FELO Electric M One Mini Bike: The Bike That You Can Take And Fit Everywhere

Many of us remember the Honda Motocompo, the foldable electric scooter was all the rage in 1980s. Chinese company FELO have introduced their own electric mini bike which is inspired by the Honda Motocompo. Unveiled at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, let's discuss how the new electric mini bike carries Honda's legacy!
Felo M One Cover

The Honda Motocompo revolutionized the era of electric mini bikes, it was a remarkable innovation of the 1980s. There were many reasons to love the Motocompo, it had a minimalist design, foldable handlebars, a collapsing fork and let’s not forget about the seat that could just hide in the scooter’s body making it easily portable. What if I told you that there’s a company that has successfully managed to recapture that magic of the Honda Motocompo and created something even better? FELO has unveiled its M One, a mini electric bike that is greatly inspired by the Motocompo!

The Legacy Lives On

We are absolutely loving the newest invention from FELO, it creates something new with the same ideology proposed by Honda. Nicknamed the “Casual Mini Moped”, the M One bike can fit anywhere, including the trunk of your car. The height of the two-wheeler is 3.8 feet (1.15 meters) long. These dimensions change when you fold the bike, they change to 22.9 inches (or 58.3 cm).

There have been many developments in the electric two-wheeler segment, the focus is not only on providing top-notch performance and range but also making urban mobility accessible to everyone. The same ideology is now a core belief of FELO, they plan to achieve a lot with their M One Bike. Residents living in cities can just take their M One Bikes wherever they want, just fold the bike and place it in the trunk of your car.

How’s The Construction?

The M One Bike is both durable and lightweight, its frame is constructed from a magnesium-aluminum alloy which also makes it very strong. The idea is to move around freely around the city without any kind of trouble, this is what the M One achieves remarkably. There are also some impressive additions that people will love, like the LED indicators, and the single-sided swing arm, these additions will certainly make your life easier.

Apart from this, FELO has done a stellar job of including attachment points on the body for different accessories like Auxiliary Lighting and BlueTooth Speakers. You won’t need any other mini electric bike once you try out the M One!

This Mini E Bike weighs just 82 pounds (37 kg), and that isn’t the only best part about the M One. We are certainly digging the new modern aesthetics, and the various Kanji elements that the bike is filled with, all of it seems very impressive. As we said before, the M One is greatly inspired by the Honda Motocompo. Just like that, it also has flat handlebars that flip down and sink into the bike’s body via the dedicated space. Apart from this, there are also folding footpads and a folding seat. The M One is installed with cast wheels that are attached to disc brakes.

Felo M One
Felo M One

Motor and Battery

The M One Bike is powered by a 400-watt 1.34-hp hub motor, and a 48V, 20-Ah Lithium-ion battery pack. We don’t know about the top speed yet as it hasn’t been unveiled but FELO did mention that the bike is capable enough to provide a range of 60 miles on a full charge. If all of this is true then the M One is shaping up to be a powerhouse.

All of this is very impressive but you haven’t heard enough yet. A remarkable yet very interesting feature of the M One Bike is the V2L (vehicle to load) feature. What is this exactly? It means that the battery pack when paired with a 220VAC 50Hz outlet will make the mini bike a remote power bank for charging electronics and various mobile devices.

We urge you not to be puzzled by the petite size of the M One Bike. You can easily use this bike to carry luggage and groceries thanks to the integrated magnesium and aluminum luggage racks.

Pricing and Availability 

The FELO M One Bike was unveiled at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, and it is currently priced at 380,000 yen (around $2,800). The first units of the Mini Bike will start rolling out in the fourth quarter of 2023. For more information, refer to the video below. Will you be getting the M One Bike from FELO? Let us know in the comments below!


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