Top 30 Bike Lanes in the World (12 Are Outside Europe)

We have just finished this infographic that will show you the top 30 bike lanes in cities and countries all around the world. All of them have their perks, and they are known for being some of the most bike-friendly places anywhere.

Top 30 bike lanes
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So why should cities and countries around the world follow the example of the above 30? Well, there is a whole range of reasons why they need to incorporate bike lanes. Here are just a few of them:

Encourages people to cycle more

For one, they give out some motivation to people who see them to use bikes instead of cars to get around. We all know just how healthy it is to use a bicycle for even a few miles a day. The health benefits of cycling have been applauded so many times that it gets a little repetitive, but there you have it. With more people being encouraged to ride bikes, it is very likely that there will be a healthier population in cities that have bike lanes as opposed to those that don’t.

Shows drivers that bikes are vehicles too

In addition to this, there has been a lot of controversy in recent years over the amount of cyclists who use the normal streets to get around. For the most part, motorists don’t really consider bikers to be vehicles that require much attention.

In fact, a lot of drivers feel that bikes should just be relegated to the pavement instead. Bike lanes help to reduce the incidence of this mind set by showing drivers that cyclists need their own roadways too. This helps to stop drivers from thinking of them as being equal to pedestrians.

Reducing traffic jams

Bikes, without knowing it, can be the cause of heavy traffic jams in the city. This is mainly because cycling is slower than driving. When on narrow city streets, cars can’t really overtake bikes immediately. This leads to them having to follow the cyclist at HIS pace for a while.

This can lead to a lot of delays for drivers, and can cause traffic jams. Bike lanes get rid of this problem by moving cyclists to an entirely separate part of the road. This allows them to travel at their own leisurely pace without having to worry about clogging up the rest of the street.

Increases cyclist safety

Bicycles are notoriously among the most dangerous methods of transportation around. This isn’t because of you, though. It is the fault of the drivers of other vehicles, who tend to forget that cyclists are a part of the roadway too.

Many a time, a car door opens at the wrong moment, causing a cyclists overtaking the parked vehicle to slam head first into the door, and possibly be injured rather seriously. A bike lane prevents this by allowing cyclists to have a stretch of road that no one can park in.

They keep pedestrians safer

While you probably didn’t realize this, bike lanes don’t just benefit the cyclists and drivers. They also have massive perks for pedestrians. The addition of a bike lane means that there is an extra safe zone between the main road and the sidewalk. This reduces the chances of some idiot veering to the side and hitting innocent people on the sidewalks.

In addition to this, people in wheelchairs can use the bike lanes to get around. They are usually much faster than walking pedestrians, but travel at the same speed as bikes. This means that they will be able to use the bike lane without having to worry about avoiding people on the sidewalks.

Reducing EMT response times

When someone dials 911 (or 999, or whatever the emergency number is in that country), ambulances are dispatched to get to the person in need of assistance. In the city, there is one major problem that arises. Because of the sheer amount of vehicles on the road, EMTs are going to get delayed in getting where they need to go.

Bike lanes reduce the response time of the EMTs, because they provide a vehicle-free zone in which the emergency vehicles can drive when necessary. This greatly increases the chances of the paramedics, firefighters or police officers saving someone’s life.

Enforcing road rules

Cyclists don’t usually feel the need to stick to the same rules of the road that drivers do. You will frequently pass cyclists riding on the wrong side of the road, against the flow of traffic. Unlike pedestrians, bikes are classified as vehicles. This means that they need to stick to the same rules of the road.

Bike lanes help make this happen by giving cyclists the feeling that they are actually recognized as vehicles. This means that they will be more motivated to actually obey the rules of traffic, instead of risking their lives and the lives of others by being careless or taking unnecessary risks.

They help save the world

This is an extension of the fact that bike lanes help to motivate people to cycle more. Every time a new bike lane pops up in a city, the amount of cyclists in that neighborhood increases. This is almost guaranteed. Every bike that is put on the road is one more car OFF the road.

With the billions of vehicles on the streets today, global warming is steadily on the rise. Many people don’t remember the last time they heard pin-drop silence, or the noise of water on rocks in a stream. The absence of cars will help bring natural beauty back to the world by deleting pollution in all its forms.

Around the world on bicycles

Bike lanes are definitely something that every city needs to have. Whether it is for increasing economy, or for saving lives, bike lanes work wonders. A recent study showed that bike lanes also help property prices go up, for people who are going to be selling their homes.

But when it comes to different countries around the world, there are different attitudes towards bike lanes. For example, in Copenhagen there is nothing BUT bikes around. There are more than 5 bikes for every car, which is an astounding number. However, other cities have yet to step up their game. Around the world though there are certain countries that have already taken the next step in staying green and making the streets safer and cleaner.

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