10 Best Tricycle For Adults: A Buyer Friendly Guide

Discover the benefits of adult tricycles as we explore their advantages over traditional bicycles, and review some of the best models available in the market.
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Tricycles have three wheels, that’s how they provide the extra balance. Their design makes them ideal for riders who might need extra support. But wait! That’s not all! Tricycles are a fun way to get exercise. There are different types of tricycles too like traditional, recumbent, and folding that target different needs!

However, there is a common misconception that tricycles are only for kids! But that’s not true at all! There are Adult tricycles available in the market too and they have the same speed, balance, and fun as regular bikes. Isn’t that great?

Let me tell you something even greater! I researched and made a list of some of the best adult tricycles available in the market! So let’s get reading! 

10 Best Adult Tricycles You Can Buy Today

Best Feature Tricycle Price/$
Best OverallSchwinn Meridian649.48
Most Unique Mobo Triton Pro429.00
Budget Friendly Happybuy270.99
Most ComfortableSlsy Adult Tricycle345.00
Easy Assembly Mooncool 299.00
Adjustable HeightH&ZT319.00
Top PerformanceKent Bayside Adult Tricycle-
Low Step-Through Frame MOPHOTO339.00
Comfortable Back RestVanell Adult Tricycle 339.00-359.00
Large Basket Barbella Adult Tricycle 309.00-329.00


Let’s get started with the guide!

1. Schwinn Meridian Tricycle- Editor’s Choice 

Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike
Schwinn Meridian Adult Trike


Feature Description
Frame Design Step-through frame for easy mounting and dismounting. Lightweight construction for increased maneuverability.
Comfort Padded seat for a comfortable riding experience. Designed for ease of use, enhancing overall comfort.
Performance  26” wheels for a smooth and speedy ride.
Attractiveness Stylish design, available in different colors. Considered attractive in addition to being functional.
Price Affordable price tag relative to the number of features and performance. Offers good value for money.
Versatility Described as the “jack of all trades,” suggesting versatility in different riding scenarios.
Overall Value Highlighted as a bike with a balance of price, features, and performance. Positioned as a fun and comfortable option for riders.
User-Friendly Easy to get on and off, enhancing user convenience. Designed for a fun and enjoyable riding experience.

The Schwinn Meridian is a bike constructed with speed as the main focus, I would say that it is best suited for flatter surfaces, that is where you would get the best performance. One of the best aspects of this bike is the price tag. There aren’t a lot of bikes with this many features for a low price.

2. Mobo Triton Pro Tricycle

Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle
Mobo Triton Pro Adult Tricycle


Feature Description
Unique Design Reclined position with feet in front.
Support and Comfort Comfortable seating position for support. 
Speed Hub Equipped with a speed hub for enhanced riding experience.
Low Center of Gravity Provides a smooth and comfortable ride with a low center of gravity.
Extendable Frame Frame is extendable, making it suitable for a wide range of riders.
Alternative Steering Uses two levers instead of handlebars for a unique and enjoyable riding experience.

Now, this is a recumbent tricycle which means that you sit in a reclined position, while your feet are in front of you. It’s quite helpful if you suffer from back pain or any kind of disability. Instead of using handlebars, you would be using two levers. Be careful though, as the tricycle is low impact, buses, and cars won’t be able to see you that properly.

Get your hands on the best electric tricycles for adults and enjoy a comfortable and effortless ride today! Check out our top picks now!

3. Happybuy Adult Tricycle

Happybuy Adult Tricycle
Happybuy Adult Tricycle


Feature Description
Durable Frame HI-TEN Steel frame for durability and stability. 
Balance and Speed Offers optimal speed without sacrificing balance.
Impressive Construction front v-brakes and an adjustable padded seat for comfort.
Weight Capacity Capable of carrying weight and cargo up to 150 kg.

I liked the construction of the tricycle. The ergonomic rubber handles are adjustable which makes this bicycle fun to ride.

