Best Mountain Bike Pedals: MTB Flat Pedals And Clipless Options

Transmit your power in the best way possible with these top-choices selected only for you!

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Pedals are an important component of a bicycle and need I say why? How else are you supposed to run it on the track? The right pedal makes a huge difference. In mountain bikes, you can use two kinds of pedals. Flat Pedals and Clipless. 

In my expertise, flat pedals are good for beginners because of safety concerns. Clipless, offers a better transfer of power as compared to flat pedals. They are also better for fast riding. However, the kind of pedal that will suit you depends on your riding style. 

Nonetheless, I have researched both the kinds available. I analyzed the categories, ranging from materials used, and pin arrangement to budget-friendliness, so you can make an informed decision. So what do you say? Let’s explore the top options for you!

The Best Mountain Bike Pedals

Pedal Model Weight (per pair) Price Pedal Type Material Type
HT PA03A 330g $120 Flat Magnesium alloy
Nukeproof Horizon Pro Sam Hill 420g $165 Flat Aluminum alloy
Burgtec Penthouse Flat Mk5 290g $160 Flat Aluminum alloy
Deity Components TMAC 409g $180 Flat Aluminum alloy
HT Supreme ANS10 312g $220 Flat Magnesium alloy
OneUp Composite Pedals 355g $59 Flat Composite
Race Face Chester 340g $55 Flat Nylon composite
Shimano XT PD-M8140 503g $160 Flat Aluminum alloy
Race Face Atlas 355g $150 Flat Aluminum alloy
RockBros MTB Pedal 460g $35 Flat Aluminum alloy
Shimano M520 380g $55 Clipless Aluminum alloy
Crank Brothers Candy 3 304g $130 Clipless Aluminum alloy
Shimano M540 352g $80 Clipless Aluminum alloy
Ritchey Comp XC 310g $70 Clipless Aluminum alloy
Time Atac XC6 290g $110 Clipless Carbon composite
Crank Brothers Mallet E LS 419g $170 Clipless Aluminum alloy
HT T1 250g $200 Clipless Magnesium alloy
DMR V-Twin 510g $120 Clipless Aluminum alloy
Shimano PD-M530 455g $65 Clipless Aluminum alloy
XTR M9100 Pedals 310g $180 Clipless Titanium alloy

Note: All the prices mentioned are subject to change.

Best Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

1. HT PA03A- Editor’s Choice 

Ht Components Pa03a Pedals
PA03A Pedals

The HT PA03A is light, modest, and solid. They weigh 349g per pair and are extraordinary compared to other flat mountain bicycle pedals available. The HT PA03A has an enormous platform produced using nylon instead of alloy. With 10 pins for every side, you have no issue with grip paying little mind to your shoe choice or conditions.

Even though the platform is not concave (just like it is on most of my favorite pedals), I found the PA03As to work exceptionally well in all conditions. The ten pins per side (eight replaceable metal and two fixed plastic) are a good length and offer sufficient grip for even the most difficult descents.

The broad platform gives the 8 pins a good grip on the trails. These pedals don’t pick up the sole and stick it like others outside, but small adjustments are possible without having to lift your foot directly from the pedal. Also, HT PA03A does not pull your foot.

The platform’s generous cutaways ensure that traction is not impaired even if your shoes are caked in mud. The Chromoly axle is well-sealed and runs on a bearing and bushing.


  • Weight: 345 grams 
  • Size: 107 X 105 X 18 mm
  • Spindle: CNC machined CrMo
  • Pedal Bearings: Dual Sealed Bearing + One Du Bushing
Why I Like It: The HTPA03A is one of the best flat pedals that you can get for your mountain bike right now. They have a light build but are also very durable, the power transmission will be seamless without any kind of trouble. I had no problems with the grip and I know that you will have the best time with this pair. Plus, you won't even feel the burden of the pedal strikes.

2. Nukeproof Horizon Pro Sam Hill Enduro

Nukeproof Horizon Pro Sam Hill Flat Pedals Black
Nukeproof Horizon Pro Sam Hill Flat Pedals Black

The most recent Nukeproof Horizon Pro Sam Hill Enduro has been adjusted to guarantee that they are suitable for trail and enduro riding. With 10 pins at each side and a curved shape, the Nukeproof Horizon Pro Sam Hill Enduro has been a top entertainer at the most elevated level.

