Revolutionary Tubeless Tire Sealents: DT Swiss Dominates The Game

Unleash the mystery of puncture protection!

Dt Swiss

Experts at DT Swiss definitely understand our riding problems. This is why, DT Swiss is offering not one but two tire sealant formulations. One is specifically designed for high-pressure applications while the other is designed keeping in mind your low-pressure application needs. 



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This means that now you have a sealant for any type of riding you embark on! The high-pressure tubeless sealant is primarily to cover your needs when you are riding at high pressures. Such high pressures are more commonly found on road bikes

Now, on the other hand, the low-pressure sealant is specifically designed for tires with a large air volume. You might have used such tires while off-roading on your mountain or gravel bikes. 

Low-Pressure Tire Sealant 

The low-pressure tire sealant is said to perform best at a pressure of 4.5 Bar (65 PSI). The company claims that it can bear a pressure of up to 5.5 Bar (80 PSI). You can use it to seal punctures up to 6mm


Tire Sealant DT Swiss Low-Pressure Tubeless Sealant
Application Mountain Biking and Gravel Riding
Recommended Amount per Tire 60 – 90 ml for 1.4 – 2.0″
90 – 120 ml for 2.0 – 2.5″
120 – 150 ml for 2.5 – 3.0″
Price for 240 ml $20.40 / €14.90 / CHF 15.70
Price for 1000 ml $62.70 / €45.90 / CHF 48.30

High-Pressure Tire Sealant 

The high-pressure tire sealant performs best at a pressure of 9 Bar (130 PSI). But it can also perform at a pressure of 4.0-7.5 Bar (58-108 PSI). With this sealant, even a 3mm puncture can be easily sealed. But it is only available in a 60 ml bottle. 


Tire Sealant DT Swiss High-Pressure Tubeless Sealant
Application Road and Track Cycling
Recommended Amount per Tire 23mm – 35mm tires – 60 ml sealant
Price $17.60 USD / €12.90 / CHF 13.60

Here is a video that shows you the correct way to apply a tire sealant.



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