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Environmental Benefits of Cycling

Environmental Benefits of Cycling: How Biking Creates A Sustainable Future

Bikes are a fantastic mode of transportation that not only make our lives more convenient but also play a crucial role in preserving our environment. Did you know that there are 880 thousand bikes in Amsterdam which are owned by almost 811 thousand people, that’s crazy! There are actually more bikes than people in Amsterdam

Healthier And Happier

How Cycling Makes You Healthier and Happier

For cyclists, riding a bike is the greatest workout and recreational activity you can ever engage in. If you ask any experienced cyclist, they will tell you how much they love cycling and how it has improved their lives. Cycling is a simple and effective way to incorporate exercise into your everyday routine. Bikes can

20 Benefits of Cycling

20 Benefits of Cycling: How Cycling Improves Your Health

It would interest you to know that regular physical activity can help you avoid serious diseases and illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, mental illness, obesity, arthritis, among many others. To stay in shape, you must be physically active, and cycling is one of the best ways to do so. It is a complete workout.


How to Prepare for an Urban Bike Commute – in the Real World

Face it. Urban cycling can suck harder than a Dyson vacuum. Magazines sell a happy-go-lucky version in which the sun is always shining, floral dresses are a fun fashion statement, and traffic doesn’t exist. But we all know it’s nonsense. The realities of city riding are typically more lackluster, if not decisively grim. Forget any

Maïa in the bike trailer and Unia on the back

These 2 Children Grew up in a Bike Trailer (and Loved It)

Alice Goffart and Andoni Rodelgo biked around the world for 7 years. They started shortly after their first child Maïa was born, kept going through their second pregnancy and gave birth to Unai on the road! In this exclusive interview they share why they decided to bike around the world, how it affected the children,

Kill Zone Traffic

Your Risk of Getting Injured (or Killed) in a Traffic Crash

Car crashes or traffic crashes are among the 10 biggest killers in the world. Human life is a fragile thing indeed, and there are simply way too many crashes happening right now. In the time that it takes you to make breakfast every morning, hundreds of people are killed in crashes around the world. This

Cyclist down

Why Australia’s Bike Helmet Laws Kill People

Bicycle Helmets The helmet laws are undoubtedly present to protect bicyclists. I know what your knee-jerk reaction will be. “Yes, you moron, wearing a helmet protects your head while riding a bike, therefore helmets are safe”. And you would be right. But there’s just one factor that we have tactfully ignored when looking at helmet

Star Wars bikes

Top 10 Star Wars Bikes in the Galaxy (and 2 Star Trek Spies)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a planet called Earth. On this planet full of water and green prickly things, there was a very strange race of creatures indeed, called people. They were rather primitive at first, but soon began to develop. They dreamed of flying among the stars.

Top 30 bike lanes

Top 30 Bike Lanes in the World (12 Are Outside Europe)

We have just finished this infographic that will show you the top 30 bike lanes in cities and countries all around the world. All of them have their perks, and they are known for being some of the most bike-friendly places anywhere. Share This Image So why should cities and countries around the world follow

Thinking about the bike

Cycling Doesn’t Just Make You Healthier, It Makes You Smarter too!

It is no secret that exercise has health benefits too numerous to recount. Aerobic exercise can extend your life, help you lose weight and fight depression all at the same time. There is something about raising your heart rate and sweating a bit that works to heal a person’s body and ward off physical and

Business man on a bike

Top 30 Most Interesting Cycling Jobs Ever

The world of cycling is a vast one indeed. In china alone, there are over 450 million cyclists, making it one of the most popular forms of self-powered transport in the world. There is a huge range of jobs that you can take up if you are a cyclists, or if you are into cycling

Halloween bike costumes

Top 20 Halloween Bike Costumes Ever

Boo! Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone is already getting their popcorn and costumes ready. If you haven’t started yet, you definitely should before it’s too late! As a cycling enthusiast, there are some pretty innovative costumes out there for you. You won’t have to give up the bike for this Halloween, that’s

