Best Balance Bikes For Kids and Toddlers (Updated 2024)

In this guide we will be discussing and reviewing some of the best balance bikes available for kids. I will also share the necessary information that you need to know about balance bikes and to make the perfect purchase.
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Balance Bikes are extremely fun for kids, once your child gets their hand on them there is no going back. As you might have seen, balance bikes are like your normal bikes, except they are for kids and are pedal-less. To ride them, kids use their own set of legs, which is cool and fun at the same time.

Balance Bikes are best recommended for toddlers (Aged 2 and Up), they are fun and educational at the same point. With these bikes, your kids will have immense fun and learn to be independent at a young age, which is the goal.

If you are looking for the best balance bikes for your kids, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will be discussing some of the amazing balance bikes you can get. There will also be tons of other information to share here. Stay Tuned!

Before I get started, it is very critical to know that these balance bikes are not universal. One size will not fit all of the kids, which is why each different age group will require a different balance bike.

Best Balance Kids Bikes Review

Here are the top balance bikes that we will be reviewing in this guide. Our picks will be further categorized into age groups to make your choice easier and our list precise.

Best Feature  Bike Price ($)
Best Overall Woom 1 200
Best Adjustability  Strider Sport 110
Best Handling  Prevelo Alpha Zero 200
Best Components  Woom 1 Plus 270
Best Comfort  Frog Tadpole 215
Best Frame Swagtron K3 60
Best Weather Protection 

FirstBIKE Street

Best Color Combinations Kokua LikeaBike Jumper 350
Best Durability  Haro PreWheelz 12 Gen 3 100
Best Weight  Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike 150
Best Saddle  Specialized- Hotwalk Carbon 999
Best Safety Options  FirstBIKE- Cross 250
Best Aesthetics  Yedoo- TooToo 199.99
Best Flexibility  Yuba Flip Flop 120
Best Design  Strider 14x 149.99

Note: All prices mentioned are subject to change.

It’s time to say goodbye to the training wheels and plastic tires. Let’s start!

Best Balance Bikes For Toddlers

1. Woom 1 – Editor’s Choice 

Suitable For: 18 Months Till 2 Years


Woom Bike 1
Woom Bike 1

The Woom 1 Balance Bike is the true meaning of perfection if I would say. The features, the durability, the performance, everything is top-notch and my kids never had fun enjoying themselves more with any other bike.

The bike is a really good starting point for our toddlers, they would be having lots of fun with it. The most liked features of the bike among users are the handlebars. I find them amazing and give off a natural feeling. Moreover, it is built with an extremely lightweight frame and has extra-cushioned air tires to make the rides more enjoyable as compared to other balance bikes. 

Kids will love the Woom 1, all the features of the bike are there to make the kids fall in love with it while also being extra comfortable. My kid also loves the handlebar because it makes her feel very natural and comfortable. While she rides it she is always in an upright position. Believe me, this greatly enhances her handling skills. The Guardian balance bike comes close to this but Woom has taken the win today!

The combination of the lightweight frame and extra-cushioned air tires will make the kids into pros in no time. Oh yes, you will be excited to know that the Woom 1 can be purchased in a variety of exciting colors. All of these qualities make this the best balance bike on this list. 


  • The bike is constructed with amazing and high-quality components
  • You would be amazed to know that this is the lightest balance bike on the market
  • Accessibility is made easy like never before, kids can get on and off without any kind of assistance
  • The cushioned air tires add more support


  • Might be a little expensive for some people
  • There are no adjustable seats on the bike
Editor's Choice: Woom has always made amazing bikes, they are the maestro of perfection when it comes to that. The Woom 1 is the epitome of perfection and gives maximum enjoyment to my kid. I love it because of its high-end components and features, everything is bundled with extra love and care. Do try it out!

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2. Strider Sport 

Suitable For: 18 Months Till 2 Years

Strider Balance Bike
Strider Balance Bike

Strider bikes are known for their durable and enhanced bikes, the fact that they are making balance bikes means they are excelling at that. The Strider Sport is constructed with an amazing frame that makes the bike excel in so many areas, it is just right behind the Woom 1 but of course, the Woom 1 is a little bit better in performance. 

It has an adjustable seat post, which is the favorite feature among many users. It ensures that the kid is comfortable while riding. This makes it suitable for kids of different heights. The handlebars are also adjustable and it is available in amazing colors that hype the kids. 

