How To Choose a Dog Carrier or Dog Trailer For Your Bike


If you love biking, and you also have a dog, then the chances are you will never get the 2 of then to mix well together. With all those moving parts, and dogs being what they are; trying to hold a leash with one hand, a handlebar with the other, and not being pulled off sideways off your bike onto your face, or having the leash get tangled up into the chain probably doesn’t sound all that appealing.

If you live somewhere like the country or a quiet part of town, and your dog can be relied upon to do as they’re told, then letting them run off the leash might be the easiest and safest way to combine being outside with your dog and you on your bike.

But that isn’t always going to work

Wolf in the snow

Dogs are dogs. Even the smallest terrier or the cutest little lap dog still has the hunting urge and the instincts of a wolf at heart. Just one mouse/rabbit/squirrel or other dog can ruin your day, and have the wolf in our canine friends reacting in the worst possible way.

As for myself, there is nothing I like more than taking me, and my mountain bike off along the back of a mountain trail and letting my dog run wild. I love it, and so does he. I get to go off adventuring, and Charlie (red setter/spaniel cross) gets to run at speed for the entire day.