sharp objects, especially when you ride off-road. So, the first thing that you need to do if

Mechanic Removes Bike Tire From Wheel

My Bike Tire Keeps Popping – 7 Common Causes And Solutions!

Tire popping can get you stuck in unfavorable conditions. The common causes are Lack Of Required Air Pressure, Over inflation, Punctures, Worn Treads, and Hitting Potholes more frequently. This one issue is enough to single-handedly ruin our cycling experience. This is why, today I will guide you through the most Common Causes of Why Your

Women Bike Size Chart

Women’s Bike Size Charts — Explained!

It is a well-known fact that women have been breaking barriers and shattering records since the dawn of time, this shows that they can conquer almost everything that comes their way. We can see amazing and powerful women performing miracles on two wheels, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. We know that

Bicycle Maintenance

Is Getting A Bike Tune-Up Worth It?

So you are thinking if you should get a bike tune-up or if it’s something that you can skip. Wait! Let me stop you there. If you’d like to increase the lifespan of your bicycle components and maintain the bicycle gears, while making sure that your bike is safe to ride, then Yes, getting a bike

Couple Riding Indoor Bike Trainer

How To Measure Distance On An Indoor Bike Trainer: Easy and Practical Solutions

Indoor Bike Trainers are even more popular now because they offer an alternative to training regardless of the weather and time.  Many pro-cyclists like Mathieu van der Poel, Marianne Vos, and Chris Froome prefer to train on indoor bike trainers.  In 2020, researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder conducted a study on The effects

Bike Saddle Issues

Bike Seat Keeps Tilting: 9 Common Causes And Easy Solutions

Have you hopped on your bike? ready to enjoy another day of cruising along the coasts but your bike seat refuses to stay put? It keeps tilting and shifting only resulting in an uncomfortable ride. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Well, you are about to find out! The most common cause for a

Do Bike Tires Have A Drection

Do Bike Tires Have A Direction? Let’s Find Out

Do bike tires have a direction? Yes, most of the bike tires are directional. It does sound baffling but the concept is not that puzzling. It’s all a game of arrows! Fear not, my fellow cyclists. Today we will explore bike tire directions in detail.  Nonetheless, the type of tire and the purpose of having

Bicycle Fallen Dropped Chain

10 Reasons Why Your Bike Won’t Shift Gears And How To Fix It

The most common culprit of why your bike won’t shift is Poor Adjustment and the most common poor adjustment that you can have on your bike is an improper Cable Tension. It is also possible that your Shifter Is Damaged or you are having problems with your rear or front Derailleur.  Struggling to shift into

Bicycle Woes Cyclist Fixing The Bike

11 Reasons Why Your Bike Is So Hard to Pedal With Solutions!

Do you know what’s frustrating? When you are ready to hit the road but the bicycle just refuses to budge! What’s wrong with your bike? Why won’t it move? Well, the most common reason why your bike won’t pedal forward is because either your bike is Poorly Maintained or you have Rusted Crank Arms to

Storing Bike Tires

Bike Tires Expiry: How Long Can You Store Them?

Cyclists love collecting spare gear, parts, and even clothing. The mentality behind such habits is that doing this allows them to save up for “Rainy Days”. There are other reasons for stocking up on tires too, or maybe they were available at a discount or you just had to buy them. Some may consider this

Speed Distance Time Calculator

Bike Speed, Distance and Time Calculator

How to Use Select what you want to calculate: You can choose between Speed, Distance, or Time. Just click on the respective radio button. Input Values: Enter the known values in the provided fields. For instance, if you’re calculating time, you’d enter speed and distance. Choose Units: Ensure you’ve selected the appropriate measurement units from

Flat Tire

Can You Ride A Bike With A Flat Tire? Here’s What You Should Know!

