9 Best Bike Chain Degreaser For Your Bike!

Chain Degreasers are your bike's drivetrain's best friend! And you got to have good friends, don't you?
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Chain degreasers are one of the best bets to get off that unwanted grease, oil, and unwanted dust accumulated on your drivetrain. Cleaning the chain is important to keep the bicycle running smoothly. By using chain degreasers, there will be less wear and tear, less loss of power transfer, and more chances of avoiding a malfunctioning chain!

Do you know that there are even environmentally friendly chain degreasers? They are biodegradable. So, you are not only taking care of your chain but the environment as well! Yes, Yes, I do know that it is a struggle to find a degreaser that does what it says and is not over-promising! That’s why I got this list right here for you. I have reviewed these degreasers in detail and based on my cycling expertise, these 9 are the ones that make the cut. 

Top Bike Chain Degreasers 

Degreaser Price Unique Feature
White Lightning Clean Ride $15.79 Leaves a clean wax after every use, and doesn’t attract dirt.
WD-40 Bike Cleaner and Degreaser $11.00 Versatile foam that sticks to the bike’s surface and easily removes grease.
Finish Line 1-Step Bicycle Chain Cleaner $16.99 Acts as a multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser, available in aerosol cans and drip bottles.
Finish Line Speed 1 Bike Chain Degreaser Dry Version $13.95 A completely dry version with no residue comes with a turbo spray option.
Oil Eater Original Cleaner and Degreaser $14.22 Multi-purpose cleaner, safe for various surfaces, including a lemon-scented 1-gallon bottle.
Park Tool CB-4 Bio Bike Chain Degreaser $22.95 Fully biodegradable, and plant-based, can be used as a general degreaser.
Molten Speed Wax Bike Chain Degreaser $38.50 The wax-based formula for a fast, effective, and dry cleanse, suitable for racing purposes.
Pedro’s Pig Juice Chain Degreaser $16.47 Plant-based, solvent-free, and highly effective for thorough cleaning.
Muc Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner $16.27 Fully biodegradable, can be used on various bike parts including brake pads, quick and easy to use.

Note: All prices mentioned are subject to change.

1. White Lightning Clean Ride- Editor’s Choice

Price: $15.79

Clean Ride Self Cleaning Wax
Clean Ride Self Cleaning Wax

Let us start with the best cleaning lubricant on the market! The White Lightning Clean Ride is a must-have lubricant for the top performance of your bike. This lubricant will clean every kind of dirt on your bike like grease, and grime, and afterward, you will enjoy a shiny wax on your bike.

The White Lightning formula is clean, which is one of the things I love about it, unlike other formulas, this one contains no oils or any other kind of harmful material. As this formula is completely oil-free the bike won’t even get dirty after a thorough cleanse.

You can use the White Lightning for a thorough and deep cleanse, it can easily be applied on chains, and cables of bikes. It can also be easily stored and transported anywhere.


  • Offers a Deep and Thorough Cleanse
  • Affordable Price
  • Doesn’t Attract Dirt and other Contaminants 


  • Not Reliable In Rainy Weather
  • Wears Out Rather Quickly In Heat


Editor's Choice: The White Lightning leaves a very nice and clean wax every time you use it, no matter what kind of trail you ride it. It will not attract dirt. No other lubricant or degreaser cleans it like the White Lightning, and it is very affordable too!

2. WD-40 Bike Cleaner and Degreaser

Price: $11.00

WD-40 Bike Cleaner And Degreaser
WD-40 Bike Cleaner And Degreaser

This is the best and most versatile bike cleaner and degreaser that you can come across! It doesn’t have a kit so you can use it instantly, easy to store, and easy to use. It has a very unique type of foam that just sticks to the bike’s surface and penetrates after, any kind of grease and grime would easily be eradicated!

If you want to keep your gears clean and at the best performance then definitely go for the WD-40. It is also safe from all harmful materials.

Want to save money on bike chain lube? Here are some affordable and effective bike chain lube alternatives!


  • Penetrates Everywhere
  • Suitable For All Sorts Of Bikes
  • Easily Removes Even The Toughest Of Grease
  • Keeps The Paint Safe


  • Lube-Less
  • Bike Doesn’t Remain Clean For Long


Why I Like It: The drawback of WD-40 is that it doesn't come with lube but that is fine. You can use this cleaner for every type of bike and that speaks a lot!

