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Using our bike frame calculator, you can determine your frame height easily.

The Bike Size Calculator is a quick and easy tool to find the correct bike frame size that is right for you. Choose the kind of bike you are interested in and then enter your measurement(s).

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When you decide on buying a new bike, it is very essential that you pick the right size for yourself. Well, there are loads of adjustments that you can make to your bikes like the stem, the seat post, saddle, and even the crank length. Although you should know that each and every adjustment you make will affect the performance and feel of your bike. So, if you end up buying a too small or too big bike, it will never feel quite right!

In this guide, we will tell you all about Bike Size Calculators, the ultimate tool you need to find the perfect bike size/frame. Bike Size Calculators will help you calculate the perfect bike size for you depending on whatever kind of measurements you have. You just need to put in some of your measurements like inseam and height, also choose the type of bike you need after!

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You should know that road bikes and mountain bikes are completely different kinds of bikes, and their measurements will also differ. Bikes produced in the USA are measured in inches, while some European brands like Haibike and Lapierre use centimeters. Sometimes the measurements of road bikes and mountain bikes are going to differ and that is when you can use their simple conversions. At ICEBike we have included measurements in cm’s to help you out even more!

Can We Use The Same Measurements For Women’s Bikes?

When you compare specific women’s bikes to other unisex bikes their frame sizes might differ but that’s it. All of them have the same size whatsoever! The reason behind different frame sizes is that women have short upper bodies as compared to men. In specific women’s bikes, you will notice that they have short top tubes, this limits the reach and as a result, women don’t have to stretch out that much.

You have nothing to worry about though as it doesn’t affect the saddle height of the bike. Our calculator is recommended and well-adjusted for any kind of bike.

What To Do If You Are Stuck In-Between?

In some scenarios, the bike size calculator will suggest two different sizes. This means that both the sizes are best for you but that seems confusing, doesn’t it? Here’s what you should do when you are stuck in-between sizes:

The first thing that you need to notice is how long is the reach of the bike, it is affected the length of your arms and trunk length. The length between your hips and shoulders is known as trunk length. The longer the length the better!

If you have a short length then the best scenario for you would be to go for the shorter trunk length.

Does Size Matter For Different Types Of Bikes?

Different type of bikes is going to have different sizes, some times the bike type and brand is going to matter. As we have discussed before, road bikes are measured in centimeters while mountain bikes are measured in inches. This doesn’t matter much because our calculator gives the necessary quotation for each and every type of bike in their dedicated measurements.

There are some bike manufacturers that also design their bikes in sizes like Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. For more information, you can contact our bike specialists anytime!

Here are some of the bike size charts that you can use!

Mountain Bike Size Charts

Mountain bikes are best known for their amazing off-road performance. Choose them if you want to go on hardcore adventures and off-road tracks. You should know that mountain bikes have very flat handlebars and wide tires. Some of the high-tier models also come constructed with suspension that can be used for additional comfort and grip. If you do not have the inseam length on hand the following chart will help you find the correct mountain bike frame size:

in cm
Recommended frame size
in cm / inches
150 – 155 cm 33 – 36 cm / 13″ – 14″
155 – 160 cm 35 – 38 cm / 14″ – 15″
160 – 165 cm 38 – 40 cm / 15″ – 16″
165 – 170 cm 40 – 43 cm / 16″ – 17″
170 – 175 cm 42 – 45 cm / 16.5″ – 17.5″
175 – 180 cm 44 – 47 cm / 17.5″ – 18.5″
180 – 185 cm 46 – 49 cm / 18″ – 19″
185 – 190 cm 49 – 52 cm / 19″ – 20.5″
190 – 195 cm 51 – 56 cm / 20.5″ – 22″

Road Bike Size Chart

Road bikes are best known for their exceptional performance on roads, bike lanes, and other kinds of smooth surfaces. Their handlebars are dropped and they are lighter when compared to other types of bikes. These types of bikes come constructed with narrow tires that let them fit anywhere. If you do not have the inseam length on hand the following chart will help you find the correct road bike frame size:

in cm
Frame Size
(Performance / Racing)

in cm
Frame Size

in cm
155 – 160 cm 47 – 49 cm 46 – 48 cm
160 – 165 cm 49 – 51 cm 47 – 49 cm
165 – 170 cm 51 – 53 cm 48 – 50 cm
170 – 175 cm 53 – 55 cm 50 – 52 cm
175 – 180 cm 55 – 57 cm 52 – 55 cm
180 – 185 cm 57 – 60 cm 55 – 57 cm
185 – 190 cm 60 – 62 cm 57 – 60 cm
190 – 195 cm 62 – 64 cm 60 – 62 cm

City Bike Size Chart

City bikes are a noteworthy mixture of racing and mountain bikes, while they do contain the necessary aspects of both, they also inherit the weaknesses. The main focus of these bikes is extreme comfort and very little maintenance. The bikes that you choose can be used for recreational purposes or your daily routines, the choice is seemingly yours! If you do not have the inseam length, following chart will help you find the correct city bike frame size:

in cm
Recommended Frame Size
in cm
150 – 160 cm 42 – 48 cm
160 – 170 cm 48 – 52 cm
170 – 175 cm 52 – 55 cm
175 – 180 cm 55 – 58 cm
180 – 185 cm 58 – 61 cm
185 – 190 cm 61 – 63 cm
190 – 195 cm 63 – 66 cm

Touring Bike Size Charts

Touring bikes are comfortable bikes that offer a smooth and relaxed ride for long distances. They might have an uncanny resemblance to road bikes but are actually tougher than them. Additionally, these bikes also come constructed with mudguards and panniers for enhanced protection.  If you do not know your inseam length following chart will help you find the correct touring bike frame size:

in cm
Recommended Frame Size
in cm
150 – 160 cm 42 – 47 cm
160 – 170 cm 47 – 50 cm
170 – 175 cm 50 – 53 cm
175 – 180 cm 53 – 55 cm
180 – 185 cm 55 – 58 cm
185 – 190 cm 58 – 60 cm
190 – 195 cm 60 – 63 cm

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