Doesn’t it feel amazing to cruise on your bike, going against the wind, and just enjoying the day? The only thing I dread on such a day is hearing a Thump! There you have it, A Flat Tire! It’s just like having a rainstorm on your picnic. You wouldn’t be surprised to know that according

Bicycle Brakes Common Problems

7 Reasons Why Your Bicycle Brakes Won’t Release

Stuck brakes can be frustrating. What do you do when a brake fails to perform the one job that it is designed for? Here’s the good part! There are other solutions than kicking and screaming at your brake because that will certainly not help.  The most common cause of a brake that won’t release is

How To Fix Dropper Post

How To Fix A Dropper Post? 9 Problems And Their Solutions!

Riding rugged trails while smoothly shifting between hills has never been more comfortable, all thanks to dropper seat posts. They are a game-changing revolution that has made biking much more adaptable. However, this has also led to the birth of certain issues which can be frustrating. Such as a sinking dropper post or one that

Mastering Mountain Biking

7 Tips On How To Get Good At Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a skill and no skill is learned overnight! I say that it’s a skill because it involves balancing, cornering, braking, and even unweighting the front wheel at times when you need to depending on the track you’re riding on. You need to master all these moves to successfully and safely enjoy mountain

Are Bike Locks Theft Proof

Are Bike Locks Theft-Proof? 5 Unbreakable Lock Options!

Did you know that 2 million bikes were stolen in 2019 United States? The numbers have only increased since then. If I had to sum it up for you, according to statistics, a bicycle is stolen every 2 minutes in the United States. This is where you say what do I do? How do you

Couple Cycling Together

How To Start Cycling If You Are Old In 10 Steps!

The one activity that knows no age limit is cycling! Ask me, I will be 58 in a few months and I still have these knees riding the bicycle! I picked up cycling again when I was 50 years old and retired from my job. Were there any precautions? Well, yes. You did not expect

Long Distance Cycling

12 Tips and Tricks For Long Distance Cycling

Ah, long-distance cycling. All of us cycling enthusiasts have the dream of riding like Alex Stieda. The first North American to don the yellow jersey of the Tour De France. He was in Team 7-Eleven and participated in 1986. Going further on every ride was certainly my dream!  If you are interested in long-distance cycling,

How To Measure The Bottom Bracket

How To Measure The Bottom Bracket In Just 2 Steps!

Ever heard of a bottom bracket? Yes, Sherlock, it is at the bottom of the bike! But do you know its functions? You’ll find it at the intersection of the down tubes and the seat on a bike frame. The bottom bracket consists of your spindle and bearings. It mainly connects your crankset to your

Bike Trip With Kids

10 Effective Tips To Enjoy Your Bike Trip With Kids

One fine summer morning on our family vacation. I planned to go out on our first official biking trip as a family. We decided to ride along the Cape Cod Rail Trail in Massachusetts. The plan was to ride and then have a picnic by the water and spend the day just chilling. But as

Mountain Bike Tyre Pressure Calculator

Mountain Bike Tyre Pressure Calculator

Having the right tire pressure is important, especially when you are going to ride on technical terrains. Now, usually, different bikes will require different tire pressure. But, when it comes to mountain bikes, your tire pressure should be enough so that your tire does not wriggle under your weight. Get it?  Don’t worry. If you don’t

Crank Length Calculator

Crank Length Calculator

How to Use the Calculator Enter your inseam measurement in centimeters or inches. Measure the distance from your crotch to the floor while standing barefoot with your feet slightly apart. Select your preferred riding style (e.g., road cycling, mountain biking) from the dropdown menu. Select the type of bike you ride (e.g., road bike, mountain

Bike Saddle Height Calculator

Bike Saddle Height Calculator

Why is Saddle Height Important? Proper saddle height adjustment is crucial for cycling comfort, efficiency, and injury prevention. An incorrectly adjusted saddle can lead to discomfort, reduced pedaling efficiency, and increased risk of knee and lower back injuries. By finding the right saddle height, you can optimize your cycling performance and reduce the risk of

