Best Inexpensive BMX Bikes- Review and Buying Guide 2024

BMX Bikes are perfect for hardcore sports, after all, they were made for stunts and having exhilarating fun.  In this guide, I have added some of the best cheap BMX bikes for you and some other necessary information. Read on to find out more!
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Have you used a BMX Bike? Yes? Well, then you know that they are best known for hardcore sports. Did you know that another name for these bikes is the off-road sports bicycle? If you ask me, the name perfectly describes the true nature of these bikes. 

BMX Bikes are popular for racing, doing different sorts of stunts, and even as a means of transport. But here’s the fun part: Once you get them, it is completely up to you, how you use them.

That’s enough talking about BMX bikes, it is time to dive into the best cheap BMX bikes that you can find in the market. I have compiled some of the best BMX bikes that you can get without breaking the bank. From intermediate riders to even professional ones, there is something for everyone here. Let’s get started!

Top 10 Inexpensive BMX Bikes (Updated 2024)

I have added BMX bikes of all three types for adults and kids. These bikes also come with different upgrades and customization options, making them an ultimate package. 


BMX Bike Model Price Top Feature Overview
Mongoose Title Elite Pro XL BMX Race Bike $639 Lightweight Aluminum Frame Best choice for professionals and aggressive riders, with exceptional performance and value.
X-Games FS20 Freestyle BMX Bicycle $169 Stylish Aesthetics Great for form and function, the gyro braking system, is suitable for youth and adults.
Mongoose Legion L80 Freestyle $469 Beginner-Friendly Low Geometry Ideal for beginners, exceptional gearing system, and durable construction.
Guardian Ethos Kids Bike $379 Sure Stop Technology Safe and comfortable for kids, colorful patterns, easy assembly.
Redline Bikes Roam 20 Youth BMX Bike $265 Race-Inspired Geometry Great for aggressive young riders, rust-resistant wheels, exceptional braking power.
Redline PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser $625 Chromoly Steel Frame Classic design with modern features, sturdy construction, and exceptional control.
Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator $625 Classic Nostalgic Design Nostalgic appearance, a durable frame, exceptional control, and stopping power.
RoyalBaby BMX Kid’s Bike $174 Lightweight Aluminum Fork and Frame Perfect for kids, safety features, available in different colors.
Razor Nebula BMX Bike $183 Strong and Durable Steel Frame Ideal for aggressive riders, with exceptional stability and control, and perfect for stunts.
Diamondback Nitrus Complete Youth Bike $170 Single-Speed Drivetrain Reliable and durable, great for youngsters, attractive dual-colored design.

1. Mongoose Title Elite Pro XL BMX Race Bike – Editor’s Choice

Mongoose Title Elite Pro
Mongoose Title Elite Pro

Price: MSRP $639

Let’s start our guide with the Mongoose Title Elite Pro XL BMX Race Bike, it is the best one in the market in terms of price, value, features, and performance, you are not going to get a better BMX bike than this one. Mongoose is best known for its fat bikes and BMX bikes that is why are very trustworthy. 

The main goal of Mongoose is to provide amazing value to its customers, how does it do that? By making amazing BMX bikes that everyone can enjoy, the Title Pro Elite is one of those bikes. 

Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • 6061 Tectonic T1 Biaxial Hydroformed Aluminum Frame
  • 4130 Chromoly Handlebars and Fork With 50mm Stem
  • Double-Walled Rims
  • Arisun XLR8 20-inch Tires

The bike’s frame is made from T1 Biaxial Hydroformed Aluminum, which means it is extremely light but also strong and durable. With this bike you can easily perform any kind of tricks you want or become an aggressive rider, the choice is fully up to you.

Even if you want to take on the hills or become an urban adventurer, the Elite Pro BMX will always let you do that without any restrictions. The amazing handlebars, rims, brakes, and tires work together to bring forth a stellar performance that you will always love.


  • Allows High Performance For Riders, Even Professionals
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Linear-Pull Brakes Give Amazing Stopping Power
  • Easy Assembly


  • Small Plastic Pedals Hinder The Experience Sometimes
Editor's Choice: The Mongoose Title Elite Pro XL is everything that I wanted in a BMX bike. It has all the necessary features and components that give an exceptional experience. Although the plastic pedals of the bike ruin the overall amazing experience sometime!

