Aventon Sinch Electric Bike- The Sinch Bike Review

What makes the Sinch so special? Let's find out!

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They say Aventon is as good as it gets. But how true is that? Aventon’s been around for almost a decade. That’s why they have a lot to offer.  Still, there are a lot of other things that you have to consider before deciding if you want to be their customer or not. 

Lately, I have been hearing a lot about the Aventon Sinch. It’s a foldable electric bike and people have been saying it’s the best electric bike out there. So I decided to test the bike myself to see what the hype is about! 

Aventon Electric Bike Line

To review the bike, you need to first understand the Aventon electric bike line!

Electric Bikes Bike Type
Soltera Cruiser, City
Sinch Fat, Folding
Pace Cruiser, City
Level City, Commuter, Cruiser

Aventon Sinch Bike-Category

Aventon Sinch is a fat tire electric folding bike has the class 2 category. This category means that the bike has a motor that you can use to get the bike going but it is not equipped to give any assistance once you reach the speed of 20 mph. This bike comes with a pedal assist and throttle mode that offers you a speed of 20 mph

Mechanical Specifications

The detailed mechanical specifications for the Aventon Sinch are as follows:

  • Electric Motor: 750W (peak) 500W (sustained) 48V Brushless Motor 
  • Battery: Removable Lithium-ion 48V, 14Ah (672 Wh)
  • Tires: 20″ x 4″ with Puncture Resistance
  • Tubes: Butyl Rubber, Schrader Valve
  • Fork: Front suspension, 45mm travel, with lockout
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc Brakes, 180mm rotors 
  • Pedals: 9/16″ Alloy Plastic, Folding
  • Speed: Up to 20 MPH on Pedal Assist

Check out all the mechanical specifications of the Aventon Snitch that are provided by the company.

Aventon Sinch Size And Fit
Aventon Sinch Size And Fit

IceBike Analysis: Review From The Experts

I had to try out the Aventon Sinch so I can bring you a detailed review of what I think of this fat-tire electric bike. Since there aren’t many eye-appealing options when it comes to the category of fat tire electric folding bikes, I was happy to get my hands on this bike. Overall, it is a beautiful-looking beast.

The Sinch is versatile in terms that you can take it for any kind of riding, be it on-road or off-road. It is trail-friendly and available for $1,799 only. You can get the Aventon Sinch in only a matt-grey color with a one-frame size. This one-size frame might be an issue for people since it is not adjustable to their height. But you get a step-through version which may suit you more if you have a tall height.

Aventon Sinch is built following the IPX4 water-resistant standard so you will face no problem while riding this electric bicycle in the rain. The frame is beefier which does make it heavy but it also makes the Sinch the most trendy fat tires bike. What I found best in the updated version is that now you can use the throttle from zero. This option was not available when the bike was first rolled out.

Sinch Electric Bike Detailed Review 

Let us discuss all the features of Aventon Sinch in detail.

Aventon Sinch
Aventon Sinch


One of my favorite things about Aventon Sinch is the sturdy frame. The frame is undoubtedly well-built and weighs only 68 pounds. What’s amazing is that this folder has a payload capacity of 300 pounds. This is much higher than the average for a fat tire folding electric bike.

The frame is built with 6061 Double-Butted Aluminum Alloy and has some really neat welding points. The battery is integrated into the frame. Looking at the frame folding mechanism, it is easy and durable. You do not have anything to worry about when it comes to the frame of Aventon Sinch because it is locked in its place with a two-stage frame latch. This makes the Sinch ideal for trail riding. 

The lockable front suspension paired with the 20″x4″ fat tires enables this fat tire bike to take you to any place you want. Coming to the handlebar, to be honest, it is not as durable as the frame. It may even collapse on heavy riding so we suggest being careful of that. 

On the bright side, the handlebar is adjustable since it is telescopic so you set it to your own liking. The quick-release latch on the top of the handlebar stem enables the riders to also adjust the angle of the handlebar along with the brake levers. Well, this may look like a small feature but it is very handy while you are riding. 

At the back of the bike, we have a Shimano Acera 7-speed derailleur, which is quite impressive. What we loved the most are the trigger shifters. They just take the electric bike to a whole new level.

The front chainring has a double-sided bash guard made from aluminum. It protects the chain ring from any kind of damage and also locks the chain in place to avoid any derailments.

The Motor And Battery 

Sinch Highlights

An electric bike is as powerful as its engine. Just when you thought that it will be a wishful thing to look for an electric bike that has a powerful motor and a powerful engine, the Aventon Sinch comes into play. 

