The Best bike bell Review and Buying Guide 2022

Bicycle Bells are the best way to alert others of your presence while you are riding. Alongside alerting, they carve a nice and comfortable bike path. Unlike other buyer's guides, we will be discussing some of the best bike bell with the best prices that you can get right now and how to choose the right one!

Bicycling is fun, but do you know what’s more fun? Cycling without any risks, even the best bike that has incomplete bicycle accessories cannot be used to the full extent, that’s why you need to upgrade your bike with the best bell. There are many people that use bikes without bells but that is also the reason that they get to have so many problems. It is best to get a good bike bell for your own cycling safety. The loud rings can alert people to get out of your way.

Why do you need a bicycle bell? What difference does it make? Does it affect the experience in some way? Let’s answer all of those questions.

Why You Need A Bicycle Bell?

Bicycle bells are fun to use and they are extremely handy too, the best bicycle bell in your collection is going to be more than just a visual treat. The first thing that they will be doing is alerting others of your presence, this comes in very handy when you are surrounded by people or want to carve a path quickly.

You might be thinking that the best bike bells are the expensive bells that do the trick but you can also get your hand on a good cheap bell that will fit on any kind of handlebar and will get the job done. Other than these two options, there are bells like the spurcycle bell that will look like nothing that you have ever used before while also doing their job perfectly.

Different Types Of Bike Bells

As you might have guessed, there are different types of bike bells that you can choose from. You can use them for a road bike, commuter bikes, drop bar bikes, and most importantly kids bikes. It does not matter what kind of bell you will eventually choose, as both types will get the job done for you. The effectiveness of the job counts but you should be able to enjoy all these bell types.

  • Classic Cycle Bells
  • Air Horns

Classic Cycle Bells

The normal kind of Bicycle bell that you see on bikes is the classic cycle bells and they date back to the 1800s when they were invented. They are also called the classic brass bell and they can be mounted very easily on bikes, they either have a tab or a ringer that you have to strike. When that strikes, there will be a ” Loud Ding” that we are all familiar with.

The older models were a bit inconsistent as they used a thumb-pushed lever, but those models are gone now. The new models are well made and have a plastic clamp, upon striking the tab, it hits the exterior of the bell and thus the ding sound emits. This one is perfect for those who want to keep a low profile.

Bicycle BellBicycle Bell

Air Horns

Although air horns are still used as bicycle bell although they work completely different from the classic cycle bells, they are bigger and louder than most bells. Basically, they use pressurized air to emit a very powerful blast of air, like a shockwave. Some of these models have an air reservoir that is actually mounted in the bottle cage, you can refill them with water in case they run it.

The only downside is that these are not fun options as they can easily annoy people. If you have to use them, reserve them only for emergencies.

No matter what kind of bell type you go for, use them to the fullest as they will help you a lot.

Top Bike Bells- Reviewed 2022

Whether you are looking for a mountain bike trail bell or something more suitable for road bikes, we have got you covered. We have done all the necessary research for you, so you don’t have to do it yourself. In this guide, we have listed some of the best bike bells available for you.

Let’s get started!

  1. Editor’s Choice: Trigger Bell
    If you are looking for the best overall bell then this is the one to go for. It is safe to use and affordable, and it also mounts up on the bike’s handlebar without a problem.
  2. Bonmixc Bike Bell Brass Mini
    If you like stylish bells then this is another classic bike bell to go for, in the brass option. This one adds a classic look to your bike and also has a very pleasant tone that you will get used to very quickly.
  3. Spurcycle Original Vintage Bell
    This is a vintage option, but only by the design. Its classic design and performance are still top-notch, and it is also very fun to use. Definitely try out this sleek option for your road bikes.
  4. Timber! Mountain Bike Trail Bell
    If you are specifically looking for a bell option for mountain bikes then go for Timber! Its design uniquely fits those who want to do mountain biking. It is also very stable on the handlebars, just wait till you try it. This is the best mountain bike bell.
  5. Lion Urban Bell
    The Lion Urban Bell is definitely the best-looking bell that I have ever come across. Its construction is premium and the quality is also amazing.
  6. Firmstrong Classic Bicycle Bell
    The Firmstrong Classic bell is best known for cruiser bikes, but you can also use them in other bike types. It has a nice design and comes in a lot of colors.
  7. Bobbin Embossed Ringer Bell
    The Bobbin Embossed is another classic option that you should go for. The design is amazing, and it is also affordable.
  8. RockBros Handlebar Stainless Steel Bell
    This is an amazingly affordable option that will fit on any kind of bike. It even has a Vintage style that you will love.
  9. Electra Ringer
    You can get the Electra in different designs, including different colors. Be wary though, it dangerously resembles an Alien UFO.
  10. Knog Oi Classic
    The Knog Oi Classic is a completely different kind of bell, you might have not seen anything like it before. Although it performs really well, you will surely love its ding dong tone.

