121 Bikepacking Experts Share Their Routes Around The World

  • Bikepacking experts

    121 Bikepacking Experts Share Their Routes Around The World

    Bicycle touring has a rich and unique history. From working class travel in late 19th century Europe, to US soldier brigades traveling entirely by bike in the early 1900’s history has seen its share of people who supported and got the most out of bike travel. However, prior to 1976, bicycle touring was really seen […]

  • Cargo bike with dogs in

    Talking Bike Style With New York Photographer Sam Polcer

    One of my favorite cycling books is New York Bike Style by Sam Polcer. No other book cover the diverse cyclist population as well as Polcer’s book, so I’m happy that we recently had a chance to talk with him and ask a few questions. Why did you decide to photograph cyclists and their bikes? […]

  • Walking with a bike through sand

    This Family Survived on Free Food For a Year

    Patrick Jones and Meg Ulman spend a year cycling up and down the east coast of Australia with their two boys. Great idea – and what really made their trip unique was that they aimed to live of foraging, roadkill and other free food! By doing so, they showed just how much free food there […]

  • Transcontinental gear

    How To Bike 4239 Km From Belgium To Turkey In 10 Days

    The Transcontinental is one of the most extreme races in the world. 4000+ km (2485+ miles) from Geraardsbergen, Flanders in Belgium to Istanbul in Turkey. The whole race is unsupported, so there are no team cars and no fresh bikes if your bike breaks down. You are on your own and have to fix all […]

  • Rebecca Rusch

    6 x World Champion Rebecca Rusch Is The Queen Of Pain

    Rebecca Rusch is a legend in mountain biking. 6 x world champion, 4 x Leadville 100 champion and a lot of other incredible achievements. In this interview she explains a lot about her background, how she train and how she keeps winning. How did you get into mountain biking? I got into cycling because I […]

  • Clarence with video gear

    Streetfilms – This Is How You Feel After 700+ Cycling Films

    Clarence Eckerson runs Streetfilms. Through Streetfilms, he has made more than 700 films about cycling and sustainable transportation. 700+ films that has been played more than 10 million times in total! In this interview Clarence talks about how Streetfilms started out, how he is making the films, his favorite films and what he think about […]

  • Ride of Silence prayer

    The Ride of Silence – Chris Phelan Shares The Ultimate Goals of The Ride

    Thousands of cyclists are massacred and killed every year. More than 700 are massacred and killed in the United States alone and it sometimes seem like it’s never going to get better. The Ride of Silence honors the many cyclists who have been killed or injured while cycling. The ride started in 2003 after endurance […]

  • Bobs bikes for needy kids

    How Bobs Bikes For Needy Kids Are Giving Away Free Bicycles

    Robert Crane runs Bobs bikes for needy kids. When I first heard about Robert, I was really touched because Robert’s life’s mission is to provide free bikes to needy children – and although he gets most of the bikes donated, he is also financing a lot of the expenses out of his own pocket. If […]

  • Rosalind Readhead

    Rosalind Readhead Wants To Be Mayor of London And Ban Private Cars

    Will the next mayor of London ban private cars? Mayoral candidate Rosalind Readhead wants to ban private cars in central London, so the streets will be safer and there will be less damaging pollution. If all the private cars disappear, she has big plans for how all the space taken up by cars can be […]

  • Bicycle touring with bags

    Tilmann Waldthaler Has Lived On His Bike For More Than 30 years

    Tilmann Waldthaler has been cycling since October 1977! So far he has visited 143 countries and cycled 462,000 km (287,000 miles). His tours have been full of adventure, including crossing the Himalaya mountains, being shot at in Iran and meeting his wife in the middle of Sahara. In this interview he explains how he travels, […]

  • Gary Sansom

    Gary Sansom From BMXmuseum.com Has 600 Bikes In His Basement

    Gary Sansom is running BMXmuseum.com where you can check out more than 50,000 classic BMX bikes. On top of that, he has hundreds of classic BMX bikes in his basement – and he used to be expert rider himself in the early 80’s. That’s not bad at all, so I arranged an interview with Gary: […]

  • Steven Abraham

    Steven Abraham And The One Year Time Trial

    Steven Abraham is biking 75,000+ miles this year (more than 120,000 km). If he manage to ride those 200+ miles/day, he is going to beat a world record that haven’t been beaten for more than 75 years and set a new UMCA Highest Annual Mileage Record! Here on Icebike.org we have talked with several randonneurs […]

  • Kris Holm, mountain in Bhutan

    Kris Holm – The World’s Leading Mountain Unicyclist

    Not so long ago I got in contact with Kris Holm who is probably the world’s leading mountain unicyclist. He is famous for having cycled on a mountain unicycle all over the world and for having created his own bicycle brand. Given the chance, I had to ask him a few questions about unicycling: How […]

  • Dave Sherry helmet

    Dave Sherry is Britain’s most hated cyclist

    Dave Sherry is being called ‘Britain’s most hated cyclist’ and ‘the most hated man on two wheels’. He is being called these things because he films drivers breaking road laws on his daily commute. Video from his three helmet cameras have secured convictions for 70 drivers so far – and more are sure to come […]

  • Two Leitra velomobiles

    Carl Georg Rasmussen Tells the Story of the Leitra Velomobiles

    When we made our velomobile graphic, I emailed a bit with Carl Georg Rasmussen – the creator of the rather famous Leitra velomobiles. While emailing, I asked Carl Georg if he could tell us a bit about the background of the Leitras and how he started making them: Before the Leitras I have always been […]

  • Iohan winter biking

    Real Winter Biking – This Is How You Cycle In Really Cold Weather

    While researching for a bicycle touring graphic we are making, I came across Iohan Gueorguiev who have done some very cold trips in Canada in the middle of the winter (unlike most people he actually seems to enjoy cold weather and icy roads). Prefering summer myself, I thought it was interesting to talk with Iohan […]

  • Shirine portrait

    Shirine Bikes Around the World for $5 Per Day

    A few weeks ago I heard about Shirine who is biking around the world. That is impressive by itself, but what is even more impressive is that she started when she was 20 years old, that she did it alone for the first 10 months and that she survives on just $5 per day! It […]

  • Family on bikes

    Biking from Alaska to Argentina with Two 10 Year Old Children

    Nancy Sathre-Vogel went on a trip that took her from Alaska to Argentina and lasted almost three years. And she was not alone. Together with her was her husband and their two 10 year old children. Here she tells us about the trip, how it is to do long distance biking as a family and […]

  • The camper bike

    The Camper Bike – the Bike You Can Almost Live In

    Looking in a newspaper one day, I saw a picture of a bike with a house on – sort of a bike-autocamper. I had never seen anything like that before, so after a bit of research I found out that the bike was a project made by the artist Keven Cyr. Very interesting, so I […]