The Strider Sport is a dependable balance bike that will not let you down. Kids will have lots of fun with it and it is also cheap.


  • The bike is super adjustable- it can be used for a very long time
  • Foam tires that you won’t have to worry about, offer the best handling
  • It is very light, and riding it is extremely fun
  • The adjustable handlebars are a great help


  • Can be harmful sometimes because of the exposed bolts on the bike
  • Should not be used on trails as the foam tires would provide minimal traction
Why I Like It: Honestly, I love Strider Sport for its price tag and features. The features come together and provide amazing performance that few bikes can offer. The adjustable seat and handlebar were a big plus for me and my niece. Loved it!

3. Prevelo Alpha Zero 

Suitable For: 18 Months Till 2 Years

Alpha Zero
Alpha Zero

The Prevelo Alpha Zero is a must-have for kids and parents alike. Kids would love it for the amazing features and performance while the parents would love it for the design of the bike and how cute their kids will look while riding it.

This is a balance bike that goes way beyond the call of duty, not all of them have a quick-release seat post. The handlebars and tires are amazing, I didn’t think that the Prevelo Alpha Zero would be packed like this. This here is a bike that will surprise you due to its amazing performance.

The inclusion of high-quality components makes the purchase even more interesting. It has a hand brake that is good for kids who are just learning to control the bike. What I love the most about this bike is the quick-release seat post. It is a big help.


  • The bike is very safe, thanks to the rounded bolts, which eliminate the chance of injuries
  • The cushioned air tires offer amazing handling
  • The bike has a long wheelbase, which makes it safe to use on trails
  • The seat height is just perfect
  • This bike is packed with high-end components like the Kenda tires


  • Prevelo Alpha Zero still might be expensive to some people
  • The seat height might not be perfect for everyone
Why I Like It: I love the Prevelo Alpha because of its amazing performance. My kid used to ride on it until he outgrew this one. He was the talk of the whole neighborhood while he was using this bike.

4. Woom 1 Plus 

Suitable For: Until 4 YearsWoom 1plus

Woom 1plusThe Woom 1 Plus is everything that the Woom 1 is and isn’t, that is what I wrote in the description, allow me to explain that now. Woom 1 Plus is a great upgrade over the normal Woom 1 because I wanted some features on the normal model that the Plus model fulfilled. Let me tell you, when my kids started using it, I was impressed!

This bike comes packed with high-end and advanced features so it is definitely for the kids that have passed the toddler phase, that doesn’t mean that toddlers can’t enjoy it, with some supervision of course. It’s available in different and vibrant colors. The front and rear brakes are awesome, with great stopping power. The footrest is great support for kids.

The features are what make the Woom 1 Plus amazing, after all, we want our kids to have the best. Children get excited trying out bikes, especially the balance kind, but it also wears them out. The inclusion of the footrest will allow them to glide for longer hours while being comfortable.

For toddlers, the footrest which is a surfer shape can be removed. This is a great feature as well. I would recommend getting this balance bike for your young and enthusiastic riders, they are going to love it.


  • High-end components
  • The addition of the footrest
  • Extremely comfortable bike 
  • It is very durable


  • It is expensive
  • Toddlers may not be able to use it

Why I Like It: I was amazed by the original Woom 1 balance bike, but I wanted it to do more. This is exactly what the Woom 1 Plus does, everything the Woom 1 did but better. My enthusiastic and growing kids loved the speed and comfort of this bike.

Balance Bikes For 2-3 Years Old Toddlers 

5. Frog Tadpole

Suitable For: 2-3 Years Old


Frog Tadpole
Frog Tadpole

The Frog Tadpole is everything that the name gives away, your kid will be excited to leap as a cute little froggy, I mean this in a very good way though. The tadpole bike is a mixture of many exciting features, colors, and heightened durability. It offers amazing stability because of the long wheelbase, the Kenda tires and Tektra brakes are much appreciated.

Please understand that this is one of the most aggressive bikes to handle, so only get them if your kid is enthusiastic and ready. I love that the manufacturers have used high-end components like the Tektra brakes and Kenda tires and still maintained an amazing design. 

The Frog Tadpole is a perfect balance bike for our young riders, someday they may be able to ride aggressively with the help of this one. If you want a fun learning experience for your kids where they can also enhance their skills I would suggest getting the Frog Tadpole bike.