Two sealed bearings and two DU bushings keep the pedals turning, keeping in mind that they are not the most durable pedals out there, but they are cheap and easily replaceable.

You can take Nukeproof as the lowest profile when compared to other flat pedals. Although the Nukeproof platform is not curved enough to cause stress to the feet, it is concave enough to keep the shoes stable.

Here, the pins are bigger than most. So, that they cannot just snap. But not as bluntly and stoutly affect the pure bite in the sole of your shoe. The width of the platform is much less than that of some close rivals. However, this doesn’t work as traction is decreased because the level of stock grip is huge.


  • Weight: 337 grams 
  • Bushings: 2x DU bushings
  • Bearings: 4x sealed Z989 cartridge bearings (per pair)
Why I Like It: These pedals have a solid and sturdy build, providing excellent support and grip for any mountain biker. What I particularly liked was the adjustable pin height and placement, allowing for a customizable and personalized experience.

3. Burgtec Penthouse Flat Mk5

Burgtec Penthouse Flat Mk5
Burgtec Penthouse Flat Mk5

The Burgtec Penthouse Flat Mk5 is extraordinary compared to other flat mountain bicycle pedals in the market. Its pair weighs 382g and is accessible in various tones.

First of all, the platform measures 100 x 102 mm, which is large, but not so large that the pedals are always on rocks paranoid. Then on each side is the generous 2 mm of concavity into which your feet can mold and stop being rebounded. Due to the especially thin overall depth in the center of the axle, the pedals give the bike a good balance with low sensitivity.

A large amount of traction is provided by the eight 4.5 mm high pins on each side. All of them are located at the edge of the platform, helping to sink in their shoes. Burgtec has designed high-quality W300 Igus covers with sealed covers and rubber oil seals to increase their life expectancy. It should last a good time when its old pedals have anything to go through.

The Burgtec Penthouse Flat Mk5 is produced using strong CNC machined aluminum. Its enormous surface and pin arrangement give it the most extreme grip for aggressive trail and downhill rides. Its thin, concave platform reduces the diameter of the pins.


  • Weight: 382 grams 
  • Platform: 100mm * 102mm
  • Material: 7075 Alloy
  • Axle: Titanium
Why I Like It: As a mountain biker, I recently tested out the Burgtec Penthouse Flat Mk5 pedals and was blown away by their exceptional quality. These pedals have a sleek and minimalist design, which belies their outstanding durability and performance. I particularly enjoyed the grip offered by these pedals, which held firm even on the most technical and challenging trails.

4. Deity TMAC

The Deity TMAC is unlike anything that you have tried before, originally designed as a gravity pedal, these pedals can also be used as a good pair of trail pedals. The TMAC ticked all the checklists when it came to the platform, grip, servicing, and mobility. 

There is really good mobility on the pedal now, and all of this is because of the redesigned pins. The Deity TMAC is the first pedal to offer a delicate balance of mobility and we are so grateful for that. When riding the bike, you can feel the concave platform being supportive and stable. You also have to give credit to the chamfered edges of these pedals, they perform well in rocky terrain and also get hung up less than other pedals, another reason why we love using them. If you ever feel like accessing the axle and bearing, all you have to do is remove the cap with a socket.


  • Weight: 409 grams
  • Traction Pins: 14 per side
  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum 
  • Axle: Aluminum Alloy
Why I Like It: These pedals are designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding riders. I love how these pedals offer an outstanding grip, thanks to the fourteen pins on each side. Even on wet and muddy trails, my feet stayed firmly in place. The pedals are also very sturdy and lightweight, which makes them ideal for trail riding, freeriding, and downhill!

5. HT Supreme ANS10

Ht Ans10 Supreme Platform Pedal
Ht Ans10 Supreme Platform Pedal

The HT Supreme ANS10 is one of the best flat mountain bike pedals. Its hexagonal design helps brush off rocks easily while allowing you to plant your foot effortlessly even when riding in an unpleasant landscape. It is lightweight at 376g. 

