Jenson USA Review – The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Next Bike (Updated 2023)

There might be a few cyclists that have not heard of Jenson USA, and it is possible that many of you might have already purchased something from there. Jenson USA is one of the best online bike shops to exist, they have a great range of bikes, accessories and other items. Let us take a deep look at Jenson USA here!
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Are you looking for a dedicated bike shop that allows you to purchase anything you want from the comfort of your home? Well, we have the answer and it is Jenson USA, one of the oldest and most prominent bike shops in America.

They started their operations in 1994 so they have been around for more than 25 years, which immediately makes them professionals. You can’t look for more supportive online shops than Jenson USA!

Jenson USA started with the main goal of selling amazing bikes and bike-related products to their customers and they have excelled at that, that is why cyclists love them. They are the kind of brand that people can love and rely on for top-notch products.

What makes Jenson USA even more amazing is the fact that they have partnered with some of the best cycling companies, both in and out of America. They even promote and encourage new industries, this way they generate sales and market them. We recommend Jenson USA that is why you should trust them too!

What Are Their Core Values?

Jenson USA
Jenson USA

Every great company has its own set of values and traditions, it is what separates them from others and helps them establish its brand identity. The core values of Jenson USA show how much open they are to their customers and what they want to achieve with their partners. These are their core values:

  • Set The Pace.
  • Customers Are Everything, Show Them Absolute Love.
  • Be Honest and Open.
  • Together We Can Do Anything.
  • Be A Sustainable Business.
  • Demonstrate Leadership Through Serving Others.

Now, the structure of their website is very nice, very professional, you can easily find what you are looking for once you visit them online, because of all these values, cyclists love Jenson USA. Let us take a look at Jenson USA Here!

Jenson USA- Offering A Huge Portfolio!

Jensonusa Bike Types
Jensonusa Bike Types

What is the point of having an amazing online bike store if you don’t have the brands that people love? With Jenson USA, you really don’t have to worry about that. Jenson has every brand and every kind of bike that you could wish for, on top of that they have amazing sales too.

While we are discussing that, it is to be said that their main focus of attention is mountain bikes, that is what they excel in! Theirs is a great reliable online business that you should definitely try out!

People actually visit Jenson USA to get mean and aggressive rides for the off-road trails but they are surprised with many other options, and people love great value when it comes as a surprise. 

The Different Categories They Offer!

Jenson USA Road Bike
Road Bike

Jenson USA is offering amazing bike categories and you can go shop there now, following are the categories:

  • Road Bikes
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Gravel Bikes/Cyclocross
  • Electric Bikes
  • Kid’s Bikes
  • Cruiser Bikes

Many of these categories are available between the mid and high range although you can still find some amazing bikes for an affordable price. Believe me, I have seen some great bikes with them available for less or for $500, just try them out for yourself!

The last time we checked in with Jenson USA, they had 307 bikes and you would not believe us but 198 from them were mountain bikes, we were not kidding when we said that their main attention is mountain bikes. Apart from mountain bikes, there were more than 61 Gravel and Cyclocross bikes listed, well this makes absolute sense as those kinds of bikes are getting extremely famous these days!

The other famous category is Road bikes, you can find all sorts of categories here, from low-end to high-end. These road bikes are available in both carbon and aluminum frames so check them out!

People looking for amazing mountain bikes should definitely head on to Jenson USA, but if that is not your taste then you will find other satisfying categories there too!

Electric Mountain Bikes- A Remarkable Evolution

Electric Mountain Bikes have made a name for themselves for the past couple of years, people are loving them and are shifting to them. Well, why wouldn’t they, electric mountain bikes offer amazing performance, and the freedom to do things that people could not do before. You would be pleased to know, there are amazing electric mountain bikes available at Jenson USA, and they should be definitely checked out.

Devinci Electric Mountain Bikes

Some amazing brands that are offering their electric bikes on Jenson USA are:

  • Devinci
  • Benno
  • Orbea

What surprised me was the fact that the price of these electric mountain bikes wasn’t that high, well it was high but not that much. We all know that electric bikes are rather expensive than other kinds of bikes but at Jenson USA they are a bit discounted.

If you want an electric bike that will be acting as a workhorse then Benno Utility Electric Bikes are also available with Jenson, you can try them out.

