Introducing Montague’s M-E1: The World’s First Foldable Electric Bike

America has done it again, they have introduced the very first foldable electric bike to the world and it seems like a piece of Art! Let's dissect the peak bike technology which has gone into the production of Montague's M-E1.
Montague M E1

They say greatness takes time, and when I see the Montague Corporation at work, I really believe that statement. Even when David Montague (Founder Of Montague Corporation) was hard at work at MIT, he wanted to create a timeless bicycle, and looks like his company has finally done it. Yes, the company has a lot of other bicycles under its banner but the M-E1 truly stands out from the others, let me tell you why!

Folding Bikes and Electric Bikes are completely different types of machines, and since both of them require delicate technology, one couldn’t even imagine a fully functional folding electric bike, until now that is. I have been trying out Electric Bikes and Folding Bikes for a while now and I haven’t seen anything like the M-E1. Montague has even christened their M-E1 bike with the slogan:

The world’s first full-size performance folding e-bike.

It really is a bold statement when you look at it but I have to believe them on this one. This one is a marvel and you have to try it out!

What Is The M-E1 Exactly?

The E1 is a remarkable machine but what exactly goes into it? The bike is constructed with a customized 6061 aluminum frame and paired with patented folding technology which allows it to shrink to a size of a mere backpack but with handles. When folded, the bike has the following dimensions: 38x38x13 in, and when it is unfolded it can accommodate riders up to 6 ft 4 in. The stem and seat post are also fully adjustable, in case you were wondering.

We need to talk about and highlight the step-through design of this bad boy, it makes mounting and dismounting so much easier. Different from European bikes, the M-E1 is missing a top tube and it is for the better in my opinion. On the front, you will find an SR Suntour Suspension Fork which elevates the comfort level.

Is this bike MTB-Travel worthy? Well, this depends on how much mountain biking you actually do. This bugger can easily handle urban landscapes and even some light trail riding if you wish to.

Who’s Behind The Electric Magic?

For those that guessed it right, Shimano is behind the electric magic of the M-E1. This bike is fitted with the E6100 motor which is really powerful. The bike’s motor is then powered by a 250W, 418 Wh Battery which also works remarkably well. On a full charge, the bike will offer future owners a range of 50-60 miles (80-96 km). These numbers depend on the condition of the road that you are riding on. Any cargo that you are carrying will also affect these numbers.

Since we have started the discussion about cargo, let’s get into the details. You will be pleased to know that the E1 can be fitted with a cargo rack, some might not like but I know that many will love the cargo rack. Why is the cargo rack so important for the E1? Most people that go for a foldable electric bike love riding around the city, they also love doing groceries. This is an intelligent addition that will provide exponential value to owners.

The Exciting Factor 

We haven’t even talked about the exciting factors yet and you seem to be overjoyed with the E1. Shimano has also added a 10-Speed Deore setup to accommodate users with additional range. Once you have crossed the top speed of 18 mph (29kph), the motor will just cut out, then you become the star of the show. To give phenomenal control over the bike, Hydraulic Deore Brakes are fitted. The total weight of the E1 is almost 54 lb (24.5 kg), and this is after adding the mudguards, pedals, and everything else.

I personally think that the E1 is going to offer the best of both worlds, especially when you will be rocking on those 700x47c tires. You will be able to get amazing work during the weekdays but come the weekend, that is when the real fun will start. The battery is also removable, you can double the range if you install another.

The folding frame of the bike is going to enhance the versatility and this is something that I was hoping for for a very long time. You can take this bike to work and store it outside your office or carry it with you wherever you travel, seems pretty fun to me.

Pricing and Availability 

The Montague M-E1 is available right now for MSRP $3,995. Yup, that is a 4K hole in your wallet right there but it is going to be more than worth it. Here’s an amazing offer too, if you don’t like the bike’s performance, you can return it within 30 days and get a refund. How cool is that? For more information, click here.


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Featured Image Via Montague Bikes

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