14 Best Electric Unicycles That You Can Buy Today!

Are you in search of amazing electric unicycles? Don't worry because I have compiled some of the best electric unicycles out there.
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What do you picture in your brain when you think of a unicycle? Most people think of artists from the zoo who perform tricks while wearing a funny-looking top hat. You are close but not that close! Unicycles have a singular wheel. Much like the bicycles of old times. They are smaller in size but more expensive than a regular electric bike! But what’s best is that you can easily carry and store them because of their smaller size. 

You can use them for regular commuting or even long travel distances, the choice is yours. But here are some of the most positively reviewed electric unicycles in the market that I came across during my research:

Best Electric Unicycles

Electric Unicycles are an amazing mode of transport, they are compact, lightweight, and powerful. Once you get to use them, you will notice that they can go faster than an electric skateboard or scooter. Let’s talk about our top 10 picks! There is something for everyone here!

1. King Song 16X- Editor’s Choice

Price: MSRP $1,845.00

King Song KS-16X Electric Unicycle
King Song KS-16X Electric Unicycle


Feature Specification
Range 65 miles on a full charge
Battery Capacity 1554Wh
Motor Power 2200 watts
Maximum Speed 31 mph
Tire Size 16×3-inch extra-wide tires
Fast Charging 5A fast charger, 4-5 hours charging time
Controller Upgraded with water protection and firmware changes
Weight Capacity 330 pounds
LED Lighting High-density LEDs for nighttime visibility
Portability Compact design for easy carrying
Safety Features Water-resistant components and improved firmware
Overall Upgrade A significant improvement over previous models

The King Song 16X is our best overall because it offers an amazing range. On a full charge, this unicycle offers 65 miles which is more than decent. However, I recommend that you use a 5A fast charger for King Song 16X so you can charge it fully in 4-5 hours.

The latest upgrade is that the controller is different now. There is an added layer of water protection and you will also notice some firmware changes. 


  • Very Impressive Miles Range (65 Miles)
  • Noticeable Changes Over The Base Unicycles
  • Backed By 1 Year Warranty
  • Compact and Lightweight Design


  • It Has A Limited Availability
  • 5A Charger Sold Separately For Best Battery Life
Editor's Choice: From an impressive miles range to good battery life, the King Song 16X did impress me. With so many upgrades, the ride delivery keeps getting better and better!

2. Gotway MSX Pro

Price: MSRP $1,949.68 

Gotway Msx Pro
Gotway Msx Pro


Feature Specification
Variants Available in Torque and Speed editions
Torque Edition 2500W motor, best for inclines
Speed Edition 2000W motor, maximum speed of 45mph, 60-mile range
Pedals Nikola pedals for enhanced comfort and grip
Performance Options Choose between maximizing torque or power
Terrain Consideration Torque for hilly areas, speed for other terrains
Construction Strong and protective construction
Additional Features Improved grip tape, self-standing clip-on fender

With the Gotway MSX Pro, you choose between better torque or better power. Either way, you get an amazing performance. The Nikola pedals and improved grip tape are here to make sure that your experience is very comfortable.

Your choice will depend on what kind of area you live in. If you live in a hilly area, I suggest you go with the torque option. Otherwise, the speed one will do just fine. 

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  • Two Different Motor Options To Choose From
  • Improved Safety Features
  • Water-Protection Is Amazing
  • Offers A Decent Range 


  • Not Suitable For Heavy Riders
  • Some People May Not Like Different Motor Options
Why I Like It: The Gotway MSX PRO is one of the premium options because it gives you the choice to choose between torque or speed. This adds the ability for different kinds of adventures, something which is very rare.

3. Inmotion V10/F

Price: MSRP $1,399.00


Inmotion V10
Inmotion V10


Feature Specification
Variants Available in V10 and V10F versions
Battery (V10) 650WH
Battery (V10F) 960WH (for longer range)
Motor 2000 watts
Maximum Speed 25mph
Design Thin and sleek design for stability
Battery Placement Above the motor for safety and uniqueness
Pedals Large pedals for comfort
Headlights Bright headlights for enhanced visibility
Customization Offers a variety of customization options

The V10/F is proof enough. The 30-40 miles range is impressive for a unicycle of this category. You can choose between two different versions of the unicycle, either the V10 or V10F. The normal V10 version has a 650WH battery while the V10F has a 960WH battery. If you want to travel long distances, you should go for the V10F version.

