How To Convert Exercise Bike Miles To Steps

Looking for a method to keep track of your exercise? Well, I have got just what you need in store! Read on to find more!

Bicycle riding is a healthy activity. And with exercise bikes, you can go that extra mile. A study found that cycling helps burn more calories as compared to walking. Not to forget it’s time efficient too! It’s a low-impact exercise which means that it will not put a strain on your joints and knees. That’s why some people prefer cycling rather than walking. But what do you do when you need to track the steps you take while cycling?

Converting bike miles to steps means that you are changing your bike miles to steps taken during a biking exercise. This helps track your physical activity. Especially if you have set a fitness goal. This conversion is useful for people who prefer cycling over walking. 

Now I know it sounds like a big deal but the conversion processes are not that difficult. I’ll share with you three methods and you can use any one of them. So are you ready to know how to convert exercise bike miles to step? 

How To Convert Exercise Bike Miles To Steps

Having the right tools will help you convert easily. I do recommend getting a pedometer A padometer is a  device that measures the steps while you walk. Some pedometer models can convert the bike miles into steps when you cycle.

Notepad And Calculator

Apart from that, here are some of the tools that you need for the process.

  • Pencil 
  • Paper
  • Calculator
  • Pedometer (Optional)

Now, let’s discuss the different methods!

Method #1

So if you have been cycling for the last hour at a moderate intensity as you should, then you would have done the 10,000 steps. Although that is just a rough estimate, keep it in mind for future measurements or conversions.

One hour of moderate-intensity cycling results in 10,000 steps so if you cycle for 30 minutes then it should be 5,000 steps, right?  Well, Yes and no. It all depends on the intensity. It could be more or less than that.

Health experts say that you should do 10,000 steps daily which means cycling every day for 1 hour. You can also take a look at your walking routine and see what kind of results you get.

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Method #2

In the 2nd Method, you need to do some calculations. I’ll break it down for you in seven simple steps.

Step 1

What you need to do is spread your feet. They have to be width apart from each other. After doing that, just mark your initial position.

Step 2

Start walking for 10 steps and when done just stop.

Step 3

Mark the position for when you have walked for 10 steps.

Step 4

Now you have to measure the initial and final distance. You will need a measuring tape for that. Make sure to measure the distance covered accurately.

Step 5

Measure your average stride length. For example, if you walked 20 feet and did 10 steps then you measure the average stride length by dividing the distance by the steps taken. Which is:

20/10= 2 Feet

With the average stride length, you can easily convert the bike miles into steps.

Step 6

Here you have to multiply the miles that you traveled while cycling by 5280. So if you cycled around 6 miles then the conversion would be:

5280*6= 31680

Having a healthcare professional comes in very handy here. They will do all the conversions for you. but if you are in a hurry then you can always try out this method.

Step 7

For the final step you just have to divide the number of feet you traveled by the average stride length. Let’s continue with the above example (Traveling Distance Of 6 Miles).


Our stride length was 2 feet. So let’s divide the feet by the stride length.

31680/2= 15,840 steps!

Now that wasn’t so hard, was it? 

Method #3

This method is the easiest and doesn’t take any time at all. You can get a Fitbit, an Apple Watch, or a Pedometer to calculate the steps for you while you cycle. These devices will calculate all of your fitness. However, if you invest in other high-end devices then you can also get information about:

  • Heart Rate
  • Number Of Calories Burnt
  • Blood Pressure

See? Just as simple as that and you’re done!

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Should You In Get 10,000 Steps Daily?

Bicycle riding is a healthy activity. And with exercise bikes, you can go that extra mile. A study found that cycling helps burn more calories as compared to walking. Not to forget it’s time efficient too! It’s a low-impact exercise which means that it will not put a strain on your joints and knees. 

Female Bike Rider

What Are 10,000 Steps Daily?

Doing 10,000 steps daily seems like a lot but how much effort does it take to do that? Well, a person with a moderate pace will make these steps in about 30 minutes which isn’t even 4% of the day. If you can, try doing these steps every day, not only will they kill the time but will also keep you highly motivated.

These 10,000 steps actually do a lot for your body, firstly they increase and enhance the oxygenated blood supply to your body. Wait! There’s more. If you do them daily then they can keep your blood pressure in check and boost your cardiac health.

Woman Walking Exercise

Here are some of the benefits that you will get to enjoy once you start making those 10,000 steps daily. 

1. Your Lungs Will Be Strengthened

If you want the best health possible and want to enjoy it as it should be every day, then keep your lungs healthy and strong. One of the best ways to do that is with these thousands of steps. The volume of inhaled oxygen is increased and the body makes great use of that.

Even the distance covered through one mile will make all the right difference.

2. You Will See An Improvement In Your Concentration Skills 

Workouts require concentration. Especially if you are riding an exercise bike. Physical activities enhance the concentration required to do other important daily activities.

3. You Will Feel Less Stressed 

An exercise bike burns calories. No matter how many miles you make it, this amount of exercise will boost the release of endorphins which will relieve all sorts of pain and stress. 

4. You Will Achieve Your Fitness Goal 

Keeping the walking or cycling at a moderate intensity will get you the required fitness results. Remember, only a consistent walking routine can do that 

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How many steps is 30 minutes on exercise bike?

Exercise bikes give information in kilometers. To find out how many steps is 30 minutes on exercise bike, you will have to convert the distance. 

Will I lose weight if I ride my bike 30 minutes a day?

Cycling helps burn fat. If you are consistent in cycling along with combining different exercises, you will loose weight. 

Is it OK to do exercise bike everyday?

Yes, if your health allows it, it is ok to do exercise bike everyday. 

What app converts cycling to steps?

Strava, Mapmyfitness, and Runkeeper are some popular apps that convert cycling to steps. 


You can take on different forms of exercise to achieve your fitness goals. With that said, walking and cycling are both great forms to get some exercise. But if you want to go the extra mile, you should consider getting an exercise bike. 

Hopefull, by now you know how to work these calculations. If you are confused or have any queries, reach out to me in the comments below! 

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