20 Cool Bike Accessories That Will Make Other Cyclist Envious

 Bikes: You see one you like, you buy it you ride it

Maybe after a while, you add a water bottle holder. A little while after that, you buy a bell from the local store, and you add that too. You go back out, you ride, you like it, but you look just like everyone else.

Yes, other people’s bikes might have a better paint job, or have a newer, or more expensive model than you do, but when it comes right down to it, they are all essentially the same, and everyone starts to look like each other.

Your bike may have made you fitter, made your commute to work quicker, your weekends that bit much more fun, but we all look the same.

We are all individuals, and whether you choose to believe it or not, getting out and riding feels just that little bit better when you look that little bit better, or have something your fellow bikers don’t.

There’s so much more to riding than the frame between your legs. What you need is accessories, and you need them now.

But what do you need?

Well that’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? The truth is that there is an entire internet of accessories out there that can you make you feel that little bit more special and help you stand out from the crowd.

To get you started, here’s a list of 20 accessories you might want to get your hands on…

1 – Burley Travoy Trailer: $299

This is the perfect accessory for the bike commuter in us all. Paniers and big rucksacks might sometimes feel like the only way to transport your office clothes and laptop around with you on your way to work. But what if you could find a way to carry more without unbalancing your bike?

Well hello! Welcome to the Burley Travoy trailer.

The Burley Travoy is perhaps one of the most convenient ways I have ever seen to carry more cargo by bike, the Travoy is the perfect choice for lightweight camping or commuting. The Trailer also collapses down to practically the same size as a briefcase when not in use, so you know, bonus!

Available from: Commuter Bike Store

2 – CamelBak M.U.L.E. 100 oz Hydration Pack: $109

There’s a reason The M.U.L.E. is one of CamelBak’s bestselling packs. It’s light and maneuverable so even fully loaded it won’t get in your way.

It carries up to 3 liters of water, plus has enough space to double as an ordinary back pack if needed. Why even bother with a water bottle rack? And it’s not like the drinking tube is hard to put away when you’d rather be concentrating on your ride, because it’s magnetic.


Like all good back packs, it’s designed so as not to sweat up your back when riding hard and has any number of clips and hooks, and pockets to keep phones and keys etc. safe and well. It also comes in a variety of colors, and looks good as well.

Available from: Bikewagon

3 – Profile Design E-pack Large Black Top-tube Bike Pack: $14.99

Ah, but what if your one of those riders who doesn’t always want to feel like a dromedary when out on your bike. What if you’re perfectly happy with your bottle holder but also want to keep some things where you can see ‘em?

Well Profile have come up with the perfect way to keep your snacks and accessories within reaching distance when riding. Perhaps the best thing about it though is the heavy duty Velcro straps that attach it to your top tube. It’s great if you want to stop mucking around in coat pockets to find what you need too. And at only 30g it’s light too boot as well.

Available from: Bikewagon

4 – Sunlite Basket Front Willow Bushel Blue Strap-on: $24.99

Of course, nothing says personalized like a stylish basket because it’s not all about looking like you could go faster and longer. The Sunlite removable Willow basket just reeks of classic elegance with a modern twist. Best of all is the ability to take it on and off whenever you don’t need it and leave it behind, in just a few seconds.

Available from: Bikewagon

5 – Knog The Boxxer Rackless Pannier/Blackpack Olive: $39.99

For some of us though, panniers are a considered choice when looking for transportation space on our bikes. So why not go for one that’s just that little bit different from the others, and screams ‘Hipster’ to everyone who sees you.

How about a pannier that also doubles as a backpack? Are you sold yet? No? Well about one that will also hold your laptop and has naked cartoon characters on the inside flap? No? So how about hardwearing, light weight material and the ability to be clipped onto almost any bike going?

The big selling point? Well it’s completely rackless as well you know and can be used for just about anything.

Available from: Bikewagon

6 – Orontas Bag Seat Kit Tool Roll Bag: $46.98

The Orantas Tool roll bag will set you apart from almost all the other riders out there. This is a classic old school tool kit bag with a modern twist.

You see, it’s not all about how you look when riding, it’s also about how you look when things go wrong as well. You’ll never look better than fixing your bike on the side of the road with a tool kit that rolls out.