1. Trigger Bell-Editor’s Choice

Trigger BellTrigger Bell

Price: MSRP $12

Let’s start our list with the best bell we could find, you will not need another bell for a while. This is a brass bell and can easily be attached to drop bars, for increasing the rider’s safety, they are just the best. No matter what kind of riding you have planned, mountain biking, or trail riding, this bike will come in very handy. It provides you easy access to ring the bell. They even work well on the drop bar bikes

The bell is made to fit on 20-40mm handlebars, but still, you find a lot of options there. Do give this amazing bell a try!


  • Very Safe
  • Can Be Easily Installed
  • Reasonable price


  • Not Suitable For Rainy Weather, Sound Gets Distorted

2. Bonmixc Bike Bell Brass Mini

Bonmixc Bike BellBonmixc Bike Bell

Price: MSRP $10

The Bonmixc Bike Bell Brass Mini is Amazon’s Best Seller right now, and that is rightfully so. Although the price is low, the quality compared to it is very high. The usage is very convenient and the design of the bell is also attractive, as it should be. 

It has a double-ding sound, can alert people effectively, and can also be installed in a matter of seconds. The bell placement can be on either the right or left side. It can fit handlebars with a diameter of 21-23mm.


  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Great Design
  • Easily Installed


  • It Has A Very Small Mount

3. Spurcycle Original Vintage Bell

Spurcycle Original Bike BellSpurcycle Original Bike Bell

Price: MSRP $49

When it comes to sheer design and affordability, there is no match for the Spurcycle Original Vintage Bell, it just hits all the right spots for you. It is a retro bell, as you may have guessed. You can place it on any handle, and also in different styles if that is what you want.

Even in crowded areas, the bell can be heard by pedestrians and people in cars, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. If you are not careful with the bell then it could even scrape the drop bars. It is only compatible with two diameter specifications- 31.8mm and 22.2mm handlebars.

The quality is amazing, and the price tag is also hard to ignore. So do get your hands on it!


  • Attractive Vintage style
  • Amazing Quality
  • Variable Fitting Design


  • Mounting Can Scrape The Bike Bars
  • Expensive

4. Timber! Mountain Bike Trail Bell

Timber Quick Release Mountain Bike BellTimber Quick Release Mountain Bike Bell

Price: MSRP $24.95

If you are specifically looking for a mountain bike bell then look no further than Timber! For trail riding, there will not be a better bell than this high-pitched one, the design is just absolutely unique. The bell has a different type of chiming sound, unlike anything that I have heard before and you can even turn it off if you want that.

For Mountain Bikers, this bell would come in really handy, especially on busy paths. You won’t have to tire your hand, every time you need to ring the bell. It can operate on its own, thanks to the continuous bell option.


  • Unique Structure For Mountain Bikes
  • Continuous Noise Option, Best For Busy Paths
  • Stable Design


  • Bulky Construction

5. Lion Urban

Lion UrbanLion Urban

Price: Starting At £19.95

Looking for a classic bike bell? Take a look at Lion Urban, it is one of the most beautiful bells that I have come across. Sometimes I forget that it is actually a bell instead of something else. Whenever you will push the trigger, there will be a “Ding” sound, and it will last around 20 seconds-ish, making it the perfect choice for urban adventures.

One of the best things about the bell? You can get it in different sizes for different bars.


  • Amazing Design
  • Loud Sound
  • Premium Construction


  • Expensive

6. Firmstrong Classic Bicycle Bell

Firmstrong Bike BellFirmstrong Bike Bell

Price: MSRP $15.99

The Firmstrong Classic Bike Bell is an all-rounder beauty. This bike can be used on all kinds of bikes, name each one, it can fit there with ease, which makes it naturally an amazing choice for every kind of cyclist.

