Meeting Sir Willie: Strava’s New FKD- The Fastest Known Dog

"Honestly, he's completely obsessed and it's starting to drive me crazy,"

Sir Willie

Pearl Izumi is one of the leading brands of Cycling Gear for both men and women and today they premiered their first “daschund’mentary,”. In this video series, they will be showing what is the main criteria of becoming Strava’s KFD- The Fastest Known Dog. All of that seems good enough, but what does it mean to be the fastest known dog? Sir Willie is here for that, he has the true courage and dedication to become Strava’s FKD.

Belgium Waffle Ride Champion 2022 Alexey Vermeulen has been trying very hard to find a training partner, and he has finally found the perfect companion in Sir Willie. Alexey expressed his happiness and gratitude:

Since coming off the WorldTour, it’s been hard to find a training partner. I finally found one in Willie and he’s awesome.

He doesn’t just want to be a good dog, he wants to be the best dog. And there is one place where Willie is truly first-class, and that’s Strava. Willie’s big motivation since we started training together is to be the FKD, the Fastest Known Dog.

From dieting to actually completing the training exercises, Willie seems hard at work to become the Fastest Known Dog for Strava. Willie enjoys the rides thoroughly while being tucked on Alexey’s back, he has finally found a new home.

A little background on Sir Willie, he is the cutest long-haired miniature dachshund that belongs to Vermeulen’s girlfriend, Sophie Linn. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, both Sophie and Alexey strengthened their bond with Willie as they used to take him for rides together. It turned out that Willie loved this from the get-go and he was himself the most covered in the gusts of wind.

When life turned back to normal, Alexey took Willie to his races and that is where his popularity grew, he made a lot of friends along the way.



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Alexey has admitted that Willie is now more famous than he is. He stated:

He’s more famous than I am. People were almost angry at Belgian waffle Ride when he wasn’t there.

Honestly, he’s completely obsessed and it’s starting to drive me crazy. He won’t stop refreshing Strava and I don’t think we’re training partners anymore. I think I’m his domestique!

For Alexey, the next target is going to be a big one as he aims for the 200-mile Unbound gravel race in the start of June. Will Sir Willie accompany him or not? We won’t have to wait long to find out!



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