Meet The New Pop-Cycle! Are Folding Bikes A Thing Of The Past Already?

Pronounced much like a posicle, the new pop-cycle is definetly going to add flavours to your life!

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The all-new Pop-Cycle has hit the market and we cannot help but wonder that are foldable bikes outdated already? While we keep searching for satisfying answers to this question, read on to find what features this “slideable bike” is offering. 

Sliding Design 

This is not your average folding bike. The pop-cycle has a sliding design. What we mean by a sliding design is that the rear wheel, drivetrain, and seatpost all slide forward toward the front end of the bike. This is achieved by connecting both these parts on a single tube. All you have to do is push or pull the parallel frame.

Pop Cycle

This design has been utilized for the very first time in the world. 

Adjustable Design

Apart from the sliding mechanism, you can also adjust the frame and the seat of the bike to make it better fit your body. To make things better, you can also adjust the handlebar of the bike. The handlebar originally measures 77cm but you can extend it up to 93cm. On the other hand, The seat post measures 80cm, adjustable to 115cm

The Frame 

The frame is made by applying the die-casting method. This ensures that there are no visible welding marks on the body. Instead, the frame has been put together using nuts and bolts. This also means that the bike will be delivered unassembled and you will have to assemble it yourself. 

On the brighter side, assembling your bike can also give you the joy of putting together the bike yourself. 


Although the wheels are just 16″, this does not mean that you will have to compromise on the speed. A two-level speed-increasing gear has been installed in the bike. This doubles the wheel rotation in a single pedal. The bike may be smaller but it definitely is faster.

Pop Cycle Chain


The pedals as well as the handlebars are all foldable. Other specs include:

  • All Alloy Material
  • V Brake Or Disc Brake 
  • 7-Level Gear Shift 

Although much has not been said about its specs, still this much is enough to know the quality being offered. 


All these slideable foldable features are there to ensure one thing, Easy Storage. Store it anywhere you like and it will take up only minimal space. In fact, you can even store it in your car trunk! How cool is that?

Pricing And Availability 

The pop-cycle is available in the following booking sequence:

Pop-Cycle Pice/$Availability Estimated Delivery
Super Early Bird 780LimitedJune 2023
Early Bird780Un-LimitedJune 2023
Super Early Bird Duo1,560LimitedJune 2023

What’s Inside The Box?

Inside the pop-cycle box,  you will find:

  • Installation tools
  • Reflector
  • Fenders

Easy Folding 

The company boasts of an easy five-step folding. unlike the traditional 12-step-folding mechanism of a welded frame. It takes only 4 seconds to fold! Don’t believe us? Watch it yourself!



The pop cycle may be a revolution but is it the revolution that we all need? Guess we will have to try it ourselves to know. The bike is being shipped to only selected countries so make sure to check the list to know if you can get it. It is available in all the fun colors including vibrant colors like Violet, Teal, Red, Khaki, and much more. 

Is the pop-cycle by POPCYCLE US INC going to be on your shopping list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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