Can You Ride Electric Bike in The Rain?

Electric Bikes are made for every kind of terrain and weather conditions but how well can they handle the rain? Is it safe to ride your electric bike in the rain? Electric bike riders need to follow these tips and tricks if they want to ride their bikes seamlessly in the rain without any kind of trouble!

To put it straight, YES! You Can Ride An Electric Bike In The Rain. But of course, there are a few Do’s and Don’ts. Trust me, you don’t want to ride your bike in the rain without any knowledge. 

Once in a while, you will be left with no choice but to use your electric bike in the rain. That’s why, I have put together this guide.I have shared some useful tips and tricks for riding your bike in the rain. These tips will keep you and your bike protected from any kind of trouble.

Is It Safe To Use Electric Bikes In The Rain?

Using electric bikes in the rain is fine. This is because their batteries are water-resistant, but to some extent. We can ride these bikes in the rain but we have to avoid using them in excessive rain, the bike’s motor and the battery can get damaged like this.

I also advise people not to ride electric bikes through puddles and potholes, this could result in the bike’s body getting damaged, and you don’t want to spend all that money repairing it. 

Wet Tire

You will find that there are many electric bikes in the market and all of them have different water-proofing standards, some are better than others. You might even come across some electric bikes that are water-proof but they naturally cost a fortune.

If you are worried about your electric bike, then you can always get insurance for them. This way your electric bikes will be protected, no matter what!

Warning: Electric bikes are only water-resistant, they are not fully water-proof. Some companies might try to bluff with you by marketing their products as 100% water-proof, but it is never that. You will need to follow the safety instructions always if you wish to use them in the rain. If your electric bikes get rust due to rainwater then it could negatively affect their lifespan.

Electric Bike Batteries: Are They Water-Proof?

Such as electric bikes are not water-proof their batteries are also not water-proof, but they are water-resistant. With that being said, you can use electric bikes during all kinds of weather. Just keep them away from pools of water and you would be good to go.

How To Check If Bikes Are Water-Proof?

There are some exceptional electric bikes that are water-proof but it still does not fully protect them against water. After all, you can’t make an electric bike that is fully water-proof. Since people like to bluff and falsely advertise their products, we will tell you how to check if an electric bike is actually water-proof.

A true water-proof bike battery should be able to submerge in water for an extended period of time. The duration of the submersion depends, it could range between 30-40 minutes.

What Are Water-Resistance Ratings?

Since you will be using your electric bike in the rain, you need to know about the different water-resistance ratings. You might have seen that some bike manufacturers go out of their way to give guidelines about riding in the rain, they provide their customers with IP ratings.

What Are IP Ratings?

Ingress Protection which is also known as IP ratings gives consumers a clear and better picture of what their electric bike can actually withstand. These ratings tell the customers how much their electric bikes are protected against liquid and solid intrusion.

An IP rating has three different parts:

  • IP stands for “Ingress Protection”
  • The first number always shows protection against solid intrusions like dust and other foreign materials
  • The second number always shows protection against liquid intrusion like water 

Different ratings show different levels of protection against these intrusions. Some bikes can withstand steady streams of water while there are also some bikes that can be completely submerged in water and still be protected.



Riding Electric Bikes In The Rain- Tips To Follow 

So you really want to ride an electric bike in the rain? I got you! These Electric Bikes are the source of thrills and excitement that no other type of bike can match and that is what we are here for, I want you to experience the best while being safe and protected.

Use these tips and tricks to make sure that you and your electric bike are fully protected in the rain. Have fun and don’t get wet!

1. Fenders Are Your New Friend

Electric bikes are more like traditional bikes than you think they are, all of them are restrained to rain. They are tougher than you think they are, even the drivetrain of the bike is completely capable of surviving some splashes every now and then. Even if some raindrops fall on the battery, no harm will come to it, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be careful.

In order to keep your bike fully safe, you need to install fenders ASAP. These fenders will protect you and your bike against the rain and you will be able to ride to your heart’s content, even in rain-heavy regions.

2. Clothe Yourself For All Types Of Weather 

In order for you and your bike to survive the rain, you need to “Weather-Proof” yourself. When we say the term weatherproof, we want you to be clothed properly. Riding in the extreme cold or even rain is hard, we know that, but the hardest thing is the first pedal stroke, believe me!

In order to be comfortable while riding in these types of weather conditions, you need to be warm enough. Warmth will definitely bring you comfort while riding in the rain or snow, and indirectly it will also keep your bike safe. A cap and gloves are a must, you need to be able to protect your head and your hands first.

Good-quality water-resistant gloves and caps are extremely important for your riding experience and health. If the gloves include the materials Gore-tex or neoprene then it is amazing. These clothing accessories should keep you both warm and sweaty, there should be a balance.