2. X-Games FS20 Freestyle BMX Bicycle

X Games Fs20
X Games Fs20

Price: MSRP $169

While looking for a BMX bike, if your main focus is form and function then you should get the X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bike. This bike excels because of its aesthetics, and when you will ride it, heads will surely turn in awe. Apart from the amazing design, the bike is also capable of high-performance like none other.

Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Stylish Aesthetics
  • Gyro Braking System
  • Strong Frame and Fork

BMX bikes are for hardcore sports, and these types of bikes need exceptional stopping power. Luckily, the front and rear brakes of the X-Games FS20 are amazing, the bike also takes full advantage of the Gryo Braking System. It is a relief that there are no brake cables to deal with here, this bike allows the riders to have amazing rides without any kind of problems.

The construction of this bike is strong, the steel frame and fork of the bike make sure that it will have an amazing performance while also being durable. With the inclusion of the four pegs, the riders can do a variety of tricks on the X-Games FS20.


  • Has Plenty Of Safety Features
  • Sturdy and Durable Construction
  • Stylish Design


  • Heavier Than Other Options
Why I Like It: The X-Games FS20 is an amazing youth BMX bike. It has all the features that make for an amazing BMX experience, if only it was also for adults then this would be the number one purchase for everyone. It just feels heavier than other bikes I have tried but that still isn't a deal-breaking situation.

3. Mongoose Legion L80 Freestyle

Mongoose Legion L80
Mongoose Legion L80

Price: MSRP $469

Everyone knows about Mongoose bikes and if you don’t then you should definitely know about them, they make amazing bikes that range from fat bikes to BMX bikes, you don’t have to worry about the quality or the performance because they always blow away all the expectations.

The Mongoose Legion L80 Freestyle is a bike that you should definitely have, especially if you are a beginner. This bike still fits for professionals but it is the beginners that will have the most advantage here, they can hone their skills to the max without any kind of problems.

Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • 4130 Chromoly Front Triangle, BMX Freestyle Geometry
  • Beginner-Friendly Low Geometry
  • Aluminum MAG Wheels

When you look at this bike, you can see that the features and components are all amazing. The Hi-Ten Steel frame of the bike gives it the much-needed durability, riders can easily perform all kinds of tricks with this bike without any kind of compromises.

The low geometry of the bike is an amazing feature for beginners and when this is combined with the frame and fork, the performance becomes stunning. With the sealed bearings, the bike and riders are protected against contaminants like water and mud, this also reduces the overall wear and tear of the bike.


  • Amazing Single-Speed Performance
  • Exceptional Aerodynamic Capabilities
  • Heightened Durability
  • Excellent Gearing System Best For Beginners


  • Tires Will Have To Be Replaced Frequently
  • Comes In Only One Size
Why I Like It: The Mongoose Legion L80 is a bike that you should definitely try out if you are a beginner. I started my whole BMX journey with it and the whole experience helped me become a better rider. It helps you hone your skills, has amazing features and components, and also handles really well.

4. Guardian Ethos Kids Bike

Guardian Ethos Kids Bike
Guardian Ethos Kids Bike

Price: MSRP $379

The Guardian Ethos is another amazing kids BMX bike that you should definitely consider getting. Guardian is known for making amazing bikes, especially for wild adventures, now joining their roster are powerful BMX bikes and the Guardian Ethos is one of them.

Kids love bikes that they can attach themselves with, the Ethos is surely that. The first thing that you notice in the Ethos is the amazing aesthetics, it comes packed with bright and colorful patterns that kids will adore. 

Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Sure Stop Technology
  • Lightweight Components
  • Colorful Patterns

When it comes to kid’s BMX bikes, nothing else matters other than safety, that is why the bike comes installed with the Sure Stop Technology. This one-hand braking system is very powerful, kids will not be confused while using it and by comparison, it is 50% quicker than other brakes and braking systems.

Stability and lightweight design are the main plus points of the Guardian Ethos, with this bike, kids can perform their tricks without any kind of disturbance. Being parents, a hard fact about kids’ bikes are the long and exhausting assembly. The Guardian Ethos comes 99% pre-assembled, you just have to attach the handlebars and brakes, that’s it.

The bike’s frame is supported with a lifetime warranty so if it gets damaged, you can always get a replacement for free. Another thing is the full refund after 30 days of usage, if you are not satisfied you can always return the bike to the manufacturer.


