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Best Bikes For Heavy Riders

17 Best Bikes For Heavy Riders (Summer Updated 2023)

Cycling is a joy that everyone must enjoy, it should be cherished without any kind of restrictions. With a bike, you can easily get from point A to point B in no time and enjoy that journey. It also helps a lot in losing weight. Riders that are old or heavy feel this joy in

Retrospec Bikes Review

Retrospec Bikes Review: Stylish and Affordable Bikes (2023 Updated)

Single-Speed Bikes have been on the horizon for a while now, they offer great performance, speed, and are easier to maintain. Bikes that give exceptional performance and are easy to use sell like hotcakes and also gain immense popularity but they also get expensive eventually. These Single-Speed bikes or simple bikes have fewer components than

The 13 Different Types of Bikes You Need To Know About In 2023

For me, there are 13 different types of bikes you should know. I left off a few from this list because they might be a subcategory of one of these others or they may just not be super important. For example, beach cruisers may be a fun way to ride on Saturdays down at the

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Why Beach Cruiser Bikes Should Have Gears and Brakes

The beach cruiser bike, or simply the cruiser bike, is a close relative of the lowrider bike. The best cruiser bikes are the one which are simpler bikes to use, maintain and ride. Their smooth riding ensures that you enjoy your casual ride. You’ve probably heard of all the cruiser bikes available nowadays, and know