You can always combine rain-proof shoes and pants to make the experience even more amazing. Here are some of the fabrics to look out for when getting clothes for riding:

  • Fleece
  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • Bamboo-based viscose fabrics 

Cyclist with E-Bike

3. Protect Your Belongings 

Apart from keeping yourself weatherproof, you also need to protect your belongings. Your stuff needs to be dry, even if you are riding wet, so keep that in mind. Doesn’t matter if you have a laptop with you or a vinyl record, keep them covered from the rain properly.

Considering that you are an electric bike rider, there are a few options that you can go with. You can carry a seam-sealed water-proof bag, a shoulder bag also helps. Make sure that the bag has enough zip locks so that your stuff remains dry and protected. 

4. Use Lights Properly 

It is needless to say you won’t be alone on the road, there will be many who will be using bikes and cars, and all of them will be trying to get through the rain. There are a lot of challenges that people face while riding in the rain, these challenges are often dangerous. Since visibility will be low, everyone will be using lights and so should you.

Did you know that in some states it is necessary to use lights when you are riding an electric bike, especially under these circumstances? Using bright lights that stretch out to 500 feet away is ideal, use them as headlights. For taillights, you will need lights that can be seen from 500 or 600 feet away. Being equipped with the necessary lights will make sure that you are protected on the road.

5. Adjust The Tire Pressure

In order to match the road conditions ahead, you need to adjust the tire pressure of your electric bikes before heading out. Keep them between 100 and 90 psi for the best performance. If the roads are slippery and wet, it is better to run 10 psi less than usual to ensure the best performance.

When the tire pressure is lower than usual, the tire comes into contact with the road in a better way. This will also improve the overall performance of the bike.

6. Slow Down Where Necessary 

On a wet or slippery road, there is just no point in going in fast, you have to keep the bike slow and balanced. We know that riding fast and hard will also keep you warm enough but you can’t risk an accident here. You need to be able to protect yourself and others around you.

Riding on wet roads gives you less reaction time, and less reaction time leads to more accidents. You actually have less reaction time on electric bikes than the traditional pedal bikes, did you know that?

Relax, take things slowly, and think carefully. These tips will allow you to be safe on wet roads.

7. Don’t Forget To Brake

Slowing down on wet roads is necessary but applying the brakes where it’s necessary is critical. During the rain, it becomes critical to use the brakes every now and then, and since it takes a while to use the brakes in the rain, you have to be very careful.

Electric Bikes are filled with amazing power, and with that power, you need equally strong brakes to keep the bike in control. You might have seen that the majority of electric bikes have disc brakes installed, this is because disc brakes are far superior.

Make sure that your electric bike has the necessary brakes installed and don’t forget to use them carefully!

8. Avoid Leaning Into Corners 

With electric bikes, there is a certain power that feels good to control. Electric bikes are really fun to ride, and the power that they offer is very addictive. With that amount of power, you also have to be very careful. You might even want to hit the corners hard in the rain, but remember that you are not a professional like Mark Cavendish

Whenever you come across a corner, make sure to apply the brakes at the right time. 

9. Keep An Eye Out For Slippery Roads 

When it rains, water will not be the only thing on the road, that is why you have to be careful. Whenever it rains, oil and gasoline also come to the surface, which results in a lot of problems. 

You might have seen the “Rainbow” puddles on the road when it rains, make sure to avoid them as they contain oil and gasoline.

Painted lines also become very troublesome in the rain, and you have to avoid the metal grates wherever you can. Debris in the rain can also cause your bike to slip, so make sure that you steer clear of them.

10. Don’t Forget To Service/Clean Your Bike After A Ride

We cannot stress this enough but you need to clean your bike after every ride, electric bikes need cleaning more than traditional bikes. A regular cleanse will keep the components clean and protected from all foreign particles like debris and pebbles.

Electric bikes are an amazing mode of transportation, they are powerful and they are also cost-effective. Be sure to take the best care of them if you want their lifespan to increase.

Here is an informative video that you can watch. It shows you how to ride your electric bike in the rain, tips that should follow, and warnings.


Are electric bikes safe in the rain?

Yes, electric bikes are safe in light rain.

Are e-bikes fully waterproof?

No, e-bikes are not fully waterproof. They are only water-resistant. 

What happens if my ebike battery gets wet?

Remove your battery and dry it with a towel. Also, dry the cabin with a towel. Make sure that it is dry before starting your bike again.


Electric Bikes are great modes of transportation that allow you to ride under any weather condition. They offer a kind of power and experience that no other type of bike can offer you but that doesn’t mean that you stop being careful.

Riding an electric bike in the rain is riddled with challenges but that is why we made this guide for you. Following these tips will allow you to have a relaxing and comfortable experience even in the rain. Just make sure that you are well-dressed and that your bike is well-maintained before you head out. 

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