The Aventon Sinch has a power packer 500-watt (750-watt peak) geared rear hub motor. The motor helps in increasing the range. It can provide you assistance up to 20 MPH with throttle or pedal mode. To be fair, the motor delivers an acceptable range. The pedal assist and throttle have five levels.

The motor is somewhat noisy, like all the rear hub motors. It is quite irritating when you are going slow but the sound vanishes once you reach the top speed i.e. 20 MPH.

Sinch Throttle
Sinch Throttle

The powerful 500-watt rear hub motor is paired with an equally powerful 48V battery. This high-capacity lithium-ion battery runs on Samsung cells so it is not going to die any time soon. The battery is carefully integrated into the frame. This positioning of the battery is ideal because it helps in maintaining the momentum and creating a balance. It does so by equally distributing the weight. 

Since the 14 amp hour, locking, and removable battery is placed inside the main tube,  it is completely hidden. This makes the battery protected from all elements. It remains clean with a significant reduction in the risk of damage. 

The battery does not take much time in charging also. Thanks to the fast charging technology by Aventon, it charges fully in less than 5 hours. 

The Range And Speed 

Aventon Sinch gives you a range of 40 miles on one charge. This is when you use the throttle as well as the pedal assist mode. On only the throttle mode, it will give somewhere near 30 miles. While on the pedal assist, you can get somewhere near 71 miles. This range can be increased if you slow down. At a speed of 10-12 mph, it will even give you 100 miles.

This foldable electric bike offers a top speed of 20 MPH which is amazing keeping in view its size and structure. You can even get the same speed at throttle mode.

Sinch Tires
Sinch Tires

The Braking Mechanism

Aventon has installed the Tektro MD 810 mechanical disc brakes. The rotors are 180 millimeters placed in the front and rear wheels. The brakes deliver a powerful stopping paired with motor inhibitors. These inhibitors make sure that you get the shortest possible stopping distance. 

The Tires And Suspension

As we already mentioned, Snitch is a fat tire electric bike. The wheel is 20″ in diameter. They are puncture resistant with a tread which is perfect to take on any kind of terrain. The size of the tire is not even an issue, since this foldable bike is easy to store anywhere, anytime. The tires have a lot of air suspension which contributes widely to the suspension. The suspension is good enough to take you on dirt trails with some minor bumps. 

The Electronics

When it comes to electronics, Aventon Sinch has some pretty heavy features that are a must look forward to. The button pad is placed on the left side of the handlebar. It has rubber buttons which are really really pleasant to push. The thumb throttle is also on the left side. 

The Lcd display is in the middle of the handlebar. This colorful display is one of a kind since it is organized as well as backlit. Although it gets a little difficult to read in the sunlight. Nonetheless, the display includes all the information about your battery health, the speed, the distance you have traveled as well as your traveled distance. 

To provide their customers with an extra edge, Aventon has an app that you can synchronize with your Aventon bike. This allows you to dig deep into your ridding analytics. You can track your bike rides, connect with other riders and even receive medals for different milestones achieved.

Sinch Electronics

What I Like About The Aventon Sinch

There are a handful of likable features when it comes to the Aventon Sinch. 

1. Stylish Frame Design 

When it comes to style, we all know we don’t have many options in the line of electric fat tire bikes. But the Aventon Sinch has turned the tables on that one. It has a stylish design with the right aesthetics. You are bound to turn some heads with your ride on this one.

2. Integrated Battery

 The fully integrated battery is a feature to look forward to. It is positioned perfectly on the bike and is super easy to charge. The battery is well-protected inside the bike frame so you don’t have to even worry about its protection. What’s best is that you can even enjoy riding your bike in rainy weather.

3. Less Charge Time 

The battery is fully charged within 5 hours max. That is something most fat tire electric bikes cannot claim. 

4. Smooth Rides

The Aventon Sinch delivers smooth rides. Its fat tires and top-notch suspension allow you to go over any kind of terrain without feeling many bumps. 

Aventon Sinch Bike

What I Don’t Like About The Aventon Sinch 

Now that we have looked at it in detail and explored all the features of the Aventon Sinch, we can list down some points that can be improved in this bike. 

1. No Latch

The bike becomes a little awkward to carry in public while it’s folded. Not only awkward, but it is also difficult to carry because it has no latch to keep it in place or keep it together once it is folded. 

