Presenting The New Specialized S-Works Torch Shoes: The Timeless Classic Pair Gets The Lace-Up Treatment

If you were looking for a reason to buy the Specialized S-Works Shoes then you have a big one now. This cool and classic pair is now available in a lace-up version, let's discuss our first impressions.
S Works Torch Laces Version

When the Specialized S-Works Torch Shoes were launched, we were really excited to try them out. They offered a timeless classic look with comfort like none other, and after trying them out for the first time, we fell in love. Let’s talk about the upgrade or the re-version now, if you loved the BOA version of these shoes then the lace-up version is going to be like a dream come true for you.

The Lace-Up version of the Specialized S-Works Torch is cheaper (By $100), lighter, and cooler. What other excuse do you want to get these shoes asap? Those that are comfortable with the BOA version might feel a bit reluctant to try out the new version of the shoes, so let us share our impressions first.

Analyzing the pattern, Specialized has been adding laces to most of its S-Works line, usually, it takes a month or two but in the case of S-Work Torch, it took nearly a year. Still, we are very glad that they decided to do so because the laces version is preferable, let me tell you why!

Why Even Add Laces?

Yes, yes, we know what all of you are thinking right now. Specialized S-Works Torch was really good with the BOA version, why add laces? You are right here, the BOA version is great and comfortable but there is one catch that many of us don’t know about. After spending more than 6 months with these shoes, I noticed that they can easily be over-tightened. You would want one adjustment but the other would happen and that could jeopardize your cycling experience. 

Let’s talk about the laces now, they look so much more fashionable than the BOA adjustment. Laces present a timeless and classic look, something that you cannot ignore. Apart from the looks, when we eliminate the BOA enclosure system, we eliminate the chances of over-tightening and creating hot spots in the shoes. This enhances the user’s comfort and makes it way better. 

When it comes to the laces version, you don’t need plastic molding to keep them in place, just tie them up. In case you didn’t know, eliminating the plastic molding makes the shoes very supple. Specialized has made other adjustments too, these shoes have a new upper reinforcement in the critical zones. Since the Asymmetrical BOA bed has been eliminated, it gives the pair a clean and symmetrical look, something that I have been looking forward to.

S Works Lace
Credits @Specialized


Specialized S-Works: BOA Vs Laces 

There are not a lot of differences when it comes to the BOA and Laces version of the S-Works Torch. All the features that were available with the BOA Version are also in the laces version so you have nothing to worry about. The new wider base plate is in the laces version, it is located at the ball of the foot.

The sole and I-Beam that you are used to also carry over to the laces version, and I am very pleased that it is done like that. Why is the I-Beam so important though? This kind of construction allows the sole to be very lightweight without that annoying excess carbon. These shoes are still stiff but they are also 20g lighter than the other shoes.

Users will also get to enjoy the asymmetrical heel of the lace-up version. In order to make the pair as light as possible, Specialized uses titanium cleat nuts. The pair also comes with a replaceable heel pad. 

Torch Lace
Credits @ Specialized

What Color Options Are Available?

When the S-Works BOA launched, it was only available in the classic white color. This is not the case with the laces version as this pair is available in White, Black, Dark Navy, and Dune White color.

Pricing and Availability

We know that you are more than excited to try out the Specialized S-Works Torch Laces version, it is available now both online and in dedicated stores. Right now, it is available in the following sizes: 36-49 and half-sizes 38-46. 

The new pair will be available at a price of MSRP $350. For more information, click here.

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Featured Image Via Specialized

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