  • The bike is available in amazing colors
  • It offers extreme comfort thanks to the padded saddle available on the bike
  • The padded saddle is also customizable and can be adjusted back and forth 
  • High-end components like the Tektra handbrakes
  • Is amazingly durable


  • The seat height could have been better
  • Expensive for some
Why I Like It: The Frog Tadpole is one of the most accessible and flexible balance bikes out there, the mixture of high-end components is amazing. Honestly, my kids were excited enough to hear the word 'Froggy' and then jumped on the bike.

6. Swagtron K3 

Suitable For: 2-3 Years Old

Swagtron Childrens-Balance-Bikes K3
Swagtron Childrens-Balance-Bikes K3

Don’t be mistaken for the price tag, the Swagtron K3 is one of the amazing balance bikes out there. It may be a budget bike, but it is more balanced and durable than the other options in the market, and this surprised me. Although this is a great bike, it cannot be used for years and must eventually be replaced. I believe that’s probably the biggest drawback.

It has a lightweight aluminum frame. This budget-balance bike is for those who want a higher-quality bike without breaking the bank. The kids are going to love the aesthetics and feel of the bike without a doubt. 


  • Offers great value for the price
  • Constructed with amazing components
  • It has a beautiful aluminum frame 
  • The air tires offer amazing handling


  • You will need to manually adjust the seat sometimes and that can be a drag
  • Not that durable, will have to be changed
Why I Like It: Honestly, I was amazed to see a high-quality bike at a very cheap price. The components and performance of the bike do it justice, my nephew loved it, and I'm sure yours will too. Although keep in mind that this bike cannot be used for years and will have to be changed eventually.

7. FirstBIKE Street

Suitable For: 2-3 Years Old

Firstbike Street Balance Bike
Firstbike Street Balance Bike

Entertainment isn’t always the priority, sometimes you have to focus on safety too. FirstBIKE Street was built on the foundation of both fun and safety, not a lot of balance bikes do that now. Its construction is very impressive, it has a smooth composite frame that comes with recessed bolts, so there are no chances of the kids getting injured.

The performance of the bike is top-notch thanks to the air tires and handbrake. It comes packed with a turning limiter. The most amazing thing is that this bike is waterproof. It can even handle the extra weight

You would be amazed to know that FirstBIKE Street is fully water-proof and rust-proof, this means that your kids will be having fun with it all summer. You won’t have to worry about the puddles or any other kind of material damaging the bike. This here is a lightweight balance bike. 

Kids get heavier when they age, that is why we have to change their bikes sometimes. This is not the case with this one, the frame of the bike can adjust the seat so it can withstand the extra weight. You just need to focus on the entertainment side of your kids.

This bike is going to be well worth your money, that’s a promise.


  • The composite frame is amazing, and also weather-proof
  • Kids won’t fall off the bike because of the U-shaped saddle
  • Cushioned air tires are amazing
  • Child-friendly handbrakes
  • It is extremely light-weight, maximizes handling


  • It is a double-edged sword, the U-Shaped seat is great but can also be difficult to get on for some kids
  • The structure of the bike is not meant for tall and heavy kids
Why I Like It: This is one of the few bikes that prioritizes safety too alongside fun, I love this feature. The manufacturers have taken the liberty to produce one amazing bike, that excels in features and performance. My kids are freaks for summertime fun, as this bike is water and rust-proof, they had lots of fun with it, without me worrying.

8. Kokua LikeaBike Jumper 

Suitable For: 2-3 Years Old


Kokua Likeabike Jumper
Kokua Likeabike Jumper

Kokua Bikes were one of the first companies to make mountain bikes, the fact that they are making amazing balance bikes is very commendable. Just looking at this bike will take you down memory lane, I used to have an amazing mountain bike like that in the 1990s.

The features and performance of this bike are amazing, I am sure that the kids are going to love it. It has a fun and nostalgic design with an elastomer-based rear suspension

The Kokua Jumper is one hell of a bike, even before purchasing it for the kids, I knew it was going to be well worth the money. The construction of the bike is great, it has a lightweight frame that offers great stability and handling. Tell your kids that you had this bike in your childhood before they did and they will be shocked.

You get this bike, and I guarantee that your kid is going to be the talk of the whole neighborhood. Promise!


  • Amazing construction and components
  • Very durable
  • Is easy and fun to handle
  • Comes in great color combinations


  • Expensive for some people
  • There is no adjustable seat or handlebar
Why I Like It: Just looking at this bike made me fall in love with it, it was like a blast from the past. Kids loved it because I told them I had a similar bike in my childhood, that is not the only reason though. The performance is top-notch and the combination of the materials makes the bike amazing.

