8 Unique Bicycles That You Can Buy Today!

Are you willing to spend a few extra dollars to look cool? Well, I might have just the thing you need in store for you!

Bikes are pretty much all the same, aren’t they? Okay, so your neighbor may turn his racing handlebars upside down but basically, the bike is the same as your other neighbor. But the good news is that if you wish to be the neighbor with a cool bike, there is still some hope!

While I was travelling the world wide web the other day I did come across quite a few good-looking bicycles. Now a lot of the bikes I looked at were not for sale, a lot of them were one-offs, as in they just made one of them, and a lot of them were so rare that you cannot find them anywhere. Also, some were museum pieces.

But if you want to buy a bike that is not like the one your friend has down the street, check out the seven below. They are all available online and some are even affordable! The last one is not a bicycle in the true sense of the word but it is cool and you have to ride it at least once in their lives.

7 Cool Bicycles That You Can Buy Today

Bike  What Makes It Unique
Raleigh Chopper Iconic design, 2004 version with improved safety features like a grip shift and a forward-moved seat.
Calfee Road Bike Bamboo frame for crash tolerance, vibration dampening, and eco-friendly construction.
DIY Penny Farthing Retro design with a 26-inch front wheel, DIY assembly, and easier mount/dismount compared to original high-wheelers.
BMC Track Bike Carbon fiber construction, and track racing design, were used by Rohan Dennis to break the hour record.
Renovo TT Prototype Speedy design made from Port Orford Cedar and Black Walnut, customizable stiffness.
Sabamba Bugabike Pedal-less wooden bike for children, minimalist design, engineered to prevent jackknifing.
Waldmeister Single Speed Wooden singlespeed bike from a sustainable forest in Germany, handmade with a unique frame design.
Unicycle Simple and minimalist design, available in various colors and wheel sizes, versatile for commuting and trails.

1. Raleigh Chopper

This bike was originally made in the UK in the 70’s but stopped production in 1981. It was the English version of the American Schwinn Stingray. The original Mark 1 version of the Raleigh Chopper was sold from 1969 to 1972. Then a Mark 2 came out in 1972 with a few changes. It was a very popular bike and helped resurrect the fortunes of the Raleigh Bicycle Company.

If you were a 12-year-old boy in the 70s and you had one of these you were probably the coolest kid on the street but your parents had to be crazy! It was less stable than a regular bicycle and harder to ride.

In 2004 it went into production again. Luckily there were a few things that the manufacturer changed to make the bike a bit safer. The gear selector was moved from a lever on the top tube to a grip shift on the handlebar. This helped avoid any groin injuries when you slid off the seat which happened quite often. This also meant you could keep two hands on the handlebars at all times which was a good idea.

Also, the seat was moved forward so there was less chance of doing a wheelie and falling off the back of the bike. You can now buy these on ebay and I have even seen some of the original ones on that site as well. You may even see the even rarer version that had drop handlebars and a 5-speed derailleur. Why you would want racing handlebars on a bike that was pretty much uncontrollable above 15 miles an hour I will never know.

This bike is too small for an adult but would make a wonderful gift for your 12-year-old child. Just tell them to walk it downhill!

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2. Calfee Road Bike

If you are looking for a bicycle that has a very crash-tolerant frame, amazing vibration dampening and that is stiffer than many carbon frames then take a gander at the beautiful bicycle above. What’s unique is the bamboo frame.  It is light and is very strong. Did you know that a few species of bamboo have the same strength ratio as steel?

This frame is very stiff which means it transfers power from you to the road very efficiently. Stress and impacts from falls don’t damage the frame as much as aluminum or carbon fiber and despite being so stiff it has a relatively smooth ride, far smoother than aluminum and titanium and on a level with carbon fiber and even steel.

Each one of these unique frames takes over 40 hours to build and to make them even more natural they use hemp fiber for the lugs to join the tubes together. It has a very low carbon footprint to build. The manufacturer Calfee can make all different sizes of frames as well because they do not use forms or molds to join the bamboo.

So not only will your bamboo bike be pretty much unique but it will be a perfect fit. It is not often that you find something that not only has great form and visual appeal but also functions amazingly.

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3. DIY Penny Farthing/High Wheel

I know what you are saying, this isn’t a real high-wheeler or Penny Farthing. But this one gets the idea across for a lot less money. It uses a 26-inch front wheel and the best part is you get to build it yourself. All you do is pay for the plans and then the parts, spend a weekend putting it together, and before you know it you are the coolest person on the street and at your Wednesday night cruiser ride.

There are a couple of reasons that you might want to ride this one instead of the original High Wheeler. Firstly it is a lot easier to get on and off. With the original bike which had a 60-inch front wheel, you had to use a step next to the pedal to help you climb aboard. I could not find any tips for getting off the bike. Maybe stop near a couple of friends who could hold the bike still while you dismounted.

But another problem that the riders had was flying over the handlebars from a heady height. No such problem with the bike above. You can also buy models with 36-inch front wheels that are already built if you want to go with a larger front wheel. These bicycles are extremely low maintenance. When a character called Thomas Stevens rode a Penny Farthing around the world in the 1880’s he didn’t have one maintenance issue.

This could be the single speed of the future (and the past). And if you like it you could always treat yourself to a proper High Wheeler bicycle in the future. Who knows maybe you will become only the second person to bike around the world on a Penny Farthing.

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4. BMC Track Bike

For you guys out there who have never ridden a bike on a track (or velodrome to use its technical name), you don’t know what you are missing. Your town may have an indoor track or an outdoor one for the nicer months of the year. Either one is a fantastic experience and to be honest the banked curve is not as intimidating as you would think.