3. Finish Line 1-Step Bicycle Chain Cleaner

Price: $16.99 

Finish Line 1 Step Bicycle Chain Cleaner
Finish Line 1 Step Bicycle Chain Cleaner

This is another wet-style lubricant that you should get your hands on, the way it penetrates and kills the grease from within the gears is just purely spectacular. This chain cleaner is extremely efficient, you just need to try it out once. If you need to get rid of harmful buildups and other residues that would rather undermine the great performance of your bike then try the Finish chain cleaner.

This is a multi-purpose product, it acts both as a cleaner and a degreaser, with this your bike will always be in the top shape. What is the Finish Line cleaner best for? Well, it cleans your chains, different mechanisms, and cables while also keeping them in top shape.

This cleaner is also available in aerosol cans and drip bottles, which makes users so comfortable with the product. 


  • Available in Aerosol and Drip Bottles
  • Penetration Is Exemplary
  • Very Affordable


  • Difficult To Use
  • Frequent Reapplication Is Required


Why I Like It: The Finish Line 1-Step Bicycle Chain Cleaner is a cheap and effective way to get your bike cleaned. It is also available in Aerosol cans and Drip Bottles.

4. Finish Line Speed 1 Bike Chain Degreaser Dry Version

Price: $13.95 

Finish Line Speed Bicycle Chain Degreaser
Finish Line Speed Bicycle Chain Degreaser

This is yet another Finish Line bike chain degreaser, but it is a completely dry version. This makes sure that all the dirt is gone from your bike without any kind of residue left behind. This product makes sure that the chains, disc brakes, and everything gets super clean, while also being dry. 

That isn’t just it, the Finish Line degreaser also comes with a turbo sprayer option that you should try out. I tried it out myself and it just cleans your bike in a flash! You can also use the product in the house easily, may it be plastic or paint, this product is multi-purpose.

Want to keep your bike chain running smoothly? Here are some of the best bike chain lubes on the market!


  • The dry Version feels amazing, with no residue
  • The Turbo Spray option is incredible
  • Can be used indoors too


  • Not recommended for heavy-duty cleanups
  • Not recommended for excessive dirt/clogging


Why I Like It: The Dry Version of the Finish Line Speed 1 Chain Degreaser is the same quality as the other product, it just only offers more. The fact that it can be used indoors without problems speaks a lot!

5. Oil Eater Original Cleaner and Degreaser

Price: $14.22

Oil Eater
Oil Eater

The Oil Eater Original Cleaner and Degreaser is one of the oldest products in the market when it comes to bike maintenance. This is a multi-purpose product and you can use it everywhere. Don’t be worried about using it on different kinds of surfaces, it has a non-abrasive formula that won’t do any kind of harm.

To kill the toughest of dirt and other kinds of contaminants, this product gets diluted in water, only then it have the top result. The degreaser is where it gets interesting. It is unique, it is water-based and then combined with a biodegradable formula. If you are worried about the safety of the environment then there is nothing to be worried about as the degreaser is completely harmless.

For the normal price, you get a lemon-scented 1-gallon bottle, generally this much should last around a year or so, even if you use it frequently. 

Is your bike chain looking dirty and grimy? Here’s how to clean your bike chain like a pro!


  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • A normal bottle lasts an entire year
  • Affordable price


  • It can damage your skin
  • The bottle is difficult to use


Why I Like It: A bike chain degreaser that can also be used around the house? Well, sign me up! The best thing about this product is that it can be used with everything in the house, you don't have to go out and look for other products. Plus, you get a year's worth of cleaning with only 1 bottle!

6. Park Tool CB-4 Bio Bike Chain Degreaser

Price: $22.95

Park Tool CB-4 Bio Chainbrite Bicycle Chain
Park Tool CB-4 Bio Chainbrite Bicycle Chain

Looking for a natural bike chain degreaser that isn’t polluted with toxins, then the Park Tool is the one for you! This is as natural as it could be when it comes to bike chain degreasers, and you would be pleased to know that the cleaning liquid is fully biodegradable, now you don’t have to worry about anything!

It is plant-based if you were wondering, apart from the bike usage. You can use it as a general degreaser, not a lot of products offer that, so I checked that myself. This product is very powerful but it isn’t harmful to you!


  • Can also be used as a general degreaser
  • The liquid is 100% fully biodegradable
  • Isn’t harmful to plastics


  • Frequent Reapplication


Why I Like It: This is another amazing general-purpose degreaser that you have to try out! I wanted to try out a most natural product and I was impressed with the results. It penetrates the grease and dirt in such an amazing manner that you would instantly love it.