9. Haro PreWheelz 12 Gen 3 

Suitable For: 2-3 Years Old


Haro Prewheelz 12 Gen 3
Haro Prewheelz 12 Gen 3

Haro PreWheelz gives me the vibes of a classic mountain bike, you can see that its design even resembles the features and the look, and nothing could be cooler. I knew from the get-go that this was going to be an amazing bike, the performance was so smooth, that I wanted to ride this bike instead of the kids.

The 12-inch wheel construction is amazing and the kids are going to have a blast riding it. It has a 6000 series aluminum frame with an adjustable seat and amazing durability.

This should be another amazing memorable bike for you, and kids will love it. Nostalgia cannot ever go wrong, right? The adjustable seat will let any kid hop on and have the best fun possible. 


  • Enhanced durability
  • Comes in amazing color combinations
  • Can be customized
  • Extremely lightweight, easy to handle, and balance


  • It will have to be replaced after some use
  • Not recommended for young toddlers
Why I Like It: For me, nostalgia plays a very big part. If I had a bike resembling this in my childhood then I would immediately buy it. With the Haro PreWheelz 12 Gen 3, this was exactly the case, it was not surprising that the bike would turn out amazing.

Balance Bikes For Preschoolers

10. Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike 

Suitable For: 3-4 Years Old


Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike
Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

According to statistics and experts on the topic, the Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike is one of the best ones out there. I would say that the most attractive thing about the bike is its construction and components, the way it is built just results in awe of the perfection.

The bike is very durable and will resist every kind of abuse you throw at it. It has an amazing construction along with mini-grip pedals and a footrest.

This bike is best for both the starting phase and the exploration phase, so consider it the jack of all trades. It can even be used on trails, thanks to the wheelbase. It does not matter if your toddler has cute and tiny hands, the mini-grip pedal will give them the support they need.

The footrest is a great help, it makes the kids ready for the real deal ahead when they grow older, I for one was very grateful for that inclusion. The footrest will be amazing, just wait and watch.


  • Extremely lightweight- offers great handling
  • A well balanced-bike
  • Enhanced durability
  • Can be used for many years


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Not for young toddlers
Why I Like It: The Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike is a jack of all trades, my niece used it and till now she is extremely satisfied. The footrest, the mini pedal, everything is just amazing. I did not expect the bike to be that caring but is just it. This is true value for money over here!

11. Specialized- Hotwalk Carbon 

Suitable For: 3-4 Years Old

Specialized Hotwalk Carbon
Specialized Hotwalk Carbon

Every parent wants a tough and resilient balance bike that offers the best performance you can get for your money. The Specialized Hotwalk Carbon is one of those amazing bikes on the market, it offers perfection, nothing less, nothing more.

I would like to say here that this is a balanced bike best suited for off-road experiences. So, if you want your kid to become the next off-trail champion then I suggest that you get this bike ASAP.

The all-carbon lightweight frame is amazing. The grips have an amazingly small diameter, approximately 38% smaller. Thus it can easily be transported due to the low-friction body geometry. It comes packed with Rhythm Lite tires.

This is a bike that I immediately resonated with, the features from the lightweight frame to the light tires were very impressive and I would be very happy to purchase it for my kid.

Did I forget to say that the bike is super durable? Well, it is! This means that whatever kind of abuse your kid throws at it, the bike will take it like a champ.


  • The Padded Saddle is a wonder
  • The Rhythm tires offer amazing traction, great for off-road trails
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Can easily be stored and transported


  • The extra-large footrest is going to be a problem for smaller kids
  • Very expensive
Why I Like It: The reason I liked the Specialized Hotwalk Carbon bike was the features and performance it offers. You cannot expect it to fail or not offer what it promises. If you have young riders in your home that are very eager to become off-road champions then this bike would be the perfect companion for them.

12. FirstBIKE- Cross 

Suitable For: 3-4 Years Old


FirstBIKE Cross Balance Bike
FirstBIKE Cross Balance Bike

Kids love motorbikes, the sight, and sound thrills them, if only they could have it at that age. Luckily, the FirstBIKE Cross looks and feels like a motorbike, the build and tires are like that. Looks like a motorbike but actually functions as a balance bike, now this is the stuff that dreams are made of.

