Sule Kangangi: Team AMANI and POC Honor Fallen Teammate’s Legacy With Limited Collection

On August 29, 2022 the world lost a brilliant racer Sule Kangangi. Team Amani and POC have decided to honor their late teammate's amazing legacy by introducing a new range of helmets and glasses.
Sule Kangangi And Team Amani

When a family loses a beloved member there is misery and sorrow, same can be said about Team AMANA when they lost Sule Kangangi on August 29, 2022, at the Vermont Overland gravel race. It was unexpected, to say the least, one moment they were going all out on the marketing, promoting Kangangi’s race and after a couple of hours, they were mourning his death.

This collaboration between Team AMANI and POC was already scheduled, Kangangi’s untimely death gave it more meaning. They have now decided to move on with the product launch which will act as a tribute to their late teammate’s legacy. 



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The team became very emotional and had this to say,

The entire AMANI team and partners are still coming to terms with the recent tragic loss of team captain, Sule Kangangi, but have decided to continue with the release as the collection represents ongoing inspiration to those wishing to support the project. The release is also in respect to Sule, who was an instrumental part of the design process and who was excited to share it with the world.

POC x Amani- The Collaboration We Needed

Why was this collaboration needed? This collaboration gives recognition to AMANI riders’ home countries, it gives them the spotlight that was rightfully theirs, to begin with. You can see these helmets filled with the decals of the flags of Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda, this is a celebration.

One of the main unique things about this collaboration is that each pair of glasses highlights the unique character of the team members. With that being said, the team members were given full liberty to choose whatever piece of gear they wanted. They were allowed to go with any gear color that impressed them.

Apart from honoring the team members, each helmet also includes the U.S and Australian Flags to honor long-time supporting team managers Mikel Delagrange and Lachlan Morton. 

If you have seen the worldwide events lately then you would have also seen the new collaboration in action. How riders from Team AMANI are flashing their new gear. 

POC is also enjoying their new gear, they are the leading edge of MIPS. Their Ventral AIR MIPS helmets and Aspire Sunglasses complete the whole collection. The gear from POC is so famous because they were the first to offer an impact-diffusion system. 

East Africa Cycling- For A Better Cause 

Team AMANI and POC made it very clear: all the proceedings from this limited collection will be used to support the team and its broader projects. No matter how many helmets or glasses are introduced, they will never be able to replace a fallen colleague and this is what Team AMANI Acknowledges.

Team Manager Mikel Delagrange shared some insight about the significance of this new equipment:

We have been racing in them for some time and take great pride in what they stand for. And now, on top of that, they are a connection to Sule that we want to share with everyone as we know he would be overjoyed seeing our team supported and our helmets and eyewear ridden all around the globe.

If you are thinking of doing more, then you can always support Sule Kangangi’s family through this GoFundMe. As of right now, more than $85,000 have been raised.



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