Unveiling Qu-Et’s “Unfair Advantage”: Will It Dominate Urban E-Bikes?

Have you ever wondered about what actually makes an electric bike great? It could be the power output, handling, comfort, or something else entirely. Take a look at Qu-Et's Unfair Advantage Electric Bike which will rewrite what it means to be an amazing urban e-bike!
UA E-Bike

These days finding an electric bike can be really hard, every brand is trying to copy each other. Since there is a lack of originality, we needed a fresh change of pace and Qu-Et’s “Unfair Advantage” Electric Bike is giving us that. This is an upcoming project on Indiegogo which every bike enthusiast would love to have.

There are a lot of reasons why I want you to be excited about this project, let’s start with the price first. The price is just right, it will be sold for $1,500 (€1,400) according to the current exchange rate. Yes, the price is indeed great but there is even a greater reason for my excitement. This E-Bike aims to provide a much-needed balance between human and electric power, which is what we need from the new generation of electric bikes. Qu-Et is planning to take over the electric bike industry, and with this awesome lineup of bikes, I think that they will be successful. 

Qu-Et’s New Era Of Electric Bikes

I have tried out different types of electric bikes over the years, and I want to share my experience with you. A machine that costs around $1,500 is most of the time better than a machine that costs more than $5,000. Now you must be wondering, why is there such a huge gap. The cycling experience makes all the difference here, and the Unfair Advantage aims to provide an unforgettable experience to users. Cyclists who are aiming to push their limits will be able to do so with this new bike. 

How Is It Built?

The Unfair Advantage E-Bike is built with an aluminum frame and also features a stiff front fork, it aims to be a resilient yet comfortable bike. I was really surprised by the total weight of this little devil, it weighs around 13.9 kg. So, how did they accomplish this? There are no extra features on the UA Bike, as you can see in the post below.



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This is an Urban E-Bike, so I would advise that you only use this bike on the roads, it won’t work well on mountain trails. The tires seem to be 40c, but Qu-Et still hasn’t disclosed the manufacturer. However, by the looks of it, you will be able to change the tires according to your preferences. Get tires from Continental or any other brand, I am sure they will work really well with the Unfair Advantage!

Motor and Battery 

In order to truly test an electric bike, we must look at the motor and battery it is equipped with. The Unfair Advantage E-Bike is sporting a rear-mounted hub motor (250W). With this much power, you won’t be able to enjoy those 15-20% hills but it will be more than enough for any other kind of adventure. The speed will also be satisfactory, the e-bike will comply with the local laws and regulations.

Qu-Et has smartly added a powerful battery to the UA bike, you can expect around 37 miles of range. With this much range, you will be able to have a lot of adventures. If you are looking for a bit extra then I would suggest that you install a range extender with 180 Wh of juice.

The Gates Drivetrain works wonders here, you would only need to service the bike after 30,00 km (18,641 miles). You can either enjoy the support of the motor or do the heavy lifting yourself, I love to keep a balance though.

A Seamless Construction

Apart from the performance, the UA is a treat to look at. You will come to know that you are actually riding a premium-quality bike that is priced fair and square. The bike is finished with internal cable routing, you won’t see any kind of wires just hanging around. I also love how they have added a torque sensor and a vibrant LCD display on top of it. 

Cyclists worried about the stopping power won’t have to worry as the hydraulic brakes will be more than enough to handle everything!



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How To Get It?

The Unfair Advantage from Qu-Et is still in the funding stage, for more information click here.


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