Woman with red jacket cycling

How to Find the Best Urban Bicycles for Commuting

The rise of dedicated bicycling infrastructure in cities and towns around the globe has compelled more fossil fuel refugees to pick up the healthy habit of commuting to work and making small trips across town by bicycle. In fact, since 2000, bicycle commuting has proven to be the fastest growing commuting method in the United

Car parked in a bike lane

The 8 Best Ways to Fight Jerks Who Park In Your Bike Lane

As cycling becomes a more popular form of urban transportation every day in the U.S. and other countries around the world, local governments have begun to help us cyclists by drawing out bike lanes for us to cycle safely in. This is a very welcome addition to any city street. In many suburbs or small

Traffic crash with police officers

10 Most Dangerous Bad Driving Habits Around The World

There are a ton of bad drivers out there. Some of them don’t even intend to be bad, but they are excellent at doing it anyway. These people can be from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter what color you are or what language you speak, you are always going to have to deal

8rad biggest cargo bike

The Biggest Cargo Bike in the World Is the Size of a Car

We love cargo bikes, so a few weeks ago we took a look at why cargo bikes are better than delivery trucks. After reading the article, one of our readers told us about what is probably the biggest cargo bike in the world: The 8rad which is 5 meters long, 2 meters wide and supported

US cycling events and races

United States 35 Best Cycling Events and Bike Races

The United States is famous for indulging in nearly anything that happens in the world. For example, when you say bike race, they have so many fun events that it is hard to tear your eyes away once you’ve started looking. In fact, every day there are bigger and better races and events being thought

Nice bike lane with trees

Why Bike Lanes Make Your Property Prices Skyrocket

Cycling is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to travel again. More people are cycling to and from work every day. In fact, urban cycling is becoming far trendier than it used to be. As more people realize the effects of vehicles on the environment, they begin to look for greener alternatives. When

Donkey Republic team and bikes

Donkey Republic Might Revolutionize Bike Sharing Everywhere

Donkey Republic has the potential to revolutionize bike sharing everywhere and become the Uber of cycling. From humble beginnings, the company has developed their own cell phone controlled locks and a bike sharing system that isn’t dependent on stations where the bikes have to be picked up and returned. Instead, Donkey Republic’s bikes can be

Group cycling in the sunset

How Cycling Will Help You De-Stress Better Than Medication

Everyone goes through a stressful period in their lives at some point. In a world where everyone is rushing to get their work done, it is a given that you will be stressed out. It is hard to vent out this pressure that can come on you. It can be for a number of reasons,

Bike sharing program

The World’s Surprising Top 8 Bike Share Programs

So, right off the bat, if you don’t know what a bike-share is, it’s a program in which many bicycle stations are set up, and people can rent a bike to use for a certain time frame and return it at a different station. It’s seen in many cities where cycling infrastructure is growing and

Rider falling from his bike

How To Review Your Bicycle Insurance Needs And The Cost Of Insurance

In today’s world, the price of fuel is rocketing higher. Fossil fuels are running out. As this happens, more and more people are turning towards bicycles as their preferred mode of transport. This is a fact that cannot be ignored. However, it should also be noted that most of you bike owners haven’t even considered

Car free street party

10 Reasons Why Cities Should Consider Going Car-Free

Our climate is changing, and time is running out to take thoughtful action. If you’re like me, you may feel powerless in defending yourself and those that you love from the negative impacts of climate change. Despite our fears, the Union of Concerned Scientists suggests that at the most individual level we can positively impact

Man with palm on face

We Hate Cyclists – 5 Politicians Who Are Against Bikes

Politicians are just human like the rest of us. And sometimes humans say some really, really stupid things. There’s no end to the people who take a stand against cycling and want to prevent the spread of cycling infrastructure. There’s always been opponents to cycling. People don’t want cyclists on the road. They don’t want

