Zwift x PlayStation: The Crossover We Never Knew We Needed

If you are a frequent user Zwift and love to do indoor training then you are going to love the Zwift Play. This is the first game controller designed for bike riding and it takes the discipline to a whole new level, let's take a look!
Zwift Play 1

Technology has come so far right? Nowadays we see miracles all around us, something that we could not even imagine a decade back. If you love using indoor bikes and racing, I have some good news for you. You need to check out Zwift Play, it is the first game controller which is exclusively made for bike riding. It is as exciting as it sounds, we tried it out and now want you to have fun with it. This is more than just a controller, it is something that lets users master their gaming and riding experience.

Zwift Play Controllers: What Are They For?

Let me tell you this from the start, the Zwift Play is something that you have never tried before, it comes with a controller that completely changes the game (Wink Wink!). The Zwift Play takes control of the Companion app features such as (Ride-on, FTP Adjustments, Skip Intervals – etc.), all of this is then put into your hands. Think of it as using a PlayStation controller, you can control, steer, and brake from the controllers, time to give your laptops and tablets a much-needed break.

How Does It Work?

Using the Zwift Play Controllers is a no-brainer, let me tell you how it works out. In terms of compatibility, they are fully compatible with all shifter bodies and types, this really takes all the complications away. Just as bike lights would attach, the controller body attaches to the bike with rubberized silicon straps. 

The installation process is fairly simple and these controllers feel very sturdy, you can access them with your thumb. Once you mount these controllers, they are going to give the users absolute control. Just make sure that you go through the video tutorial first.

If you have used a PlayStation before then the controllers feel almost the same, they even work the same. The left-hand side works as a directional pad. You can use this pad to navigate through the game menus and even perform U-Turns in the virtual world.

The right-hand side of the controller is where all the buttons are. This is an easy-going design, it makes sure that users don’t push the wrong buttons when they are using the controllers. When the rider is stationary, they can use the buttons to use the menu, while riding they can be used to skip workouts, unleash the PowerUps and so much more.

How Do You Steer The Controllers?

In case you were wondering about the steering mechanism, let me make it easier for you to understand. The right and left controllers come with paddles that you can steer, they even have brakes. You just need to rock the paddle inwards to brake and pull out to steer, sounds simple enough, right? Zwift worked on this mechanism for a while now and they have finally perfected it.

Zwift Play Paddles
Credits @ Zwift

How Do Steering and Braking Make Winning Easier?

Will you be able to win races with the steering and braking mechanism? Definitely! You would have to wait sometime though, these updates will be launched onto Zwift but at a later time. You can use these controls in the freeride mode though, refine your skills there.

Introducing The Repack Rush Track 

The Zwift Play Controllers will launch simultaneously with the new and enhanced Beta Zwift Play Game Experience. We got to try out the new track Repack Rush which was formerly known as Repack Ridge, and it is just phenomenal. The new track makes brilliant use of the Zwift Play controllers, players have to dodge braking pads, collect time bonuses, and do so much more. You have to try it out asap! It is just like Mario Cart, but with bicycles!

Zwift Repack Rush
Zwift Repack Rush

Pricing and Availability 

The Zwift Play is available right, and you can snag them at a discounted price of $99 (During the Beta Phase). After the Beta Testing Phase, they will be able for $149//£149//€149. For more information, click here.

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Featured Image Via Zwift 

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