If you have used the V8, V10F will have a lot of resemblance with that. What I liked was that the battery pack was above the motor. It adds more safety. Plus, there are also a lot of customization options with the Inmotion V10/F. 


  • It Delivers A Smooth Performance
  • The Features Are Upgraded
  • There Are Customization Options


  • It Is Not Suitable For Long Rides
  • It Charges Very Slow
Why I Like It: The Inmotion V10/F is a worthwhile unicycle for beginners because it does not sacrifice quality and performance for the price. Plus, you can try out the different options for varied experiences.

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4. King Song 18S

Price: MSRP $1,999.00


King Song 18S
King Song 18S



Feature Specification
Battery Options Choose between 840 Wh and 1680 Wh
Range 60-70 miles
Cruising Speed 30mph
Tire Size 18 inches for comfortable experience on various terrains
Height Big height for a commanding presence
Seat Padded seat for a comfortable and relaxing journey
Additional Features Bright headlights and Bluetooth speakers
Recommendation Recommended choice for commuters and thrill-seekers

King Song 18S is best suited for off-road adventures. It aims to fulfill the needs and requirements of commuters and thrill-seekers. This unicycle has an 18-inch big tire that makes the experience comfortable. It also has a big height, and the padded seat adds comfort. 

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  • Ability To Choose Between Two Battery Options
  • Rough Terrains Made Easier With The 18-Inch Tires
  • Additional Features Invigorate The Experience


  • Not Suitable For Heavy Riders
Why I Like It: The King Song 18S is convenient because you can choose between two battery options. Plus, you can adjust the unicycle according to your taste and needs.

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5. Inmotion V8

Price: MSRP $1299


Inmotion V8
Inmotion V8


Feature Specification
Affordability Affordable price tag for beginners
Design Resembles the light bike from Tron, adding aesthetic value
Maximum Speed 18mph, suitable for beginners
Battery Capacity 480Wh
Maximum Range 25 miles
Charging Speed 3A charger, 80% battery life within 1.5 hours
Focus on Beginners Designed for learning and familiarizing with unicycles
Release Year Introduced in 2017 with continuous design and performance improvements
Balance Perfect balance between price point and performance
Weight Limit 220 pounds to 260 pounds, while the unicycle weighs around 30 pounds
Satisfaction Rating High customer satisfaction rating

The Inmotion V8 looks like it just came out of the Tron universe. With those red LED lights and futuristic design, this unicycle delivers a thrilling experience. With the app, you can control the LED lighting of the unicycle

It has an affordable price tag and also gives a comfortable experience. Plus, the V8 looks exactly like the light bike from Tron, which also adds more aesthetic value. The design has seen some changes, and even the performance has improved for the better. 

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  • Lighting Controllable Through App
  • Perfect Balance Between Price and Performance
  • Impressive Speed and Range


  • Not Best For Heavy Riders
Why I Like It: The Inmotion V8 offers a decent range. This is more than enough for beginners, with this unicycle the skillset can also be improved.

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6. Veteran Sherman

Price: MSRP $3,399

Veteran Sherman
Veteran Sherman


Feature Specification
Maximum Speed 45mph, more than sufficient for a unicycle
Range Impressive range of 128 miles
Weight Recommendation Perfect for riders around 170lbs
Display Large electronic display for controlling speed modes, checking battery level, total mileage, and phone app connectivity
Tire Size Big 20-inch off-road tires for a fun experience on various terrains
Pedals Anti-slip pedals for enhanced stability
Additional Features Cooling fans and dual warning lights for user comfort

The Veteran Sherman is one of the best unicycles for heavy riders. It is one of the fastest electric unicycles to date. You can fully charge it in 6 hours if you have a fast charger equipped that is. The big 20-inch off-road tires provide a fun and relaxing experience on all sorts of terrains. The most positively reviewed feature is the anti-slip pedals. 

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  • Great Cruising Speed (45MPH)
  • The Active Cooling System Helps A Lot
  • Vibrant Display That Shows Mileage, Battery Life and Wheel Settings
  • Equipped With Turning and Warning Lights 


  • Replacing Tires is Hectic
  • It Is Expensive
Why I Like It: The Veteran Sherman is suitable for heavy riders who also want fast performance. Packed with a lot of interesting features, the Veteran Sherman delivers an impressive performance.

