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Originally the site was only about ice biking and cycling in the winter (that’s why it’s called Icebike.org…). If you want to know everything there is to know about ice biking, you should check out this intro and this collection of blog posts.

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Meet the riders

We are a total of 4 people located in United States, Canada, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Abhijit Barua (Avi)

Avi lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh and loves biking around in the city. Starting with a road bike, he now ride a hardtail mountain bike. It’s been a great pleasure for him to tour the beauty of the nature on his bike.

Beside working as a freelancer, he makes his adventures with some local bicycle communities/groups twice a week.

Rhodes Perry

Rhodes is a writer, social justice advocate, and passionate cyclist. He primarily spends his time in the saddle commuting or riding multi-day, self-supported tours, and volunteers time wrenching at his local bike coop. In 2016 he plans to ride as a team captain for the AIDS Lifecycle Ride, and welcomes interested readers to make a donation today to help end HIV.

Paul Galloway

After years of racing and teaching cycling in Oregon and Colorado, Paul is adjusting his life-work balance by enjoying the responsibilities of being a stay at home dad, while cycling everywhere the North VA and DC area allows.

Luke Ameen

Having got off the mountain trails a few years ago, I spend most of my leisure time cycling everywhere I can possibly go. The days of competition are gone, yet I still manage to see everything there is to see in my area. Bicycles are in my blood, and it will be for the decades (hopefully) to come.

Ryan Ross

Biking has been my main mode of transportation for about 9 years now. I love all kinds of biking especially touring. I love helping people find the bike that is right for them and I manage a bike rental shop in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Guest writers

We are sometimes asked if we would consider posting articles by someone else here on Icebike.org. Normally we would always say no, but we might publish your work if you can write a truly outstanding guest post.

Read more about how to become a writer for Icebike.org here.

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