How To Hang Bikes In Garage: Creative Bike Storage Solutions

Getting the perfect bike for yourself is a difficult and time-taking process, we know that, but what's difficult is storing that bike. Having the perfect bike storage system is necessary if you want the best safety and maintenance of your bike. In this guide, we will be sharing some of the best garage bike storage ideas and some other exciting information.

Imagine getting the bike of your dreams and then running out of storage space for it, would feel terrible right? Having ample storage for your bike is necessary as the bike itself, even if you get it, where will you store it, unless you live in a mansion. 

If you live in a tight space then storing the bike could be a problem, this recalls the need for a garage to store your precious bikes in. There are a lot of bike storage ideas that we want to share with you, although today we will be focused on garage storage. From mountain bikes to electronic bikes, we will be showcasing some of the best storage hacks that you can use and some vital information that you need to know firsthand.

A garage space will give you loads of space to hang your bike, you can either opt for a vertical bike storage option or a horizontal bike storage option, there will be plenty of options. 

Why Get A Garage Storage For Bikes?

Bikes are very awkward to store and I say this from experience. You can’t just store them on the floor, that takes away too much floor space and the main goal here is to save space. People are concerned that some of the garage storage options won’t apply to them because they have too many bikes, which is wrong. It does not matter how many bikes you have, with these bike storage solutions, you will have the space to store all of them.

The idea here is to store multiple bikes at once, and that is where garage storage comes in. Have you ever considered DIY garage storage options, if you haven’t then you absolutely should because they save a lot of money and get the job done!

Garage storage is also great if you have a small apartment that you don’t want to overfill. You can turn the garage storage area into a workshop too if you wish. When you store a bike indoors, especially in your garage, you protect them from weather damage, that is something that comes in very handy. Storing a bike outdoors will always spur the threat of theft and damage from changing weather.

Bike Hanging On White Wall
Bike Hanging On White Wall

What Is The Drywall Storage For Bikes? The Next Step Forward

Have you ever wondered what THAT Drywall in your garage is actually about? Drywall is not just for architecture, you can use it to hang your bikes, you just have to be creative enough. Lucky for you that we did it ourselves and made the calibrations correctly. Now you just need to do what we did!

Before we get started, here are some tools that you will need:

  • Anchor Hardware (Any Type)
  • Drilling Machine
  • Stud Finder

The idea over here is to make a bike rack on that drywall, and we will show you how.

How To Construct The Rack

A bike rack on the drywall of your garage space will not just look good but also save you a lot of floor space, this aligns with our goals. The first thing that you need to do here is to find the wall studs with the stud finder behind the drywall. After finding the studs, you need to find a suitable place where you will install your bike rack, our suggestion would be to always go for the middle spot.

You have to know that as there are different bikes, there are also different bike racks. If you want to hang your mountain bike then you will need a bigger and stronger bike rack that will sustain the heavyweight. Make sure that you also have a proper and working drilling machine because you will have to drill through the drywall and into the studs, if you don’t know how then we suggest that you have professional help with you or a buddy.

When you are done with the drilling part, you will have to attach the appropriate screws and then attach the bike rack. Make sure that it stays there on the wall before attaching your bike to it.

Garage Bike Storage Ideas

Hanging the bikes on the drywall seems like a really good option, but there are some people that won’t be able to digest this idea, we have other solutions for them. For these solutions, you need to be lucky and by lucky, we mean having enough space in your garage. You can always clear out the clutter and then get started. A bike workshop and a storage space go hand in hand so that is a nice idea to go with.

Try Ceiling Bike Storage Options

No matter how much clutter you remove, you still can’t have that floor space that you always wanted? Well, that is no problem because our first suggestion is going to be ceiling storage. It is one of the best ways to store your bike a bit risky though.

With the ceiling bike storage installed, you can store even up to six bikes and even park a car underneath. If you want to try this method then there are two options for you. You can try out a pulley system or you can try a rack system. For the rack system, we recommend the Saris glide, it is one of the best bike racks that you can install on your garage ceiling. 

There is one word of warning here though, bikes with normal brakes are fine if you want to store them upside down, but you have to be careful about bikes with hydraulic disc brakes. In that position they just make the bike feel squishy which can also result in permanent damage. Wall-mounted bike racks is also something that you can try in the ceiling. 

When the ceiling storage is finally installed, you might want to keep the area closed for kids. They should not be allowed to enter the garage without adult supervision. Sometimes when the bikes are not visible on the floor, they often don’t come into our minds. This is something that we have to be extra careful about, one wrong move could lead to a lot of trouble and even injuries.