Available from: Bikewagon

7 – Redfox Edge Bluetooth Wireless Headphones With Case: $119.99

The Redfox Edge Bluetooth Headphones are quite possibly the greatest sport headphones ever created. They work great, stay put, offer hands free calling, and also repel sweat.

These hi tech offering give you everything you could you possibly want out of waterproof headphones. But you can also regale your fellow riders with tales of all the awards they’ve won as well. They’re not just for bikers either. They won the Runner’s World Magazine’s Best Headphones Award as well.

They ‘phones are wireless Bluetooth, waterproof, and have their own microphone so you can take calls on the go, and can last up to 8 hours in one go.

Available from: Giantnerd

8 – Topeak Alien II Multi-Tool: $59.99

The Alien II is something of a legend in its own lifetime. It’s consistently rated as one of the best and most essential multi-tools that can cope with almost any situation with exception of alien invasion itself.

The Alien II is designed for cyclists who need a high-quality need tool while on the road. It comes in a clever break-apart body that makes it a breeze to find the right gadget. And with 26 high-quality, hardened-steel tools at your fingertips, you’ll rarely find yourself without exactly what you need. It literally is a bike workshop that fits in your hand.

Available from: Giantnerd

9 – Xlab Gorilla Anti-Launch Carbon Cycling Bottle Cage: €47.99

What to get anyone who has everything else….a bottle holder made from carbon…This is the perfect purchase for the person trying to make their bike just that little bit more special.

The guys at Xlab made sure as well when they designed this holder that it won’t flip out on even the most arduous mountain bike trail either. And at only 38g, and a proven better grip than almost every bottle holder out there. Not only does it look good, but there’s also plenty of chances to talk about it without really having to wedge it into conversation. Yay.

Available from: Probikekit.co.uk

10 – Nutcase Little Nutty Kids Helmet – Bumblebee: $60

So this is crossing some lines here, but if you are so inclined then it is entirely possible to use your children to make other people jealous.

There is no better way to do this than with picking a helmet made by Nutcase. Not only do they make this helmet but they make an entire range, so if bumblebees aren’t your thing then there’s always other possibilities. Oh, and they are also tested stringently to make sure the little ones heads are as safe as can be, and are made with an ABS shell and a protective EPS inner foam lining.

They are also made to fit, and come with an adjustable dial to make sure it fits all nice and snug as well.

Available from: Public Bikes

11 – ABUS Ultra 410 U-Lock 9″ w/ Cable: $50

If it comes recommended from someone like Public Bikes, then that’s a recommendation you can probably take to the bank. ABUS locks are a bit of a legend in their own lifetime, all be it a lifetime that has over 90 years of solid experience behind it.

This ABUS 410 lock really is up there with being one of the best locks it’s possible to get for the money. Not only does this lock look the part, but that design is also likely to get people talking around you as well. It’s a tough, everyday lock built to withstand tampering and cutting.

The lock is a full  9″ long and over 4″ wide.

Available from: Public Bikes

12 – SpokeLit LED Bike Spoke Light: $10

But you don’t have to spend dollar after dollar in order to give your bike that little bit extra bling. The spoke light will not only make you safer and much more visible at night or in low light conditions but it will also make your bike wheels look like they’re part of a low budget spec budget special effects, SC-FI channel extravaganza.

These rather cool LED lights offer some of the best value for money add on’s it’s possible to get for your bike as far as I’m concerned.

But they could have done a better job on the video…I know because I’ve seen people on bikes with these on their wheels, and they turn heads. They really do, even in the daylight. By far the coolest use of them I ever saw was on a downhill mountain bike trail. The guy looked like his wheels were on fire: But then he did have about 5 of them on each wheel, but still…

Fueled by efficient L.E.D bulbs, this handy little device has two illumination modes, standard and flashing, are stupid easy to fit, and they are also waterproof and shock resistant, and are suitable for grown-ups, big kids, and children.

Available from: Public Bikes

13 – Brooks B67 Aged Seat: $150

Because when you say “It’s a B67 Aged Seat,” the person you’re talking to might think you knew what the B65 Aged Seat looked like…. Add a touch of class to your ride.

It might not be the best addition to a road bike or off road bike, but for just about every other type of ride it is more than acceptable. This is the perfect addition for Hipster bikes and anyone who rides a Beach Cruiser.

Available from: Public

14 – PUBLIC Federico Red Brass Bell: $15

You definitely need a bell for city riding! In most countries it’s actually a legal requirement; boo, but it is logical. And unless you like to yell or whistle a lot then a bell will also help you save your vocal chords.

