Strava’s Best Effort Feature Is Now Available For Cyclists!

The Feature was previously only available for runners!


The Best Efforts feature allows subscribers to compare their biggest climbs, power PRs, rides with the most elevation gain, and even time intervals. You can measure your best power outputs at intervals of 5 seconds to 1 hour. While you can track your fastest cycling time at 5 miles to 180k. 

This is not all. The feature also records your top 5 performances of the year! It presents the trend in a graph form so you can keep track of your improvements. This helps in keeping yearly progress. 



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How Does It Work?

You have to tap into the Best Efforts and then choose a category. From there you can see your PR, the first and the second best performance you had in the year. The feature is available for subscribers but you have to have GPS to access all categories. This is true except for the power feature. To record the power, you will have to have a power meter. According to Strava:

To access Best Efforts on mobile, tap on You, stay in the Progress tab and scroll down to Best Efforts.

Best Efforts
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The feature is available to all subscribers. The application is free. You will have to pay no cost to record or share your riding activities. 

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