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Our Bikes Review and Rating Process

Our goal is to be transparent and honest with our readers, so here are some insights into the process of reviewing Bike / Bicycle, Gears, and Bike Accessories.

With hundreds of different bikes and accessories tested over the years, we have developed a review process that allows us to evaluate products from the inside out so that you, by proxy, can as well. Below are some of the things we look for.

We find the demand.

Using the feedback from our readers, Google Trends and other research tools, we find the best bikes and top brands people are looking for.

We do the research.

We scan the web for the best reviewed bikes, we compile the info from Amazon and other websites, and then our veteran expert bikers to review and vet all the information.

You choose the product.

By reading our detailed simplify reviews, pros and cons and the key highlights of each product you can make the most informed decision.



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We review the best bike brands in the market, our team of expert reviewers objectively test a wide range of bikes and accessories across the best bike brands. Whether it’s big brands or new companies, if it’s out there, we’re reviewing it for you.

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