It is constructed with an amazing weatherproof composite frame and has knobby air tires. The first thing that struck me was the amazing weatherproof-composite frame of the bike, kids are going to have unlimited summertime fun with it. The frame isn’t just for fun purposes, it is also very durable and flexible. Kids are going to love it because the bike seems very light. 

Safety is also a priority when you get this bike, the inclusion of the Knobby tires, turning limiter, and rear hand brake makes things quite easier for kids.


  • Weather-proof frame
  • Amazingly flexible and durable
  • Safety options are amazing


  • Not perfect for heavier kids
  • Adult supervision is required for kids
Why I Like It: The FirstBIKE Cross is a bike that isn't just a bike, it is a motorbike balance bike. Even saying this word will get the kids excited because the resemblance is uncanny. Summertimes are going to be fun, and it is also extremely lightweight.

Balance Bikes For Pre-Kindergarten

13. Yedoo- TooToo 

Suitable For: 4-6 Years Old

Yedoo TooToo Toddler Balance Bike for 2 Year Old
Yedoo TooToo Toddler Balance Bike for 2 Year Old

Some kids are fascinated by motorbikes while some kids love the sight and sound of ambulances. The Yedoo-TooToo balance bike is made in the perfect image of an ambulance and kids are going to love it the moment they see it. While riding it, the kids are going to feel more confident about being doctors in the future and that sounds beautiful to me.

Kids as young as 2 can get started with the Yedoo and that will be amazing, overall you can choose this balance bike in 15 different paint jobs which is just amazing.

This bike isn’t just for the looks, performance and component-wise it is also amazing. The inclusion of the Tektro brakes and Kenda tires is enough proof to show that the manufacturers aren’t messing around.

The bike is so tough that it will be able to withstand a lot of abuse for a lot of time. If you feel like it, you can even pass it along to the family and no one will notice the damages. The Yedoo is also very well-balanced, kids will always be comfy while riding it.


  • Amazing and durable design
  • Attractive Aesthetics
  • High-end components
  • Comes in different paint jobs


  • Parts assemble will be required
  • Can’t be transported easily
Why I Like It: My kids immediately loved the idea of an ambulance-shaped balance bike, I knew that they had to try it. The safety and performance features of the bike are top-notch. The dream of your kids to become a doctor in the future can be advanced in a fun and exciting way with this bike.

14. Yuba Flip Flop

Suitable For: 4-6 Years Old


Yuba Flip Flop Balance Bike
Yuba Flip Flop Balance Bike

I would say that the Yuba Flip Flop might be the eye-catching balance bike out there, with it, the kids are going to be the talk of the neighborhood. I would say that there is no chance for a better alternative for this, you get it and all is set, and the kids are going to love it.

The fun fact about the bike is that it comes with a reversible design, kids aged from 1-6 can enjoy it easily, without needing to replace their bikes.

The Bike offers many smart solutions, and as a parent, you would love them. You can easily switch the seat and paddle of the bike without any problems so that it becomes taller. Oh, did I forget to mention that the bike looks like a giraffe? Well, it does! The kids are going to love it.


  • An attractive design 
  • Flexible structure
  • High-end components
  • Available in different colors


  • Can’t be stored easily
  • The bike becomes heavy at times
Why I Like It: A bike that looks like a cute little giraffe? How can I say no to that? I immediately got good vibes when I first looked at the bike. My kids have been having lots of fun with it, it is safe, can be switched for bigger kids easily. The fact that it comes in more fun colors makes it more attractive.

15. Strider 14x 

Suitable For: 4-6 Years Old

Strider 14x
Strider 14x

Strider needs no introduction for those who know it. For those who don’t know it, they should know that Strider is one of the best bike manufacturers. They have struck gold with the Strider 14x bike, although it is a great balance bike, it can be upgraded to a pedal bike easily.

This is a bike that grows with your kid, when the time comes for them to use pedal bikes, this bike will play the role of powerful nostalgia and become that bike.

It can be modified into a pedal bike and has a durable structure. As I discussed previously, this bike can be modified easily and without any kind of problems. This makes the purchase even more worth it, the chainguard of the bike also does wonders. Get this bike if you have an eager pre-schooler in your house.


  • Amazing design
  • Durable
  • Can be modified 
  • Attractive price tag


  • Not fit for toddlers
  • Cannot be transported easily
Why I Like It: The Strider name is enough for me, I knew this was going to be one amazing bike. Kids get their hearts attached to the things they love, may it be toys or cartoon characters. The Strider 14x is a bike that can be transformed from a balance bike to a deal bike without any kind of problems. This bike grows with your kids and nothing else can be more worth the purchase.

