Cute Alert! Here Are The Top 15 Animals on Bikes Videos Ever

Pets are the most amazing things ever. We have all had pets, or wanted to at some point in our lives. Every now and then, animals tend to do the funniest things ever. For example, they ride bikes, they get in the way of bikers at races, etc.

They do all sorts of things that can only be described as being the cutest things ever. It’s funny because they don’t even KNOW that they are doing it half the time. So here’s what we did. We took a look all over the internet to find the funniest and cutest, and sometimes the most skilled animals riding bikes or being involved with bikes.

We watched a lot of videos, and in the end we selected these 15 to show you. This is the perfect way to relax when you’ve had a stressful day. It is bound to bring you laughs, or smiles at the very least, and is sure to put you in a great mood today!

1 – Li Li The Bike Hugging Golden Retriever

In China, one pet owner has found a very innovative way of parking his bike and preventing it from being stolen, without using a bike lock. He sets his golden retriever, Li Li, near the bike. As soon as the owner, Luo Wencong, parks the bike, Li Li immediately wraps his forelegs around the bike. This is of course one of the cutest things that you will see today.

Li Li has become something of a celebrity in his province in China, and Luo has been offered up to $1800 for his wonderful guard dog. Which he refused, of course, because who wants to sell a living, breathing bicycle lock? Thieves are going to die in fits of cuddles when they see it!

2 – Old English Sheepdog on a Bike

This is one of the best videos that you will ever see. Again in China, there is this one girl who seems to have found the dog she will never part with. The Old English sheepdog is one of the most famous types of animals, with a lot being said about them on social media. In fact, one paint company even uses one as a mascot.

The dogs are said to be among the friendliest in the world, and looking at one you can just see why. Watch this girl take her BFF out on a relaxing bike ride in the busy streets of China, and you will see why. This fluffy, big couch potato hangs on to her like there is nothing else in the world that matters and it is a comical sight indeed.

3 – Gorilla on a Bike

Gorillas and monkeys in general are some of the most comical creatures on the planet. The fact that they are closely related to us humans only makes the whole thing so much funnier. This gorilla is having the time of his life riding an old yellow bike in his enclosure.

While seeing such a massive animal riding a bicycle is hilarious in its own right, it also shows how good at learning they are. Watch out for the surprise at the end of this one. It is sure to crack you up, over and over again.

4 – Monkeys Riding Bikes

Monkeys have got to be the cutest animals in the world. They are constantly running around chattering nonsense into each other’s ears. They are also known for being very intelligent indeed. One YouTuber in Vinpearl Island, Vietnam, was at a show where 5 monkeys decided to do the most comical stunts on bicycles that you will ever see.

They are definitely some of the most skillful creatures around. They look like they are having a ton of fun riding around on their little bikes and dodging the obstacles, as well as even racing each other at times!

5 – Trained Monkey Riding a Bike in Sri Lanka

In the little island nation of Sri Lanka, monkeys are a very common sight. You can see them climbing over absolutely everything, in nearly every part of the country. Because of their highly developed sense of learning, this trainer has been training his pet monkey to ride a bicycle so that he can earn a living.

The trainer has lost his hand in an explosion, but it is clear that he loves his pet to the extent that he puts the monkey on a chain while riding on the roads, since you can’t really teach the monkey the rules of the road without looking like an idiot. This video is pretty funny, unless you’re from PETA.

6 – Norman the Scooter Dog

Norman is a very special dog indeed. The “scooter dog” as he is fondly called is one of the most talented canines that you will ever see. In this video, you are just going to see a woman and a dog standing with a bike. Pretty normal, right?

Yeah, that’s until Norman jumps on to the bicycle like it is just another day at the office and pedals off! Apparently, he saw kids riding their scooters one morning and decided that he wanted a taste of that action as well. In addition to cycling, Norman can do a whole bunch of other tricks.

7 – Tour de…..Horse?

We all know what bike races are like. If you have a bicycle the chances are that you have been in one yourself. This horse decided that he was not going to be left out of the bike rally passing his field, so what did he do?

Well, what any normal horse would do of course! He galloped his hardest towards his fence, jumped it with no trouble at all, and joined in the rally! This is one of the funniest videos that you will see all day, especially when the cyclists realize that there is something else in the race with them, and chaos ensues!