4. Slsy Adult Tricycle

Slsy Adult Tricycles
Slsy Adult Tricycles


Feature Description
Sleek and Sturdy Design Sleek with robust construction.
Balance and Stability Remains balanced and stable even with heavy cargo weight.
Practicality Tricycle design that attracts attention
Comfort, Speed, and Balance Offers a comfortable riding experience with a mix of speed and balance.
Warranty Full one-year warranty. 

The Slsy Adult Tricycle is a suitable choice to go for considering its sleek yet sturdy design. Even if the cargo weight is too much, the trike will always remain balanced and stable. You get a full one-year warranty. If it gets damaged then you can get fully refunded within the 30-day trial period.

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5. Mooncool

Mooncool Adult Tricycles
Mooncool Adult Tricycles


Feature Description
Durable Build Constructed with high-quality iron for durability, sleekness, and strength.
Impressive Weight Capacity Can support a weight of 350 pounds, providing ample room for carrying extra cargo.
Stability and Safety The design promotes stability and safety. Features a 7-speed drivetrain, front linear-pull brake, and rear expander brake for powerful braking.
Convenient Basket Equipped with a basket with a 50-pound weight limit.
Low-Step-Through Frame Facilitates easy mounting and dismounting with a low-step-through frame.
Double-Wheel Rim Comes with a double-wheel rim for added stability.
1-Year Service Includes a 1-year service for added support and assurance.

Mooncool tricycles can astoundingly support a weight of 350 pounds. Do you it is two times more than the average adult weight (80 kg) in America? This weight capacity leaves a lot of room for you to carry extra cargo.

The front linear-pull brake combined with a rear expander brake, delivers a powerful braking power. 

6. H&ZT

H&ZT Tricycle
H&ZT Tricycle


Feature Description
Quick-Release Height Adjustability Swept-back handlebars paired with quick-release height adjustability.
Large Rear Basket Equipped with a large rear basket for convenient storage of shopping or other items during your ride.
Load-Bearing Capacity Can bear a weight of up to 350 lbs, including the rider and cargo, due to its high-quality iron construction and stable 3-wheel design.
Assembly and Manual Comes with assembly tools and a manual for easy bike assembly. The brand provides a video guideline for detailed step-by-step instructions.
Low-Maintenance Drivetrain Single-speed drivetrain for low maintenance. Features a step-through frame design for simplicity, especially in old age.

The top feature of this bike is the quick-release height adjustability paired with the swept-back handlebars. A manual will be provided to you with the package of the bike which has guidelines for the bike assembly. The product even comes with assembly tools that make the process simple. If you still don’t understand what goes where the brand provides a video guideline in which everything is explained in detail and step by step.

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7. Kent Bayside Adult Tricycle

Kent Bayside Adult Tricycle
Kent Bayside Adult Tricycle


Feature Description
Comfort and Versatility Offers comfort and versatility without sacrificing performance. Full steel frame construction with Shimano grip shifter for hilly terrains.
Performance Provides more performance compared to some other models in the market. Equipped with a Shimano grip shifter for added protection on hilly terrains.
Lumbar Support Designed for a comfortable ride with lumbar support, allowing riders to lean back without sacrificing speed.
Front Suspension Fork Equipped with a front suspension fork for soft rides in any kind of weather.
Integrated Basket Features an integrated basket for convenient storage of groceries or items during shopping.
Justified Price Point The price point is well justified considering the performance and features offered by the Kent Bayside Tricycle.

The Kent Bayside comes with a Shimano grip shifter, which means that if you want to go around the hilly terrains you will be well protected.

The tricycle is equipped for soft rides and any kind of weather because of the front suspension fork and fender. You also get an integrated basket to store groceries if you go shopping. Considering the performance and features, I think the price point is justified!