  • Exceptional and Safe Braking System
  • Very Lightweight Construction
  • Comes 99% Pre-Assembled
  • Upright Position
  • Amazing Comfort
  • Full Refund After 30 Days Of Usage


  • Not Suitable For Aggressive Young Riders
Why I Like It: The Guardian Ethos is a bike that is very encouraging and comfortable for kids. Safety is the main best feature of the bike, all thanks to the Sure Stop Braking System. Being a parent myself, getting a bike for your kids can be very tough, but the Guardian Ethos makes it very easy, it also comes pre-assembled.

5. Redline Bikes Roam 20 Youth BMX Bike

Redline Bikes Roam 20
Redline Bikes Roam 20

Price: MSRP $265

When it comes to starter bikes, the Redline Bikes Roam 20 is another stunning BMX bike that you should have. Durability and control are the main focus of the Redline Bikes Roam 20, all of this supported by the Hi-Ten Steel Frame. 

Young riders are going to have an absolute blast riding the Redline bike, with the race-inspired geometry, young riders can hone their skills to the maximum and also have fun, show off their skills to the crowd. This is the kind of bike that they will be using for a very long time.

Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Hi-Ten Steel Frame
  • Race-Inspired Geometry
  • Strategically-Positioned Handlebar
  • Rust Resistant 20-Inch Alloy Wheels
  • Powerful Rear Brakes

Young riders also need to have an upright position while riding, a natural and strong riding pose is critical for an amazing but safe riding experience, that is what you will get with the Redline bike because of the strategically-positioned handlebar.

With the rust-resistant 20-inch alloy wheels, you can have adventures all day long without the bike getting that much dirty. The wear and tear of the bike are also drastically reduced due to this satisfying component.


  • Rust-Resistant Wheels
  • Upright Position While Riding
  • Best For Aggressive Riders
  • Lightweight Design
  • Exceptional Braking Power


  • The Cranks Are The Weakest Parts Of The Bike
Why I Like It: The Redline Roam 20 is an amazing choice to go for young riders, especially if you love to ride aggressively. From the powerful braking system to the lightweight design of the bike, this is going to make all of your wild BMX adventures fun and unforgettable.

6. Redline PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser

Redline Bikes PL 26 BMX
Redline Bikes PL 26 BMX

Chromoly BMX bikes are amazing, the Redline PL 26 is an amazing example of the Original BMX, and that is the main reason why you should get it. This bike is all about being tough and durable, so if you want something for aggressive rides or even doing some tricks, the Redline PL 26 has got you covered.

The Redline PL 26 has strategically chosen the Chromoly frame, it is both lightweight and durable and does not get into the way of performance.

Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Chromoly Steel Frame
  • Double-Walled Rims
  • Tektro 930AL Linear Brakes

Traction and control is something that is quite exceptional with the Redline PL 26, the tires are so amazing, even if the bike is budget-friendly. The wheels of the bike have double-walled rims and are installed with aluminum hubs, they won’t get damaged that easily.

With the Tektro 930AL Linear Brakes, you get exceptional stopping power whenever you want. There will be no delays when you want the bike to stop, not even for split second.


  • Durability
  • Super Comfortable
  • Allows Upright Position While Riding
  • Great Stopping Power


  • Spoke Design Isn’t Reliable
  • Availability Issues
Why I Like It: BMX Bikes with Chromoly Steel Frames are known for their amazing comfort, lightweight design, and durability. The Redline PL 26 is an amazing budget-friendly BMX bike that has exceptional features and components, it doesn't even feel and look like an inexpensive bike.

7. Schwinn Sting Pro and Predator

Schwinn Sting Pro

Price: MSRP $625

If you have a love for classics, especially the BMX bikes from the eighties then the Schwinn Sting Pro/Predator is going to be one amazing bike for you. One of the best things about the Schwinn Sting Pro is that this bike is best suited for both kids and adults. 

The Hi-Ten Steel frame of the bike reinforces durability while also making the bike lightweight enough for all the aggressive riding and tricks. The amazing features of the bike make sure that you have the same exceptional performance that you are used to on any kind of terrain.

Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Classic Nostalgic Design
  • Hi-Ten Steel Frame
  • Internal Cable Routing
  • Sturdy Three-Piece Cranks

All of these amazing features like the ones I mentioned and classic gum wall tires, caliper brakes, rattrap pedals, will provide an unforgettable experience. 