How to Choose Balance Bikes for Kids

Now that we have discussed some of the best balance bikes money can buy for kids, it is high time that we discussed what we need to know before making the purchase. A lot of parents might even be confused about what a balance bike is and how it works so we will also be explaining that.

I was like this at first, having almost no knowledge about this stuff, but do know that this happens to everyone. We cannot know everything. So let us get started with the very basics. This here is a balance bike:

Balance Bikes
Balance Bikes for Kids

1. Always Consider The Tire Size And Its Weight

Tires play a very critical part in balance bikes, so you have to consider them before making the purchase. Tire sizes are available in three different sizes:

  • 12”
  • 14”
  • 16”

Okay so, the most popular and normal size that the bikes come in is the 12” tires, they are for toddlers aged 4. The bigger tires are then suited best for preschoolers. Having this information will help you in making the perfect choice for your kids.

Another thing that you need to worry about is the weight of the bike. The normal weight for these bikes is 10 lbs and that is without pedals. (Make sure that you go for the lightest bikes because kids are going to have to ride these bikes with their weight).

2. What Is The Best Age For Balance Bikes?

This is a question that will be answered individually by parents. One age cannot be the definitive one for all the kids, because all of our kids are unique in their way. I would say that the easiest answer is when they start walking. If they can walk then they can certainly ride the bike.

Every kid will learn to walk and get on a bike at their natural age. My kid started riding on the bike when she was 4, your kid maybe can do it when they are 3. A great help could be getting them a pre-balance bike, this would further nurture their motor and muscle skills.

Important Notice: Do consider the leg inseam of your child, the legs have to be long enough to ride the bike.

Kids Inseam
Kids Inseam


3. Choose The Frame Materials Wisely

Balance bike’s frames are made from a variety of materials, so you can know the advantages of them to make your purchase easier. Following are the materials that the frames are made of:

  • Aluminum- Very durable but heavy
  • Plastic- Lightweight but hard to repair and not that durable 
  • Wood- Lightweight but hard to repair and not that durable 

So the options fall to you, what do you want? However, do know that none of the materials are bad so you avoid them.

4. What Kind Of Tires Would Be Best?

Another important aspect that you have to consider is the kind of tires the bike is going to have. There are two kinds:

  • Foam Tires: They are used in bikes that kids use when they are starting. They are lightweight but don’t offer that much handling or traction.
  • Air Tires: These are for kids who have developed their skills with balance bikes. You can even fill up the pressure in the tires if you are going for adventures on different terrains. The only downside that I would say is that you would have to check the pressure in the tires almost regularly.

5. Brakes Are Necessary Or Not?

Technically, most of the balance bikes won’t have brakes. After all, that is the whole point! Kids stop the bike with their legs. Although, if you are preparing them for pedal bikes then make sure that the balance bike has brakes. Brakes can be found in different and expensive versions of the balance bikes.

I would suggest that you go for a bike with brakes, it would protect kids from injuries.

My Methodology- How I Select The Best Balance Bikes 

As a parent, I understand the struggle of finding a balanced bike that fits within a budget. That’s why I’ve dedicated countless hours to researching and analyzing the balance bikes for kids and teens on the market. I’ve scoured the web for honest reviews and feedback from verified customers, and I’ve even tested some of the top contenders myself, including the editor’s choice.


What Age Is Best For A Balance Bike?

Between 18 months and 2 years is the best time to get a balance bike for a kid. At this time, a child is physically ready to get started with a balance bike. 

Are Balance Bikes Good Or Bad?

Balance bikes are good because they let the child slowly adapt to riding like an adult. They can take their time to get used to the rough terrains until they transit onto an adult bike. 


Balance Bikes are very important for kids, not just for entertainment but also for their educational purposes. Kids learn from what they interact with the most, and they will be putting up a lot of time with these bikes. It falls to us to make the best choice for them. 

The best bikes in my own opinion are, according to age group:

  • Woom 1- Till 2 Years
  • FirstBIKE Street- Till 3 Years
  • Specialized Hot Walk Carbon- Till 4 Years
  • Strider 14x- Till 6 Years

Do consider the aspects when choosing the perfect balance bikes for your kids. Remember, it’s always better to try a bike first at your local bike shop. Everything else is set then! Let’s have fun with our kids now!

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