The slim platform measures only 100 mm x 100 mm but in size 9 Five Ten shoes it is almost fine because there are no edges, bumps, or limitations to disturb position or prevent your feet from stabilizing over hard ground even on dull and muddy days. Riders with larger shoes can, however, overlap the sides as the platform is not big and the corners are cut off for extra clearance.

The ANS10 Supreme is supplied with a CNC-machined aluminum body and a durable CrMo spindle. The EVO+ bearing system offers longevity, durability, and performance to the internal components. The EVO+ system offers up to 2x better performance than the previous EVO system with the use of German-manufactured IGUS bushings and high-quality grass. The unique patent bearing system and design make these pedals thinner and smoother than the others.

It has removable and flexible pins, which add to making the HT Supreme ANS10 grippy. 


  • Weight: 368 g
  • Size: 100 x 100 x 16.6 mm
  • Material: Aluminum Extruded / CNC Machined
  • Bearings: Sealed Bearings or Igus Bushings
Why I Like It: These pedals have a sleek and lightweight design that reinforces their incredible durability, making them an excellent choice for any rider looking to push their limits on the toughest terrain. What impressed me the most was the pedal's incredible grip, which allowed me to maintain excellent control and stability while descending at high speeds!

6. OneUp Composite Pedals

Oneup Components Compound Pedal
Oneup Components Compound Pedal

The OneUp Composite Pedals are outstanding amongst other flat mountain bike pedals with a decent grip and strength. It is generally modest and, at the same time, has features that are comparable to the expensive flat mountain bicycle pedals available. It is lightweight at 355g a pair.

The grip is one of the best features we noticed. The pedals always provide a reliable and predictable grip when they are down, up, or down from the saddle. With FiveTen Freerider Pro shoes they felt very natural. These shoes don’t have adhesive soles, but they matched the OneUp shoes to provide pedaling efficiency and grip.

The shelf is large at 115 x 110, not too large, as it stretches the pedal surface near the crank where the shaft meets it. The OneUp Composite Pedals has a big platform with 10 long removable pins set at the external edges and on the center of the pedal. The platform has angle edges to divert obstructions like rocks. 

The best thing about the OneUp Composite Pedals is its grip. Regardless of the hold, the pedals give a solid and unsurprising grasp. The platform is very open. You should expect it to shed mud well. 


  • Weight: 355 grams a pair
  • 10 rear-loading Steel pins/side, with Nyloc nuts
  • DU plus cartridge bearing axle system
Why I Like It: These pedals have a durable, lightweight composite body that can handle the rigors of aggressive trail riding. The platform is wide, providing excellent stability and power transfer, which I found to be particularly helpful when tackling technical climbs.

7. Race Face Chester

Raceface Chester Mountain Bike Pedal
Raceface Chester Mountain Bike Pedal

The Race Face Chester is one of the best flat mountain bike pedals in the market. Its plastic body gives good shock absorption and durability against rock blows.

On paper sacks, the Chester has eight adjustable pins on each side. To maintain them, each pin is threaded reverse through the nylock nut. They’re a little on the stubby side at only 4 mm in height. By tightening up each stick, you can also take a few additional millimeters. This pulls the head of the pin a bit into the body, but we still have no problems with damage. The handle is not perfect even with the extra length.

The nylon composite body of the Chester is spinning on a completely sealed Chromoly axle with a fully operating bearing/box system.  The Race Face Chester is made from nylon with eight traction pins per side. The Race Face Chester is lightweight at 340g. 


  • Weight: 340 grams 
  • Size: 110 mm long x 101 mm wide x 15-18.44mm thick
  • Nylon composite body
  • Chromoly steel axle
  • Cartridge bearings
  • DU bushings
Why I Like It: I found that the pins provided an amazing level of traction that kept my feet firmly planted on the pedals during fast descents and technical terrain. They come in a variety of colors to match any bike.

8. Shimano XT PD-M8140

Pd M8140 Deore Xt Flat Pedal Size
Pd M8140 Deore Xt Flat Pedal Size

The Shimano XT PD-M8140 is a concave platform with 10 pins per side. The pedals can shed mud well.

