8 Best Bikes For Exercise To Choose From!

Want to stay fit without hitting the gym? How about exercise bikes? I have got some amazing options in store for you! Let's check them out now!
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Do you know what’s amazing? Being 50 but still looking like you’re 30! I mean how cool is that? And you don’t even need to spend a lot of money on skincare products to look like Angelina Jolie. All you have to do is get some exercise! That’s right! Exercise can do wonders for your body and brain. Now we may have different methods to exercise some like to hit the gym while others enjoy cycling down the road, breathing in the fresh air!

Both of the methods are great! But if have been reading any of my work, you’ll know that I am a cycling enthusiast and that I would go cycling over the gym any day. Here is the good part: If you need to get exercise while you enjoy cycling, you need an exercise bike!

Wait! There’s even more. I have got the top options listed right here for you to explore!

Best Fitness Bikes in 2023

Best FatureBikePrice
Best OverallTern Eclipse X222,699.00
Best Lightweight PerformanceSpecialized Sirrus X 4.01,500
Best Suspension Trek Marlin 71,029.99
Best VersatilityCannondale Quick CX 3910.00
Best ProtectionRidgeback Speed748.27
Best DurabilityCube Hyde Race1,316.62
Best MileageSpecialized Turbo Vado SLStarting $5000
Best TractionGiant ToughRoad SLR 21,620.02

Important Notice: All the prices mentioned are subject to change.

These are some of the best fitness bikes to get if you want to have amazing workout sessions, daily commutes, or even go to work! These are the best! Let us get started!

1. Tern Eclipse X22 “The Blackbird”- Editor’s Choice

Price: MSRP $2,699.00 

Tern Eclipse X22 The Blackbird


Feature Description
Design Designed to be the fastest hybrid bike. Sleek and sexy design.
Hybrid and Folding Design Functions as both a great hybrid and folding bike. Easy to store and convenient for transportation, fitting in the trunk of a truck.
Wheel and Drivetrain Powerful 26-inch wheels. Equipped with an Ultegra Drivetrain for efficient and smooth gearing.
Braking System Shimano SLX Hydraulic Disc Brakes for maximum control, especially during downhill rides.
Compact Size Surprisingly compact when folded, enhancing portability and storage convenience.
Versatile Geometry Features an aggressive geometry suitable for various terrains. Can be used for different purposes, providing flexibility in riding styles.
Workout-Friendly Ideal for quick workout sessions. Aggressive geometry supports a variety of workout goals.
Performance Features 26-inch wheels and tires contribute to smooth and efficient travel over long distances. Maintains consistent energy levels during tours or workout sessions.
Overall Satisfaction High overall satisfaction, with the assurance that users will not be disappointed with the bike.

I think that the Ultegra Drivetrain and Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes just complement the overall performance of the bike and other users seem to agree!


  • Provides An Amazing Traction
  • Powerful Braking System
  • Seamless Gears
  • Strong and Durable
  • Foldable- Can Be Stored Anywhere


  • Limited Availability
Editor's Choice: The Tern Eclipse is an amazing hybrid bike that is easily foldable, so no storage issues there. With those amazing components like the drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes, it is ready to take you on all kinds of roads.

2. Specialized Sirrus X 4.0

Price: MSRP $1,500

Sirrus X 4.0


Feature Description
Performance and Comfort Fun to ride and offers top speed and comfort. Considered a fun option for exercise by many authentic users.
Versatility and Practicality Wide gear range and space for fenders. Suitable for trails, allowing riders to carry essential items without slowing down.
Shock-Proof Design Shock-Proof Bike with great 38-mm wide tires. Features 38-mm wide Pathfinder sport tires for fast and durable performance on various surfaces.
Momentum and Speed Provides amazing momentum and speed on the road. 38-mm wide Pathfinder sport tires contribute to optimal performance on different surfaces.
Versatile Use Ideal for exercises, daily commutes, and even work commutes. Construction allows easy maneuverability without problems.
Enhancements by Specialized Specialized has added features to enhance the bike. Includes gravel tires and the signature “Future Shock” for riding on various terrains.
Future Shock Feature “Future Shock” acts as an amazing shock absorber. Rubber-based coil design helps the bike withstand shocks and vibrations. Results in a very smooth ride.