The main reason for getting the bike is the nostalgic design, if you want to stun others in awe of this bike and also to enjoy the amazing features of this bike then definitely get it. 


  • Nostalgic Appearance
  • Sturdy and Durable Frame
  • Exceptional Control and Stopping Power
  • Easy Assembly


  • The Bike’s Saddle Is Hard
Why I Like It: The Schwinn Sting Pro is a bike for classic lovers, that still love the design and features of the amazing bikes from the eighties. Although the Schwinn Sting Pro also does something different here, the classic design is well met with modern features that allow for an awesome experience. Just be careful about the bike's saddle though, it is unexpectedly hard and narrow.

8. RoyalBaby BMX Kid’s Bike

RoyalBaby BMX
RoyalBaby BMX

Price: MSRP $174

The RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s BMX Bike offers an amazing introduction into the realm of freestyle riding. This is a bike best suited for both boys and girls, plus you can even get the same bike with training wheels to reinforce training.

The construction of this bike is very sturdy, the bike’s frame is made from aluminum, there is also a fork attached that dampens vibrations. 

Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Available In Different Colors
  • Lightweight Aluminum Fork and Frame
  • Rubber Tires
  • Non-Slip Pedals
  • Chain Guards Installed

When it comes to kid’s bikes, safety is a concern that all the parents have and that is rightfully so. The 2.4 inches width tires offer good traction and amazing tread action on all kinds of terrains, so even if you wanted kids to have some fun on the hills then that would be a possibility with the RoyalBaby bike.

How is the bike safer than the other options though? There are amazing features that reinforce that, for example, the one-piece crank, front caliper brakes, rear brakes, and even a bell for emergencies or just plain communication. With the rubber grips of the bike, there is increased comfort for the kids and they will have a fun time learning freestyling.


  • Amazing Control and Stability
  • Safety and Security
  • Exceptional Braking System
  • Available In Different Colors
  • Heightened Durability


  • Stock Issues
Why I Like It: The RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Bike is an amazing introductory bike that all kids should enjoy. It offers the riders to have perfect control over the bike while also being fully stable while riding. The safety and security features are great. Plus, you can get this bike in different colors that the kids will surely love!

9. Razor Nebula BMX Bike

Razor Nebula BMX Bike
Razor Nebula BMX Bike

Price: MSRP $183

Become the leader of your riding group with the Razor Nebula BMX Bike, this is a bike that allows masterful tricks and aggressive riding, all in one budget-friendly package, there are not a lot of bikes like this one.

The Nebula has a steel frame that is surprisingly lightweight and also durable. It is installed with a freestyle rotor that allows the riders to perform different types of tricks without ever feeling burdened. The strength, endurance, and construction of the bike are truly stellar.

Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Strong and Durable Steel Fork and Frame
  • Comes Installed With A Freestyle Rotor
  • Powerful Front and Rear Brakes
  • Stable and Rust-Proof 20-Inch Wheels

With the overall construction of the Razor Nebula BMX Bike, you will always remain in control, there will also be stability whenever you ride. No matter what kind of stunts or tricks you want to do with the Nebula, there will be no barriers towards progression.


  • Strong Construction
  • Amazing Stability and Control
  • Exceptional Stopping Power
  • Best For Aggressive Riders
  • Allows For Impressive Stunts and Tricks


  • Availability Issues
Why I Like It: The Razor Nebula BMX bike is one of the best choices to go for aggressive riders. It has an overall strong construction and gives riders the freedom to perform awesome stunts and tricks. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Nebula, even got to learn a few new things about BMX tricks thanks to this one!

10. Diamondback Nitrus Complete Youth Bike

Diamondback Nitrus
Diamondback Nitrus

Price: MSRP $170

The Diamondback Nitrus Complete Youth Bike is a complete package for youngsters. The main design of the bike encourages, strength, durability, and control, these aspects are essential for an amazing BMX bike. If you are looking to improve your skillset and become a professional the safe way then definitely try out this bike.

Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Single-Speed Drivetrain
  • Hi-Ten Steel Frame and Fork
  • Dual-Colored

Reliability is the main package of the Diamondback Nitrus, you always feel confident and safe while riding, that is what we want when it comes to BMX Biking. 

The Diamondback Nitrus is an amazing dual-colored beast of a bike for youngsters, definitely try it out.