The Shimano XT PD-M8140 comes in two sizes. The small-medium is recommended for riders with a shoe size of 36-43 while the larger one is recommended for shoe sizes from 43 and above. The smaller platform weighs 460g, while the larger platform weighs 503g.

The M8040s wide platform is very convenient, and since there is no bulge inside, there is a little more room for your foot right on the sleeve. Thanks to the concave shape and high pins, there is a lot of grip on the tap.

The race to build the thinnest possible pedal seems to have died a little bit, but the M8040s are a little thick for a modern flat pedal with a center measure of 18mm and a leading and trailing edge of 20 mm.


  • Spindle Material: CrMo
  • Pins: 10 adjustable pins per side
  • Platform: Small/Medium: 100mm x 105mm; Medium/Large: 110mm x 115mm
  • 2 pin length options (long & short) for customizable feel
  • Optimized platform size (2 options available)
  • Weight: Small/Medium: 472g; Medium/Large: 514g
Why I Like It: The build quality of these pedals is exceptional, and they are designed to withstand even the toughest of mountain bike trails. I particularly love the wide platform that provides excellent stability and ensures efficient power transfer. Additionally, the pins on these pedals offer fantastic grip, allowing me to maintain control over my bike. Another advantage of the Shimano XT PD-M8140 is that they are very easy to install.

9. Race Face Atlas

Race Face Bicycle Pedal
Race Face Bicycle Pedal

The Race Face Atlas is a 12 mm concave pedal with flares out to 14.5 mm to the edges. It weighs 355 grams with pins on the front angled towards the back. It has a size of 101 mm x 114 mm to give the side better clearance against obstacles. 

It uses a larger internal bearing housing, but the body is heavily machined around this area, so the impact on the space for the shoes is minimal. Ten traction pins are easily replaced by threads below and thin enough to actually bite in soils and also slightly slit up forward or backward to stop shoes sliding. The Atlas pedal is extremely good, and even on hard trails, it feels extremely stable on rough tracks. This could sound like a gimmick.

At 12 mm in the center, the curved alloy body is only 2 mm higher on the sides, but there is still a feel of decent concavity and a shallow center for cramping the foot, thereby achieving good stability.


  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Size: 101 x 114 mm
  • Weight: 355g
  • Bearings: 4 completely sealed cartridge bearings for each pedal
Why I Like It: I can confidently say that these pedals are a top-quality option for any serious mountain biker. These pedals have a robust and durable design, ensuring that they can handle the toughest and most rugged terrain. What impressed me the most was the incredible grip offered by the Atlas Pedal, which allowed me to maintain excellent control and stability on even the roughest trails.

10. RockBros MTB Pedal

Rockbros Mtb Pedals Mountain Bike Pedals
Rockbros Mtb Pedals Mountain Bike Pedals

The RockBros MTB Pedal is one of the least expensive flat mountain bicycle pedals on the market. You can get this without using up every last cent. Its anti-skid replaceable pins keep your feet safe, even when the early-season mud is plastering your shoes.

The platform is very huge to fit any measure of foot or shoe, and the pedal surface highlights little pins to help keep your feet set up. The bicycle pedals are especially simple to use and install. 

The corrosion-resistant hardware and sealed bearings add to your wet-weather security. Additionally, the abrasion resistance and shock-proofing give you more guarantee for any rough rides ahead.


  • Weight: 365 grams 
  • Material: Nylon Fiber 
  • Bearings: Cr-Mo Spindle + DU Bearing
Why I Like It: The large platform provides excellent stability and control, while the durable aluminum alloy construction ensures longevity. What sets these pedals apart is the double-sided design, which makes clipping in and out effortless. The sealed bearings ensure a smooth and quiet ride, and the included pins give exceptional grip even in wet conditions and rough terrain.

Best Clipless Mountain Bike Pedals

1. Shimano M520

Shimano Pd M520 Spd Clipless
Shimano Pd M520 Spd Clipless

The Shimano M520 is one of the best clipless mountain bike pedals you can get. Weighing 374g, the Shimano M520 lasts longer than other clipless mountain-like pedals. Its axles are heavier though. 