There is one thing about the bell that some people won’t like, the size is big but that works right? Plus, the bell also comes in different colors.


  • Amazing tone
  • Attractive Design
  • Versatility


  • Might Be Too Big For Some
  • Expensive

7. Bobbin Embossed Ringer Bell

Embossed Ringer BellEmbossed Ringer Bell

Price: MSRP £9

The Bobbin is a retro bell, unlike the premium bells in this list, but the quality is still top-notch. You can get this amazing bell in different sizes and colors, plus it also fits on the majority of bike types.

This high pitch bell is simple and gets the job done, perfect if you are in the mood for just commuting. Although if you are looking for a bell best-suited for road bikes or mountain bikes then this one might not just be the one for you. 


  • Retro, Vintage Look
  • Affordable Price
  • Suitable For Most Bike Types


  • Bulky Design

8. RockBros Handlebar Stainless Steel Bell

Rockbros Bike Bell Classic BellRockbros Bike Bell Classic Bell

Price: MSRP $10.45

This stainless steel bell from RockBros is really something, visually and quality-wise it looks like the Spurcycle Vintage Bell that we added to our list, but the price is way cheaper. This bell is available in different colors and the one-mount works really well. There is only one size and it can fit on all sorts of bikes.

This bike is best for adults, not kids, as the lever is hard to reach. If you are always going at high-speed then I would suggest getting another bell.


  • Amazing Value
  • Old-School Vintage Look
  • One-Size For All Bikes


  • Not Practical Enough

9. Electra Ringer

Electra Color Ringer Bike BellElectra Color Ringer Bike Bell

Price: MSRP $12.99

If you want a flying saucer for a bell then definitely get the Electra Ringer. Although if that is not your choice, you can also get the Electra ringer in an ice cream cone design, there are other designs as well. The bell also comes in different colors, so you have all the freedom to choose.

This is an old-school bell so you are going to have a lot of fun with it!


  • Different Designs
  • Amazing Colors
  • Great sound


  • Stock Issues

10. Knog Oi Classic

Knog Oi Bike BellKnog Oi Bike Bell

Price: Starting At $15

The Knog Oi Classic is the weirdest bell that I have ever seen, but that also makes it the most unique one. The novel approach to it has certainly made it very famous. It is loud and gets the job done smoothly.

The elegant design is reason enough to get this bell, it fits handlebars with diameters 23.8–31.6mm.


  • Novel Design
  • Great tone


  • Expensive

How To Choose The Best Bike Bell For Your Bike?

Choosing the right bell can be hard if it is your first time getting one. There are numerous bell designs, and the types will also get you confused. Gladly, we have done all the necessary research for you. Here are all the aspects that you should know about when getting a bike bell.

Pay Attention To The Sound Quality

When getting the bike, the main thing that matters the most is the quality of sound, how loud the bell is actually. Although it also depends on you, where will you be using the bike? Loud and crowded areas or just peaceful neighborhoods? 

If you want to tear through the busy city traffic then an air horn will do the trick for you.

Your Budget Matters

Your budget for the bike bell is going to matter. Although these bells are not expensive there are still some pricey ones out there. With that said, more price does not equal more quality. You can get an amazing bell for a really cheap price.

Sometimes, when the quality of sound is really great and the bike has premium construction, it might be expensive.

Size and Fitting

Make sure that the bell you get actually fits your bike, try it out first. Or in some cases, if you are planning on changing your bike then the bell that you get must fit there too. 

The bell mount should be fit for all sorts of bikes, for a kid’s bike get a bell with smaller mounts.

Durability Is Critical

When bells are really cheap, like less than $10, they seem like an easy way to get the job done but chances are that they won’t last long. You need to go for bells that can last for a while. So even if you have to spend more than the normal price for them, don’t hesitate. 

Brass or stainless steel bells are expensive but they last longer than the other bells. Kid’s bells can be cheap though!


Bikes are incomplete without bells, which is why you need to get the best ones for your bike. These bells make sure that you can easily traverse through traffic and also notify others of your presence in a crowd. For the rider’s safety, the bells are a must.

Amongst the list, the best bell was certainly the Trigger Bell. The design, price, and sound quality are all top-notch.

We talked about different bell types, how they are different, and also discussed how to get the perfect bell for your bike. Hopefully, this covers all of your burning questions about bells, if you have more for us, you know the drill!

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