How To Extend The Life of E-Bike Battery: Tested Tips

The real magic behind electric bikes is the battery, a powerful and long-lasting battery will allow you to have longer adventures. Your Electric Bike's Battery needs to be in top shape always, and I will show you how!

It’s true that the users of Electric Bikes also get to enjoy many benefits, including superior maneuverability, no parking fee, reduced carbon footprint, and much more. All of these advantages are just the tip of the iceberg.  Technological advancement has also made electric bikes more adaptable than ever before. They can be used anywhere, from urban roads to nature trails for off-road adventures. The barrier between different experiences has been reduced drastically by electric bikes.

But there is one concern that comes with these bikes. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. I am talking about the life of the e-bike batteries. The average life of an e-bike battery is 3 to 5 years. But you know what? You can increase this life span up to 8 years! How? Well, you’ll have to read on to find that.

Tips for Improving The Electric Bike Battery

From the experts here at ICEBike, here are some tried and tested methods you can use to improve the electric bike battery.

1. Plan The Charging Schedule Properly 

Just like any other electrical device, you have to be very careful while charging it. We don’t have the laptop plugged in with the charger all the time and the same applies to our electric bikes. 

Whenever you complete a ride and come back home, you must let the bike rest first. The cells need to shift from a state of discharge to a state of charge. Make sure that your battery has cooled down properly before you charge. Charging a heated battery can have serious repercussions.

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2. Refrain From Quick Discharging 

When you put your electric bike battery on charge, make sure that it remains on charge. Delaying full battery charge because you plan on going out again will only lead to battery degradation. Plug the battery in and then wait for a while, the results will be worth it!

4. Never Charge The Battery To 100%

Charging the bike’s battery to 100% is going to have a lot of benefits, right?! Well, the answer is no, you should never charge your bike’s battery to full. Always try to use the 80/20 rule, make sure that the battery is charged to 80% of capacity, and then leave at least 20% battery when done with cycling. This will make sure that your battery is in optimal state and is being used properly.

Plan your trips accordingly, you can even use a smart charger to sync with your e-bike battery management. Another important piece of advice: Never leave your bike to charge all night and all day, it will only harm the battery!

Ebike Plugged in Charging
Ebike Plugged in Charging

5. Never Fully Drain The Battery 

Refrain from fully discharging your bike’s battery often, doing so will only degrade it further. Fully discharging lithium-ion batteries can be catastrophic. These batteries are devoid of memory, and because of that, they can be charged whenever needed.

You should always go for shallow discharged and slow charges and plan your trips accordingly. You can discharge the battery fully occasionally but refrain from doing it often.

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6. Store Them Properly

During the winter months, we barely use our electric bikes so we store them, this is wrong and shouldn’t be done. Lithium-ion batteries and deep discharges don’t go hand-in-hand. Charge the batteries at 80% capacity and then store them in a cool and dry place. This will preserve the batteries properly until your next ride.

If you can, charge the batteries to 80% after every 90 days. Whenever you plan on recharging the bike battery, make sure to bring it to room temperature first, a heated battery before charging could become very dangerous.

7. Refrain From Fast Charging 

Fast charging will never be the perfect solution for users, especially those who can’t wait to go for rides. This is why we urge users to refrain from regular high-voltage DC charging. How does DC charging work precisely?

DC Fast Charging provides DC power directly to the battery. It bypasses the battery’s conversion limiters that have been put into place and the onboard charger. This procedure increases the charging speed, while it is okay to use this method occasionally, especially for emergency needs, users should refrain from charging batteries like this frequently.

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8. Maintain Your Electric Bike Regularly 

Maintenance and proper care are the answer to everything, especially when it comes to electric bikes. You might have noticed this too, most electric bikes are built to ride in the rain but this should not be done frequently. Whenever your bike’s battery comes in contact with water, you should dry and clean it immediately.

This will protect the battery against corrosion and oxidation. These batteries are very expensive and it can become problematic to replace them. 

Tips For Improving Bike Battery

9. Protect The Battery From Extreme Temperatures 

Your electric bike battery is built to adapt to any kind of weather situation and temperature. This means that you can use these bikes throughout the year without any kind of problems, but this does not mean that you shouldn’t exercise caution.