The Shimano M520 uses Multi-Release cleats, which allow you to pull out upwards as well as sideways. However, the Shimano M520 has no real shoe support. 


  • Weight: 374g
  • Width: 50mm
  • Float: 4 degrees 
  • Cleat: 4 degrees 
Why I Like It: The Shimano M520 is an excellent clipless pedal that I highly recommend for mountain bikers. These pedals have a lightweight design that makes them easy to maneuver, and they are also very durable, so you won't have to worry about replacing them anytime soon. The power transmission is smooth and efficient, which gives you more control over your bike. What I like most about these pedals is the adjustable tension system, which allows you to customize the release tension to your liking.

2. Crank Brothers Candy 3

Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3 Pedals
Crankbrothers Eggbeater 3 Pedals

The Crank Brothers Candy 3 is one of the best clipless mountain bike pedals suitable for riders who want a softer release feel. Its mechanism is the X-Wing Eggbeater which rotates freely in the center of the shoe. The Crank Brothers Candy 3 is more expensive than the Shimano M520. 

It weighs 356 grams with traction pads. The Crank Brothers Candy 3 also has a Hex key end cap and a double seal system that protects the Enduro cartridge bearings and Igus bushings. 


  • Weight: 356g
  • Width: 72mm
  • Float: 0-10 degrees
  • Cleats: Standard, premium, or easy release
Why I Like It: If you want a really good pair of versatile clipless pedals then you need to go with the Crank Brothers Candy 3. I found these pedals to be incredibly easy to engage and disengage, which made for a hassle-free ride. The adjustable release angle feature allows for a personalized experience, making them suitable for any level of rider. The durable build ensures that these pedals will last a long time, and the lightweight design reduces unnecessary weight on your bike.

3. Shimano M540

Shimano Pd M540 Spd Pedals
Shimano Pd M540 Spd Pedals

The Shimano M540 can be described as the lighter version of the Shimano M520. It takes the body of the M520 but has a lighter, sculpted axle that saves 11g of weight from each pedal. 

In contrast to the M520s, when the M540 stops working, you can’t melt and fit in another one. When the system is on the body rather than embedded, the wobble between shoes and pedals is higher on the sides than in most large platform pedals. The M540 has fewer options for clear compared to its competitors since the multi-release is a lot less predictable than a simple, improved buoy design.


  • Weight: 352g
  • Width: 50mm
  • Float: 4 degrees
  • Cleats: 4 degrees (multi-release)
Why I Like It: I was impressed with the smooth and consistent power transfer, making uphill climbs much easier. The wide and stable platform provided excellent grip even in wet and muddy conditions. The adjustable release tension is also a great feature, allowing riders to customize their pedal engagement. The lightweight design and easy maintenance make them a top choice for serious riders.

4. Ritchey Comp XC

Ritchey Comp Xc Mtb Pedals Red
Ritchey Comp Xc Mtb Pedals Red

The Ritchey Comp XC is one the lightest XC pedal options in the market. Weighing 333g, the Ritchey Comp XC has the reputation of being lightweight racer friendly.

The gram shaving generally comes from the minimalist cold-forged body with a bolted-on front catch. There’s still adequate side support for stiffer shoes, but with no shim system, the tightness of that connection differs on shoe tread design/depth.

The ball bearings, both inboard, and outboard give the Ritchey Comp XC a decent durability period, and they can be serviced if they start to malfunction. The Ritchey Comp XC used needle bearings, bushings, and cartridge bearings.


  • Weight: 333g
  • Width: 50mm
  • Float: 4 degrees
  • Cleats: 4 degrees
Why I Like It: I can confidently say that the Ritchey Comp XC pedals are a great choice for riders who demand both efficiency and durability. The low-profile design provides excellent ground clearance, and the large platform offers a solid base for your foot, which enhances power transfer to the pedals.

5. Time Atac XC6

Time Atac Xc 6 Pedals Black
Time Atac Xc 6 Pedals Black

The Time Atac XC6 is one of the best lightweight clipless mountain bike pedals on the market. They float easily and disengage very smoothly to become the best knee-friendly pedals. 