7. Molten Speed Wax Bike Chain Degreaser

Price: $38.50 

Molten Speed Wax
Molten Speed Wax

Are you tired of using standard chain degreasers for your bike? Well, it is about time that you tried something new and better, try out the Molten Speed Wax Bike Chain Degreaser! This isn’t just an alternative, it will make sure that your bike gets the best treatment it deserves.

Did you know that wax is known to be the fastest and most effective lube? The way it cleans your bike is exemplary! Another unique aspect of speed wax is that it completely dries the bicycle, unlike the liquid products that you have been using in the past, this way it also doesn’t catch any kind of dirt or contaminant.

To get the best results, just melt the wax using a crockpot, apply it to the chains thoroughly, and then just leave them to dry. After that just enjoy the results and have fun!


  • Best For Racing Purposes
  • Dries Quickly
  • Very Effective 
  • Long and Durable Cleanse


  • Not Suited For Every Weather


Why I Like It: Molten Speed Wax is an amazing alternative to the liquid degreasers that I was using in the past, this is speedy and the results are very impressive as well. I am a bike enthusiast and this product fills up app my bike maintenance needs!

8. Pedro’s Pig Juice Chain Degreaser

Price: $16.47 

Pig Juice Chain Cleaner
Pig Juice Chain Cleaner

Don’t go for the name with this one, Pedro’s Pig Juice Chain Degreaser is one of the best plant-based products that you can find in the market. It is a great product with almost no chemicals, and offers a thorough clean, I don’t think that you should miss out on Pedro’s.

The way it cleans your bike’s chains is exemplary, only a few can match this level of effectiveness. Once again, this product has nothing to do with pigs it is solvent-free!


  • Plant-Based
  • Solvent-Free Product 
  • Very Effective


  • Drying Takes Time
Why I Like It: As far as plant-based bike chain degreasers go, this is one of the best ones in the market. It is very gentle on bikes and makes sure that the cleaning is thorough, all grease and grime get eradicated quickly. It keeps the bike shiny and clean and is made without toxins, you shouldn't pass on this one!

9. Muc Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner

Price: $16.27 

Muc-Off MOX-904 Nano Tech Bike Cleaner
Muc-Off MOX-904 Nano Tech Bike Cleaner

The Muc Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner is so effective and gentle that you can use it almost anywhere on the bike and it will still offer the best results. Yes, not just the chains, you can even use this degreaser for use on the brake pads as well!

Don’t be worried about chemicals or anything else when using this cleaner, it is 100% biodegradable. Everyone likes to use simple cleaning products from their bikes, and this is one of the simplest and most effective products to date. How to use it? Just spray on the area you want to clean and then clean after a while, your bike will feel brand new.


  • Very Easy To Use
  • Fully Biodegradable
  • Can Be Used On The Bike
  • Quick Clean


  • Have To Be Used Frequently
Why I Like It: Muc Off Bike Cleaner is a very fast and effective degreaser, and I tend to love simple products. It penetrates the grease very nicely and makes sure that your bikes feel brand new every time you clean them.

Advantages of Bike Chain Degreasers

Let’s discuss the main benefits you get by applying a bike chain degreaser!

1. Simple and Easy Maintenance

Bike Chain Degreasers make chains clean and shiny and no time, thus making maintenance very easy. The degreasers eliminate the dirt so easily from the chains that you can enjoy that amazing performance again. If you try combining degreasing with some cleaning products, the result is going to be even more amazing.

Want to prevent your bike chain from slipping? Here’s how to tighten your bike chain properly!

2. Great Efficiency With Bikes

The bike’s overall performance and efficiency drop when the chains are riddled with grease and grime. A good bike chain degreaser will eliminate all of that and make sure that you enjoy the top performance. 

3. Enhanced Durability and Protection

The first job of bike chain degreasers is cleaning up your bike, which means all the grease and grime would be eliminated. Whenever there is excessive dirt found on your bike’s chains the overall lifespan of the device will fall. Degreasers make sure that your bikes are in top condition and that their life span and durability are prolonged.

Want to keep your bike chain running smoothly without the mess? Here’s how to wax your bike chain!

The Different Types Of Bike Chain Degreasers

Oiling The Chain
Oiling The Chain

If you are new to bike chain degreasers then you should know that there are different types. 

Degreaser Type Description Storage Portability Flammability
Cans Heavy-duty cleaning, commercial use, more quantity, diluted in water. In cans, more quantity, cost-effective. Not as portable as aerosol, stored for heavy-duty use. More potent and strong due to dilution in water.
Aerosol Flammable, stored in metal containers, easy to store, and portable, lightweight. In metal containers, protected against hazards. Highly portable, suitable for on-the-go use, and lightweight. More flammable, stored in strong metal containers.
Spray Bottles Common, reliable, easy to pack and travel with, and suitable for immediate portable use. In spray bottles, easy to pack and travel with. Very portable, suitable for immediate use. Not as corrosive, and safe for regular use.

