Electric Bike Benefits: Why It Is The Best Time To Get An E-Bike

Riding an electric bike can make you healthier, happier, and just so much better than before! With electric bikes, you can take your bike performance to the next level. Find out how!

There is no denying the popularity of Electric Bikes, but why should you get one anyway? We know that more and more people are flocking to bike dealerships to get their hands on the newest electric bike but what is it exactly that makes them so special?

You need to get a hold of this information whether you are just getting started with electric bikes or have been using them for a while. There are a lot of electrifying reasons to get an electric bike (Pun Intended!), these reasons vary from health benefits to financial savings.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should get an electric bike immediately!

Electric Bikes Enhance Your Fitness

Whoever said that riding an e-bike doesn’t improve your health was completely wrong, just ask the professionals. The first thing that you need to know is that electric bikes are just like your regular bikes, they need some kind of input to give a favorable output. Using them will improve your aerobic fitness level beyond your measure.

Riding Ebike Outdoor
Riding Ebike

There are some significant changes while riding an electric bike, pedaling requires less effort and you reach your destinations quickly. With that being said, any kind of effort is still an effort, right? You are still going to be burning calories while riding an electric bike!

Just take a look at this study here. It says that although they require less effort, electric bike riders’ hearts work at more than 90 percent of the level of regular bike riders. It is incredible to see how electric bikes have an impact on our bodies, and we haven’t even unlocked their full potential yet.

Riding an electric bike is just like doing a hardcore exercise, and these exercises will only strengthen your muscles, and improve your cardiovascular system. You will start feeling the changes soon, and these changes will make you feel better when off the bike.

Electric Bikes Allow You To Improve Your Social Life

“Hey Jake, guess what I got over the weekend?”. Imagine getting a call like this from a buddy and you have to answer in seconds. It might be a new TV, a gaming console, or even a football kit. Imagine your shock when your friends tell you that they got a new electric bike and it has changed their lives ever since. Let me tell you how electric bikes can enhance your social life.

Faster Riders love getting bikes that make them go even faster, and we all know how that obsession turns out! If your friends or even a family member gets a new electric bike, they won’t stop bragging about and honestly, why should they? Electric Bikes are the future of bikes, wonders happen when motor power meets with pedal power. Since they create new ways to bond over the weekend, it should be enough reason to get yourself an amazing electric bike too!

Imagine going on group rides with your friends, checking out new places to explore that you didn’t even know existed! You can even take your family out for a ride, electric bikes are one of the great reasons for the family to bond. You can go out biking with your wife, kids, or even the whole family!

Electric Bikes allow you to have a social form of exercise, you can chat while riding, it is not always about going fast, sometimes it is also about having fun while riding. 

Let’s not forget how electric bikes can change the lives of people with disabilities. They are literally life-changing for them, there are special electric bikes that even disabled people can enjoy, allowing them to take in the sights and have all the fun they dreamed of!

Climbing Hills Has Never Been Easier

Let’s admit this one thing being cyclists, climbing hills is just so much hard! It does not matter if you are a professional or a beginner, you are going to have trouble climbing a hill all by your lonesome. Even a professional cyclist and climber drops down to 15mph or even lower when climbing hills and that is pretty disappointing!

Electric Bikes are a Godsend, in this case, the motor power will be really helpful when providing assistance. When the electric bike has taken care of the climb, you can easily rest, plan your next course of action and move on!

Electric Bike Going Up A Steep Ramp

I Am Lightning, I Am Speed

Did anyone tell you how amazingly fast electric bikes are? Regardless of your fitness level, electric bikes allow you to ride very fast, that level of speed is unavailable with regular bikes. We are not just talking about regular speed, we are talking about fast acceleration and speedy hill-climbing as we mentioned!

On average, the maximum speed a class-2 electric bike offers is 20 mph, which is great. Then there are bikes that can either be unlocked to their full potential or offer more than 28 mph top speed from the start. Now imagine all those speedy adventures, you can practically be the flash!

New Places Mean New Adventures 

No one like limitations set on them and regular bikes is full of limitations. Pedal-powered bikes can only take you as far as you can go, your limit is their limit but it doesn’t have to be that way. Electric Bikes allow you to go farther and further than ever before!

According to health and fitness reports extracted from both the United States and Europe, Electric Bike riders were able to take longer trips than riders with regular bikes. While covering such great distances, electric bike riders enjoyed fitness levels similar to their regular bike counterparts.