  • Strong Construction
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Best For Aggressive Riders 


  • Tires Need To Be Replaced Often
Why I Like It: The Diamondback Nitrus is a bike that is a gem for youngsters, with it you can enhance your skills and get more confident while riding. The Dual-Colored aesthetics of the bike are very cool, ultimately making them really attractive for youngsters.

BMX Bike Size Chart

With this BMX Bike Size Chart, you can easily find the perfect-sized bike for your kids and yourself. If you need help in finding the right size then reach out to us in the comments.

Age Rider’s Height ( Feet and Inches) Rider’s Height (Centimeters) Wheel Size
5-7 Years 3’7’’-4’0’’ 110-122cm 16’’
7-11 Years 4’0’’-4’10’’ 122cm—147cm 18’’
11+ Years 4’10’’-6’4’’ 147cm-193cm 20’’

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The Different Types of  BMX Bikes

Getting the perfect BMX bike can be very tricky let us warn you this, whether you are looking for someone or just want the perfect machine for yourself, this whole endeavor will be hard. Before you get started on the search, there are a few questions that you will have to ask yourself- Do you want to do BMX Racing? Do you want light and comfortable rides? Will You be enhancing your skills at the skatepark or someone’s backyard? 

These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself, this is because people throw around the BMX term like it is something very generic, but it is not, there are different types of BMX Bikes that you should know about. There are mainly three different types of BMX bikes:

  • BMX
  • Freestyle
  • Jumpers
Bmx Rider
Bmx Rider

1. BMX (The Original)

The True BMX Bikes are the ones that started this whole generation of bikes, these are also called the originals. Their whole advent dates back to the 1960s, their whole design was a knockoff and inspired by Motocross Motorcycles. These bikes can jump and perform well in the dirt and are designed for “Hardcore” sports. 

These bikes usually have 20-inch wheels but you can also get their 24-inch variants honestly, bikes that big then become cruisers and are no longer considered BMX. Their construction is generally aluminum or Chromoly steel, you can also get these bikes in a variety of sizes.

2. Freestyle

Freestyle Bikes emerged right after the original BMX bikes, and instead of racing, these are more focused on tricks, very aggressive street racing, and the skatepark. Apart from this, you can use this bike for a variety of other reasons, like going to school.

Their construction is also very unique, they either have the “Mag” wheels that are made from sturdy nylon or the heavy models that have 48-spokes wheels, you can choose between them according to your preferences. Their tires are 20 x 2.125, you can also opt for wider options, these are also known as the pavement pounders.

For making stunts easier, these bikes are included with axle pegs, although some manufacturers leave out this option.

3. Jumpers (Dirt Jumpers)

If you want something wild then try out the Jumpers, these bikes are made for flying. Most of these models don’t even have front brakes on them and have 36 rugged and gauge 13-spokes. Dirt Jumpers are also best for heavy riders because they come installed with 24-inch wheels.

How to Choose The Perfect BMX Bike

There is a lot to consider, but here are the important things to know:

1. The Overall Construction (Frame and Fork)

A bike of any category is known by its construction, that is the core, if the construction is not strong enough then the bike will eventually fail. You might have noticed that many entry-level BMX bikes and freestyle bikes are made from Chromoly steel. 

Generally, these bikes are made from different types of materials:

  • Chromoly Steel
  • Hi-Ten Steel
  • Aluminum 
  • Carbon Fiber

Chromoly Steel is present in the freestyle and entry-level BMX bikes while Hi-Ten Steel is used for the lower end and bikes that you can get even from your local utility store, I would personally suggest avoiding the bikes that are lower end as they are not meant for long-term usage. One of the best features of Chromoly Steel is that it can be butted, which means it can be made thinner, which reinforces the strength and agility of the bikes.

You might be wondering why are almost all BMX bikes made from steel, steel is the most resistant type of material against fatigue, and fatigue is the true nature of BMX bikes. However, that does not mean that other materials are not used in the construction of BMX Bikes.

If you are looking for BMX racing then that is another topic, for that purpose, the frame needs to be very light but also offer amazing performance. Aluminum and carbon fiber frames are used for BMX Racer Bikes.

2. The Wheel Size

As per our BMX Size Chart generally, the normal wheel size of a BMX Bike is 20 inches. This is much smaller than other types of bikes like mountain bikes, road bikes, or even cruisers. Kids’ bikes will be limited to 16-inch or 18-inch wheels, and we prefer it that way. You might even see some Trail BMX Bikes with 24-inch tires but going for tires that big is a lost cause.

