Kids Bikes

Electric Bikes For Kids & Teens

Best Electric Bikes For Kids and Teens: Reviews and Buying Guide (2023)

Everyone is having the time of their lives with electric bikes, and why shouldn’t they? Electric bikes have been making our lives easier and providing new ways of exploration. Since all the adults are getting the best out of electric bikes, why shouldn’t kids and teens have a go at them? Yes, you heard that

Best 3 Wheel Scooters For Kids

Best 3 Wheeled Scooters For Kids- A Comprehensive Guide

Kids no matter what age will always love having fun, it is up to us to provide them with the necessary toys and accessories so that they can enjoy themselves. What’s the first thing that you think when the word scooter comes to mind? They can be 3-wheeled or even 2-wheeled, what matters is that

Kids trailer bike

How To Find The Best Kids Trailer Bike For Your Child

To find the best kids’ trailer bike for your child, you’ll need to consider the Frame Material. A trailer made of high-tensile strength steel is stronger and can easily flex the weight that it is holding because they have a better weight capacity. Try to find a  Multipurpose Trailer Bike because they are always a

Family with bike trailer and kids

Why A Baby Bike Trailer Might Not Be The Best Choice

You probably have your eyes on a baby bike trailer. For those of you who don’t know what it is, this is exactly what it sounds like, a trailer behind your bike that you can put your baby in. This seems like the perfect solution to all your baby’s problems. But is it really the

Best Bikes For 4 Years Old

Best Bikes For 4 Years Old- Review and Buying Guide 2023

Childhood is an amazing time, with a lot of fun memories and experiences. Being a parent has a lot of perks, there will be a lot of adventures so best be ready for them. A really good example of these adventures would be teaching your children how to ride a bike, as we were taught

Best Bmx Bikes For Kids

Best BMX Bikes For Kids – Review and Buying Guide 2023

When kids graduate from balance bikes, parents often think about what would be the next step, what would be the next step that their kids will take so that their skills may be enhanced. The answer is plain and simple: BMX Bikes! These bikes are the next big upgrade for kids after balance bikes and

Best Bike Trailers For Kids

13 Best Bike Trailers For Kids In 2023

Bike Trailers for kids are necessary to have, these devices let you carry your children along with you on bike rides. Just attach them to your bikes and you would be pulling the kids along like a chariot. Being a bike enthusiast certainly isn’t easy when you have a family too, keeping them out of

Balance Bikes For Kids All Ages

Best Balance Bikes For Kids and Toddlers (Updated 2023)

Balance Bikes are extremely fun for kids, once your child gets their hand on them there is definitely no going back. As you might have seen, balance bikes are like your normal bikes, except they are for kids and are pedal-less. In order to ride them, kids use their own set of legs, which is

24 Inch Kids Bikes

Best 24-Inch Bikes for Your Kids (in 2023): Unleash The Joy Of Riding

Your kids deserve all the best they can get, including the best bike for their relaxation and personal adventure. You’ll agree with me that your kids shouldn’t be given a bike that might cause them problems or bring discomfort to them in the end. Usually, 24-inch bikes are for kids within the age range of

Woom Bikes

Best Woom Bikes Review and Ranked (Updated 2023)

It is not easy being a parent, having kids, and having to care for them and their routines can be a bit challenging at times. Being a parent, you have to make sure that your child performs well at every front of life, may it be studies, sports, or even social life. One of the

Kids Bike Size Guide

Kids Bike Size Chart: The Definitive Guide to Kids Bike Sizing + Infographic

Are you looking for the most accurate kids bike size chart available on the Internet (used by bike professionals around the world?) Then look no further, because this is the ultimate guide for you that wants to buy a (perfect) bike for your kid. 🚲 As any mother or father can testify, children don’t stay the same

Walmart supermarket

17 Reasons Why Walmart Bikes Are Only for Kids

Are Walmart bikes really only for kids? Indeed, they can’t all be that bad, right? The answer is Yes. Walmart Bikes have Lower Quality, making them more suitable for only Casual Riding. This limits their Terrain Variety and moreover, Walmart has a One-Size-Fit-All approach, which isn’t very helpful in my experience. The bike is only as

Learning to bike

Tricycle or Balance Bike – What Does Your Toddler Need?

A parent’s life is filled with countless moments, these memories are then treasured and cherished forever. One of these moments is when your toddler learns to walk or when they pedal for the first time. Being a parent, you have to master the craft of patience, you just cannot survive without it. Many parents out

Bobs bikes for needy kids

How Bobs Bikes For Needy Kids Are Giving Away Free Bicycles

Robert Crane runs Bobs bikes for needy kids. When I first heard about Robert, I was really touched because Robert’s life’s mission is to provide free bikes to needy children – and although he gets most of the bikes donated, he is also financing a lot of the expenses out of his own pocket. If

Children in a bike trailer

The Truth About Bike Trailers for Kids and Babies

Children. You want to take them with you wherever you go. As much as you love them, and as much as you wouldn’t change them for anything else in the world, the advent of children coming into your life can seem to jam the metaphorical chain of your biking world; for years it sometimes seems.