Some of the best electric bikes can offer a range of 100 miles and that is crazy! While that is impressive, there is always the option to upgrade the battery or install a new battery to go even further (Depends On Bikes).

No Pedal, No Problem 

The existence of a powerful motor in electric bikes makes all the difference. With the electric bike’s motor, you can easily get up to speed even from a standstill. This boost works wonders when you have to get somewhere in a hurry or just love speedy adventures!

Stronger Muscles Free From Strain

Electric Bikes give you a lot of assistance on the road and that assistance means less strain on the muscles. The motor power will take care of your ascension on the hills and on pavements, and you will also be able to ride faster without effort. With these problems taken care of, there won’t be extra pressure on your muscles and joints.

When there won’t be any muscle strain, you will have plenty of time to recover. Better muscle recovery will lead to better road adventures! This is also great news for beginners who are just getting started with bikes, electric bikes can help you create those muscles faster than regular bikes.

Sweat-Free Travels

With electric bikes, you will be exerting less pressure on yourself to ride properly. Less pressure means little or no sweat. Electric Bikes allow you to ride cooler, even on a sunny day! Guess what? No more wrinkled and sweaty office clothes, win-win situation for everyone!

Senior Couple Riding Electric Bicycle

Better Cardiovascular Health 

This much is clear, any sort of cycling is going to improve your overall health, especially when we talk about cardiovascular health. Take a look at cycling benefits here, it is a rich guide that shows how beautiful and active your life becomes after you start cycling regularly.

Did you know that one hour of cycling outdoors is even better than two hours in the gym? Just try it out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

Electric Bikes Are Cheaper And Faster

You might have heard this over and over again, but electric bikes are cheaper and faster than cars. Who knows, they might even replace cars in the near future!

From worrying about car insurance to parking costs, there is not a lot that you need to worry about electric bikes. Even if you are worried about bike theft, you can always go for cycling insurance which is much cheaper than full-fledged car insurance!

Charging stations for bikes are much cheaper than fueling stations, keeping in mind how the global crisis is evolving, gas won’t be becoming cheap anytime soon! With electric bikes, you won’t have to worry about the cost per mile and adventures will be so much better with bikes rather than cars. 

Electric bikes are also great for the environment, as they create zero pollution, you will always have a guilt-free conscience when riding them. Think of all the grocery shopping you could do! Taking an electric bike for shopping would be great as you won’t have to worry about the parking cost, and the extra motor power will allow you to carry groceries without posing any kind of burden!

Your regular journeys, your office routine, and your adventures are going to be transformed drastically once you start using electric bikes!

Bike Storage Made Easier 

Having bikes and cars isn’t all that fun, there is always the problem of getting tight! (Pun Intended)

There is always the issue of storage space when it comes to bikes, but what if we told you that you can get amazing foldable bikes that don’t take up that much space? These foldable bikes also come in electric variants so they won’t be that hard to find, less trouble for you!

ICEBIKE’S Advice: Most Electric Bikes that you will come across will be very heavy, this is natural because of the high-end components they are installed with. We would suggest storing them rather than carrying them.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out our guide for creative bike storage options.

Quiet Adventures 

With electric bikes, you can quietly get from one point to the other. Since there is no noise pollution, you can enjoy your surroundings and keep your mind relaxed.

Apart from the faint whirr sound at the start of the throttle, there shouldn’t be anything else to worry about. It remains very quiet when climbing hills, how amazing is that? If you want to enjoy cycling without any kind of problems and also let others be at peace, electric bikes are the only viable solutions to go for!

The Wonders Of Electric Bikes: What Can You Expect?

There is a lot we can say about electric bikes, but we thought that you should enjoy this amazing video from Global Cycling Network Instead! They have put together everything that you need to know about electric bikes.

Watch the video:


Electric Bikes are great, they have proved to be the better cycling product and we have a lot of evidence to cover that. From saving up fuel costs to having more adventures, there is a lot you can unravel with electric bikes. They are worth every penny that you spend on them and they are going to pay you in ways that you can’t even imagine.

We hope that with these many benefits, you are finally ready to get an electric bike. No matter what kind of e-bike you go for, you won’t be disappointed! Time to get that e-bike that you had your eyes on for a while!

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