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Cities Bicycles Outnumber Cars

Cities Where Bicycles Outnumber Cars!

The fact that there are more bikes than vehicles in Amsterdam makes it one of the most well-known cities in the world. This historic city has long embraced a way of life that is more eco-friendly, wholesome, and effective. Amsterdam is absolutely unlike anywhere else, from the recognizable bike lanes and bicycle bridges to the

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Women vs Men Bike

Women vs Men Bikes: What’s The Difference?

There was once a time when getting a new bike was easy whether it was for men or women, there were even gender-specific designs although they were not that great. Sometimes the women’s bikes were also downgraded in terms of performance but thankfully those days are now over. Women’s bikes are on the same par

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Cycling For Perfect Butt

Science of Cycling: How Cycling Makes Your Butt Look Good

Let’s admit it, we have seen pictures of those perfect-shaped cyclists with Olympian bodies in magazines. After seeing them, there is this one question that always persists- Does Cycling Makes My Ass Look Good? The answer to that question is both yes and no! Cycling helps you burn fat, and you will burn fat in

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Does Cycling Burn Belly Fat

Does Cycling Burn Belly Fat?

Fitness is not an easy thing to pursue, even if you are super careful, there are a lot of bumps that you can hit and get unhealthy, adding fat to your body is so easy these days. Assigning an activity that brings various health benefits and also a good amount of leisure is necessary these

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How To Install Caliper Brakes

How To Install Caliper Brakes On Bike

From time to time, you have to make certain modifications to your bike, some components you take out and some you add. One of the main things that you have to look out for is the braking system in your bike. Bicycle brakes play a very important part in the overall performance of your bike,

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Does Cycling Build Leg Muscle

Does Cycling Build Leg Muscle?- Your Guide To Cycling Fitness

The stronger your legs, the better your cycling performance. With more muscular legs, you’ll be able to push better through the pedals and enhance your speed. This comes down to building your leg muscles. Now, you could hit the gym for strength and endurance training, do some squats and heavy lifting, and build your leg

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Squeaky Bike Brakes

Do Your Bike Brakes Squeak? Here’s How You Fix Them!

You’re riding your bike; you’re at your highest cadence; you’re having fun. At that moment, you pressed them to ride a bit slower on a certain turn or a roadblock, and SQUEAK – that’s what you hear! How would you feel? It’s very annoying when your bicycle brakes squeak, not only because of the sound,

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How To Build Your Own Bmx Bike

How To Build Your Own BMX Bike From Scratch- Complete Guide

When it comes to the bike industry, manufacturers cannot meet every single demand and trend out there, and that leaves a lot of people heartbroken. People have different demands when it comes to bikes, some want a different type of braking mechanism and some want a more comfortable saddle, most of the time keeping up

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Cycling Work Abs

Does Biking Work Your Abs?

Pedaling a bike is a popular exercise and health maintenance activity.  Bike riding is a convenient way to get around, but exactly how much effort are you really putting into your abs?  Performing aerobic exercises will raise your heart rate and keep it elevated for a while and your abdominal muscles will benefit from this.

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Cycling Bigger Legs

Will Cycling Make Your Legs Bigger?

Have you ever seen a cyclist’s legs? Well, they look bigger than usual, isn’t it? The extreme buildup of bodily mass and those cuts around the quadriceps and hamstrings give a very different look to the legs. But, are they bigger or well-toned? As a cyclist, you need to build extreme leg strength to push

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Prevent Injury While Cycling

How Can You Prevent Injury While Cycling?

Cycling is an excellent way to increase strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health. However, most beginner cyclists are prone to getting injured. Although certain injuries are unavoidable, there are things a cyclist can do to reduce the chances of getting injured from ailments like back pain. Here are some of the most common injuries and what

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Cycling Knee Pain

What is Anterior Knee Pain? Cycling Pain Explained!

You might have heard about this a lot, but what exactly is Anterior Knee Pain (Cycling)? This is the pain that cyclists feel at the front of their knee joint, and if untreated, it becomes excruciating aching pain.  This knee pain is very common amongst cyclists, and most of the time the problem is not

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Exercise Bikes With Screen

Best Exercise Bikes With Screen Reviewed

Investing in your fitness is one of the best and important decisions that you will ever make. These exercise bikes with screens, also known as smart indoor trainers are here to get you fit. Indoor Trainers are one of the best ways to get you in shape, and they don’t require any kind of preparation.