Electric Bikes on Jenson USA

For more details on Electric Bikes, Click Here!

Brands and More Brands!

We discussed at the start that Jenson USA has partnered with many amazing cycling companies, that includes famous and recently established/establishing. Jenson USA is all aware of technological advancements, whenever there is a specific upgrade by a brand or just something new, they will have it in their inventory, this way they never miss out on the new stuff!

Jenson Brands
Jenson Brands

No matter if you are looking for high-end or low-end products, you will find something for everyone on Jenson USA. These are the many brands that they are offering on their website:

  • Yeti
  • Santa Cruz
  • Orbea 
  • Kona
  • Ibis
  • Giant
  • Diamondback
  • Devinci
  • Colnago
  • SRAM
  • Specialized
  • Maxxis 
  • Continental

If we were to continue that list then surely we would be out of space, there are tons of other brands available at Jenson USA. There is just so much diversity and choice at Jenson USA that once you try them out, you wouldn’t have to go anywhere else. This is a rare feature that only a handful of cycling-oriented shops have!

Jenson USA offers different bikes that are made with different components and features. There are different sizes, so flexibility isn’t a concern, there is something here for every kind of rider. Our favorite is definitely the Santa Cruz section though!

What About Their Customer Service?

In today’s era, one thing is more common and most easy and that is communication. It is how we get in touch with others, it is how relationships are built and nourished. Needless to say, you cannot have an amazing brand image without offering great customer service, that is the main rule that has to be always followed.

People want amazing customer service, something that is available to them 24/7 without any kind of interruptions. You would be pleased to know that great customer service is one big part of Jenson USA, this is one of the qualities they excel in. No matter what you have heard, they offer excellent customer service!

Their customer service is 24/7 so you won’t have to wait for someone to pick up the phone and assist you. The timings that they follow are:

  • 8 AM TO 5 PM (PST)

Some of the other ways of contacting them are the following:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Toll-Free Number: 1-888-880-3811
  • Local/International Number: 1-951-344-101
  • Fax: 1-951-682-3844

Although, if by any chance you still can’t get a hold of them you can try out the “Help Desk” page mentioned on their website. You can also fill out a contact form and from there they will get back to you!

Sometimes it happens that you want some alterations to the order you placed, many online stores do not offer that but Jenson USA gives you the benefit of alterations if you are quick enough. All you have to do is call them and let them know about the changes to your order, the rest they will handle themselves.

You can check from anywhere, everyone will say that Jenson USA has great customer service. Just wait till you try them out for yourself!

Where Are The Stores Located?

Talking about Jenson USA has gotten you excited, hasn’t it? Well, if you want to buy anything from them that you fancy then there are two ways to do that, either you can visit them online on their website or go to their traditional stores, the choice is all yours. Their loyal fans surely know where Jenson USA is located!

Both of their stores are located in Southern California, so if you live there then you are in luck as you can easily visit them. You can even get your order delivered to the shop and then get it from there, everyone loves free delivery, don’t they?

Jenson USA ships amazing products which is why you should take a look at them!

Let us discuss their stores:

1. Corona Retail Store

Address:  2410 Wardlow Rd. #109
Corona, CA 92880.

Number: (951) 736-0700

Here, you can get everything from assembled bikes to tune-ups, do try them out!

2. Riverside Retail Shop

Address: 1615 Eastridge Ave
Riverside, CA 92507

Number: (909) 947-9036

Here, you can get every kind of bike plus bike-related accessories including apparel and gear, try them out today! In terms of reliability, even their bike frame was warranted, which really surprised us!

The Speciality of Jenson USA- Exclusive Customizable Builds

Marin Alcatraz Bike 2021
Marin Alcatraz Bike 2021

Jenson USA is unique, we told you that, but what is it that actually makes them unique? Jenson is offering exclusive customizable builds to their customers, but what is that? Sometimes it happens that you love a specific bike from a specific brand but the features feel weird. This has happened to us many times so we guarantee that it must have happened to you too!

Jenson USA offers a witty solution for this, they are offering exclusive builds. What they do is manufacture amazing bikes that are hand-crafted and designed by their engineers, these bikes cannot be found anywhere else though. The prices aren’t that much and you can easily find a bike in the $1500-$6000 range.