Another easy option to work around the ceiling is installing some hooks. This hack is best if you have some “Extra” bikes to store that you forgot about.

Try Shelves Or Bike Hooks

It is a blessing if you have a family that loves riding bikes as much as you do, and if you have a really big family then you would want to try installing hooks or some shelves on your ceiling. What makes these storage options really interesting is that can be stretched to the whole length of the garage and this way you can also store a lot of bikes. 

We stored up to 12 bikes this way and on top of the bikes we were also able to store helmets and some other bike gear, how fun! 

Another thing that makes this option really good is that you can store any kind of bike you want. It does not matter if you have fat bikes, electronic bikes, mountain bikes, or road bikes, all can be hung on these hooks without any kind of problems. This way you save floor space and can even store kids bikes easily.

Go for the hook options if that well suits you. If you can’t construct the shelves or hooks yourself then you can always buy them from shops and have professional help come install them. This really works, you need to try them out!

Outdoor Bike Storage Ideas

Having a garage with ample space is good, but what if you don’t have this option with you. What if there is space outside your garage and you want to use that space to store some bikes! Here are some of the unique options that you can try to store your bike. 

Try A Bike Storage Shed

A bike storage shed is something that you might have not tried before, it is one of the most creative storage options to exist. If you have a big yard but no garage then you can try this option, you can also go for this solution if there is no space in your garage. 

The fun thing about a shed is that the construction is fun, all of the family can join in to make the shed. Although if you don’t want to make the shed yourself you can always employ professional help.

Try A Bike Tent/Cover

This might not be one of the most famous options to go for but you can always try it out. A bike tent or a cover will be able to protect your bike from foreign elements like dust. Although before using them, we recommend you install an anchor on the floor so that the bikes remain locked.

Bike Storage Considerations That You Need To Know

In order to have the perfect bike storage for your house, there are some considerations that you need to know. These considerations will let you prepare ahead. Let’s discuss them!

Consider The Storage Space First

Everyone wants the best storage solution for their bikes, but first, you need to consider the storage space that you have. The options that you could have are a garage space, apartment, house, or even a shed. In light of these spaces, you need to come up with a storage solution. You need to store bikes in a way that saves you a lot of space, bike storage racks are one of the options to go for.

In this guide we also mentioned wall mounts, you can also try them out. This way, the bike’s wheels are parallel with the wall. If your bike is tall, then you need to go for a mount that is tall enough, this way there will be less or no interference with other objects. Wall mounts are best suited for people that live in apartments.

If you live in a house where there is ample space and have a garage or even a shed option then you can try out different ways to store your bike. This way not only will you have creative solutions, but you will also be able to store a lot of bikes.

The Bike’s Weight Matters

The bike that you are trying to store in your house, its weight is going to matter a lot. The bike rack or a wall mount needs to sustain your bike’s weight. The storage solution that you are going for, needs to be in accordance with the bike’s weight otherwise it will all be for waste. Trust me, you don’t want the bike to come crashing down on you or worse! Get a wall-mounted bike rack or a bike storage rack that can withstand the maximum kind of weight.

If it is your house then you can easily do all the drilling that you want, although if you live in an apartment then you would have to ask permission to install racks on the wall from your landlord.

Security and Safety Of The Bike

You need to store your bikes in an area where they will be completely safe. You don’t want someone suspicious gaining access to your bikes. Some people don’t pay attention to the bikes stored in their garages and sheds and that increases the chances of theft. 

Although with a bike hook if you store a bike vertically, it will be hard to gain access. Go for storage solutions that offer the best kind of safety and security for your bike. 

The Walls and Floor Needs To Be Protected Too

While going for a storage solution, the wall space and floor space needs to be protected too. Go for racks that have protective wrappings on them that save them from grease or wet weather. With these racks and wall mounts, there should be no contact of wheels with the floor or the wall. Be sure to protect the garage floor too!

Storage Solutions Should Accommodate The Wheel Size

Apart from the bike’s weight, the storage solution that you are going for should also be able to take care of the wheel size. The rack or wall mount should be able to accommodate the width of the bike’s wheel. No matter how big your wheels are, the storage solutions should also be big enough.

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There are a lot of storage solutions available for your bike, whether you use a garage space, apartment, or a shed, they will take the utmost care of your bike. In this guide, we discussed some of the ways you store your bike in a garage and we also discussed other creative storage options.

While opting for storage solutions, there are some considerations that you need to think about. Take care of all of them and everything will be set for you!

Should you have any questions or require further clarification on the topic, please feel free to connect with our expert author Luke Ameen by leaving a comment below. We value your engagement and are here to assist you.

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