7. Begode Tesla V3

Price: MSRP $1,614.00

Begode Tesla V3
Begode Tesla V3


Feature Specification
Commute-Focused Designed for commuting with an amazing experience
Maximum Speed 31 mph for efficient commuting
Range 60 miles, suitable for extended commutes
Battery Korean cells for extended battery life
Dashboard Display Shows current speed, selected riding mode, and temperature control for the cooling system
Battery Capacity 1500Wh for high-performance rides
USB Charger Integrated USB charger for charging smartphones and other devices
Atmospheric Lighting Sets the mood for different adventures

The Tesla V3 is known for its speed. Although it is an upgraded version of the V10. Installed with the Korean cells, the battery life of the Tesla V3 is extended. The display shows the current speed, the riding mode that you have selected, and even temperature control (Whether you want the cooling system on or off). If you have any smartphones or other kinds of devices, you can charge them with the USB charger that is installed on the Tesla V3.


  • Perfect Sound With The Bluetooth Speakers
  • Integrated Dashboard With Display Is A Fun Feature
  • Atmospheric LED Lights Are Amazing, Adds To The Aesthetics
  • Ease Of Access


  • Pedals Are Non-Spiked
  • Expensive
Why I Like It: You can compare its performance with that of a compact sports car, I think that says a lot about this unicycle.

8. King Song 14D

Price: MSRP $899


King Song 14d
King Song 14d


Feature Specification
Maximum Speed Cruising speed of 18.6mph for rider safety
Color Options Available in black and white
Waterproof Waterproof design for riding in rainy weather
Telescoping Handle Telescoping handle for easy portability
Atmospheric Lights Lights for improved visibility during night travel
Commuting One of the best electric unicycles for commuting

With a new control board, the King Song 14D offers a waterproof design. With the trolley system installed, you can carry it with you. The operated connectors enhance the performance. The motorized switches make it easier for you to access the ride.


  • Strong and Attractive Build
  • It Is Lightweight
  • It Can Easily Be Carried 
  • Water-Proof Device


  • Cruising Speed Could Have Been More
  • Maximum Weight Limit Should Have Been More (Restricted To 20lbs)
Why I Like It: The King Song 14D is a considerable option for commuting, especially if you want to go have fun in the rain. It is durable and has a strong construction, plus you can carry it almost anywhere easily.

9. Begode Monster Pro

Price: MSRP $3,599


Begode Monster Pro
Begode Monster Pro


Feature Specification
Maximum Range 150 miles for extended use
Top Speed 45mph for thrill-seekers and commuters
Terrain Suitability Primarily suited for flat surfaces, performs well on different terrains
Off-Road Capability Not suited for off-road adventures
Dual Battery Pack Option to install a dual battery pack for extended range
Dual-Charging Ports Convenient dual-charging ports for easier charging
Performance Focus Known for speed and range, attracting thrill-seekers and casual commuters

The Monster Pro is the unicycle to go for if you want to enjoy long-distance cruising. It can adjust to different kinds of terrains. Although, I don’t recommend off-road adventures on it. 


  • Durable Construction 
  • Amazing Speed and Range
  • Strong Battery Pack
  • Protective Gear Included


  • Not Suitable For Hill Climbing
  • Availability Issues
Why I Like It: This unicycle resembles personal electric vehicles, because of the range and top speed that it offers. The front and rear lights also add to the safety rating.

10. Gotway MTen3

Price: MSRP $1,090

Gotway Mten3
Gotway Mten3


Feature Specification
Maximum Speed 23 mph for efficient commuting
Portability Fits into a backpack for easy carrying
Battery Options Choose from 325Wh, 420Wh, and 512Wh options
Maximum Range Up to 30 miles depending on the chosen battery size
Weight Weighs 22 pounds, can hold a maximum weight of 240 pounds
Terrain Considerations Avoid rough roads, especially at high speeds
Compact Design Known for its compact design, easily portable
Tire Size 10-inch tires for comfortable rides on various terrains

The Gotway Mten3 is a great budget option for those who want a good unicycle but are limited by their budget. It is a good choice if you just want to try a unicycle.