The XC6 uses a strong but lightweight composite body to add fairly wide side support and guard the mechanism.

While the non-slotted design does not imply that the broad hoops are adjustable next to each other, your foot can slide from side to side. It depends on your pedaling taste, but it can make disengagement to some degree less consistent than other pedals. It’s so smooth and mobile that you can’t always tell if you’re clipped in or not. It may be complicated to connect the large, short body either forward or backward.


  • Weight: 290g
  • Width: 62mm
  • Float: 5 degrees
  • Cleats: ATAC and ATAC Easy
Why I Like It: These pedals have a lightweight build and provide an incredibly secure connection between your shoes and the bike. I was impressed by the easy entry and release mechanism, which allowed me to quickly and confidently disengage from the pedals when necessary. The wide platform also provides excellent support and stability, which is especially helpful when tackling technical terrain.

6. Crank Brothers Mallet E LS

Crankbrothers Mtb Bicycle Pedal
Crankbrothers Mtb Bicycle Pedal

The Crank Brothers Mallet E LS uses a smaller platform with adjustable pin and shim features. The Crank Brothers Mallet E LS has one of the most fully tunable lightweight Enduro trail pedals. 

It uses the X-Wing Eggbeater design with easy, soft angles. Also, it has a wide range of clears with tow axle lengths. 


  • Adjustable pins: 6 per side for grip
  • Weight: 426 g per pair (without cleats)
  • Customizable float & release angle
  • Inner bearing type: Igus LL-glide bearing
  • Outer bearing type: Enduro cartridge bearing
Why I Like It: These pedals offer an excellent combination of grip, durability, and ease of use. What I like most about these pedals is the adjustable release tension and customizable float, allowing for a personalized and comfortable riding experience.

7. HT T1

HT Components T1 Clipless
HT Components T1 Clipless

The HT T1 is also one of the best clipless mountain bike pedals you can find in the marketplace. It looks similar to the Shimano XT-8020 but is different as the HT T1 uses a distinct cleat design with a wide rear shelf and won’t be suitable with SPD-compatible cleats.

The 68mm wide cage gives a decent side and some midfoot support, and they come in 11 different anodized colors. Dependability from the mix of bushings and needle bearings is not so bad, and there’s a Ti axle version that decreases the low weight more.

One downside with the HT T1 is that it can be too stiff on long descents and only works with Praxis bottom brackets. 


  • Weight: 368g
  • Width: 68mm
  • Float: 4-8 degrees
  • Cleats: 4 or 8 degrees
Why I Like It: Let me tell you this, during my 15 years of experience in mountain biking, I have tried out many clipless pedals but the HT T1 stands out on many fronts. The CNC-machined body and titanium spindle make it super light, yet surprisingly durable. What I love most about these pedals is the large platform, which provides a stable and comfortable base for my feet.

8. DMR V-Twin

DMR V-Twin Pedals
DMR V-Twin Pedals

The DMR V-Twin has one of the best contacts and connection features, ranking as one of the best clipless mountain bike pedals in the market. 

Its chunky alloy cage provides fair side support and comes with plastic bumpers at either end that can be lumped higher to adapt to the foot gap. Also, they have 7 (four front, three rear) grip pins that can be screwed in or out for more bite.

One downside of the DMR V-Twin is that its mechanism is likely vulnerable to rock damage. The DMR V-Twin is SPD compatible. It is heavy but appreciably adjustable in terms of grip and contact purchase. 


  • Weight: 560g
  • Width: 55mm
  • Float: 5 degrees
  • Cleats: 5 degrees
Why I Like It: The dual concave platform provides an unparalleled level of grip and control, while the adjustable pins allow for a customized level of traction. These pedals have a durable and robust construction that can withstand even the most hardcore trails. What I like the most about these pedals is the clipless design, which provides a secure and efficient power transfer.

9. Shimano PD-M530

PD-M530 Mountain Pedals
PD-M530 Mountain Pedals

The Shimano PD-M530 is outstanding amongst other clipless mountain bicycle pedals on the market. It is a strong alternative for those searching for extra support. The Shimano PD-M530 is appropriate for individuals who prefer their SPDs with a cage. The cage doesn’t offer the same degree of support as certain contenders, yet there’s still sufficient side support for most trail shoes. 

