Electric Bike Popularity Soars: Top States Leading the Charge Revealed in New Study

Exploring the Growing Trend of E-Bikes and Which Regions are Embracing the Technology

  • Hawaii is the top state for e-bike interest, according to our analysis.
  • California and Utah follow as the second and third most interested.
  • Western US states lead the pack in electric bike interest with many in top five.

Having expertise in electric bicycles, we have recently conducted a study to determine which states in the United States are most interested in e-bikes. After analyzing Google Trends search data for the keyword “electric bike” in the last twelve months across each state, we discovered some interesting insights.

According to our study, Hawaii is the state with the highest interest in electric bikes. A total search score of 100 indicates that the state has the highest level of interest in the term “electric bike” among its residents. Searches for electric bikes have been on the rise in the US, with Google Trends data showing an all-time high during the summer of 2022.

California and Utah followed closely behind as the second and third most interested states in electric bikes. Most of the top five spots on the list are occupied by western US states. As more and more people turn to e-bikes as a low-carbon and cost-effective alternative to cars, as well as an effective means of promoting a healthier lifestyle, we are pleased to see a significant increase in e-bike use.

On the other hand, Mississippi ranks as the state least interested in electric bikes, with Texas and Georgia following closely behind.

Being enthusiasts and experts in this field, we find these findings quite intriguing. It is interesting to see how different regions of the US are adopting e-bike technology and how interest in this mode of transportation has evolved over the years. Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to see how this trend develops.

The top 10 states most interested in electric bikes:

Rank State Search Score
1 Hawaii 100
2 California 80
3 Utah 76
4 Idaho 72
5 Vermont 69
6 Washington 63
7 Nevada 62
8 Oregon 61
9 Montana 61
10 Wyoming 59

Full data:

STATE Search Score
Hawaii 100
California 80
Utah 76
Idaho 72
Vermont 69
Washington 63
Nevada 62
Oregon 61
Montana 61
Wyoming 59
Alaska 58
Maine 57
Florida 56
New Hampshire 55
Colorado 53
Arizona 50
Delaware 49
New York 48
Pennsylvania 48
Michigan 47
West Virginia 47
South Dakota 46
Rhode Island 46
District of Columbia 45
Minnesota 45
New Mexico 44
Wisconsin 44
Iowa 41
New Jersey 41
Illinois 37
Connecticut 37
Nebraska 37
Kansas 36
Missouri 35
North Dakota 34
Ohio 34
Louisiana 34
South Carolina 34
Massachusetts 34
Indiana 33
Kentucky 33
Maryland 31
Oklahoma 31
Tennessee 31
Alabama 31
Arkansas 30
North Carolina 29
Virginia 29
Georgia 28
Texas 28
Mississippi 27

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