And let me tell you, nothing will make people more jealous of you and your accessories than actually having a voice to tell them all about them. However, a good bike bell that also yells ‘Bling,’ can be hard to find. So it makes sense to buy a custom bell that comes from Italy. It’s loud without sounding annoying, and doesn’t vibrato through people bones when it sounds.

As a bonus, the bell is only available at Public Bikes so there’s even more chance no one else will have one.

Available from: Public Bikes

15 – Rocky Bicycle T-Shirt: $25

And Why not. In an age when even store bought Tees try to make you feel individual, why not get one that actually is. The best thing about this Tee is the fact that you don’t even need to be anywhere near a bike to wear it. Yay!

It’s part funny, part optical nightmare, and people will ask you about it and demand to know where they can get one too.

Available from: Public Bikes

16 – ANSWER Trail Builder Grit Glove: $19.99

No these gloves are not made for driving a classic English sports car down Route 66, nor are they designed for just building trails to throw yourself down, but you can if you want. These are the ultimate in ‘designed for a purpose’ mountain bike gloves.

They were designed by mountain bikers in…. Wisconsin….’ of all places, and their philosophy is ‘it’s what you make it,’ but nothing says ‘cool’ like a pair of gloves you can use to hold a shovel with as well as ride your bike. They are soft, grippy, tough and most importantly, machine washable, to boot.

Available from: Chain Reaction Cycles

17 – GoPro HERO: $129.99

Because not everyone thinks they’re Steven Spielberg, there’s the GoPro Hero. Just a few years ago, having a HD camera on your person to record your rides would have set you back the best part of a $1000. The top end cameras still do, but for the rest of us, there’s the Hero.

The best thing about this offering from GoPro is that it’s simple and easy to use, and is built into rugged, hardwearing housing that is also waterproof and will take a few knocks. Others will think you’re much more serious than you are about your riding. The Hero is the affordable choice from one of the most trusted brands in the world.

Available from: Bike Ahead

18 – Race Face Team Chute Waterproof Jacket 2015: $225.49

This is the kind of cycling jacket you buy that lasts forever. It will help keep you warm and dry in the winter and cool and dry in the summer. Among other things, it looks cool, and has all the kinds of attachments from clothing that should cost a few $100 more. But here’s what they say about it themselves:

  • Material: 100% Laminated Polyester
  • Attached Hood – The 3-point adjustable hood has bungee cord on each side of the hood and a third in back to cinch down with ease when not in use
  • Brim stiffener
  • Adjustable waist system – Easy-adjust cinch cord and release at inner hem
  • High collar with brushed tricot lined chin-guard and zipper garage – Provides comfort and protection from the elements
  • Welded UnderArm Zipper Vents – custom pullers offer zipper control with gloved hands to maximize air circulation and cool your core mid-ride
  • Velcro cuff closure – Keeps snow, wind, and rain from seeping in at the wrists
  • Hand warmer pockets
  • Internal media pocket – Easy to access welded pocket keeps your MP3 player, iPhone, or other valuables secure and dry
  • Buy Race Face Clothing from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.

Do I need to say anything more?

Available from Chain Reaction Cycles

19 – Lezyne Pressure Drive Pump ABS Medium: $22.99

The Lezyne Pressure Drive Pump ABS Medium is a compact HP hand pump made of 100% custom CNC-machined aluminum for precise and lightweight construction. You might not ever buy another pump after using this. It gives out the kind of power you’d normally only expect from a full size foot driven pump and as well as being light, when you do get a flat, you can rely on it to get your tires back up and riding away in seconds.

Available from: CycleSurgery

20 – XFire Bike Lane Safety Light with Laser Lane Markers – USB Rechargeable: $34.99

Finally, no 20. But I think I’ve left the best till last. These lights just make sense. They look cool, keep you safe at night, and best of all can be recharged with a standard USB phone charger. Of course they are waterproof and bright, but others will see coming from up to a mile away. At $34.99, they’re a bit of a steal as well.

Available from: ModernBIKE.com

Final thoughts

Just don’t buy everything on the list…There is such a thing as too much. Also remember that this list is in no way a definitive guide in how to make accessorize yourself and your bike. It’s more of a light hearted approach toward what you could get, to try and show that you can do stuff to make you stand apart. So get your credit card out and start spending.

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