The other types are Racing and Cruiser BMX Bikes and these are fitted with 20-inch and 24-inch wheels. If you are a tall person and love to ride aggressively then the best option to go for are bikes with 24-inch wheels as they offer more stability and control.

3. Rim Size

When we talk about the rims, a normal freestyle bike will have rims that have a width of 32mm and if you are really adventurous then you can opt for rims that have a width of 36mm. These rims of BMX bikes are made from aluminum, they can even be single, double, or triple-butted, which means they can be reinforced. This increases the structural support of the bike but also increases the overall weight of the bike, you have to keep that in mind while opting for this feature.

4. The Tire Size

Tires are also very necessary when choosing a BMX Bike. If your main aim is street riding and even parks then you should get wider tires that are also smooth, 100psi is recommended if you want high-quality tires.

If you are looking for dirt jumpers though then that is a completely different story, these tires have lower pressure and offer amazing traction. 20in x 2.1 tires are the best option to go for.

Bmx Bike Rider

5. The Type Of Hubs

Hubs are the centerpieces of wheels and when it comes to BMX bikes, they house the main bearings and that is where the wheel spins from. You should always go for BMX bikes with sealed bearings, these ensure the safety of the rider and also promote reliability.

There are generally four types of hubs:

  • Free coaster: These types of hubs are used by riders if they want to perform specific stunts and tricks. They have an internal clutch system installed.
  • Cassette: These have independent drivers fitted in themselves and are the same as road or mountain bikes. Their weight is comparatively lower and are also very easy to install. 
  • Freewheel: These hubs used to be the main standard but are now replaced with cassette hubs. 
  • Coaster: Coaster hubs are also known as the back pedal brakes, only found in entry-level bikes.

6. Gearing Systems

BMX Bikes unlike other types of bikes don’t have multiple gears and have single-speed drivetrains. What you need to consider here is the number of teeth on the chainring and sprocket, and an ideal combination of the two would enhance the overall performance of the bike.

A normal gear ratio for BMX bikes is 25/9 which means (Chainring and sprocket).

BMX bikes are hardcore bikes and to use them effectively, the rider needs to summon monstrous power, for that purpose a larger chainring is used. Keep in mind that these gear ratios can be changed by the riders for different types of purposes and races.

7. Types Of Cranks

BMX bikes have three types of cranksets. Here are the following:

  • One-Piece: They spindle as one and are installed in BMX bikes for kids and some lower-end bikes. They have the right and left crank arms.
  • Two-Piece: The spindle is attached to only ONE crank here, they are sturdier. 
  • Three-Piece: The strongest of the bunch, they spindle as three independent and different units. 

If you want the best performance then always go for bikes that have two-piece or three-piece cranksets. A normal crankset length is between 145mm to 190mm. Go for an option that fits within this range, many riders go for 165mm.

8. Brakes

BMX Bikes of almost all types are installed with rim brakes, this is because of the nature of these bikes, they can withstand the most amount of fatigue. Freestyle BMX bikes are a bit different though as they are fitted with U-brakes, and there are different types of U-brakes too. These are different rear braking systems for BMX bikes:

  • Detangler
  • Gyro

Most of the racers don’t even use a front brake when using BMX bikes.

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Question: What Is The Cheapest BMX Brand?

There are a lot of BMX brands that make cheap bikes that range to $500. Some of them are:

  • Diamondback
  • Mongoose
  • Redline

Question: How Much Does A BMX Bike Cost?

An inexpensive but good quality BMX bike will cost around $500, but if you are looking for an amazing bike for professionals then should cost north of $3000.

Question: Is It Cheaper To Build Or Buy A BMX Bike?

Getting a fully-made BMX bike is way cheaper than building a bike from scratch yourself.


In this guide, I added a cheap BMX bike, affordable BMX bike, racing BMX bike, professional BMX bike, and worthy freestyle BMX bike along with other surprises.

From this list, the bike that stands out from the crowd is the Mongoose Title Elite Pro XL BMX Race Bike. It has the best features and components that you should look for in a BMX bike and it doesn’t even cost that much.

I hope that all of your queries will be solved with my guide. If you have any questions then do reach out to me in the comments below.

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