Brand New MAGURA VYRON MDS-V3: Is It Worth All The Hype?

MAGURA's all-new wireless dropper seatpost, Faster, Smarter, and more durable than ever before!

Magura Vyron

With the third evolutionary stage of the VYRON, MAGURA launched a completely new development of the wireless seat post. The new VYRON MDS-V3 is even more user-friendly and reliable thanks to its intuitive operation, lightning-fast response and extension speed, and high level of resilience with IP67 certification.


MAGURA launched a new era of electronically controlled bicycle components six years ago. The MAGURA VYRON was the first Vario seat post on the market to include a wireless remote control, and it has since won several awards.

The VYRON’s third evolutionary stage was created from the ground up. It raises the bar in terms of usability, resilience, and speed.

What’s New?

The seat post and remote have undergone a complete overhaul. Similar to the gear lever on the right side, the VYRON MDS-V3 remote can be mounted conveniently on the bottom of the handlebar.

Magura Vyron 1
Credits @MAGURA

It can optionally be installed to the brake master with the MAGURA Shiftmix clamp and is easily reachable with the thumb. High resistance to impacts or falls is ensured with a protective ring made of aluminum.

The new VYRON MDS-V3 seat post has an intuitive operation similar to that of traditional, wired seat posts. The seat post will adjust as long as the operating lever on the remote is depressed by the thumb.

Communication between the remote and the seat post is lightning-fast and instantaneous via Bluetooth.

Speed Adjusting Seat

Additionally, the hydraulics inside the seat post are specifically engineered for speed. The post’s completely overhauled internal mechanisms and a new, quicker actuator guarantee flawless oil flow between the hydraulic chambers.

As a result, when riders need it most, the seat post quickly adjusts downward.

Bluetooth Technology

The most recent Bluetooth technology guarantees seamless communication between the remote and the post as well as the logical operation. The extent of the post adjustment is controlled by a button press.


There are two diameters and four travel options for the MAGURA MDS-V3 (100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm & 175 mm). The seat post’s travel may be simply changed from 175 to 150 mm and from 125 to 100 mm by switching the inner tube base.

This reduces costs, broadens the options, and makes it possible to swiftly and simply put the VYRON on other bikes.


The new VYRON is bleed-free and has no untidy cords. You just need to mount the saddle and slot it into the frame to get going. By skipping the workshop and heading to the trails instead, you can save time and money.

Magura Vyron 2
Credits @MAGURA

Technical Specifications


  • 175 mm, 150 mm, 125 mm, 100 mm


  • 471 mm, 446 mm, 421 mm, 396 mm

Diameters available

  • 30.9 mm, 31.6 mm

Remote Trigger

  • Wireless Remote Control

Free Servicing

MAGURA is providing a free regular service worth $142.81 to the first 1000 product registrations on Magura as part of the launch of the new VYRON. The manufacturers advise performing the service after approximately one season.


All electronics are susceptible to damage from mud, moisture, and filth. The new VYRON MDS-V3 forgoes a charging socket in favor of a sealed battery cover to safeguard the control unit.

The power supply consists of a replaceable CR2 lithium battery with a minimum one-year lifespan. The new VYRON is IP67-certified and can withstand brief submersion in the water thanks to its ground-breaking battery idea, making it ready for the toughest days on the trail.

Priced at just $595.79 for so many features, the VYRON MDS-V3 is a must-buy!

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Featured Image Via MAGURA


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