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  • Compact Design 
  • Best For Beginners
  • Three Different Battery Options To Choose From


  • Range Is Not Impressive
  • Not The Fastest
Why I Like It: For beginners, the Mten3 serves a good performance and has a compact design. The big tires also make the performance smooth and easy.

11. Begode MCM5 V2

Price: MSRP $1,349

Begode MCM5 V2
Begode MCM5 V2


Feature Specification
Construction Portable and extremely versatile construction
Weight Weighs only 37 lbs for easy portability
Travel Companion Ideal for travelers, offering fun adventures
Range 22 miles on a full charge
Maximum Speed 31 mph for thrilling rides
Entry-Level Option A good option for beginners getting started with electric unicycles

The Begode MCM5 is a good option if you want to use an electric unicycle daily. It is light on the pocket.


  • Perfect For Everyday Usage
  • Portable Design 
  • Powerful Motor and Battery 
  • Impressive Maximum Speed (31 Mph)


  • Range Needs To Be Better
Why I Like It: The Begode MCM5 provides you with good torque and the range is also good although it could have been better. The best thing about the Begode MCM5 is its portability.

12. Gotway Nikola 2000W

Price: MSRP $2,280

Gotway Nikola
Gotway Nikola


Feature Specification
Range 70 miles for extensive adventures
Top Speed 40 mph for thrilling rides
Off-Road Capability Seamless off-road experience handles various terrains and weather conditions
Performance Same great performance everywhere
Weight Weighs 60 lbs for portability
Features Loaded with amazing features
Price Justified by the features, considered one of the best options

The Gotway Nikola 2000W is built to take you to long distances. It is comfortable in the sense that you don’t feel any objects or hurdles that you pass over.


  • Impressive Top Speed
  • Offers A Decent Range
  • Best Off-Road Experience
  • Powerful Motor 


  • Bulky Than Other Options 
Why I Like It: The Gotway Nikola 2000W allows users to experience long-distance travel, which is pretty unique for an electric unicycle. This unicycle also offers a comfortable off-road experience I have seen in a while.

13. The Airwheel X3

Airwheel X3
Airwheel X3


Feature Specification
Power 350W for efficient performance
Top Speed 16 km/h (10 mph) for moderate speed
Range 10-15 km (6.2-9.3 mi) for short to moderate distances
Charging Time 60 minutes for 80% charge
Water Resistance IPX5 water resistance for protection against water exposure
Maximum Load 120 kg (265 lb) for varying user sizes

The Airwheel X3 Electric Unicycle is the cheapest of the bunch but that doesn’t mean that it lacks power. This is a self-balancing electric unicycle, which means that users are going to waste no time adjusting to it. However, I do not recommend using this EUC below 20% battery.


  • Many Users Find It Affordable 
  • It Delivers A Smooth Performance


  • Turns Off Without Warning When Battery Is Low
  • Range Needs To Be Better 
Why I Like It: The Airwheel X3 offers subtle everyday performance. It might not be much but it is still enjoyable. The best thing about this electric unicycle is that it is built like a tank but it still feels very lightweight.

14. The IPS 121

The Ips 121
The Ips 121


Feature Specification
Power 1000W for powerful performance
Top Speed 40 km/h (25 mph) for fast rides
Range 30-50 km (18.6-31.1 mi) for varying distances
Charging Time 2-3 hours for quick charging
Size 14 inches for compact design
Water Resistance IPX4 water resistance for protection against water exposure

The IPS 121 has a narrow body width with a 16-inch wheel. You won’t be able to enjoy long-distance travel but it is still great for everyday commutes. This is the electric unicycle to go for if you want good performance but are light on the budget.


  • It Has A Decent Range
  • It Has A Lightweight Construction 
  • The Unicycle Is Durable 


  • Not Fit For Long-Distance Travel
Why I Like It: I was impressed by the range of IPS 121, even though it is powered by a small motor. It is also highly durable, I did put it through a lot of abuse and it still withstood the damage.

What Are Electric Unicycles?

Did you know that electric unicycles are also known as EUCs? They are electric-powered vehicles like electric hoverboards, skateboards, and scooters. They have a battery, a motor, and some other electric parts. There are two pedals on the left and right sides of the wheel and a seat.

Different unicycles have different types of seats. However, I prefer padded seats because they make rides over long distances fun and very comfortable. Some people might compare electric unicycles to electric skateboards but they don’t need a remote control unlike the latter. When it comes to an EUC, the rider’s movements are responsible for the speed and direction of the wheel.