If you do decide to knock this off your bucket list you can show up at the track and borrow or rent one of the available bikes, or you could put some serious money down and buy one of these BMC Track Bikes. This is the bike that Rohan Dennis broke the hour record on 8th February 2015. He set a new hour record of 52.491 km. If he could do that imagine how far and fast you could go!

This bike is made of carbon fiber and weighs in at 6.8kg. The team had to add weight from the stock bike to meet UCI rules, so you could shave some weight off it and go even faster.

A few other things that are different include the fact that there are no brakes. Something you quickly get used to. The bottom bracket is a bit higher than on a regular bike so that the pedals don’t hit the banked curve as you speed around.

A word of warning though, I wouldn’t ride this on your local trails if there is even an outside chance of a cross-wind. It was made for the track with no crosswinds. As for the price of this one, well as they say if you have to ask you can’t afford it, so just write a note to Santa. Pssst, it is around $7600. Be nice all year and you never know……

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5. Renovo TT Prototype

This bike not only goes fast, but it looks fast as well. It should come with a speed warning, saying “It doesn’t go slower than 30 mph”. It is made from Port Orford Cedar and Black Walnut and is probably one of the smoothest riding bicycles that you will ever have. It is very sensitive and responds immediately to your movements.

The frame is made of two cored-out pieces of solid wood which are joined together forming a hollow core like a regular bike. This makes the bike light, quiet, and very strong. Rumour has it that out of all the 300 models that have been sold since 2007 not one of them has broken!

The bike is very stiff and depending on the weight and riding style of the buyer this stiffness can be modified. I think if you had one of these Renovo bicycles and put a belt on it instead of a chain it would be a perfect bike.

One word of warning though, after going through a credit check, and putting all your money down on it before it even starts being built, you are still looking at a wait of up to a year or maybe even more. Don’t expect this bike to be delivered tomorrow, perfection takes time.

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6. Sabamba Bugabike

I don’t know about you but I wish these bikes had been around when I was a kid. I might have learned how to balance on a bike before I was 14 and maybe my dad wouldn’t have had to push me down the main road with training wheels on while I was in Junior High.

There are a lot of these pedal-less bikes around now, this one is made of wood and looks so minimalist even the hipsters on their fixies will be jealous of your kiddo’s bike. All you need to look out for are termites. It is made from varnished birch plywood and high-grade lead-free steel. The bike is engineered so that your junior Eddy (or Edwina) Merckx can’t turn the steering wheel too far in one direction. This avoids any jackknifing.

And you can choose pink or blue accessories to match the rider’s helmet. My 3-year-old is now quite happy zooming around inside the house on his balance bike. Will it make him a better bike rider in the future? I have no idea but he enjoys it, his balance is improving and it stops him from watching TV all the time.

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7. Waldmeister Single Speed

Not only is this bike a singlespeed but it is made from wood. 2 items off your bucket list in one go. Waldmeister is a German manufacturer and they have built a bike that looks like a piece of art that can be ridden.

The wood is from a sustainable forest in Germany and the whole bike has very high-end parts on it. Of course, it is handmade and to make it even more unique, it is made of up to 100 thin layers of wood. Another interesting thing I found about this bike is that the frame design was computer-calculated to use all the properties of the wood to their biggest advantage. The wood is Beech which is very hard and homogeneous. Due to this, the frame has a consistent feel to it.

As you can see there is not a continuous seat tube so the top tube acts like a leaf spring which helps to dampen the pressure from above and any bumps from below. And not only is the frame made from wood but so are the rims of the wheels. These wooden rims have very good suspension and absorption properties so you won’t be missing your front Rock Shox.

The finishing touch of this bike is the Brooks Titanium saddle. With all the high-quality, high-priced parts on this bike, you will have to carry a few locks around with you to make sure no one steals it when you park it outside your local 7-11.

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8. Unicycle

Oh yes, a unicycle. I hear you are never too old to start to learn to ride one. These days they come in all sorts of different colors to match your sneakers and wheel sizes that correspond to your skill level.

They are so minimalist that you will be putting the hipsters in your ‘hood to shame. Another good thing about being so simple is that they have hardly anything that can break. This is probably a good thing because, in your first few days, it will probably be hitting the floor quite a few times.

Imagine the look on the faces of the people at school or work when you tell them you are going to ride your bike and then they see you arrive on a unicycle. You will go straight to the top of the class or get a promotion in weeks! Just Kidding!

Once you get good at riding the unicycle you will be able to carry things in your hands. You can take it onto trails and it is light so you can just pick it up and take it on the bus or subway wherever you go. But I think the best thing about riding a unicycle is that you never see a sign that says “no unicycling”; you can ride it anywhere!

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What is the most beautiful bicycle in the world?

Bianchi Pista or the VanMoof S3 can be considered the most beautiful bicycles in the world.

What is the most famous cycling brand?

Trek, Cannondale, and Specialized can be considered famous cycling brands. 

Are there different types of bicycles?

Yes, there are different types of bicycles such as mountain, hybrid, and road to name a few.

Which type of cycle is best?

The type of cycle that you will find best depends on your riding preferences. 

Can a bike have 4 wheels?

A bicycle has just 2 wheels. However, 4-wheeled bikes exist. They are called a quadricycles.


So, that’s about it. 7 cool bicycles that you can buy today if you want to look unique. But that’s the only thing about them. The way that they look. Other than that, the ride is pretty much the same. Don’t you agree?

What would you prefer? To have some top-notch high-quality components and features on a bicycle that make your ride easier or to own a bicycle that no one else in your town probably does? Let me know in the comments below. I’m waiting!

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