Commuting by bike

10 Pro Bike Commuting Tips (How to Really Commute to Work)

Fellow commuters, I want to tell you something that you will rarely hear from drivers, pedestrians, public transit passengers, and politicians; thank you. Your commitment to pedaling to work every day contributes in big ways to improving the health and well-being of our communities. As someone who recognizes the valuable contributions you are making every

Clarence with video gear

Streetfilms – This Is How You Feel After 700+ Cycling Films

Clarence Eckerson runs Streetfilms. Through Streetfilms, he has made more than 700 films about cycling and sustainable transportation. 700+ films that has been played more than 10 million times in total! In this interview Clarence talks about how Streetfilms started out, how he is making the films, his favorite films and what he think about

Woman charging her electric car

8 Reasons Why Electric Cars Aren’t The Best Choice

As electric cars get more and more popular, environmentalists are hailing the change, welcoming it with open arms. And yes, electric cars are great. They are a lot better than normal cars when it comes to pollution. However, they are not a perfect solution, and there are still a lot of problems; problems that can

Ride of Silence prayer

The Ride of Silence – Chris Phelan Shares The Ultimate Goals of The Ride

Thousands of cyclists are massacred and killed every year. More than 700 are massacred and killed in the United States alone and it sometimes seem like it’s never going to get better. The Ride of Silence honors the many cyclists who have been killed or injured while cycling. The ride started in 2003 after endurance

Rosalind Readhead

Rosalind Readhead Wants To Be Mayor of London And Ban Private Cars

Will the next mayor of London ban private cars? Mayoral candidate Rosalind Readhead wants to ban private cars in central London, so the streets will be safer and there will be less damaging pollution. If all the private cars disappear, she has big plans for how all the space taken up by cars can be

Family riding bikes together

Top 40 Reasons Why You Should Ride A Bike (And Change Your Life)

Everyone should learn to ride a bike.  It’s as easy as learning to ride…well, a bike. And the thing is once you have learned is not something you ever forget you can do. Almost all of us learned to ride as kids. Most people remember all too well their first bike, and they do so

Biking to business work

13 Reasons Why Big Business Should Love Cyclists

If Copenhagen is any indication, more cyclists and cycling infrastructure can only make things better in the big city. And yet, you often see a lot of indifference or opposition in cities that haven’t begun the switch to a bicycle city yet. It can be a huge obstacle for people all around the world who

Bike near grass field

Is Your Bike As Eco-friendly As You Think?

You ride a bike because you want to do your bit for the environment, right? You’re aware of your carbon footprint, and although what secretly pushes you onward is the thrill of the thin layer of rubber between you and utter destruction, you’re smugly satisfied at the fact that you’re also doing good. But your

Old couple on tandem

10 Old People Who Will Inspire You To Never Stop Biking

When he was 19, one of my friends biked everywhere. He biked to basketball practice, to class, to nights out, and to his part-time job. He even rode the 15 miles to the nearest decent mountain bike trail so he could spend the day going up and down the side of the hill trails all

Bike City Copenhagen

Bike City Copenhagen: This Is The Ultimate Bicycle Friendly City

Welcome to Copenhagen, although if you’re a fan of two-wheeled transportation, you’ll probably come to know it as bicycle heaven. Copenhagen is the city with more bikes than people, at a rate of 5 bikes to 4 people. Many cities in Europe have taken steps to make cycling the dominant form of transportation in cities,


30 Iconic Velomobile Designs From The Past 85 Years

A velomobile, for those who don’t know, is a human-powered vehicle. Also known as a bicycle cars, these things are based off of recumbent bikes and tricycles and have a full, aerodynamic outer shell that protects them from weather and crashes. Most of these devices are three or four-wheeled, though two-wheeled versions exist. Bicycle car

The camper bike

The Camper Bike – the Bike You Can Almost Live In

Looking in a newspaper one day, I saw a picture of a bike with a house on – sort of a bike-autocamper. I had never seen anything like that before, so after a bit of research I found out that the bike was a project made by the artist Keven Cyr. Very interesting, so I