BMW Motorrad’s CE 02: The Perfect Electric Urban Ride For Young Adventurers

BMW has been planning a fully electric future for a while now and their new CE 02 Electric Vehicle is the big step forward. This is going to be the eParkourer that young riders have been hoping for. Let's break it down!
Bmw Motorrad Ce 02

If you have been waiting for a new breed of electric vehicles then your wait is over, BMW Motorrad CE 02 is here to dominate the streets. From the looks of it, we can see similarities between an electric scooter and a bike but it is neither, as claimed by BMW. We are more than excited to try out the CE 02 as it is precisely what we wanted for a long time, something unique to electric vehicles.

I have to say, the CE 02 is a daring proposition made by BMW, I had faith in the company to blow my brains out but this is something entirely different. This new electric vehicle is centered around proportionality and robustness which will come in extremely handy. Users of the CE 02 will have a lot of fun exploring all sorts of terrain.

This is not the first time BMW has done something different when it comes to electric vehicles, two years back we saw the introduction of the CE 04 Maxiscooter which lets you zoom around the city. Having learned about their drawbacks and made changes according to the valuable feedback provided to them, the CE 02 is all set to be the revolutionary step forward. If you are planning some leisure or sports activity, then the CE 02 is going to be the best choice for you.

Hear it out from the words of Edgar Heinrich (Head of BMW Motorrad Design) himself:

With the CE 02, we are striving for something new at BMW Motorrad and want to be pioneers once again. Thanks to its unusual proportions and striking graphics, the new CE 02 is an uncomplicated, youthful form of single-track mobility. The reduced design language stands for lightness and fun. The focus is not on utility but on emotional appeal, riding pleasure, and uncomplicated, almost intuitive use.

What About The Specs?

An electric vehicle needs to have beefy specs if it wants to dominate the streets, this is the case with the CE 02. As I said before, this hybrid bike is aimed at young speedsters and adventurers, so don’t worry about the build. There are two variants planned for the CE 02, one will be with a modest power of 4kW (5 Hp) and the other with a beefy output of 11 kW (15 Hp). 

If you are looking for amazing adventures and don’t want to sacrifice power then I would suggest that you go with the 11 kW option. This version of the CE 02 is equipped with two 48V, 1.96 kWh lithium-ion batteries, and will offer a range of over 55 miles (90 km), you will also get to enjoy a top speed of 59 miles per hour (95 kph). Although this variant offers a lot of power, it is still not suitable for highway usage.

Design and Looks 

We absolutely love the retro-inspired look of the CE 02, and when it comes to motorbikes there is better color than black. The design is sleek, it has a no-frills frame and a fancy low seat. It even has large wheels which makes it look very robust, you won’t have problems riding this beast on any kind of terrain. 

There are other notable features too, such as the inverted front fork, a single-sided rear swingarm, and disk-style cast wheels. We love the reverse gear, adjustable-reach hand brake levers. Users will get to enjoy two different riding modes, Flow and Surf. If you are looking for a relaxed urban ride then you will want to go with Flow, while Surf will offer a more dynamic experience. Apart from these two modes, there is also a surprise mode called the Flash which offers a sporty experience.

The BMW CE 02 also features a 3.5″ TFT display which shows essential ride information and a USB-C Charging port. If you are looking for some virtual fun then you can have loads of adventure in the MetaRide. Users will get to experience the CE 02 in the form of a virtual avatar there. 

Pricing and Availability 

We know that you are more than excited to try out the new CE 02, and you should know that we share the same level of excitement. The BMW CE 02 will be made available in the spring of 2024. It will be priced at MSRP $7,599. For more information, click here.


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