Luxury Titanium Road Bike Collaboration: Cycling Ceramic and Rocket Bikes Join Forces

Discover the Perfect Road Bike, Cycling Ceramic and Rocket Bikes team up to create the Rocket Granite, a luxurious & high-performance titanium road bike
Cycling Ceramic

Cyclic Ceramic, which is a famous French brand known for its ceramic bearing, and an Australian brand, Rocket Bikes, renewed for its titanium frames, have joined hands to create the Rocket Granite, a superbike unique for its low-fiction and streamlined design. These brands collaborated to create a luxurious road bike. They did not shy with the imaginably limitless budget and designed such a bike that left everyone in awe.

Titanium Road Bike 

The two brands worked together to come up with the best custom-built road bike with the aim of satisfying their performance requirements. All these efforts bore fruit and Ronald Froschauer, a frame builder in Linz, Australia, came up with the final titanium Granite road bike. The bike also achieves recent developments such as internal routing of the FSA ICR carbon cockpit using a straight 44mm headtube.

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Moreover, better quality and performance are achieved by emphasizing aerodynamics over sturdiness and weightlessness. For this purpose, Bike Ahead‘s BiTurbo Aero carbon wheels, made in Germany, have been added as a final touch. Despite this, these wheels that fit their 20mm internal tire of 48.5mm deep section weighs a solid 1450g.


Cycling Ceramic and Rocket Bikes have come together to make the most fantastic custom-built road bike with ideal performance. After considering all necessary aspects, they decided on a custom titanium Granite road bike in collaboration with Roland Froschauer, a frame builder outside of Linz, Austria.

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To fulfill the requirements for complete internal routing of the FSA ICR carbon cockpit, this high–end Rocket Granite road bike incorporates a 44mm headtube. The bike is also fitted with Bike Ahead‘s BiTurbo Aero 6–spoke carbon wheels which are made in Germany and are best suited to focus more on improving aerodynamics as compared to weight and stiffness. The 20mm internal wheel with a 48.5mm depth still required wheels of a solid 1450g weight.


Since all the titanium road, gravel, and mountain bikes from Rocket Bikes in Austria are custom-made, the only real restriction is your imagination, creativity, and budget.

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On the other hand, if you want to update your existing bike or plan for enhancements for your future cycles, the Cycling Ceramic kit built in France contains everything you need. The Rocket Granite has now hit the markets with a price that compliments its unique and exquisite design.


The Rocket Granite provides the ultimate modern cycling experience. With its Cycling Ceramic ceramic bearings and Rocket Bikes‘ titanium frame, the Rocket Granite ensures not only precision but also durability and thus proves to be the ideal modern cyclist’s bike. If bikes bring you joy, what are you waiting for? Go get yours today and experience the thrill of a truly custom-built bike.


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