For additional protection of the bike, there is also a carbon fork, which makes the bike lightweight. You can definitely expect a severe full-body workout with the Sirrus X 4.0.


  • Lightweight Design
  • Shock-Proof Bike


  • Some Users Experienced Uncomfortable Ride
Why I Like It: The Specialized Sirrus is an easy-going bike. You get more than enough value for the cost, I loved the shock-absorption prowess of the bike.

3. Trek Marlin 7

Price: MSRP $1,029.99

Marlin 7


Feature Description
All-Rounder Performance Excels in performance for daily commutes, exercises, trails, work commutes, and various uses.
Aggressive Design High bottom bracket, steep head and seat angles for aggressive riders. Comfort maximized with fat tires.
Shimano 10X Speed Drivetrain Ensures smooth and efficient gear shifting. Makes gear shifting a fun experience for riders.
Internal Cable Management Keeps wiring safe with internally routed cables, enhancing the bike’s aesthetics and functionality.
RockShox Judy 100mm Coil-Spring Fork Features a RockShox Judy 100mm Coil-Spring Fork for improved suspension and handling on various terrains.

The RockShox Judy 10mm Coil-Spring Fork does an amazing job of protecting the bike against all kinds of shocks and vibrations.


  • Lightweight Design
  • Internal Cable Routing Gives A Neat Look 
  • Seamless Gear Shifting 


  • Lacks Tubeless-Ready Wheels
Why I Like It: Marlin 7 has a sleek design and amazing features to make it worthwhile for exercising and regular fun. It could have come with tubeless-ready wheels!

4. Cannondale Quick CX 3

Price: MSRP $910.00

Quick CX 3


Feature Description
Freedom and Comfort Offers more freedom and comfort than other bikes in the range.
Sleek Aluminum Frame Constructed with a sleek aluminum frame, giving high-end vibes uncommon in this category.
Custom Fork Crown Enhances the bike’s aesthetics, especially from the rear end, providing a unique and sexy look.
microSHIFT 2×8-Speed Drivetrain Highlighted as one of the best features, paired with Shimano Tourney Cranks for smooth and uninterrupted gear shifting.
Vittoria Terreno Dry Tires Ready for adventures, providing reliable traction on various terrains.
Storage and Attachments Space for 2 water bottles and a storage bag in the main triangle/hub. Ability to attach fenders.
Sunrace 11-34 Cassette Contributes to the bike’s performance and versatility.
Shimano Tourney Cranks Reported by users to make pedaling and handling easy.

What’s so good about these dry tires is that you will get the same amazing traction from the bike on all kinds of tracks. No matter if it is flat pavements or off-road trails, you will always feel in control.

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  • Amazing Traction on All Surfaces
  • Perfect Pedaling
  • Profound Durability


  • Lacks Pre-Installed Fenders 
Why I Like It: Feeling restricted by some bikes? If you don't have the freedom and are looking for something extra then the Cannondale Quick CX 3 is the bike for you. It offers more versatility than the Trek Marlin 7, while also featuring more features. No matter what kind of surface you are riding on, you still get the same best traction.

5. Ridgeback Speed

Price: MSRP $748.27

Ridgeback Speed


Feature Description
Great Entry-Level Bike Perfect choice for those starting in urban biking/adventures on the trail. Extremely comfortable and suited for various adventures.
Strong Sturdy Frame Protected with a strong sturdy frame, constructed with mudguards for enhanced durability.
Comfortable and Relaxed Geometry Appealing features include comfortable and relaxed geometry, supported by rear racks and mudguards.
3×7 Shimano Tourney Drivetrain Provides control over changing gears and maintaining speeds during rides.
Promax V-Brakes Offers maximum control over the ride. While easy to maintain, note that V-brakes may not be as powerful as hydraulic brakes.
42c Tires Paired with the Shimano drivetrain, ensures amazing traction on any surface.

Another fascinating thing about them is the affordable price point. They make amazing bikes for less than usual. If you are satisfied with their Speed hybrid bike I do recommend that you also try out their other bikes.