These engineers of Jenson USA focus on these main aspects before manufacturing the bikes:

  • Offering the best value for the money
  • Their focus is on absolute performance and durability
  • Offering the best materials, geometry, and components 
  • Frames only taken from the best brands

If you still aren’t satisfied with their exclusive builds then you can tell them about your own wishlist. Just send them a list of the bike and components you want and they will make it possible if it is possible!

The Cycling Community surely loves these exclusive options from Jenson USA!

Check Out More Here!

Jenson USA- Meet The Expert Gear Advisors

Did we tell you that Jenson USA was established by cycling experts and professionals that love the field? Well, they have their own set of experts that advise on everything related to bikes and will help you out if you have any queries.

For casual cyclists and professionals, the number of queries and worries never decreases, sometimes there might be confusion about a specific bike or a component and you obviously cannot figure everything out by yourself. That is why these experts are here to assist you!

You can contact these professionals at any time and ask whatever is baffling you, they will help you out with anything bike-related. Even if you wanted to build an amazing bike from scratch they would surely help you out. You can contact them here:

Real Feedback and Reviews From Customers 

Here is some of the feedback from the customers of Jenson USA.

Faster and Cheaper Than Local

Ordering my rims from Jensen was literally cheaper and faster than having my local shop get it from their distributor. I needed rims quick to replace a broken wheel on my commuter so it just couldn’t wait. Rims arrive to Canada in 48 hours with standard shipping somehow. (April 10, 2023).

Awesome Wheelset Deal and Fast 

Awesome wheelset deal and fast delivery! Ordered the DT Swiss GR1600 650B wheels as a second set for my gravel bike. Jenson shipped straight to my home in Canada with no issue, no delays (a few days delivery) and no duties other than the usual sales tax. Wheels are typical DT excellent quality and included both Shimano and SRAM freehubs, and tubeless valves. Set up tubeless perfectly with no issue or leaks. Only thing I’d change is the star ratchet, for one with more teeth for quicker engagement. Only takes a minute to change and doesn’t even require removing the cassette from free hub. (April 8, 2023).

Great Prices But Shipping Sometimes…

Great prices but shipping sometimes takes a while when they choose UPS (not jensonusa’s fault, but they should stick with USPS to avoid having to wait 7+ days for a 10 dollar seatpost adapter…) USPS gets here in a flash, but sometimes larger orders come in two separate packages, one from USPS, the other UPS (white truck vs brown truck). Otherwise, deals and discounts are good, and you can trust them to have some high quality stuff on their website. (April 7, 2023)

Order Was Great, Delivery NO BUENO 

Order was great. SECOND TIME THE PACKAGE IS LEFT AT A NEIGHBORS HOUSE. Nothing is being blocked I don’t know what is going on with the driver, Makes me not want to order from JENSON USA anymore! I really want to order more just not sure if I will receive it.. thanks (April 3, 2023)

Note: These reviews are purely personal experiences and don’t affect the overall brand reputation of Jenson USA. 


Is Jenson USA Legit?

Jenson USA is 100% legit, you visit them both online and in stores to check their credibility.

Who Owns Jenson USA?

Jenson USA is owned by Michael Cachat, he started the company in high school!

How Do I Contact Jenson USA?

You can contact Jenson USA through this number: 888-880-3811


Jenson USA is an amazing company that you can absolutely rely on! They have partnered with some of the industry-leading companies that produce amazing products. From bikes to bike-related products, you will find everything with them.

Their exclusive build option is something that no one else is offering and I think that you should definitely try out that option. Feel free to browse their wares on their official website and flagship stores across California!

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  1. Have made several component purchases without issue. However, do not purchase a complete bike through Jenson, and do not be fooled by the 90 day returns plastered on the web page. When you purchase a bike online, the one and only way to determine if it’s a good fit is to take it out of the box, adjust the saddle, and bars, and test ride it. What they don’t want you to know is that it is no longer returnable. I needed to return a MTB, but was told that if I test rode it then it’s considered “ridden”. When I questioned that logic, I was literally told that it’s in black and white and couldn’t be more clear. By that logic if you test drive a car, then that car is now a used vehicle. Absolute nonsense.


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