The Eysing PF40: An Electric Moped Like None Other

Electric Two-Wheelers are booming right now and that is all the more reason to shift your focus to the Eysing PF40. This electric moped is unlike anything that you have tried before, it is a rolling art piece that looks gorgeous and feels exhilarating!
Eysing Pf40 Cover

You might have seen a lot of mopeds in your life but there is nothing like the Eysing PF40. This is a retro-themed electric moped that is married with modern tech, this brings something utterly new to the table, something we haven’t seen before.

This is one of the most luxurious mopeds in the market right now but also the one that provides the most value. It definitely has a premium feel and is fantastic to ride. The PF40 really was a surprise for us this year, how did it happen though?

Who’s Behind The Magic?

The Eysing PF40 can be a perfect gift for this Christmas, to yourself, or to someone you love. It is one of the best luxurious two-wheelers, with an elegant design and powerful specs. This is all a result of the amazing collaboration between the Dutch moped maker Eysing and Pininfarina- the design goliath. 

What brings these two companies together though? It is surely the love of automotive design, Eysing’s mastery of handcrafted mopeds, and Pioneer’s incomparable skills. Regarding the P4F0, the Dutch Maker had this to say:

A new forward looking design, ready to push the boundaries of the luxury two-wheeler segment.

With the vision to create something futuristic, that opens the same window in people’s imagination as the ‘original Pioneer’ did, but with a technical, innovative look that perfectly defines today’s dependency on technology, but with a design linking the past and the future at the same time.

Full of emotion and forward-looking – the Eysing PF40 is changing the concept of urban mobility.

It is built for the future with a purpose but it is anchored to the past, this is a very impactful way of describing the new electrical moped. We are sure that people are going to love the vibrant yet retro-inspired design.



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What About The Performance?

Great design, check, great performance, check? When it comes to luxurious electrical mopeds, such as the Eysing PF40, no one would like to sacrifice performance for a few form gains, it just doesn’t seem feasible. The Eysing PF40 is a great-looking moped, but how does it perform?

We are pleased to tell you that the Eysing PF40 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to performance. It actually surprised us in that regard. This is the kind of moped that you can entrust for daily errands, commutes, and so much more! It also feels very light while riding, almost like you are floating, that is one of the best feelings we had riding this moped.

What’s Under The Body?

The construction of the Eysing PF40 is really impressive, and so are the specifications. The electric moped is powered by a 1,500W motor that is able to develop 2.6 hp (2 kW / 2.7 ps), the motor is then powered by a 35 Ah lithium-ion battery.

For European countries, the moped offers a maximum speed of 15.5 mph and for other countries, it is 28 mph, a moped that offers this level of speed is very impressive. On a full charge, it offers a range between 50-62 miles (Depending on your riding style). The Eysing PF40 can be fully charged in 8 hours, and if you have a quick charger then it can be charged in half the time.

This moped feels very light, it weighs only 132 pounds (60 kg) but it has a load capacity of 386 pounds (175 kg). There is a luggage compartment in the lower part of the frame which can carry a lot of stuff, just imagine all of those grocery shopping trips you will be making.

Featuring A Safety System Like None Other 

They say that a good thief can bypass any kind of lock, a bike lock is only as strong as the thief’s determination to steal. Although when it comes to the Eysing PF40, things can become really intense and hard for thieves as the moped comes with its own dedicated tracking app.

Even if your moped gets stolen, the security experts at Eysing will recover it for you, that sounds great, right? Eysing seems to have made a collaboration with the police but not much has been shared about it yet.

When Will It Be Available?

The Eysing PF40 was revealed at the Masters Expo 2022 in Amsterdam, but it will start rolling out in 2024, while the release date is still TBA. Not all is bad news though, the pre-orders for the PF40 have already started. It is currently priced at $14,526, although the price could fluctuate due to the exchange rate.

For more information about the Eysing PF40, click here.

Eysing Pf40
Eysing Pf40

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