Top 10 Star Wars Bikes in the Galaxy (and 2 Star Trek Spies)

Cyclists from around the world love Star Wars so much that they have build some fantastic spaceship bikes. Here are the 10 best Star Wars spaceship bikes.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a planet called Earth. On this planet full of water and green prickly things, there was a very strange race of creatures indeed, called people. They were rather primitive at first but soon began to develop.

They dreamed of flying among the stars. Then there came a group of people, headed by two humans with weird names, named Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Together, they created a saga of movies so epic, so legendary, that they redefined the entire world as it was known.

This six-movie saga was known as Star Wars, and it was deemed one of the most historic and popular science fiction movies in the galaxy. Far away, green people on Mars were probably watching it too, and realizing just how amazing the universe was. It was THAT good.

Star-Wars Themed Bikes 

It was so good that it gave rise to people creating BICYCLES with a Star Wars theme. For example, here are ten amazing Star Wars-themed bikes!

Star Wars bikes
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The Star Wars saga gave rise to one of the biggest fan-created universes in the world. Never before had there been fan fiction of this magnitude. The fans of the movies had so many original ideas and stories about the galaxy and the reality that the Star Wars movies had created that it was almost real.

In fact, it was so hugely popular, that the creators of the movies decided to add a 7th installment to the series, with a new trilogy also scheduled to be created. This new movie would add some of the characters from the fan-made universe. A move like this had no precedent before this, and it was making history.

In celebration of this, and as a tribute to the epic movie saga, there is a lot of merchandise made for Star Wars floating around this sector of the Milky Way. Both fan-made and official merchandise are extremely popular in the world today, and it is a wonder indeed that everyone isn’t going as Kylo Ren for Halloween this week.

Cyclists are actually no different from the rest of the fans of Star Wars. We have constantly come up with new ways to personalize our bikes. We have proved this time and time again, especially with our innovative Halloween costumes.

When it comes to Star Wars, a large number of people have created bikes as tribute to the epic movies. Some of these are absolutely gorgeous. In fact, there are even events to showcase the talent behind these bikes.

Some epic examples of these bikes include:

22 foot Star Destroyer
This lumbering monstrosity of the Galactic Empire is one of the most imposing and scary vehicles in the movies. Nothing can stand against the Star Destroyer, and it effortlessly blasts its way through space stations and other Rebel ships.

This costume is a 22-foot version of the dreaded ship. You will obviously need more than one person to ride with the costume on top. It is best done with separate bikes ridden in formation. It made its appearance at a Star Wars vs. Star Trek event in Portland, Oregon.

AT-AT Bike
The AT-AT is a very well-known part of the Star Wars movies. It made its most prominent appearance on the frozen moon of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back and again in Endor during the battle for the shield generator. This massive four-legged mechanical monster is a cause for fear for Rebel forces.

It also made an appearance at the Star Wars vs. Star Trek event in Portland, Oregon. Ridden by 2 people, it isn’t nearly as clumsy as it is in the movies, where it could easily be tripped up by tying its legs together. Thankfully the creators decided to leave out the laser blasters.

Boba Fett Bike
This is one of the more innovative bikes out there. It makes use of a bike with a bike trailer attached to it. We all know of the bounty hunter Boba Fett. The only natural son of the Father of Clones, Jango Fett, he is one of the most lethal people in the entire galaxy.

He is also famous for being the person who brought the carbon-frozen Han Solo back to the thug Jabba the Hutt. Well, this concept bike totally captures this moment, with Boba Fett riding the bike with the frozen statue of Han in the bike trailer. This definitely will require a lot of work.

Tie Fighter Bike
Ah, the dreaded mosquito planes of the Galactic Empire. While lacking in firepower, these nifty, quick little spaceships rely on the power of sheer numbers to overwhelm the enemy. They are small and are most distinctive because of the huge hexagonal solar panels on the sides.

This bike, featured in the Red Bull Soapbox race in Cincinnati, Ohio, was the ultimate Imperial fighter pilot’s dream. It used the TIE fighter wings on the sides of the handlebars to give a true Star Wars experience to the rider.

Tandem X-Wing
Finally, a product of the Rebel Alliance! The X-wing is the most popular fighter ship in the Rebel arsenal. It is much larger than the Imperial TIE fighter and has a greater range as well. It packs a lot of firepower, with four ion cannons on the wings, and S-foils that lock into an X shape for attack.

It can also handle 2 proton torpedos. The large size of the X wing means that a scale-sized costume it would need more than one rider. This is why the tandem X wing is such a hit for Halloween. Together with family or friends, a tandem bike is outfitted as the X wing, with the rider in the back dressed as an astromech droid for added realistic features.

X-Wing Bike
This is a single-rider variation of the standard X-Wing bike. It doesn’t feature an astromech droid, and the S-foils are in flight mode, not in the X-attack position. This is a bike made for speed, and showed this at a Cyclocross race recently as well.
X-Wing Bike
Another single rider variation, this was created by Sculpture Guy for the TechShop Anniversary special. It doesn’t have an R2 droid on the back, but it does have the S-Foils locked into the iconic “attack” position, really showing off why the ship got its name.
X-Wing Trailer
This is for the X Wing experience from behind instead of the side. The body of the X Wing is fitted over a bike trailer. Where this idea came from, no one knows, but it is definitely one of the coolest out there. Put your kid in the back with an R2-D2 costume and you are sorted this Halloween!

There are 2 more Star Wars bikes too, but you can see those in the infographic because they are caught up right now in an epic intergalactic and interdimensional battle! 2 spies from the Star Trek universe have been discovered in this one, and they need to be dealt with. BaR2D2 and the X-34 Landspeeder have been dispatched to go destroy them before they do any harm!

Beep-boop! Beep-boop! The exciting whistle that only R2-D2 himself can do perfectly resounds through the air as this epic bike costume comes in from hyperspace. This was featured at the Chewbacchus event in New Orleans recently and is definitely one of the coolest out there. It is, of course, light years ahead of anything that the Empire could ever hope to cook up.

BaR2D2 is on a mission right now, to find the alleged spies from the Star Trek Universe and to bring them to justice! Say goodbye to this droid bike from the Krewe of Chewbacchus, until it makes its triumphant return.

X-34 Landspeeder
Feel that breeze on your skin? There is nothing like zooming through the canyons of Tatooine on your epic new X-34 Landspeeder. It is definitely one of the fastest speeders ever made, even though the Jawas at Mos Eisley seem to prefer the X-35 instead (oh ye of little taste).

As long as there are Banthas to chase, though, your kid can keep rocketing on (this wonderful costume is intended to be a birthday gift).

Enterprise Bike
Tally-HO! The first of the dreaded spies from the alternate dimension of Star Trek has appeared! He appears to have been using the USS Enterprise to get here in record time. Our sources caught him sneaking somewhere off Coruscant, just waiting to meet with the scum that is the Trade Federation and talk to them about a weapons deal.

This single-person bicycle is perfect for someone who wants to crash a Star Wars cosplay party, and probably get pelted with tomatoes to boot. They are aiming to go where no man dressed as a Star Trek character has gone before, after all.

Soapbox Enterprise
The Enterprise has been spotted again, but it isn’t what it seems to be. This cool version of the single-person bike costume is definitely going to enter the Hall of Fame.

With the bridge raised as in the movies, and the ion engines working at full blast, this sneaky little Hutt went on to win the Red Bull Soapbox Race in London, UK, while being ridden by that trekkie scum, Rob Wixey.

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