The Shimano PD-M530 is relatively cheap because of its simple cup and cone bearings. This arrangement also makes it last longer. 

The system essentially works, with a decent, comfortable degree of buoyancy and a usable range of tension adjustment. It’s a framework that practically every shoe is based around, so it’s no surprise that all shoes tested fit perfectly. The shaping mechanism indicates that it doesn’t get too hung up on rocks, although, with just one side sprung, entry options are a touch more restricted than for some competitors. 


  • Size: 9.17 x 5.59 x 2.83 inches
  • Weight: 0.61 Kilograms
  • Grip Material: Chromoly
  • Cartridge Axle 
  • Optional SM-PD60 Reflectors 
Why I Like It: Shimano PD M530 pedal platform is wide enough to provide a stable base, yet still lightweight for maximum efficiency. The adjustable tension allows you to customize the release force to your liking. I particularly appreciate the smooth and consistent engagement, which instills confidence in technical terrain.

10. XTR M9100 Pedals

XTR M9100 Pedals
XTR M9100 Pedals

XTR is Shimano’s flagship line, and this pedal improves upon XT by dropping about 30g per pair. Compared with the earlier M9000 pedal, these get a more extensive yet slimmer platform that keeps the same weight but supports your shoe better.

The key redesigns from XT are a slender profile with reduced stack height and the choice for standard or 3mm more limited axles for racers looking for the tightest conceivable Q-Factor. 


  • Weight: 314g
  • Float: 4 degrees
  • Release Angle: 13 degrees (with SM-SH51 cleat)
  • Q-Factor: 52mm or 55mm
  • Bearing Type: Cup & cone adjustable contact bearings
Why I Like It: If you want top-tier clipless pedals for your mountain bike, then the XTR M9100 pedals are going to be the perfect choice for you. These pedals are lightweight and allow you to reach the maximum speed on your bike within no time. I loved the exceptional grip of these pedals, which kept my feet firmly in place even on the most technical and challenging trails. Another advantage is the wide platform, which provides excellent support and stability.

Flat Mountain Bike Pedals

Flat mountain bike pedals are double-sided, usually provided with additional grip with strategically positioned pins. You can move your feet as you like with flat mountain bike pedals. Most riders prefer flat mountain bike pedals in the technical field.

One of your great advantages is that the flat mountain bike pedals give you more freedom. You can slip, slide, and adjust the pedals.

Feature My Recommendation
Size Opt for pedals around 100mm in width for a secure fit
Pins Choose pedals with adjustable or removable pins for customization. Grub screws are often preferred for better grip due to their threaded body
Shape Consider the pedal shape as it plays a crucial role in performance and comfort
Hardware Invest in high-quality pedals with durable sealed bearings for longevity

Clipless Mountain Bike Pedals 

Clipless mountain bike pedals are made up of special pedals and attachments that connect to the soles of clipless cycling shoes. To upgrade to a clipless system, you must first select pedals and shoes of your choice. 

You can put your foot out at any time with flat pedals. However, with clipless mountain bike pedals, you must always keep your feet attached to the pedals. You can pedal more efficiently without expending too much energy with clipless mountain bike pedals. This means your feet won’t be bouncing around on the pedals, and you won’t have to adjust them on the road.

If you’re going for a long leisure ride, clipless pedals are recommended. When you’re about to sprint hard out of the corner, you will be able to put down as much strength as you perhaps can with clipless pedals. 

If you are looking to get a clipless mountain bike pedal, here are a few terms you should be familiar with:

Feature  My Recommendation
Bearings and Bushings You can discover the direction and bushings between the body of the pedal and the axle. While the bearings can be free-fixed cartridges or needle bearings, the bushings are generally lighter. However, the bushings destroy quickly, particularly if water or earth moves beyond the seals.
Float This is the extent to which your shot pivot along the side. Your heel should turn left to right on the pedal. This keeps your knees from hurting.
Cleat This is the part that mounts to your shoes. Most cleats come in around 60-65g per pair with bolts and hardware.
Stack Height This alludes to the thickness of your pedals in addition to the cleats. It makes the distance between the axle and your foot. Go for a lower stack height as it causes you to feel more connected with your bicycle.
Platform This is the body of the pedal. Like flat mountain bike pedals, the size and shape matter as they determine how much stability and support you get. A big platform has weight but gives you a sturdier body to stomp on in those finish-line sprints. On the other hand, a smaller platform has less weight.