Mophoto Adult Tricycles
Mophoto Adult Tricycles


Feature Description
Color Variety Available in many colors with matching fenders for personalized style.
Eco Leather Seat and Grips Long-trip comfort with an Eco leather-covered seat and grips.
Big Rear Basket Spacious rear basket for storing groceries and other items.
7-Speed Drivetrain Best climber on hills with a 7-speed drivetrain and a wide gear range.
Premium Shimano Derailleur Suited for riding on slopes, making maneuvering easier.
Wheel Options Choose between 24” or 26” wheels based on rider height (24” for 4’11” – 5’10”, 26” for 5’3″ – 6’2″).
Flat Foot Technology Knee-friendly technology with pedals placed slightly in front of the saddle, promoting a forward pedaling motion.
Warranty  1-year manufacturing warranty and a 30-day return and money-back guarantee.

The exciting thing about this bike is that it is available in many colors along with matching fenders. The seat and grips are covered using Eco leather which makes your long trips comfortable. A  7-speed drivetrain will make it easier to climb hills. The wide gear range makes it convenient to climb hills. 

The flat foot technology is friendly for your knees. This technology places pedals a bit in front of the saddle promoting a forward pedaling motion. This enables you to place your feet on the ground all the while sitting on the bike.

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9. Vanell Adult Tricycle

Vanell Adults Tricycles
Vanell Adults Tricycles


Feature Description
Versatile Sizing Available in different sizes to accommodate riders of varying heights, making it suitable for different individuals.
7-Speed Tricycle Equipped with a 7-speed derailleur, available in both 24’ and 26” wheel sizes for stable, fast, and dependable rides.
Low-Step Frame Designed with a low-step frame, making it most suited for older female riders.
Modest Design Unique and modest design for easy mounting and dismounting.
Weight Capacity Supports a weight capacity of 350 pounds with a back basket for additional cargo.
Comfortable Features Padded seat, padded backrest, and chrome swept-back handlebars for a comfortable and natural riding position.
Rubber Tires Durable rubber tires for a reliable grip and abrasion resistance, though it has a rigid suspension.

Vanell comes in many different sizes. You can be tall or short, there is a Vanell for you in stock. The derailleur is high-performing which makes your rides stable and fast all the while being dependable. 

What’s best is that the bike’s seat is padded along with a padded backrest. So you can ride without getting tired. This supports a more natural riding position. 

10. Barbella Adult Tricycle

Barbella Adult Tricycle
Barbella Adult Tricycle


Feature Description
7-Speed Options Available in 7-speed options, offering versatility, and multiple color choices.
Rock Solid Build Rock solid construction provides an advantage over competitors.
Single-Speed Option Single-speed option is available
Wheel Options Available in 20” and 26” wheel options for riders with heights of 4’8″ – 5’6″ and 4’11” – 5’10”.
Comfortable Seat Soft seat with a backrest for maximum support while riding.
Stylish Wrap Fenders Stylish wrap fenders for added aesthetics.
Assembly Instructions Comes with detailed instructions for quick and easy assembly.

You can also select the single-speed option. This leaves plenty of room for you to make a choice. The seat is soft and it also has a backrest to ensure maximum support while riding. It comes with detailed instructions that will help you assemble them. The process is quick and you will be enjoying your ride in little time.

Buyers Guide To Pick The Perfect Adult Tricycle

Choosing the perfect adult trike can be intimidating with so many options. But here’s the good part. Keep the following things in mind while deciding on a tricycle and you will be able to make a good decision! 

Tricycle With Women

1. Check Your Preferred Riding Position 

Adult trikes come in two different forms. An upright position and then you have the recumbent which is reclined and with a lower center of gravity. Both of these types offer the same amount of fun, cardio, and excitement but it is up to you to choose. 

Recumbent offers a more relaxed and stable approach whereas the upright offers a more active and stable approach. The choice depends on your preferences.

2. Do You Prefer A Sling or Saddle Seat?

Upright tricycles offer wide yet comfortable seats, which means that users will be able to put their feet on the ground perfectly when they stop. You can also start the trike easily without any kind of problems.

The sling seats will be found in recumbent-type tricycles, they are padded seats with extra support. They have a lower center of gravity and are very comfortable.

3. Does Brand Matter to You?

Some people prefer certain brands. They don’t feel comfortable expanding outside their favorite brands. If this is the case with you, you should consider the tricycle by your preferred brands. However, I don’t think the brand does matter. I always take into account the features!

