Extend E-Bike Battery Life

How To Extend The Life of E-Bike Battery: Tested Tips

It’s true that the users of Electric Bikes also get to enjoy many benefits, including superior maneuverability, no parking fee, reduced carbon footprint, and much more. All of these advantages are just the tip of the iceberg.  Technological advancement has also made electric bikes more adaptable than ever before. They can be used anywhere, from

Hardtail Vs Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Hardtail Vs Full Suspension- What’s A Better Option?

When you are into mountain biking, there is this constant question that lingers in your mind: Is it better to get a hardtail or a full-suspension mountain bike? Well, to be honest with you, both of them have their perks. Yes, I hear you. It can be hard to decide on a certain kind of

Happy Couple Enjoying Bike Riding

The Psychology Of Cycling: Major Mental Health Benefits Of Cycling

Life has become a relentless race now, but cycling allows for the simple pleasure that can sweep us off the daily hurdles. Cycling is more than a sport, it has always been more than that, some have realized it sooner than others but this is the kind of sport that can change our lives for

Girl Standing At Bike Sharing Stand

10 Common Bicycle Sharing Problems And Their Solutions

Bike-sharing systems have gained popularity in recent years, popping up in places all around the globe. More and more individuals are choosing to take advantage of shared bicycles for their daily commutes or for fun rides around town because of the potential benefits to public health and decreased traffic congestion. Yet, as these services continue

How Cycling Creates Jobs

How Cycling Is Creating Jobs For The Future!

Apart from being an effective means of transportation, cycling is also creating amazing jobs and is shaping the economy for the better. Take a look at this study, the Political Economy Research Institute has stated that building bike infrastructures is actually going to make more jobs as compared to auto-based infrastructure. What does the research

Bicycle Laws

The Safety Impacts of Bicycle Laws

You didn’t think there were no laws for bicycle riders, did you? Studies have found that bicycle laws, such as the use of bicycle helmets, are safer. These laws are approved to accommodate cyclists. But what are these laws? Good question.  How about I guide you through them? And then we can observe the impact

Titanium vs Carbon Fiber

Titanium vs Carbon Fiber Bikes: Choosing The Better Option!

Should you go with a titanium bike or a carbon fiber bike? Well, that’s a good one! Both of them have their pros and cons and the right answer to this question depends on your choice. When we talk about titanium or a carbon fiber bike, we are referring to the frame of the bike. 

Trek vs. Giant Bikes

Giant vs. Trek Bikes: Which is The Best Option?

Giant and Trek bikes have both been in the game for a long time. Although the Trek bike brand has grown more rapidly, there is no denying the high quality that Giant bikes provide. Since both of these bike manufacturers are close competitors, it becomes really difficult to settle for one. I mean, we would

Safest States For Cyclist

The Safest States for Cyclists in United States

As cycling becomes an increasingly popular mode of transportation, safety concerns remain a significant issue for cyclists. However, not all states in the United States are created equal when it comes to safety for those who choose to travel on two wheels. A recent study conducted by our team has revealed the safest states for

Future of Cycling

Bike Of The Future: What is The Future of Cycling?

Do you remember watching the Jetsons when you were little? They showed a fantastic future, with robotic maids, flying cars and so much more. How do you envision the future of bicycles? I mean, we already have amazing electric bikes, but have you ever wondered what’s next? What Are The New Trends In The Bicycle

Environmental Benefits of Cycling

9 Environmental Benefits of Cycling

Did you know that there are 880 thousand bikes in Amsterdam which are owned by almost 811 thousand people? There are more bikes than people in Amsterdam. Amazing isn’t it? Why am I telling you this? Good question! Well, do you know that studies have shown that Amsterdam has a better AQI (air quality index)

Cities Bicycles Outnumber Cars

Cities Where Bicycles Outnumber Cars!

