Commencal Supreme DH V5 Is Finally Here: Ride The Design That Won The World Cup

Through its original team of riders, COMMENCAL has always taken an active role in the sporting world.

Commencal spent three years developing the Supreme DH V5, which won the World Cup. Commencal’s new 6-bar linkage, the High Virtual Contact System, has repeatedly shown its incredible capability, most notably under 2022 World Cup winners Amaury Pierron and Camille Balanche. As of the end of the 2022 season, the bike had won no less than 28 podiums.

Dh V5 3

The Commencal Supreme DH V5 

There is room for a 29-inch front wheel and a 27.5-inch rear wheel on the Commencal Supreme DH V5. Adjustability is a highlight of this frame, which allows for modification of the angle of the seat tube, the height of the bottom bracket, and the length of the chainstays with the help of flip-chips, as well as the choice between two levels of rear-end stiffness achieved by means of a removable seat stay brace.

Bike Specs 

  • Bike: Commencal Supreme DH V5
  • Intention: Downhill Racing
  • Fork Travel: 203mm
  • Rear Wheel Travel: 200mm
  • Adjustability: BB Height, Progression, Chainstay Length, and Flex
  • Frame Material: 6066 T6 Aluminum
  • Wheel Size: 29″ Front, 27.5″ Rear
  • Starting Price: $5,700 USD

Available Sizes

The Commencal Supreme DH V5 is offered in sizes ranging from XS to XL, with respective reach measurements of 400mm, 430mm, 454mm, 482mm, and 502mm. Those scores are for the very bottom of the bracket.


A four-way flip-chip installed in the shock’s lower mount allows for two distinct bottom-bracket settings, as well as two distinct leverage profiles. When you move to the High setting, the reach and head tube angle both increase by 5 millimeters. According to Commencal, the High setting is more suitable for moderately paced and level paths, while the Low setting is better suited for high-speed and incline paths.

Dh V5 2

Using the same flip-chip, you can change the progression by moving the lower shock mount forward or backward. This gives the High Virtual Contact System a more linear progression, making it dynamic while still providing good comfort throughout the travel. For better hold and more protection against falls, the rearward position provides more progression. The dropouts provide even more wiggle room with their two-position flip-chip that allows for rear-center lengths of 440mm or 442.5mm.

Dh V5 1

To accommodate the longer chainstay, the mount can be moved rearward thanks to two additional flip-chips on the rear brake mount hardware, as demonstrated in the animation below. This eliminates the need to up or down-size the rotor. In either orientation, the largest possible size for the rear rotor is 223mm. The rear end’s stiffness can be changed as well, thanks to a brace that can be swapped out on the seat stay.

Dh V5

The Supreme DH V5 raced by Camille Balanche at Fort William was a prototype, so this feature has been added to the final product so that riders can adjust the bike to their liking. The thin bridge option “improves filtration of impacts on the angle,” as stated by Commencal, allowing for simple turn induction. The thick bridge alternative, meanwhile, is claimed to increase “accuracy and dynamism.”


You can place your order for a Commencal Supreme DH V5 right now. In order to acquire a Signature model in Size Small, you will have to wait until February 2023. You won’t be able to get the Medium until March of 2023. In April or May of 2023, we can expect all other sizes and models to be released. Additionally, a frame-only option will be available for $3,200.

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Featured Image Via COMMENCAL

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