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  • Top-Notch Comfort
  • Amazing Protection (Mud Guards and Fenders)
  • Durable Frame And Components 
  • Perfect Traction


  • Lacks Hydraulic Brakes
Why I Like It: Ridgeback features high-end components to make their products feel and look worthwhile. With Ridgeback Speed, you will have an amazing entry into the world of urban adventures.

6. Cube Hyde Race

Price: MSRP $1,316.62

Cube Hyde Race


Feature Description
Lightweight Aluminum Frame Sports a lightweight aluminum frame for a fast and responsive ride.
Gates Belt Drive Eliminates worries about maintenance and drag, providing a smooth and efficient ride.
Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Brakes Paired with Schwalbe’s Spicer Tires for optimal braking performance.
Tubeless Tires Comes with tubeless tires for a smoother ride and enhanced puncture resistance.
Hybrid Racing Design Unique bike offering the best of both worlds, combining racing features with hybrid functionality.
160mm Rotors Fitted with Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Brakes and 160mm rotors for effective and controlled stopping.
Schwalbe Spicer Tubeless Tires Provide excellent protection against road hazards like broken glass and sharp debris.

How about a hybrid bike that feels more like a racing bike, well that is what the Cube Hyde Race is, the ultimate combination of everything.

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  • Amazing Traction on All Kinds of Surfaces
  • Profound Durability
  • Little To No Maintenance
  • Can Soar Amazing Speeds


  • Not Enough Gear Range
Why I Like It: I always wanted a hybrid bike that felt like a racing bike, with the Cube Hyde Race, my dreams have finally come true. This bike feels like a dream. With the Schwalbe Spicer Tubeless Tires and MT200 Hydraulic Brakes, you will feel invincible on the road!

7. Specialized Turbo Vado SL

Price: MSRP Starting $5000

Turbo Vado SL 4.0 EQ



Feature Description
Weight Around 15 kg, relatively light for an E-bike.
Motor System Signature SL 1.1 motor system for efficient and enjoyable rides.
Lightweight Structure Allows a 130 km travel limit with a 320Wh battery.
Max Speed Varies based on the area, with an impressive motor output of almost 240 watts and 35nm torque.
E5 Aluminum Frame Specialized’s E5 Aluminum frame provides a lightweight yet stiff structure.
Tire Customization Recommendation to swap out the 700x42C tires for the 43 mm variant for improved comfort. Option to customize either the front or rear tire.

The Specialized Turbo Vado SL is a hybrid bike with flat handlebars, it almost feels light as a feather which is very rare for bikes of this type. 

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  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Good Travel Mileage
  • Amazing Battery Life
  • Great Traction


  • No Future Shock Treatment
Why I Like It: I didn't think that E-bikes could be such amazing fitness bikes but the Turbo Vado SL changed my mind. The Turbo Vado SL can travel a lot before you have to recharge. This is a bike that you should thoroughly enjoy.

8. Giant ToughRoad SLR 2

Price: MSRP $1,620.02

Giant ToughRoad SLR 2


Feature Description
Frame Material Giant’s Signature ALUXX SLR aluminum frame for strength and durability.
Carbon Fork Paired with a carbon fork for lightweight design and shock/vibration absorption.
D-fuse Seatpost Comfortable D-fuse Seatpost at the rear end for added rider comfort.
Downtube Fender Features a downtube fender for rider convenience.
Lightweight Lightweight structure with a carbon fork for agility and protection against shocks and vibrations.
50mm Tires Compatibility Compatible with 50mm tires, providing amazing traction on various surfaces.
Giant Sycamore Tires 50C Giant Sycamore tires for unmatched grip on the road, ensuring excellent traction.
Upright Riding Position Maintains an upright riding position for a balance between pedaling prowess and comfort.
Shimano, Atlus, and Alivio Components Mix of components from Shimano, Atlus, and Alivio, offering an amazing drivetrain, 1-36T cassette, and more.


  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Amazing Traction
  • Upright Position For Riders


  • Not The Fastest Bike I Have Seen
Why I Like It: The Giant TougRoad SLR 2 is a bike that will make you push your absolute limits. Alongside the ALUXX SLR aluminum frame, it also has a carbon fork that makes the bike lightweight and shock-proof!