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Best Cyclists Ever

Top 10 Best Cyclists Ever – World Renown Legends

Cycling is one of the most beloved and celebrated sports around the world, it is the sport of adventures, strength, and also struggle. We all know sports legends like Ronaldo and King James, but now it is time to know about the legends in the cycling world! These champions have conquered so many challenges, we

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How To Ride A Bike Adult Version

How To Ride A Bike As An Adult

There are many of us that did not get to learn how to ride a bike when we were kids but that does not mean that we cannot get a second chance at that as adults. You would be surprised that are many adults that did not learn this necessary skill, and it is never

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Wheel Truing

How To True A Bike Wheel

Bicycles give you amazing adventures, countless memories, but sometimes maintaining them and keeping them in the best shape possible is a real piece of work. Truing wheels is a delicate process that you have to master, you have to follow some steps and in the end, taking the bike to a professional mechanic is recommended.

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Best Bikes For Exercise

Best Bikes For Exercise (Updated Review 2022)

One of the hardest things to do in life is staying in top shape, and you could be 50 but still look 30, everyone wants that (Even if they have to ride a stationary bike for it). Some people even love having shortcuts for that goal, some go to the gym while others use the

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Best Bike Tubes Review

10 Best Bike Tubes Review in 2021

Talking about bike tubes isn’t that exciting but when it comes to bike enthusiasts or you get too many flat tires then this is going to be a really interesting topic. It does not matter if you have a road bike, mountain bike, or even a beach cruiser, you should have a stock of bike

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Best Bike Trailers For Kids

13 Best Bike Trailers For Kids (Updated 2022)

Bike Trailers for kids are necessary to have, these devices let you carry your children along with you on bike rides. Just attach them to your bikes and you would be pulling the kids along like a chariot. Being a bike enthusiast certainly isn’t easy when you have a family too, keeping them out of

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Balance Bikes For Kids All Ages

Best Balance Bikes For Kids and Toddlers (Updated 2022)

Balance Bikes are extremely fun for kids, once your child gets their hand on them there is definitely no going back. As you might have seen, balance bikes are like your normal bikes, except they are for kids and are pedal-less. In order to ride them, kids use their own set of legs, which is

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Healthier And Happier

How Cycling Makes You Healthier and Happier

For cyclists, riding a bike is the greatest workout and recreational activity you can ever engage in. If you ask any experienced cyclist, they will tell you how much they love cycling and how it has improved their lives. Cycling is a simple and effective way to incorporate exercise into your everyday routine. Bikes can

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20 Benefits of Cycling

20 Benefits of Cycling: How Cycling Improves Your Health

It would interest you to know that regular physical activity can help you avoid serious diseases and illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, mental illness, obesity, arthritis, among many others. To stay in shape, you must be physically active, and cycling is one of the best ways to do so. It is a complete workout.

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Best Handle Grips

Best Bike Handle Grips- Top 9 To Go For!

Bike handle grips have the same importance as your bike, they provide the necessary comfort and grip you need. Every now and then, every rider has the thought of replacing their grips with effective ones, that is when you have to make the best choice available. There are plenty of reasons for changing your bike

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Step Through vs. Step Over Bikes

Step Through vs. Step Over Bikes – Which One is Better?

The design of a bike is very crucial, it is not just for physical appearances but also for performance. These designs have gone through quite an evolution as the first design dates back to the early 1800s when bikes weren’t used for transportation and they were also made out of wood. Over the last 2

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Best Tricycle For Adults

Best Tricycle For Adults (Ranked and Reviewed 2021)

Who said tricycles are only for kids? Adults can also join in on the amazing fun because seemingly a normal bicycle can’t be for everyone. Bicycles provide a fun gateway to the outside world, you have fun, you have exercise, and all of that without even spending a single penny. Exercise is much needed, may

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Measure A Bike Frame

How to Measure a Bike Frame and Determine Your Bike Size

Bike fitting and sizing is something we have all had trouble with. Even the best fitters in the world who work with all the best triathletes and professional racers at one time did not know their saddle was too high or their frame too small. Now they use laser levels and special electronics to determine

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Road Bike Brands

Top 50 Best Road Bike Brands (2023 Update)

Urban cycling is shooting up in popularity, and has been in recent years. It is one of the greenest and healthiest ways to get around the city. More people are cycling to work now than ever before, because of the rising prices of gas and insurance. Indeed, it is far cheaper to simply get a

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Best Bike Brands

30 Best Bike Brands for 2023 (Updated)

Cycling is popular all over the world and is regarded as one of the best outdoor activities. As a highly valued hobby, it is only natural to seek out the most convenient bike for your needs. When shopping for a new bike, you’ll notice that there are an infinite number of bike brands, all with