Bicycle Gear Speed Calculator

Bicycle Gear Speed Calculator

Bicycle Gear Speed Chart   Cycling enthusiasts and professional bikers alike understand the importance of gear ratios in optimizing their ride. Whether you’re tackling a challenging mountain trail or cruising through city streets, selecting the right gear combination can make all the difference in your cycling experience. To help you make informed decisions about your

Bicycle Gear Meters

Bicycle Gear Meters of Development

Bicycle Gear Meters of Development Chart   As a passionate cyclist, you know that the joy of cycling lies in the harmony between you, your bike, and the road. Every ride is a unique adventure, and your bike’s gears play a pivotal role in shaping that experience. Whether you’re powering through a challenging climb or

Bicycle Gear Inches Calculator

Bicycle Gear Inches Calculator

Bicycle Gear Inches Chart Cycling enthusiasts, whether they’re seasoned pros or just starting out, often find themselves pondering the complexities of gear ratios and how they impact their ride. If you’ve ever been curious about gear chart and how to optimize your bike’s performance, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll explore the

Skid Patch Chart Calculator

Skid Patch Calculator

Skid Patch Chart Calculator   The Skid Patch Calculator is a valuable tool for cyclists who want to optimize their gear choices to enhance their riding experience and extend the life of their bike components. This guide provides a clear explanation of how the Skid Patch Calculator calculates skid patches, helps you understand how BikeCalc

Adjust Front Derailleur

5 Steps To Adjust The Front Derailleur On A Mountain Bike!

A front derailleur mechanism helps your bike shift chains. Or you can say change the gear. You’ll find it on bikes that have more than one chainring. Yes, there are a lot of models of front derailleurs but they all have the same function and design.  You know what! You will be able to ride

Cantilever vs V Brakes

Cantilever Brakes Vs V Brakes: Which One Is Better For Your Bike

A powerful braking structure in a bike will make you unstoppable, well not literally but in a figurative sense. When a bike is armed with powerful and responsive brakes, it is able to perform on any kind of terrain. Although there are a bunch of different brake systems, today we will be taking a detailed

Install Hybrid Tires Mountain Bike

How To Install Hybrid Tires On A Mountain Bike: Can You Actually Use Them?

Having a mountain bike feels exhilarating, but are you even using these rugged machines for mountain biking or just moving around the city? Don’t feel weird over this, even if you are using your mountain bikes for casual commutes, you are certainly not alone. Although it must be said, you are missing out on a

Why Bike Tires Lose Pressure

Why Do Bike Tires Keep Losing Air? Pressure Loss Explained!

Flat bike tires are one of the biggest frustrations you have to face as a bike owner. It doesn’t mean that you are neglecting your bicycle. However, that is one of the reasons that bicycle tires go flat. Other reasons include a worn-out bicycle tire, problems with the tube, or maybe a person pinching your

Bike Box Dimensions

Bike Box Dimensions, Weight, and Price: A Guide to the Size of a Bike Box

A cardboard bike box is a specially designed box that allows you to pack your bike safely without damaging any of its parts. Unlike regular boxes that are commonly used for packing items like televisions, a bike box is specifically made to ensure that your bike is securely shipped without any harm. It’s important to

Waxing Bike Chain

How To Wax A Bike Chain- A Complete Waxing Guide

To keep your bike running, it is important to keep the chain in good shape. I cannot stress this enough! Waxing your bicycle chain may seem like a small step but it has many benefits. It helps your bike Run Smoothly, Reduces Wear And Tear, And Keeps It From Getting Rusty Or Corroded. It’s an

Winter Bike Maintenance

Your Guide To Winter Bike Maintenance

Winter is an amazing time to do some cycling. But the weather conditions can get very harsh for your bike.  It is important to take care of your bike’s maintenance in winter. It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you have, you just have to make sure that they are in prime condition and ready

How To Assemble Bike

How To Assemble A Bike – Bike Tips and Tricks

Finally, we are talking about my second favorite hobby. What’s the first you ask? Well, it’s riding my bicycle of course! What’s that? Do you want to learn how to assemble a bike? I thought you’d never ask. I like experimenting, so I am always putting together components from different companies to build a bike. 