If you plan on storing your bikes, in the case of traveling or some other reason, make sure that you store them in a cool and dry place. They should be protected from all kinds of extreme temperatures. Whenever the battery cells warm up, their electrical resistance decreases. 

All the lithium batteries that are exposed to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight will deplete more quickly than usual and will require charging frequently. Colder temperatures are also bad for the bike’s battery. Your bike will perform better and take you further on warm days rather than on hot or cold days.

10 Electric Bikes Should Always Be Fitted With The Right Tires

Rolling resistance is very important for electric bikes, and it is critical for electric mountain bikes. The right tires will make the biggest changes in your riding experience and will even optimize the bike’s battery life.

Here are some of the aspects that affect rolling resistance:

  • Tire Pressure
  • Compound 
  • Tread Pattern

11. Use The “Right” Riding Mode 

What is the right way to ride an electric bike? That’s a good question. The answer depends on each person because they tailor their own experience. Electric Bikes come with various riding modes, some have more pedal assist modes while some are dominated by the throttle. Keep a balance between these riding modes to preserve battery and to make your riding experience more nuanced and exciting.

12. Never Try To Open An E-Bike Battery 

Ever heard the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat”? If you are not careful then you can easily become the cat from the saying and there could be serious aftermath. Whenever you think that your electric bike battery is having problems, never try to repair it yourself or even open the bike’s battery.

If the battery is having problems, we recommend that you take them to a professional for repairs and servicing.

How To Measure The Performance Of An Electric Bike

Fitting The Electric Bike Battery
Electric Bike Battery

How do you measure the performance of an Electric Bike Battery? The battery life is measured by charge cycles, let’s explain what they are. A charge cycle is the amount by which the battery is depleted, the charge level will take the battery to full capacity.

What is a battery charge cycle? A 50% discharge and 50% charge count as one charge cycle. The aim here is to improve the charge cycle and it can be done with proper care. If we take care of the bike battery properly, then the charge cycles can be between 700 to 1,000+. This cycle can be prolonged to many years, but we have to work for it, and we will show you how!

Why Do Electric Bike Batteries Degrade

Why do electric bike batteries fade with time? Why can’t they remain powerful forever? A lot is going on in the realm of electric bikes and it is impossible to comprehend everything at once. These are the two most apparent reasons for battery degradation.

1. Power Fade

This occurs when the battery’s internal resistance increases in ohms. This procedure results in a decrease in the rate at which energy is stored and drained from the battery. When a battery’s power fades, it can negatively impact driving performance, acceleration, and much more.

2. Capacity Fade

This occurs when the amp hours lower over time. When energy storage lowers, the energy consumption and battery range will be negatively affected.

An electric bike battery will weaken with time, it is for us to maintain it properly and prolong its usage. Loss of lithium inventory occurs whenever the electric bike battery degrades. I don’t know the exact reason but it happens when various chemical reactions take the lithium ions out of circulation. Within the first charge cycle, 10% of the total available lithium will be drained and then it will keep on draining during its lifespan.

Loss of active material (LAM) occurs when electrons keep on degrading, this results in fewer attaching sites for lithium ions. When LAM is at its worst state, capacity fade is affected, these are some of the aspects that we can’t control that much.


How Do I Preserve My Electric Bike Battery?

Storing the bike at room temperature, cleaning it well, and even having the right tires installed can preserve the bike’s battery.

How Long Can An E-Bike Battery Last?

If taken care of properly, an electric bike battery can last between 2-6 years.

Should I Charge My E-Bike After Every Ride?

It is really good practice to charge your e-bike after every ride, this ensures that the bike remains in top condition.

Watch E-Bike Battery Maintenance: Everything You Need To Know

Want to know more about electric bike battery health and how to preserve it? Take a look at this video here.


Electric Bike benefits are countless and they are much cheaper than using a car in these trying times. The answer to all of this is taking care of the electric bike battery. Practicing proper battery care isn’t just something we should learn as e-bike riders but also preach to others.

I want you to enjoy your electric bikes for thousands of charge cycles and only you can make it possible, through the right techniques. Make sure that you use our methods for battery care and maintenance, the results will be more than satisfactory. If you have any other questions then do reach out to me in the comments below! 

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