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How To Fit A Bicycle

Bike Fit: How To Fit Your Bicycle

No matter how you ride, whether on or off the road, casually or competitively, bicycling is most comfortable when you adjust your bike and its components to fit your body. Fitting your bike will be great for your flexibility, height, and riding style. If your bike fits poorly, it’ll make your riding inefficient, and cause

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Cool bicycle

7 Cool Bicycles That You Can Actually Buy

These days it is very hard to find anything that is unique. Everyone wears the same clothes. The cars people drive all look the same and even more depressing is that all the houses that people live in all seem similar. Especially if you live in a condominium where the housing association tells you how

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bike shop owner selling bikes

How to Turn Your Bike Shop into a Profit-Making Business

Bike shops are a time-honored business that can thrive in most local markets. Most cycling enthusiasts invest in their own bike shops, inevitably seeing it as the best way to monetize their passion. However, being enthusiastic about cycling and bikes won’t turn your bike shop into a success story. While knowing about cycling and bike

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Cyclist thinking

The 15 Types Of Cyclists We All Hate

Of course this is a problem on a website about, and for bikes. There’s a real possibility the list could end up with nothing more than why cyclists rule the world, and people in cars are all morons. But nothing could be further than the truth. Because when you think about it, there’s assholes in

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Stradalli and Bike Aid people

A Special Gift For A Great Cycling Charity

Disease, war, poverty and genocide have riddled Africa for decades. Unfortunately movies and television shows have brought more awareness to this problem than the best documented news story ever could. For the devastated continent, any help and awareness is needed. A few years ago a German based bicycle club of 600 members, Bike Aid, decided

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Blue Ridge Parkway

Top 10 Reasons to Ride in Western North Carolina

If you are like most touring cyclists, you’re in perpetual search of the next new and exciting destination. If you are looking, we have a suggestion for you: Asheville and Western North Carolina in the southeast United States. We are biased since we are locals and provide bicycle tours in the area, but we know

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10 Auto Bikes That Cost More Than Your Car (If You Have One)

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better than this, you find out that car manufacturers have begun to branch out into bikes. In reality, carmakers have been producing and branding bikes for over 15 years. Mercedes-Benz started this trend by branding an AMP mountain bike. The bike could be folded into a suitcase

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Cyclist hit by a car

The 25 Scariest Texting and Driving Accident Statistics

Each year, about 1,300,000 people are killed in road accidents. This is a mind-numbing number of deaths for the worst reason in the world. This means that over 3,000 people die every single day due to collisions on the road. With numbers like that, you start to wonder how the world is still on the

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Goggle car

8 Reasons Cyclists Should Love Google Cars

In May 2010, Google implemented the first self-driven cars. For those of you who don’t know about this, try reading the news sometime. These cars seemed to be straight out of a science fiction movie. They used a complex system of lasers, sensors and computer programs to predict the behavior of other vehicles. They could

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Cycling magazines

7 Cycling Magazine Publishers Share Their Best Tips

The world of cycling is very diverse. There are many resources, both online and in print, that deal with cycling and everything associated with it. However, different cyclists have very different opinions on what the content of such resources should be. It has always been about print media. Cycling magazines impart a sense of class

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Man with palm on face

We Hate Cyclists – 5 Politicians Who Are Against Bikes

Politicians are just human like the rest of us. And sometimes humans say some really, really stupid things. There’s no end to the people who take a stand against cycling and want to prevent the spread of cycling infrastructure. There’s always been opponents to cycling. People don’t want cyclists on the road. They don’t want

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Bike being stolen

Top 12 Bike Crimes Ever (Hope Your Stolen Bike Isn’t Here)

You’ve heard of getaway cars right? Well what about getaway bicycles? Like almost anything in society, if it exists, it’s been stolen or used to commit a crime at some point. Bicycles are no exception to the rule. Bike theft is a big deal just about everywhere were bikes are popular. But that’s not the

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Cargo bike delivery

14 Reasons Why Cargo Bikes Are Better Than Delivery Trucks

If you don’t live in one of the world’s bike havens, then I guarantee all your deliveries go something like this: the post office receives your letters or packages. They load it in a big truck. And then that big truck drives to your mailbox and drops your stuff off. Wash, rinse, repeat. But there’s

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History of bikes

58 Milestones from Bicycle History You Must Know

Since we’re approaching the 200 year anniversary of the first bicycle, we thought it would be a good time to get you all caught up with the last 2 centuries of two-wheeled history. Bicycles have been a big part of our society for a while now; almost everyone in the first world has learned to

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