Building A Bike

Is It Cheaper To Build Own Bike?

According to the Bicycle Association, between 2019 to 2022, bicycle prices have increased by 40 %.  It’s true for both mountain bikes and road bikes.  Entry-level bike prices have gone up to 50% since 2014.  With such a spike in the prices, you are not wrong to think- Is It Cheaper To Build Your Own Bike?

Remove Bike Cassette Without Special Tools

How To Remove Bike Cassette Without Special Tools

One of the key tricks that I always share with my fellow riders is timely and effective maintenance. Taking care of your bicycle can be a challenging task, but it is one worth the trouble. A well-maintained bicycle will last you longer than a neglected one. Do you know a bicycle can last you a

How To Hang Bikes

How To Hang Bikes In Garage: Creative Bike Storage Solutions

Imagine getting the bike of your dreams and then running out of storage space for it, would feel terrible right? Having ample storage for your bike is necessary as the bike itself, even if you get it, where will you store it, unless you live in a mansion.  If you live in a tight space

How To Check Tire Pressure

How To Check Tire Pressure Without A Gauge-3 Easy Tricks

A bicycle requires maintenance to keep running. One maintenance check you’ll be doing a lot is checking the tire pressure. Usually, the recommended PSI for your tire is printed on the side wall of the tire. PSI stands for Pound Per Square Inch, it is the scientific measuring unit for tire pressure. However, for road

Cycling For Perfect Butt

Science of Cycling: How Cycling Makes Your Butt Look Good

Let’s admit it, we have seen pictures of those perfect-shaped cyclists with Olympian bodies in magazines. After seeing them, there is this one question that always persists- Does Cycling Makes My Ass Look Good? The answer to that question is both yes and no! Cycling helps you burn fat, and you will burn fat in

How To Fix A Bike Chain

How To Fix A Bike Chain – Bike Tips and Maintenance Guide

Having a broken bike chain when you are far away from your destination can be a nightmare but it can be even more devastating when you don’t have the knowledge to make the necessary repairs. If the broken chain is not repaired on time then it can be quite impossible to reach your destination and

How To Easily Adjust Bike Brakes

How To Easily Adjust Your Bike’s Brakes – Bike Maintenance Tips

No matter what kind of cyclist you are, beginner or professional, you are bound to deal with squeaky brakes sooner or later, it is a rite of passage, there is no avoiding it. Although this might seem like a problem, it is not, many of these problems can be fixed from the comfort of your

How To Install Caliper Brakes

How To Install Caliper Brakes On Bike In 9 Easy Steps!

What are caliper brakes? Good question! Caliper brakes are mechanical braking systems with a single bolt. You can install them either on the front or rear of a bike. The choice is yours. But don’t worry, I’ll get into the details of how you can install caliper brakes!  Pay attention because we are about to

How To Ship A Bike

How To Ship A Bike? Bike Tips and Tricks

The world finally seems to be getting back to normal, which means that life can be enjoyed again. Maybe it is high time for that vacation that you planned? Any kind of vacation will definitely be incomplete without your own bike, so you will need it with you, wherever you go! So that we know

Squeaky Bike Brakes

How To Fix Squeaky Bike Brakes In Simple Steps!

A squeaky brake is definitely an annoying situation. Especially when you do not know the reason behind it. Now, you may have oil or grease on your rim, a misaligned braking surface, or it’s possible that your brake pads are contaminated. No matter the reason, you can face a squeaky situation on any kind of

How To Tighten And Align Brakes

How To Tighten and Align Brakes on Bike

Brakes are an essential part of your bike that ensures that you always have a safe ride. That is why you must take care of them regularly, regular maintenance of the bike will surely add more years to its lifespan. Adjusting and tightening brakes is easy if you are considerate about some steps. There are

How To Build Your Own Bmx Bike

How To Build Your Own BMX Bike In 8 Easy Steps

I prefer aggressive riding and that’s why I take a particular interest in BMX Bikes. You know they are known for hardcore sports and aggressive riding. But the problem was not being able to customize the components. It was getting very hard to find a BMX that suited my style and preference. And that’s when

How To Put Front Brakes On A Bike

How To Put Front Brakes On A Bike- Easy To Follow Steps

Bike rides, no matter how skillful you are, are not without some dangers. To make these rides safe, bicycles have front and rear braking systems. This system gives you control over any kind of terrain that you are riding. Your power to bring the bicycle to a halt is right under your fingers! Now, here’s

Cycling Work Abs

Does Biking Work Your Abs?