2. Motor Noise 

The sinch does produce an annoying motor sound. It is noisy. Although the noise fades with the increasing speed, it is not ideal to enjoy a casual cruise. 

3. The Display Glitch 

Sometimes the display unit tends to just reset the odometer on its own. It might not be a big deal for some people, but it can be upsetting if you are trying to keep track.

How To Assemble The Aventon Sinch

Although the bike comes somewhat preassembled, it still requires some assembly work. When I received my order, the front and the rear wheels were pre-installed along with the derailleur and other stuff. Here’s what you are going to need to assemble the rest of it:


You will require:

  • Side cutters 
  • Allen Keys Or Metric Hex
  • Grease 
  • A Tire Pump

Aventon Sinch comes packed with a set of Hex keys and bike grease. You will find them inside the accessory box. Although a bike work stand is not required, still it will make your work much easier. If you are not familiar with the process or do not feel comfortable assembling the bike on your own, you can get the job done by a bicycle mechanic or an assembling shop.

Inside The Box 

Inside the box, you will find the bike along with some packaging material. Carefully take out the bike and remove the packaging material. You can use the side cutters for this. You will find the bike wrapped with foam and other safety materials. 

Note: Do Not throw out the packaging material, you might need it in the event of a return.

The accessory box will include the battery key. You will require this key to unlock the battery.  Engage the key and rotate it counterclockwise. This will release the battery. The battery charging port is on the backside of the battery. Another box will include your battery charger. Plug the charging cord into the battery and put it on charge.

Tip: Charge the battery while you are assembling the bike to save time.


Now you will have to unfold the handlebar and bring it into the upright position. Lock the handlebar in place by closing the lever. The display is already installed you just have to fix it according to your preferences. For this step, you will have to use the Hex key. Using the Hex key, rotate your display and bring it to a position in which it is easy for you to see. Once the display is in position, tighten the bolt to fix it.

Next are the pedals. You will find the pedals folded. All you have to do is rotate the pedals to 90 degrees in a downward direction. You know it is in place once it snaps.

Loading The Battery 

If the battery is charged, remove it from charging and load the battery back into the bike. For this purpose, you will have to angle the battery back into a sliding position. Match the railing of the battery and the inside of the bike frame. Slide the battery inside and using the bike key, lock it. Make sure to remove the key. 

Tip: Bring the battery into the unlocking position before loading it.

Unfolding The Frame

After the battery is loaded and in its place, it is time to unfold the frame so that your new Aventon Sinch is ready to ride. All you have to do is rotate the front and the back of the bike and bring the two halves together. Once together, Rotate the lock until it is in its place and lock it. Now you can rest the bike on the kickstand,

Tip: Make sure that no wires are caught up while you are assembling the frame.

Connecting The Display 

The display will not be connected to the rest of the e-bike. While keeping in mind the orientation of the connectors, align the pins and connect by pressing them together.

Fixing The Seat And The Saddle 

Your saddle and seat will come already installed. To bring it to your preferences, open the quick-release lever. You can find it on the frame. Slide the saddle to your preferred height and close the lever. This will lock the saddle in its place. 

Installing the Lights And Reflectors 

You will find the reflectors and lights inside the accessory box. The white reflector will fit on the handlebar and will go on the front side while the red reflector is to be mounted on your seat. 

Ridding The Aventon Sinch

Your brand new sinch will be now ready to ride. The sinch has just one button for powering on and off. Press and hold the button to switch on the bike. Now tap on the down arrow and bring the pedal assist level to zero.

Tip: Test drive the electric bike with the pedal assist level at zero. Once you are comfortable, increase the pedal assist.

When you have finished riding your new Aventon Sinch bring the pedal assist to zero again. Press the M button and hold it to power down your electric bike before you finally park it.


Do Aventon Bikes Have A Throttle?

Yes! All the Aventon bikes have throttle modes along with pedal assist.

Can You Make The Aventon Sinch Go Faster?

You can modify the speed settings but only do so if you are riding in a private area or a property with no speed limits. You can make the Sinch go up to 24 MPH on the pedal assist mode.


Do I Have To Remove The Battery To Charge It In Aventon Sinch?

You do not have to remove the battery to charge it with Aventon Sinch. It has a port on the bike frame and you can directly connect to the charger and charge the battery.

The Final Verdict

Drumroll… Out of a 10, I will give the Aventon Sinch a 7 out of 10. It’s a good electric bike, but I have tried better. Store it, Load it, or Ride it, this fat tire bike is ready to take on some challenges. You can buy Aventon Sinch directly from Aventon

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