Mountain Bike Pedals

How To Choose The Right Mountain Bike Pedals

It’s important to choose a bike pedal that fits you and your level of experience. So how do you choose which one to buy? That’s a good question. Well, there are a few factors you have to consider when buying a mountain bike pedal, and we will walk you through all of them. 

1. What Type Should You Choose: Flat or Clipless? 

When choosing a mountain bike pedal, this is the first thing to consider. Do you want a flat mountain bike pedal or a clipless mountain bike pedal?

In case you’re an amateur, you can begin with the flat mountain bike pedal. They are more affordable than clipless mountain bike pedals. They are lighter, more stable, and have more grip. You do not have to worry about special shoes to use flat mountain bike pedals. Lately, flat pedal innovation has made considerable progress, with critical enhancements in the pins and state of flat pedals and the hold of flat pedal-explicit shoes.

If you’re searching for a strong, foot-pedal connection, a clipless mountain bike pedal is your choice. Clipless mountain bike pedal frameworks highlight an extraordinary cleat that is attached to a mountain bike-specific shoe to give you a genuine connection between your foot and pedal. You clip into the pedal by stepping down and let go by twisting your heel to the side.

There are several advantages of using clipless mountain bike pedals. First off, they improve pedal productivity since energy is moved all through the pedal stroke. Also, they keep your feet connected to the bicycle, especially when you’re riding on rough terrains.

2. You Can Also Choose Combo Pedals

Combo pedals are a combination of mountain bike pedals that have the features of both flat and clipless mountain bike pedals. There are two different styles. One has a clip on one side and a platform on the other. The other type has a clip merged into the platform on both sides so that each is accessible at the same time.

One issue with using a combo pedal is that it is often heavy, and the clips are more difficult to use. If the combo pedal has only one clip on one side, it tends to rotate. The clip side will always point to the ground because of the weight. They are, however, an excellent option if you own a bike that you use for different purposes.

3. Also Keep The Weight In Check 

The weight of the pedal is another vital factor to look out for. While getting a lighter is generally the better choice, you also have to look at the durability factor, which is a common issue for light pedals. Do adequate research before making a choice. 

4. Look For Adjustability

This factor is important, especially if you want to get a clipless mountain bike pedal. You also need to consider the pedal tension settings and the float. Whatever mountain bike pedal you choose to buy, go for one that allows you to adjust to your preferred settings. 

5. Durability and Ease of Maintenance 

Durability is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a mountain bike pedal. Always go for bike pedals with smooth bearings that won’t need a lot of maintenance. 

Mountain bike pedals undergo a lot of stress year after year. When buying a bike pedal, look out for those that can be rebuilt easily or those whose parts can be swapped out.

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Are Flat Pedals Better For Mountain Biking?

Honestly, both flat and clipless pedals are great for mountain biking. With that said, flat pedals allow the users to get on and off the bike quickly, it also increases your confidence while riding.

Are Mountain Bike Pedals Cheap?

Normally, you can easily get a pair of good-quality mountain bike pedals for $150.

Are Bigger MTB Pedals Better?

Bigger pedals mean that you are going to enjoy a bigger platform, it gives you more area to plant your foot and there is also a greater contact between you and your bike.

Do Clipless Pedals Make You Faster?

Yes, if you use the clipless pedals then it provides 10% more maximum power output but in shorter periods.


So, now you know you can choose to start with flat mountain bike pedals or choose clipless mountain bike pedals. You can also decide to go with the plastic or nylon pedals that come with a cheaper price tag or go for the less expensive to expensive metal alloys that are more durable. Whichever you decide to go for, depending on your choice and budget, I hope my list has got you covered.

Are you ready to upgrade your bike pedals? Let me know if you need help with something else in the comments below!

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