Pedaling a bike is a popular exercise and health maintenance activity.  Bike riding is a convenient way to get around, but exactly how much effort are you really putting into your abs?  Performing aerobic exercises will raise your heart rate and keep it elevated for a while and your abdominal muscles will benefit from this.

Fixed Gear Calculator

Fixed Gear Calculator: Bike Gear Calculator

  What Is A Fixed Gear Calculator? IceBike’s Fixed Gear Calculator will help you find the perfect chainring and cog combinations. Modern bikes come installed with multiple gears and that is why there will be many gear ratios, as we have mentioned on our calculator. Using these types of bike calculators is very easy, all

Cycling Bigger Legs

Will Cycling Make Your Legs Bigger?

Have you ever seen a cyclist’s legs? Well, they look bigger than usual, isn’t it? The extreme buildup of bodily mass and those cuts around the quadriceps and hamstrings give a very different look to the legs. But, are they bigger or well-toned? As a cyclist, you need to build extreme leg strength to push

Bike Gear Ratio Calculator

Bike Gear Ratio Calculator and Charts

Bike Gear Ratio Calculator Our bike gear calculator will assist you in selecting chainrings and cogs. Many modern bicycles have a variety of gears, so there are many possible bike gear ratios to consider. Choose the range of interest and see which combination is ideal for your cycling habits and circumstances. As a consequence, you

Change Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips

How To Change Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips In Simple Steps!

Handlebar grips build an important connection between you and your bicycle. It is one of the three touch points that you have on the bicycle. The better the grips, the better handling you will have because of the good grasp. What makes handlebar grips important? I thought you’d never ask! You see, handle grips make

Bonking On A Bike Ride

Bonking On The Bike- Explaining Different Cycling Limiters

Who would have thought that even cycling has limiters? What are cycling limiters you ask? Well, the most common limiters are muscular endurance, neuromuscular/speed, and aerobic/endurance. These limiters are fueled by conditions like cramping, or just fatigue, and even bonking. Bonking is extreme fatigue which happens because your body gets depleted of the needed glycogen

Bike Chain Length

How To Determine Bike Chain Length Using 4 Different Methods

When it comes to bikes, chains are the main driving force. That’s why they see more wear and tear. And when you neglect it, the chain starts degrading. It starts stretching. A stretched chain will affect your ability to shift. Now it can even snap! To avoid this, you’ll have to replace a stretched chain.

Cycling Knee Pain

What is Anterior Knee Pain? Cycling Pain Explained!

You might have heard about this a lot, but what exactly is Anterior Knee Pain (Cycling)? This is the pain that cyclists feel at the front of their knee joint, and if untreated, it becomes excruciating aching pain.  This knee pain is very common amongst cyclists, and most of the time the problem is not

Fix Broken Spokes

How To Fix Broken Spokes In 6 Easy Steps

Spokes are the thin rods that you see between your wheel and the rim. Their basic function is to hold the wheel in shape. And while going through this, they do withstand the highest stress. Although, bike spokes are not delicate. But that does not make them indestructible! They might break which can cause a

Bike Anatomy

A Beginner’s Guide To All Bike Parts: Bike Anatomy 101

So why is it important to know the bike anatomy? Well, how else are you supposed to differentiate the crankset from the chainset? Or were you thinking you could simply do bike maintenance without knowing two from two? Here’s the deal, No matter whether you are a casual or a professional cyclist, knowing your bicycle