The technology is advanced, think of it as a version of motion controls and sensors. When the rider leans forward, the motherboard detects the movement of the rider and accelerates the unicycle. When you lean back the unicycle slows down. How cool? Electric Unicycles

Electric Unicycles

Why You Should Get an Electric Unicycle and Which One?

There are mainly two different types of Electric Unicycles (EUCs)

Suspension Electric Unicycles

Advantages Disadvantages
More control and comfort on uneven terrain Inferior battery and limited range
Perfect for riders who prefer control Heavier due to suspension
Amazing ergonomics and riding sensation High maintenance cost
  Expensive, not budget-friendly

Non-Suspension Electric Unicycles

Advantages Disadvantages
Durable with fewer moving parts May lack comfort on rough terrain
Longer life and easier maintenance May require more maintenance
Equipped with larger lithium-ion batteries May have a smaller battery capacity
More compact design May not offer as much control
Better performance and larger battery for the cost  

For long travels, I recommend buying a suspension-electric unicycle and for longer travels, it’s best to go for a non-suspension unicycle if. But EUCs with a suspension provide a more comfortable experience.

Electric Unicycles With Suspension Or Without? The Choice Is Completely Yours!

Electric Unicycles Buying Guide

When looking for an electric unicycle, there are some aspects that you need to consider. Here are those:

1. Pay Attention To The Speed and Range

How much power do we need for an awesome experience? That’s a very good question. That depends on you entirely! Speed refers to the cruising max speed, there are a lot of unicycles out there that offer amazing speeds. Range means how far the unicycle can go on a full charge, the more the better, but that is not always the case.

You have to consider the law too, how fast you can ride the electric unicycle or how far it could go. These electric vehicles can reach maximum speed very quickly. Motor power will also determine your overall speed and range.

Futuristic Ecological Electric Unicycle

2. Consider The Price Tag

Electric Unicycles are expensive. You can get a good working unicycle for less than $1000 but if you want the best quality ones then you might have to spend more. If you crave an electric unicycle with the best performance and features then expect to pay around more than $2000.

3. The Wheel Size and Weight Also Matters

Weight and wheel size matters a lot when it comes to electric unicycles. It shows who can ride them easily, how they actually work, and if you can carry them easily or not. For the learning curve, I recommend starting with a lighter unicycle. Because you will be able to accelerate, stop, and even change directions easily.

Wheels are available in different sizes, from 14-inch to 18-inch plus. Bigger wheels result in a better performance on all sorts of terrains but they also increase the overall weight. So this is where you have to think!

4. Chargers and Charging Time 

For any electric vehicle, you need to know how much time it will charge completely. Or if you will be needing fast chargers for the best battery life. Typically, these vehicles can be charged in less than 8 hours completely. Some great unicycles out there charge in an hour or less but with fast chargers (Normally 5A chargers).

4. Safety Features Are A Must

If this is your first time riding an electric unicycle, make sure that your unicycle is equipped with all the safety features. You should be regularly practicing the basics, getting on and off, and even applying the brakes.

The front and rear lights are a must. You need to make sure that you can travel safely at night. The overall construction of the unicycle should also be durable, especially the wheels. These features will keep your electric unicycles safe. 


How fast does an electric unicycle go?

Electric unicycles can go as fast as 34 mph. 

Are electric unicycles safe?

Yes, electric unicycles are safe.

It is only legal to ride electric unicycles on private properties with the permission of the owners. They are not allowed on the roads. 

Are electric unicycles hard to ride?

Electric unicycles are hard to ride without practice. 

Is Walking faster than unicycling?

Unicycling is generally considered faster than walking. 

Electric unicycles are illegal to use in the USA on public roads including cycle lanes, pedestrian-only areas, and pavements. 


Electric Unicycles are fun to ride. They work like electric skateboards but have unique properties of their own. The performance and features are different and fun. Something you will notice only on your very first ride.

Since I have discussed different models with unique features, I hope you can make a buying decision. Which electric unicycle are you going to buy? Let me know in the comment section below. 

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Should you have any questions or require further clarification on the topic, please feel free to connect with our expert author Luke Ameen by leaving a comment below. We value your engagement and are here to assist you.

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