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How to Use

  1. Select what you want to calculate: You can choose between Speed, Distance, or Time. Just click on the respective radio button.
  2. Input Values: Enter the known values in the provided fields. For instance, if you’re calculating time, you’d enter speed and distance.
  3. Choose Units: Ensure you’ve selected the appropriate measurement units from the dropdowns provided, like miles, kilometers, etc.
  4. Click Calculate: Once you’ve filled in the values, click on the ‘Calculate’ button to get the result.

When calculating speed, distance, and time for bike rides:

  1. Know Two Metrics: You should be aware of at least two of the three metrics: speed, distance, or time.
  2. Unit Consistency: Ensure that metrics are in consistent units. For instance, if your speed is in mph, then the time should be in hours. If your distance is measured in kilometers, your speed should be in km/h.
  3. Unit Conversion: Convert metrics to consistent time and distance units, such as miles, kilometers, meters, yards, feet, and hours, minutes, or seconds.

Understand the Results

Once calculated, the result will be displayed in the results section. This will provide you with the calculated value, be it speed, distance, or time, based on the input values and the selected measurement unit.

Speed, Distance & Time Calculation

These are three interrelated concepts. Given any two, you can calculate the third.

Average Speed Formula for Biking

Also referred to as average velocity in certain scientific contexts, the formula is given by:


  • is the velocity (average speed)
  • is the distance
  • is the time taken

Remember to convert units appropriately or use our calculator, which handles this automatically.

Example: If you biked a trail that’s 50 miles long in 5 hours, your speed is 50/5 = mph. If you need the result in km/h, it translates to approximately 16.09 km/h.

Distance Formula for Biking

Knowing the duration and your biking speed, the distance you covered is:


  • is the distance
  • is the average speed
  • is the time taken

Example: If you biked at an average speed of 15 km/h for 3 hours, you covered 15 × 3 = km.

Duration (Time) Formula for Biking

To determine the time taken for a bike ride when you know the distance and your average speed:


  • is the time
  • is the distance
  • is the speed

Example: If you plan to bike a 30-mile trail and you estimate your average speed to be 12 mph, it would take you 30 / 12 = hours.

How to Calculate the Average Speed of a Bike Ride?

To calculate the average speed of a bike ride:

  1. Determine the Total Distance: Use a biking app, GPS, or tools like Google Maps to measure the route you took.
  2. Calculate the Actual Biking Time: Exclude any breaks or stops from the total duration.
  3. Divide Distance by Time: If you biked 20 miles in 2 hours, your average speed was 20/2=10 mph. For 40 kilometers in 2 hours, it’s 40/2= km/h.


Why is my calculated speed not matching my GPS device’s reading?

GPS devices consider several factors, including fluctuations in speed. Ensure you’re calculating average speed and not instantaneous speed.

Can I use this calculator for any mode of transport?

Absolutely! Whether you’re biking, driving, running, or flying, the principles of speed, distance, and time remain the same.

How accurate are the results?

The calculator provides results based on the accuracy of your inputs. Always ensure you input precise values for accurate results.

Wrapping Up

Understanding the relationship between speed, distance, and time can be invaluable in many real-life scenarios. Whether you’re planning a trip, setting a sports goal, or just curious about your daily commute, knowing how to calculate and interpret these values can be very useful. Always remember to consider the units and ensure consistency when performing calculations.

Safe travels & Happy riding!

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