The fact that there are more bikes than vehicles in Amsterdam makes it one of the most famous cities in the world and no doubt the most interesting one too. This historic city has long embraced a way of life that is more eco-friendly, wholesome, and effective.Amsterdam’s bike culture is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced

Weirdest Bikes

The Weirdest Bikes To Ever Exist- Strange Bikes From Beyond

Bikes are great in all shapes and sizes and we just cannot live without them! Riding a fixie bike is great, but trying out a pedal-powered Lamborghini is even better that is why we will be discussing some of the weirdest bikes that have been designed. Unusual bikes exist all around us, while many of

Best Folding Mountain Bikes

5 Best Folding Mountain Bikes – Review and Buying Guide

Mountain bikes are the largest bicycles in size as compared to road, hybrid, and other types of bicycles. This is because of their large wheel sizes. If you look at it, mountain bikes do also have larger built. Their handlebars are wider and they typically have a taller frame.  Now imagine storing this type of

Best Cycling Gloves

The Best Cycling Gloves Review and Buying Guide 2024

A perfect cycling kit is incomplete without gloves, don’t you agree? Cycling gloves protect and comfort the rider’s hands especially if there is a crash. Most cycling gloves also enhance the grip of the rider and give protection in cold weather. Cycling gloves are available in different shapes and sizes, you can either go for

Bonking On A Bike Ride

Bonking On The Bike- Explaining Different Cycling Limiters

Who would have thought that even cycling has limiters? What are cycling limiters you ask? Well, the most common limiters are muscular endurance, neuromuscular/speed, and aerobic/endurance. These limiters are fueled by conditions like cramping, or just fatigue, and even bonking. Bonking is extreme fatigue which happens because your body gets depleted of the needed glycogen

Best Cyclists Ever

10 Best Cyclists In History That You Should Know Of!

Do you know about cycling legends? They are the champions of cycling, having conquered different challenges like Tour De France, Grand Tours, World Championship, and more. They have built a whole legacy. Yes, you are right. It does include names like Wout Van Aert, Tadej Pogacar, and more.  But we have to travel a little

Aaland flag

Biking the Iceroad to the Åland islands

Editors note: The Åland Islands group consists of nearly three hundred inhabitable islands, of which about eighty are inhabited, the remainder being desolate rocks. These islands form a continuation of Åbo skärgård (in Finnish, Turunmaan saaristo), the archipelago adjacent to the southeast coast of Finland. More info about the Åland Islands. Visibility   There were

Arrowhead walk bike trails

Arrowhead 135 Bike Race Report

“Hello, this is Richard Chin. I’m calling from…” ” Oh great, another telephone survey. It was Saturday morning and I was packing for an adventure. A telephone survey was not going to happen. I was about to hang up when he said “…ththe Pioneer Free Press in St Paul. I’m a reporter covering the Arrowhead

Sunrise in the mountains

Alaskan Trails – A Bike Racing Report from Alaska

Before we get practical a little of the magic. Cruising through a white landscape while the sunlight makes the snow sparkle like millions of microscopic paparazzi popping off as you glide by. The light provided by a low sun making a fine layer of powder snow rising off your front tire glowingly reveal hypnotic changes

Mountains in Alaska

Iditasport Impossible – Completing the Circle of Ice Racing

Legendary among racers and largely unknown elsewhere, the Iditasport Impossible is a human-powered winter journey tracing Alaska’s historic Iditarod Trail. It’s more of an expedition than a race; we navigate unmarked dogsled and snowmachine routes 1,100 miles from Knik to Nome, and support is limited to boxes of food and clothing sent to checkpoints prior

Snow trees

Iditasport Extreme 98 – How It Really Was to Participate

In March of 1998 I completed the Iditasport Extreme, an on-snow race which followed the Iditarod trail for about 350 miles, beginning at the roadhouse on Knik Lake and finishing in the village of McGrath, in interior Alaska. In the months prior to the race I drew on all of my wilderness and endurance racing

Mountains in Austria

Austrian Ice – A Mountain Bike Report from Austria

I am a long time Mountainbike Journalist from Austria. My friends and me have formed a progressive Mountainbike Freeride group years ago, Headquarters in Innsbruck, Tyrol/Austria. The Group is called the “VertRiders”. There’s also a web project which is planned to be updated in January. Believe me, the “Verts” are totally addicted to winter riding.

Alaska forest, winter

Winter Confessions from the Iditasport Extreme Bike Race

I have a very bad tendency to seek tough mountain bike events. The events where you compete against yourself, where finishing is an accomplishment. The ones that make your parents wake up at night in a cold sweat. It all started in 1994 when I registered our team of five for the 24 Hours of