4. Don’t Compromise On Safety

A trike needs to be safe to ride, it should be fitted with high-quality components that enhance overall durability. A trike that feels safe to ride will only inspire the rider to do better. Thus giving you room to improve your skills. 

5. Sizing and Fitting Matters

Always test out a trike before purchasing. You don’t want to have issues when it comes to sizing and fitting. Consult a bike size chart or try the trike that you wish to get. It will make the whole situation a lot easier.

6. How Much Weight Capacity Do You Prefer?

Different types of manufacturers have different weight limits on their trikes, some are more generous than others. You can choose according to your preference if you want a trike for fun activities or grocery shopping. Recumbent-type trikes are way more generous when it comes to weight capacity.

7. Handlebars Can Make A Huge Difference!

When it comes to tricycles, you have different handlebars to choose from! The types are Traditional, loop, or chopper. 

Traditional handlebars offer significant motion, chopper handlebars provide the same motion but require more strength and loop handlebars are best suited for people who have weak hands.

A Comparison Of Different Types Of Tricycles 

There are different types of adult tricycles and they have different purposes as well as features. Here are the types of adult trikes that you can choose from.

Feature Recumbent Trikes Tricycle Rickshaw Freight Trikes Upright Trikes Drift Trikes
Comfort Full-back support Varies based on design and type Varies based on design and type Upright position with saddle-style seats Low-traction rear wheels for drifting
Riding Position Laying back, legs in front Seated upright, three-person capacity Seated upright, cargo transport Upright position Low-traction rear wheels
Power Source Human-powered Motor-powered, human-powered, engine-powered Human-powered, electric, engine-powered Human-powered Human-powered
Speed Moderate Varies based on power source Limited by operating speed Moderate Varies based on drifting style
Customization Limited Tailor-made designs available Open or closed box carrier design Limited Varies based on personal modifications
Best For Comfort-oriented rides Small-scale transport Cargo transport Enhanced visibility and pedaling with own weight Drifting on plain roads
Design Variety Exquisite style and comfort Different designs, shapes, and seating capacities Cargo box designs, open or closed Saddle-style seats with enhanced visibility Stylish, often with customized drifting features

Why Are Adult Trikes Preferred Over Regular Bicycles?

Adult trikes are preferred because of many reasons:

  • They are very stable. They are different to handle from the start but when you get used to them they are extremely reliable.
  • Want to go grocery shopping? Take your trike with you! Adult trikes have amazing cargo capacity. You can easily stack groceries and the lightweight structure also makes these rides fun!
  • The Adult trikes can be very comfortable. The results can even be enhanced with the recumbent models as they have a laid-back construction.


Who should buy an adult tricycle?

Adult tricycles stand out as a remarkable solution for riders of various backgrounds. Ideal for seniors seeking a more secure experience, individuals grappling with balance or mobility concerns, and those on the hunt for a low-impact fitness routine, these three-wheeled wonders deliver both stability and comfort. Doubling as practical commuter vehicles and perfect companions for laid-back, leisurely rides, tricycles prove their adaptability and appeal to a broad range of cycling enthusiasts.

What is the best tricycle for adults?

It’s difficult to pinpoint a single “best” tricycle for adults, as the ideal choice depends on individual needs, preferences, and budgets. However, some popular and highly-rated adult tricycles include:

  • Schwinn Meridian
  • Mantis
  • Barbella
  • Vanell

Read our full review for all the details.

Why do adults ride tricycles?

Tricycles offer amazing comfort and performance, even more so than regular bicycles and that is what attracts them.


Adult tricycles are the preferred bicycles for many adults due to various reasons. They offer performance, features, and comfort all bundled in one package. There are also a variety of their types and you can choose according to your own preference. 

These bicycles are perfectly suited for people with back pains and disabilities. But if you want to try one just to have some extra stability, no one’s going to stop you! So which tricycle interested you the most? Let me know in the comment section below!

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