Kids, do not try this at home.

8 – Mountain Bike vs. Buck

Evan van der Spuy is a competitive all terrain mountain biker in South Africa. He is known for being on Team Jeep South Africa, and he is quite a well-loved figure. This could only increase when he decided to get in an encounter with a Red Hartebeest while cycling at the Albert Falls Dam.

His teammate, Travis Walker, did what any good friend would do of course, and captured the whole thing on his GoPro camera. Talk about getting bang for your buck! This is definitely a video that will brighten up your day, hands down.

9 – Llama Enters Bike Race

In the past few months as development of roads begins to cut through forests and animal habitats more often, you see a lot of deer getting out on the roads and having hilarious, and sometimes tragic, encounters with cyclists and drivers. At one road race in Canada though, something very different decided to enter the race.

Tim Bulger, a resident of the area, happened to be around at the time, and caught the whole thing on tape, from the moment the llama decided to show the cyclists what was what right up until man on a bike defeated it.

10 – Ethan the Cargo Bike Dog

Ethan is a very special dog indeed. In addition to being a service dog, his owner takes him around EVERYWHERE. In fact, this little furry fella was captured on video taking a leisurely, well-earned vacation in the cargo compartment of his owner’s cargo bike at Hoge Veluwe National Park in the Netherlands. This is one of the cutest animal videos you will watch today, and definitely one of the coolest.

11 – Ollie the Dog and his Custom Bike

Ollie is a dog who has had a rather tragic story, but is definitely one whose story is worth taking a moral from. He is 12 years old (which is a lot in dog years), and has been through surgery to remove a large tumor as well as his spleen. He also suffers from severe arthritis.

However his owners did not give up on him. Instead, they found a used custom cargo bike online and trained Ollie to be okay with riding in it. Now, this cute old fellow can be seen riding all over town with his owner, looking like he is having the time of his life! Watch this testament to great ownership.

12 – The Nihola DOG for pet owners

Nihola is a company that has come up with a very unique invention. They have taken into account the dilemma that pet owners face when they are also cycling enthusiasts. After all, it can be hard to take your dog everywhere you go on the streets. In addition to getting tired, some dogs just aren’t meant to be doing as much work as that.

This is the advertisement for the Nihola DOG, which is a cargo bike that has been made specifically for people who own dogs. It is the perfect height for a dog to be safe while enjoying the world! These cute pups are definitely going to convince you to get this cargo bike as well as a dog of your very own!

13 – Guinness World Record for Dogs on Trikes

This video from the official Guinness World Records channel is one that you simply HAVE to see. These Dalmatians are getting ready to make history by being the furthest a dog has ever ridden a bicycle. With training wheels, of course.

The video goes terribly badly at some points, with one of the contestants having a small mishap and pedaling BACKWARDS instead. All in all this is a lesson to everyone that dogs can do anything. It should also be a lesson not to let your dog ride a fixie.

14 – Elephant riding a bike

Elephants are majestic creatures indeed. You probably couldn’t imagine one ever riding a bicycle. Of course, we have all seen this happen in children’s cartoons, but in real life? Impossible. That’s what you will be saying right up until you see this video of an extremely talented behemoth riding a custom made bicycle.

With all the skill and grace of the pachyderm, this elephant rides a bike better than Lance Armstrong, and he does it all on his own!

15 – Jeff Plassman Wipes Out

Professional cyclist Jeff Plassman was having a pretty normal day. He was competing in a standard Monster Cross and Mountain Bike Race in Pocahontas’ Park, Virginia. His onboard camera was recording as usual, when out of nowhere, the assassin struck!

A deer had seen him crossing through and decided that it was his road. Like the trolls guarding the bridge in a certain children’s book, this hoofed terror rammed right into Plassman’s side, running over him before vanishing into the brush as mysteriously as he had appeared.

The camera caught it all, and it is one hilarious sight! You have to love humans on bikes and their accidents with Mother Nature. They take riding green to a whole new level.

Animals really are the best things in creation

This is being proved time and time again by the absolutely ridiculous things that some of them tend to do when they are bored. Some of this takes incredible skill (I know some humans who can’t ride a bike, and then you see a Vietnamese monkey doing it better).

If you have a video of a cute animal on a bike or doing something hilarious to cyclists, feel free to send it to us or mention it in the comments below.

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