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Jumping with a BMX bike

8 Things That Make BMX Bikes The Perfect Trick Bikes

BMX bikes are known all over the world of cycling as off-road bikes that are used mainly for racing and tricks. The very name BMX means “Bicycle Motocross”. There are many kinds of BMX bikes in the world, each with their particular use. Each type has a different quality of build and is intended for

Retrospec Bikes Review

Retrospec Bikes Review: Are They Worth Buying?

Did you know that Retrospec Bikes was formerly known as Critical Cycles? Don’t worry, it wasn’t because their bicycles made rides critical! Retrospec, a US-based cycling manufacturing company has been around since 2009. They are chic and not too expensive! But are they worth buying? Well, buddy, that’s what you and I are going to

Best Bmx Bikes For Kids

Best BMX Bikes For Kids – Review and Buying Guide 2024

When kids graduate from balance bikes, parents often think about what would be the next step, what would be the next step that their kids will take so that their skills may be enhanced. The answer is plain and simple: BMX Bikes! These bikes are the next big upgrade for kids after balance bikes and

Best Inexpensive BMX Bikes

Best Inexpensive BMX Bikes- Review and Buying Guide 2024

Have you used a BMX Bike? Yes? Well, then you know that they are best known for hardcore sports. Did you know that another name for these bikes is the off-road sports bicycle? If you ask me, the name perfectly describes the true nature of these bikes.  BMX Bikes are popular for racing, doing different

How To Build Your Own Bmx Bike

How To Build Your Own BMX Bike In 8 Easy Steps

I prefer aggressive riding and that’s why I take a particular interest in BMX Bikes. You know they are known for hardcore sports and aggressive riding. But the problem was not being able to customize the components. It was getting very hard to find a BMX that suited my style and preference. And that’s when

Huffy Bikes Review

How Good Are Huffy Bikes? An In-Depth Review

It takes years and sometimes centuries for a brand to establish its name. This is especially true when it comes to bicycle manufacturing brands. One small mistake could jeopardize your whole image! One such brand is Huffy Bikes! You might have heard of them because they manufacture all kinds of bicycles. But is that enough

Best Bikes For Heavy Riders

17 Best Bikes For Heavy Riders (Summer Updated 2024)

Cycling is a joy that everyone must enjoy, it should be cherished without any kind of restrictions. With a bike, you can easily get from point A to point B in no time and enjoy that journey. It also helps a lot in losing weight. Riders that are old or heavy feel this joy in

Best Girls 20 Inch Bikes

14 Best Girls 20-Inch Bikes: Unlocking Joy and Freedom

20-inch bikes are best suited for kids aged around 5-8 years. But that depends on your child’s height. They can transition to a 20-inch bike sooner. Nevertheless, research shows that this age is perfect for them to start riding bikes, the motor functions are enhancing at a stable rate and they can control their bodies

BMX bike jumping in air

BMX Racing Bikes vs. BMX Trick Bikes – What Is The Best Choice?

For me, trying to write an article about the best type of BMX is the best choice for you, is like trying to decide which of my children I like best… …It’s like trying to decide what movie to watch on Netflix on Friday night. Do you settle down to watch the latest release or

Gary Sansom

Gary Sansom From Has 600 Bikes In His Basement

Gary Sansom is running where you can check out more than 50,000 classic BMX bikes. On top of that, he has hundreds of classic BMX bikes in his basement – and he used to be expert rider himself in the early 80’s. That’s not bad at all, so I arranged an interview with Gary:

Man with his bmx bike

7 Things You Need To Know About Cheap BMX Bikes

Department store BMX bikes and road bikes are all the rage right now. If you go to your local bike shop and ask them for recommendations, the first thing they will say is that you shouldn’t be buying a cheap BMX. When you ask them why, they rattle off a list of reasons a mile