What To Look For In A Chain Degreaser

There are plenty of bike chain degreasers in the market, but going into the market and trying to find the best product can be very tricky. Especially when you don’t know what you are looking at. So, here’s what you should look for when buying a chain degreaser. Bike Chain Degreaser

1. They Should Be Biodegradable

When cleaning your bike with a formula you need to be careful about the environment and yourself! You need to make sure that the formula can be easily washed off and doesn’t harm the environment. So that is why go for fully biodegradable products.

If you are cleaning outdoors or in your backyard then get a formula that doesn’t harm the grass and which can be easily drained.

2. Easy To Use

What is the point of bike chain degreasers if you can’t even use them properly and that too without ease? You should go for products that are fast, effective, and easy to use, otherwise, there is just no point at all. If you go for the products that are difficult to use then you won’t even be using them regularly and thus they will become useless.

Make the cleaning process enjoyable and opt for products that are fast and easy to use!

3. Should Offer Value

Go for products that offer great value for their cost. There is no point if you have a cleaning product that can’t even last a month, especially when you paid a hefty amount for it. That’s why I advise you to go for products that have a great reputation in the market.

Fast Drying

Bike Chain Degreasers should be able to work quickly, there is no point if you have to wait hours for the bike to dry up. The best product is one that does the job rather quickly, combine a fast-drying degreaser with lubricants and you get the perfect results!

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 Important Bike Chain Degreaser Tips

No matter if you have the best bike chain degreaser in the market, you can always make your experience better by following some professional advice:

  • Always go for bike chain degreasers that will perform in every type of weather. You don’t want a product that will just soak up in rain or damage the bike. Multi-weather products go a long way and offer the best performance.
  • After 2-3 rides make sure to degrease the chains of your bike and lubricate them. This will not just increase the life span of your bike but also offer the best performance possible. Keep on doing this if you want smooth and relaxing rides.
  • Sometimes you could be out of equipment to clean your bike, a very nice alternative is a folded rag or unused towel. You can use the cleaning liquid on the rag and then just apply it on the bike!



Can I use any degreaser on my bike chain?

No, you must go for multi-purpose or degreasers that are only suited for bikes. Otherwise, you would just end up damaging your bike instead of cleaning it!

Is WD40 a good bike chain degreaser?

Yes, the WD40 is one of the best bike cleaning products in the market, it is very reliable and quick!

What can I use instead of a degreaser?

One of the best alternatives to a chain degreaser is distilled vinegar, it gets the job done.

Why do bike chain degreasers need to be biodegradable?

Bike chain degreasers need to be fully biodegradable so that they can easily be washed off and don’t harm the environment.

How often should I degrease my bike?

At the least, you should degrease your bike once a month. Other than that, it depends on the frequency of the usage of your bike.


Bike maintenance is a must if you want to have smooth bike rides.  Bike chain degreasers make sure that your bikes are in top shape but it is important to have the right product! Follow the criteria for selecting the perfect bike cleaning product and the professional tips and you will always be enjoying a top bike performance!

Do you have any queries? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. If you love cycling but hate the maintenance that comes along with it, consider buying a bicycle. Then WD-40 Specialist Bike Degreaser is for you. It’s the easiest way to clean your bike, without disassembly. You simply spray it on, wait a few minutes and rinse off. It will dry up quickly, leave no dirt and other particles during application, and cause no damage to bike paint and varnish. In addition, it removes muck, grime, dirt, grease, and other tenacious contaminants from your bike chain. 

  2. Overall, I highly recommend this degreaser for anyone who has a two-wheeled vehicle. It has exceptional grease-cutting and grime-stripping performance the way the world knows and expects from the brand. Maintaining the optimum performance of one’s bike should be easy peasy.

  3. This Park Tool QKCG24 Bike Chain Cleaning Kit works really great. It cleans everything so well! The tool has reversible handle, clamps to hold top and bottom together and all the brushes come out for cleaning or replacement. The brushes inside are easily removed and can be taken apart. The bottom plug has a decent magnet and always picks up the ferrous materials when cleaning the chain. The little plastic brush that it comes with is great for getting into your cassette and clearing out anything between the gears.

  4. I like this set because the chain scrubber makes my cleaning work quicker and more effective. Thanks to this scrubber, I can spend less time doing the tedious task of cleaning my bicycle’s chain.


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