Hybrid Bikes Size Chart

SizeRider HeightFrame Size (Inches)

Height  Frame 
4’10” to 5’2” 13” to 14”
5’2” to 5’6” 15” to 16”
5’6” to 5’10” 17” to 18”
6’1” to 6’4” 19” to 20”
6’4” to 6’6” 23” to 24”

Note: To find the perfect hybrid/fitness bike for yourself, just use your height(s) and consult the sizing chart!

How To Find The Perfect Hybrid/Fitness Bike?

With so many options, it’s easier to get confused. So, here is a buying guide that will help you decide what features are a must and what you can compromise on. 

1. The Type of Handlebar Matters

The performance and handling of your bike are affected by the type of handlebars you have. The main distinguishing factor of hybrid bikes is the flat handlebars. This makes them have a longer reach than any other kind of bike while also maintaining an upright position for the rider which is very necessary. With flat handlebars, the steering is nice and manageable.

Then comes the drop handlebars. With them, you are aggressive on the field, and they allow you to have amazing speeds while also maintaining that sleek handling. The choice is yours if you want to go balanced or aggressive.

2. Braking Structure- Type Of Brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes are better than rim brakes because they deliver a constant performance in all kinds of riding conditions. But the type of brake you have will depend on your budget.  Either you will have hydraulic brakes or cable-actuated brakes. However, I would recommend hydraulic brakes because speaking from experience, they are pricier but also more powerful.

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3. Suspension Or No Suspension?

With hybrid bikes, it’s better to avoid suspension forks. I say this because they will slow down the bike. They are heavy, expensive, and don’t absorb shocks.  Suspension forks are very low-end and will have a lot of wear and tear with time. It is better to ignore them and have a bike that gives you amazing tire clearance, combine that with 650lb wheels and you would be good to go!

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4. What About The Belt Drive?

Hybrid bikes also have an absolute need for drivetrains, naturally, you have three options to go for:

  • Belt Drive/Internally Geared
  • 1x
  • 2x
Drivetrain Type Features Weight Maintenance Shifting Price
Belt Drive Internally geared, easy shifting, low maintenance. Varies (considered heavy) Easy Single lever Varies
Internally Geared Enclosed gears, easy shifting, low maintenance. Varies (considered heavy) Easy Single lever Varies
1x Derailleur Clutched rear derailleur, chainring protection. Lighter than belt/internally geared Moderate Single lever Pricier
2x Derailleur Traditional front and rear derailleurs, wider gear range. Lighter than belt/internally geared Moderate Two levers (front and rear) Varies

I would say that the best choice would be to go for 2x. They are budget-friendly but require a lot of maintenance.

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How We Choose

As someone who loves staying fit, I know firsthand the importance of finding a high-quality exercise bike that ensures safety and protection during challenging rides. That’s why I’ve dedicated countless hours to scouring the market for the best options out there.

Through extensive research, including honest reviews, customer feedback, and personal testing of various listed bikes (including the editor’s choice), I’ve carefully narrowed down the selection to the top exercise bikes that offer an amazing workout with a fun twist.

Learn how to Pick The Best Hybrid Bicycle with our detailed guide. 


Are Hybrid Bikes Expensive?

Hybrid bikes are not that expensive, they even start from $300 and go all the way north of $20000.

What are Fitness Bikes?

Fitness Bikes are performance-oriented versions of hybrid bikes, they combine the best features of road and mountain bikes!

Are Hybrid Bikes Good For Fitness?

As of right now, hybrid bikes are great options for fitness and fun events, you can use them on on-road and off-road trails without any kind of problems.

Is It Cheaper To Build A Hybrid/Fitness Bike?

As experience states, it is usually more expensive to build your own hybrid bike, brands are willing to offer a complete package for less, this way you save a lot of money.


People could want a comfortable bike that they can go easy on, while some would want bikes for intense workouts, the type of bike that lets them be free. You can choose a recumbent bike or a peloton bike for sunny health fitness.

Fitness Bikes are a great source of exercise and fun, with them, you can push yourself to the limit. If you want to enjoy exercising and fun activities, my advice would be to try out fitness bikes today! You’ll notice the change! Happy Cycling! If you have any questions, just hit me up in the comment section below!

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