7 Cool Bicycles That You Can Actually Buy

  • Cool bicycle

    7 Cool Bicycles That You Can Actually Buy

    These days it is very hard to find anything that is unique. Everyone wears the same clothes. The cars people drive all look the same and even more depressing is that all the houses that people live in all seem similar. Especially if you live in a condominium where the housing association tells you how […]

  • Expert Biker Explains How To Find Good Cheap Mountain Bikes

    Now this is an article I was born to write. Finding a good cheap mountain bike is one of my personal strengths. I firmly believe that within reason nothing, not even a tight budget, should hold anyone back from getting their hands on a really good cheap mountain bike. The world is full of great […]

  • Mechanics repairing a bicycle in workshop

    Three Basic Bike Maintenance Tips You Can Do Yourself

    If you have read any of my other articles you would know I am pretty adamant about bikes being a utilitarian machine. The reason I say that so much and why I believe is because I believe anyone is capable of maintaining their own bicycles and I am going to give you a few tips […]

  • Cyclist thinking

    The 15 Types Of Cyclists We All Hate

    Everyone hates cyclists. Even Cyclists hate cyclists. Of course this is a problem on a website about, and for bikes. There’s a real possibility the list could end up with nothing more than why cyclists rule the world, and people in cars are all morons. But nothing could be further than the truth. Because when […]

  • Stradalli and Bike Aid people

    A Special Gift For A Great Cycling Charity

    Disease, war, poverty and genocide have riddled Africa for decades. Unfortunately movies and television shows have brought more awareness to this problem than the best documented news story ever could. For the devastated continent, any help and awareness is needed. A few years ago a German based bicycle club of 600 members, Bike Aid, decided […]

  • Blue Ridge Parkway

    Top 10 Reasons to Ride in Western North Carolina

    If you are like most touring cyclists, you’re in perpetual search of the next new and exciting destination. If you are looking, we have a suggestion for you: Asheville and Western North Carolina in the southeast United States. We are biased since we are locals and provide bicycle tours in the area, but we know […]

  • Custom frame builder working

    The 10 Most Epic Sins Of Your Nearest Bike Shop And Local Bike Mechanic

    For a long time I thought that all bike shops and all bike mechanics were pretty much the same wherever you went. I thought we were all supposed to be part of this one world bike community. A place where we could all live happily and peacefully. A place where when we saw a fellow […]

  • Thinking about the bike

    Cycling Doesn’t Just Make You Healthier, It Makes You Smarter too!

    It is no secret that exercise has health benefits too numerous to recount. Aerobic exercise can extend your life, help you lose weight and fight depression all at the same time. There is something about raising your heart rate and sweating a bit that works to heal a person’s body and ward off physical and […]

  • Dog sitting in a bicycle basket

    Cute Alert! Here Are The Top 15 Animals on Bikes Videos Ever

    Pets are the most amazing things ever. We have all had pets, or wanted to at some point in our lives. Every now and then, animals tend to do the funniest things ever. For example, they ride bikes, they get in the way of bikers at races, etc. They do all sorts of things that […]

  • Cyclist hit by a car

    The 25 Scariest Texting and Driving Accident Statistics

    Each year, about 1,300,000 people are killed in road accidents. This is a mind-numbing number of deaths for the worst reason in the world. This means that over 3,000 people die every single day due to collisions on the road. With numbers like that, you start to wonder how the world is still on the […]

  • Goggle car

    8 Reasons Cyclists Should Love Google Cars

    In May 2010, Google implemented the first self-driven cars. For those of you who don’t know about this, try reading the news sometime. These cars seemed to be straight out of a science fiction movie. They used a complex system of lasers, sensors and computer programs to predict the behavior of other vehicles. They could […]

  • Group cycling in the sunset

    How Cycling Will Help You De-Stress Better Than Medication

    Everyone goes through a stressful period in their lives at some point. In a world where everyone is rushing to get their work done, it is a given that you will be stressed out. It is hard to vent out this pressure that can come on you. It can be for a number of reasons, […]

  • Cycling magazines

    7 Cycling Magazine Publishers Share Their Best Tips

    The world of cycling is very diverse. There are many resources, both online and in print, that deal with cycling and everything associated with it. However, different cyclists have very different opinions on what the content of such resources should be. It has always been about print media. Cycling magazines impart a sense of class […]

  • Bikes ready to be sold

    How To Find The Best Cheap Bicycles – Online And In Real Life

    Ouch! Who knew two wheels and a metal frame could cost so much money? I mean, compared to a car, bicycles cost peanuts but still, sometimes when you’re on a budget, you can’t afford a $5000 bike. Even if you can, you’d probably like to see if there’s similarly good quality bikes at a better […]

  • Rider falling from his bike

    How To Review Your Bicycle Insurance Needs And The Cost Of Insurance

    In today’s world, the price of fuel is rocketing higher. Fossil fuels are running out. As this happens, more and more people are turning towards bicycles as their preferred mode of transport. This is a fact that cannot be ignored. However, it should also be noted that most of you bike owners haven’t even considered […]

  • Man with palm on face

    We Hate Cyclists – 5 Politicians Who Are Against Bikes

    Politicians are just human like the rest of us. And sometimes humans say some really, really stupid things. There’s no end to the people who take a stand against cycling and want to prevent the spread of cycling infrastructure. There’s always been opponents to cycling. People don’t want cyclists on the road. They don’t want […]

  • Bike being stolen

    Top 12 Bike Crimes Ever (Hope Your Stolen Bike Isn’t Here)

    You’ve heard of getaway cars right? Well what about getaway bicycles? Like almost anything in society, if it exists, it’s been stolen or used to commit a crime at some point. Bicycles are no exception to the rule. Bike theft is a big deal just about everywhere were bikes are popular. But that’s not the […]

  • History of bikes

    58 Milestones from Bicycle History You Must Know

    Since we’re approaching the 200 year anniversary of the first bicycle, we thought it would be a good time to get you all caught up with the last 2 centuries of two-wheeled history. Bicycles have been a big part of our society for a while now; almost everyone in the first world has learned to […]